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  • Rrez00
    Speak up
    You need to come back on and speak out on what’s happening on Gaza and our complicity in this genocide! The Daily Show attempt on Gaza was a dilution. You need to speak up, people respect you and listen to you!
  • Pix CR
    Talks over guests
    I used to love Jon Stewart. I just listened to the most recent podcast with Kate Shaw and Melissa Murray and I just wanted to tell him to shut up and listen to these intelligent women rather than rudely interrupt and talk over them.
  • satineburgoa
    Where are the old episodes !!!
    Hello where are the old episodes!!!
  • James Gagnon
    Past his prime and now a conspiracy theorist
    Waiting to hear about how the pyramids were built by aliens next from Jon.
  • mtyogini
    hellooo out there
    where is Jon Stewert?
  • Atticus25
    Where to now, Jon?
    This show started out weak but it found its voice after a few episodes. Then they got too real for Apple, so I’m excited to see where Jon and co. find a place to tell their truth about China, etc. Bring it. Then run for president, Mr. Stewart.
  • frankwhitenyking
    What happened to Jon Stewart? 🤔
    I say this from the Left, as a guy who voted for Hillary to stop Trump, and Biden to remove him… This guy has lost his mind. The election of Trump has broke him. He’s an Elite White Progressive living in a delusional bubble, where all White People are racist, where all Non White People are oppressed, and where men can get pregnant. As a Veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq, I’m thankful for his support for Veterans, but he let the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome” break him. It’s sad to see. But he’s the reason, and people like him, that’ll get Trump re-elected in 2024
  • Lynn Kid
    Your show.
    I think we will all be better off when Stewart finally has a heart attack and dies.
  • hog about
    If I don’t have to do that then I’ll
    I’m going back in a few weeks to see what I have on the calendar for tomorrow morning at noon time to go to the gym
  • Matt Meddings
    Media Bubble
    There are two media bubbles in this country. The left wing media bubble and the right wing media bubble. This bubble is where partisans go to get their “news.” What they are getting is a talk show host’s opinion, not facts from both sides of an issue. The talk show hosts do a masterful job of slanting and obfuscating the truth without technically lying with the words they say. The media outlets exist to make money and push an agenda. What they are broadcasting is not “news.” Both bubbles are dangerous. Partisans slowly turn away from “traditional” news and settle into the left wing or right wing media bubble. Inside the bubble, people feel safe. They agree with everything being said and they are entertained by the talk show host’s ability to demonize their opponents in a comical way. After awhile, a person is bombarded with one side of the story and never hear anything from the other side of the story. Let me focus on what is happening in the right wing bubble in 2023. “The DOJ is corrupt.” This is being pushed in the right wing bubble right now. Remember, people in the bubble only hear, “the DOJ is corrupt.” The reason more and more people support Donald Trump with every indictment is because to them it’s further evidence that the DOJ is corrupt not that the former president may have committed a crime. Now let’s look at the left wing bubble. In 2020 and 2021 the media in the left wing media bubble implied or even said outright, “the police and the agencies they work for are corrupt and unnecessarily violent.” Remember, the people in the bubble only hear “the police and the agencies they work for are corrupt and unnecessarily violent.” This lead to a concerted effort to defund the police. The “defund the police” movement failed because the truth won out. The truth is, the vast majority of all police are hard working men and women who literally put their lives on the line with every shift they work. They want to do a good job enforcing laws and protecting the public as opposed to the image of police portrayed in the left wing media bubble. Americans need to break out of their social and political comfort zones. It’s uncomfortable and generally hard to do, but it’s vital. Shouting matches don’t solve problems, conversations do.
  • Cementing my world view
    Jon. Please don’t just leave us to consume our young
    Jon. Can’t you just pretend to be a demagogue with a vision to establish a kleptocracy just to get the votes of the idiotic populists. Then, once in office you can rescue us from our otherwise inevitable demise. Please? I’ll give you $5
  • Kristine.g
    More please
    J-Stew…where are you?
  • thanksforreading7
    Don’t play about climate change
    It’s in poor taste to do: “The earth may be heating up but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy blah blah blah” type jokes. Also, I don’t get why Jon keeps saying it SEEMS like our financial system is made up when, by definition, it factually is. We use pieces of paper to indicate value. And inflation happens because banks are allowed to create money from nothing. Peter Joseph explains it in his book. I feel like Jon is being simple on purpose. Is this show called “The Problem” because Jon is acknowledging that his show is now contributing to the stupidity of the country and he’s trying to let us know that he knows? Jon, are they making you do this? I suggest, Jon, that you just go full capitalist. You are on Apple Podcasts, and before, Viacom. There’s no point in trying to stand on morality when you are working with these people.
  • rdh1233
    Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • Jammin416
    Love Love Love
    So grateful to have Jon’s voice back in the mix! I am always learning something new or thinking about issues I haven’t considered much before. Thank you! Looking forward to more episodes!
  • fifth gghffh
    The only reason I subscribe to Apple
    I wish journalists, and MSM as a whole, had just 10% of the integrity Jon Stewart has. The world would be a better place.
  • HdhajahvauAnavs
    Mr President
    You were my write in candidate in 2016. It would be great if you really ran!
  • mewsmum
    The smartest man in show business and someone who would trounce any current candidate in a debate. Mr Stewart would you please run to become Mr President
  • bronx811@89104
    He started it
    If you ever watched Jon on Comedy Central talking about the simple thing he likes to call human justice. He opened our eyes to basic politics on cable tv with such passion well this show is 100 times better. One on one with people that we voted for republicans and democrats and asking them straight forward questions and will not allow the spin ( what about that guy , no what about you ) that’s this show. I started to vote and ask who or what am I voting for because of Jon Stewart. If your reading this Jon, I wish you the best in life and thank you for all that you’ve thought me.
  • Javlin23
    I am so grateful for the incredible, honest, well researched voice of Jon Stewart. Simply put, Jon’s voice gives me hope in these divisive times. Thank you so much!
  • Brian Sokko
    National Treasure
    The world needs more people like Jon Stewart. I’m so glad he’s back, right when we need him most!
  • The Shadow Nose
    Humorless parody?
    I’m reminded of the Colbert Report where the foibles of conservative thought were cheerfully revealed through parody. Just listened to “Excessive Force…”. and they reveal many of the contradictions and blindspots of liberal-only thinking but they lack the punchline or wink so the audience gets the joke. They seem to take themselves seriously. When they say “decriminalize” they mean ignore crime rather than don’t commit crime. They talk about ending poverty by giving money to people to have more children in an overcrowded habitat. Policing problems need to be solved by the government overlords, changing the culture of violence present in some communities is not a goal. Colbert’s character was funny because his out-of-touch elitism was recognizable. Stewart et al have elitism in spades but it comes across as parody without humor. Re: episode with London Breed, Mayor of SF, CA. She is fantastic! Jon went at her with ideologue attitude and she responded with a great blend of love and understanding but also the pragmatism necessary when you actually manage a city rather than a microphone. She did get across the idea of meeting people where they are and having infrastructure ready to respond when they are wanting to better themselves. Jon’s response, in essence, was that progressives do not have answers to crime, mental illnesses, addiction and homelessness but certainly the government should be giving all these people money. London’s many examples of a hand up instead of handout seemed to stymie Jon. (People taking steps to help themselves rather than just being wards of the government seemed a step too far for Jon.) I like parts of this pod because they don’t just criticize the right. They present a clearer view of how leftists think which I am trying to understand. Elsewhere the leftist media viewpoint is 99% victimism, anti-SWM bigotry and anti-right sentiment (or outright hate). This podcast gives glimpses of an underlying ideology for leftist thinking. (Unfortunately there are many taboos left unmentioned. Partly perhaps due to their guise as victims, leftists don’t discuss or second-guess their many social victories. Especially the big double standards now broadly accepted where, eg, chosen minorities are not expected to behave or contribute in the way expected of straight European immigrants. Allowance for Violence, disease spread, taxation and responsibility to your community varies with personal demographic and the concept of equality is opposed. I wish that demographic blame-gaming or anti-equality based on gender, race, religion etc, was discussed openly.)
  • Abingdon CF
    Jon Stewart for senate, president, whatever he wants to be!
    Once again, leave it to Jon Stewart to say what needs to be said and spotlight important issues while being simultaneously hilarious! I honestly think he is one of the most brilliant interviewers in the country and I always learn from him!
  • Therealmrneeko76
    What A Podcast I Love It…..
    I have listened To So Much Truth It’s Unbelievable That You Don’t Run For Office
  • Just a normy
    A bit confused
    Love the pod cast. Do I need to do a missing persons report? I mean you said you’d be gone for a bit. But this is ridiculous. 😉
  • VincentPhD
    Burn pits - in Vietnam too
    I work with a few Vietnam veterans who tell about burning everything using jet fuel as an accelerant. Not to take away from the post 9-11 tragedies, but Vietnam wasn’t just agent orange. Nonetheless, great show and great topic.
  • Cereal
    Clinton and rice
    Those two make an effective liberal pair. That whole interview was lame.
  • bekalorren
    Could be great
    Jon you are doing an amazing job of calling out all the corrupt republicans. Why won’t you call out the corrupt democrats too? I wanted to believe in you and your movement, but you are one sided on fighting the bad guys. There are bad guys on both sides. Please go after every one of them. We will support you.
  • Rey 100
    Great Conversations in this Show.
    This guy is calling out corrupt people, showcasing awesome individuals, all while making you laugh. How do you not love that? Because he’s a liberal? Pfft blow me.
  • tkkalverm
    Like other celebrities, Jon can fight a good culture war but not economic war
    I don't know how you can call San Fran "progressive" over and over to their mayor when they keep electing Nancy Pelosi, the biggest corporate fundraiser in the history of the Democratic Party and champion of private health insurance! Our current problems are super simple but celebrities would rather talk about books and drag shows (like the Republicans) to distract from the fact that 50% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and economic conditions keep getting worse!
  • Sleeplessinsandiego
    Funny and insightful.
    Can’t wait for Petraeus episode!
  • Aby Horse :)
    JS for President
    This is who we need in the White House!
  • communitynewspodcast
    “The problem with Jon Stewart"
    was always that you had to be white and have a penis to be a writer on his show. While talking about social justice and inequality. Kind of hypocritical. I like Jon Stewart as a personality and will still give the show five stars, but could never get past the lack of diversity behind the scenes at the show. I do appreciate the attempts to look diverse with some of the correspondents. Half of the world are women. I suggest my favorite comedy podcast "Community News with Paul and Sasha" where at least there is both a man and woman hosting and they don't pretend to be all about diversity and equality. It's just fun and funny. Still 5 stars for you, Jon. But your writing staff was embarrassing and the list of women you all turned down, absolutely shameful.
  • Courtney999
    Refreshingly Smart
    I can’t express how lovely it is to hear intelligent banter - but I guess I’m doing that now. Thank for not dumbing things down and getting right to the nitty gritty! I don’t have Apple TV but will definitely be a loyal podcast listener. Compliments to you for hiring/working with Chelsea, I’m one of her cookies! Much Appreciation,
  • mrdadelus
    Still brilliant and insightful
    Jon and his crew do a great job of deconstructing the topics of interest with courage and humor.
  • Zed_55
    Jon Stewart should be President or Senator or Ambassador.
    Political hip, comically in tune. And his intelligence is way above the norm but, he doesn’t talk down. He invites you in. He’s easy to spend time with. He makes sense and his guest are amaranth opinionated.
  • dnaatwork
    welcome back
    Please create a generation of you, when you’re gone the world gets destroyed a bit
  • roscoesilk
    Sorry butt need to change out the people he’s with. Check POD SAVE AMERICA for more normal, sometimes naturally humorous conversations. Otherwise, he’s the best.
  • tg53
    I love listening to this. I feel like I am in the room with them. Jon Stewart is America’s most compassionate steward of freedom. So glad he is back on the air.
  • devawomyn
    Always a great listen!
    Jon and his team bring the knowledge and the humor to every episode! Guests are excellent sources for education and information I need to become more aware, but without being overwhelmed. The laughs really help!
  • MVélez
    Respectful, broad, activating
    Thank you Jon and team for this podcast. As an Indigenous person, parent, and academic, I rarely feel my mind is safe engaging in important topics since explicit and implicit racism classism sexism is built into U.S. conversations and paradigms of thinking. To engage in daily life is exhausting some days. Your team shows rigorous, careful, and meaningful discussions. ❤️👏🏽
  • CarleneWebbBurton
    Mayor Breed
    Mayor London Breed is so inspirational, wonderful interview- thank you!
  • Robert Aman
    Spectacular Show!
    Jon Stewart is hilarious, brilliant, and insightful. Hope the show continues for years to come.
  • Sunshine & Water
    Jon Stewart educating Americans
    It’s so good to have Jon Stewart once again asking the intelligent questions. May today’s young people listen and learn from a brilliant interviewer.
  • Jen from Wyoming
    I cannot get enough of all of this. Every episode makes me think and laugh. Jon and his entire team are awesome. His interviews on the show are the best. Jon asks all of the questions that I have and asks them in a visceral way that makes me so happy. Thank you!!
  • Shellleanne
    One of the reasons I love the podcasting format is it allows for dynamic response to impactful events. Stewart and crew do it the best! They pull in experts, who do push back, and give us, the listener, a more thorough understanding of the topic. All done with some humor and properly dropped profanity thrown in for good measure, at least in my opinion. His staff are top notch “smarties” as well! I look forward to this dropping in my downloads consistently!
  • Mark3059
    SVB Story
    Respectfully, you got some of the points but missed the most crucial, making this kind of a sell out or the lead was buried deeply. SVB catered to venture capitalists. VC companies inherently are designed to take high risks. The investors know these are high risks. High risk means you are essentially on your own if it fails. The very rich VC investors have the accounting, financial, and legal support that 95%+ do not have. We should not be bailing out a VC bank unless failing to do so tanks innocent non-SVB banks and their investors. Please, no more Mark Cuban. We don’t need two side faux-moral equivalent representation to tell this story. Mark
  • Pistol Peet 2
    John Stewart
    John Stewart is brilliant in these pod casts . He smacks the world with truth on fire. Love these.
  • *carlo
    Rice and Clinton?! Mind Blown
    Lawd have mercy - there are no words that can do justice to the historical, intellectual, cultural, spiritual, and diplomatic genius you were able to convene for this episode. You need not look for any further evidence of the travesty of American misogyny than knowing these two icons of American history were never given the chance to lead our nation as presidents.
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