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Nature #53

How can we, humans, look at our relationship to nature differently? In season three of Going Wild, on top of stories about animals, we invite you to journey through the entire ecological web — from the tiniest of life forms to apex predators — alongside the scientists, activists and adventurers who study it. Wildlife biologist and host Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant has been studying wild animals in their natural habitats all over the world for years. Our award-winning podcast takes you inside the hidden world and action-packed adventures of Dr. Wynn-Grant and her colleagues doing important work tto protect the future of animal species and create safe spaces in which to study them. Explore more at www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/podcasts/going-wild/

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  • 737fly
    Dr Rae
    Hello, I’m new to this podcast, and I’ve enjoyed the show. Dr. Rae is great
  • Ivy's-maddah
    I truly truly enjoy each episode.
  • Carolsummit
    Brilliant insightful
    Dr. Wynn-Grant is not only an accomplished scientist, she is a superb story teller and teacher.
  • listening to others
    So well done!
    This is a great listen! The stories and reflections on who you were and who you are now is something everyone can relate to, thank you for sharing.
  • Asharettekay
    This podcast is by far my favorite. Dr. Wynn-Grant is such a beautiful storyteller.
  • Acs-acs
    So, so good!
    I loved this podcast so much!! I remember being so disappointed when I learned that there was only one season, then happy when another was produced! The first season, mwah, so awesome!
  • MJT200530
    Unexpected content …. Well Worth Listening to!
    I have listened to all three seasons some episodes several times. Originally expected info regarding animal studies and world exploration. Got all that and soo much more. I am an old white guy who until the death of Mr. Floyd never paid attention to the REAL history of our country and just took what I was taught in school at face value never questioned any thing. In all of these pod casts we learn not only about Dr. Rea and work she has done but she also introduces us to so many other folks. We learn about their life experiences in doing the work they do and the obstacles placed in front of them. Inspiring! We are all human beings.
  • MeTarzanMeWantEatMeat
    Please do a season 2!
    I recommend, very good quality podcast !
  • COLO09
    Great podcast
    I really enjoy this podcast. The stories never go as you expect and that is what makes the podcast so enjoyable. She has such a unique perspective. My favorite episode was the one about the hyenas
  • MGKL96
    A real find!
    Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant is inspiring as a scientist and incredibly gifted as a communicator. She's frank but upbeat about her adventures in the field and about her personal life, including the challenges of being a single mother whose work takes her to Rwanda. Don't miss this one!
  • ya gatta be kidding!
    Going Wild
    Special thanks for the land acknowledgments! Excellent content and connectivity.
  • Drawster33
    I love this podcast. Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant has interesting and insightful stories and brings in truly amazing colleagues. The hyena story and the giraffe one are my favorites.
  • Brony9001
    Don’t miss this podcast!
    Excellent podcast. It’s my new favorite. 🙂⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Senior adventurer
    First time listener
    Just listened to the first episode and loved it! Great story told in such a down to earth way I wanted to be there with her. Can’t wait to hear more.
  • ARYG5
    What a joy to hear a woman scientist interviewing other woman scientists about such fascinating, adventurous and important work!
  • CriMDi
    So happy to find this show
    I am binge-listening to this podcast as I write this review. I love the science. I love the memoire. The descriptions are beautiful and evocative. The perspective rooted in personal identity can be simultaneously and alternately revelatory and deeply relatable. The intimate details are engaging and fascinating and so unusual in scientific reporting. Dr Wynn-Grant has given us a podcast that is lovely, fascinating, funny, charming, dramatic, informative, and just fantastic. On top of it all, she has a great voice and is a fantastic reader!
  • Hhpp234
    Woman power is evil
    What a wrong pretense!!!
  • Pacificcityfishing
    What’s it got to do with wildlife
    It started out with music playing with her voice, when listening to a podcast you don’t need music Should be titled— a woman starts a family has a child , then changes her mind to chase a career- try’s to justify it and breaking up her family- feels guilty and makes a podcast to justify her shellfish behavior. Ooh ya what’s it got to do with gorillas???
  • Kaliador
    Science communication at its finest
    Dr Wynn-Grant is so good at this. She gives me the vicarious joy of living my childhood dream of traveling for & doing science through her fascinating stories, while telling them through her unique & generously-personal perspective that refreshingly reminds me that Science (big S) is one of the most quintessentially human of endeavors. I wish her & her family all joy & luck & never-ending adventure!
  • Crystalofboston
    Political agenda?
    Appreciate the stories particularly from human side. However, the more I listen to it, the more I feel like it’s toting a political agenda which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe it’s because this show is sponsored by political funding?
  • Poppy&Mini
    A unique perspective into the world of science
    I have enjoyed listening to the podcast. Every episode offers a unique perspective about being the underdog in fields of science that don’t expect to see black and brown scientists there. Every episode captured my attention while learning about fields of study I was unaware of. I hope this show resumes it’s episodes soon.
  • Melissa Spaulding
    An eco conscious mom loves this!
    As an old ol’ cultural anthropology major, highly independent woman and eco conscious mom of two- I LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s so fun to hear the human side of this work and all the things we can relate to: chasing dreams, time away from our kids and imposter syndrome… this show is so fun. It’s relatable and eye opening. I always learn something.
  • wiltedaloe
    ::as the only Black student in my botany course with no solid science foundation—this podcast is a relief and a beacon to keep going in this really anti-Black field: :from the bottom of my heart i thank you Dr. Wynn-Grant::
  • Whatstheword91737478292
    What an inspiration! Funny, witty, amazing content/stories that she shares and very relatable issues!
  • liz123456
    Dr. Wynn-Grant, your show is awesome! You are such a wonderful storyteller and I love your approach—I have learned so much. I look forward to hearing more of your stories.
  • alain jean jacques
    Amazing show
    This show is mind blowing! The topics are interesting. I listen with my two young daughters and they are riveted. My wife and I find the format, topics and issues of important too as we raise our kids.
  • P.C.6.
    Thank you! Love this podcast
    Dr. Wynn-Grant is an excellent storyteller, and is super engaging while interpreting her experience in conservation. I so appreciate hearing her perspective on being a Black professional in wildlife science!
  • Andrea Joyy
    The most interesting podcast I’ve ever heard
    I was pleasantly surprised to find this podcast so interesting and relevant. I love the structure, the guests, and especially the host! Can’t wait for season 3!!
  • LunaDeSavage
    I found this podcast from Balanced Black Girl. I was so invested in every episode and I’m sad I made it to the end. As a kid, I dreamed of being a vet, then realized I didn’t have the capacity to handle that and I’ve always loved marine biology and watching nature documentaries. I still do, but that isn’t my reality in life anymore. This podcast had me wishing it was around 10 years ago and I probably would be a different person than I am today. Please keep this going! This representation is what the world needs!
  • Readerldeb
    I’m the episode about poaching in Tanzania you talk about the meat being taken by the entire community. In the United States in most places I have heard about if fish and game catches poachers or people who hunted too much they take the meat and bring it to shelters, food banks, etc
  • exciteddoggo
    I love this pod so, so, so much!! CANT STOP LISTENING!!!!!!!
  • missmendo
    Amazing, can’t get enough!
    I discovered this pod when Dr. Rae was interviewed on the National Park After Dark pod…and I am an awe! She speaks so eloquently and with such authenticity that I feel like I’m with her in every single adventure. Some of the stories bring me to tears, others are very funny. I’m learning so much…and I can’t wait to literally consume everything this incredible woman has been a part of. Thank you for all the the extraordinary work you do, Dr. Rae ❤️
  • MDShepp
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast…such a great intersection of animal, environmental issues, and personal and social reflections ❤️❤️
  • Bozeman 1
    Love the Podcast!! Pt2
    I would love to hear more stories in season 3 about the supporting players in wildlife conservation. Such as zookeepers, biological science technicians, park rangers, etc. Thanks!
  • Theonlyisabel
    Great podcast
    Great show would love S2 to pick up where this one ends: bringing race and ecology together in Dr Wynn-Grants work and other BIPOC scientists. Honestly even having them talk to each other and relate to stories would be worth listening to. Update: S2 was great! So nice to hear a podcast that isn’t suspenseful or drama based. Even though I’m not a scientist academic, I can relate to the personal struggles the guests and Dr RWG talk about
  • Long over due fan
    My 9 year old niece and I binged!
    I learned about this podcast from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast. I have been listening and shared with my niece that is 9 on the way to school one day. Now we are both hooked and hoping for a new season. We love you Ray! Your stories are amazing, inspiring and informational. Also, it’s the voice for me…so soothing. Please keep going!
  • The one Jackstet
    What an amazing story of life and making choices
    I follow this amazing Queen on her IG for about a year. A remarkable human being. I’m an Engineer and related to everything spoken. Thank You for sharing your journey to protect these Gorillas as well as opening up to us the struggle to know ones self. Blessings to you and everything you do.
  • FellowWanderer
    Truly Engaging Podcast
    I can't even remember how I came across this podcast, but I am so glad I did! I find myself absolutely riveted by the self-reflective, insightful, and vulnerable storytelling. I've enjoyed both when she goes solo and tells us about an exepedition she herself went on and when she interviews guests. I especially appreciate hearing what she learns about herself both profesionally and personally. As a Black female academic, this podcast gives me a living example of what it means to be courageous, ambitious, and curious; I am hungry for this example and I count down the days til Tuesday and each new podcast episode.
  • Carwills
    Love this podcast ♥️
    I wish I had grown up being exposed to the stories in this podcast. Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant is delightful to listen to and inspiring as well. I am happy to share her stories with other little black and brown girls. This is my 2nd season listening and it’s captivating.
  • LailaSam
    Great podcast
    Very entertaining, eye opening and educational. Great podcast
  • empetel
    Crave the Change
    Honestly this is the best pod cast out there! I Crave the change that Dr Rae Wynn-Grant is bringing to our world as a woman and POC
  • tippytoe81
    Love it!
    I too am a black female scientist so I feel like our experiences are soooo similar. I found this podcast from me searching for podcasts on Tanzania as I had just returned from a family safari vacation there. I love hearing about her experience in Tanzania and Kenya and I will be listening to all her other episodes. My children love nature and wildlife so I want to learn more about her biography in case my son and/or daughter would want to return to East Africa for work when they are older. Awesome stories!!
  • Prochazka
    My New Go-To Pod
    Dr. Rae grabs my brain with her casual style and depth of knowledge. Entertaining and informative. My new go-to!
  • 1lynda*
    Obsessed!! Newly subscribed
    I recently listened to you on National Park After Dark and I was so intrigued by the casualness and honesty of how your career began. My daughter now 30 has an environmental degree but could never get a job in conservation. She is successful in another area but not her dream job. After listening to this podcast I was hooked, a nature and animal lover myself, I was a bit afraid it would concentrate on a hunt or a kill. Thank God!! The stories are so captivating. A very refreshing look into what science really does. Thank you!
  • deanmu
    This morning I heard Dr. Rae on National Parks After Dark. I have now listened to every episode of Going Wild! Dr. Rae, you are amazing! Your stories are inspiring. Your story telling is beautiful. Please keep telling your stories and your truth! I can’t wait for the next episode!
  • frustrated with twitter
    Ensuring wokeness annoys all parts of the world
    Coulda been good. It’s not. I thought it had potential. It doesn’t. If you can’t wait to wake up everyday and be start your day being woke, you will love it.
  • carleyfry
    Resonating and beautiful
    Thank you for sharing these ever important people and their work. I look forward to every single episode. Thank you for teaching me about animals and privilege in the conservation space
  • AlbuquirkyNM
    A smart, direct and thoughtful view …
    …of both the Natural World and the Human Influences on it. Dr. Rae Wynn Grant is an eloquent thinker and a lovely vocalist: I could listen to her speak for hours. The podcast is devoid of annoying fluff and ridiculous personal banter and I can’t thank her team of producers enough for that! So well done on all levels. I’ve learned as much about human nature as I have of the Wild.
  • bduakuxj
    Can’t wait to listen to this season
    I loved season 1 so I hope this season is just as good 😁
  • Vermontmom105
    In love!
    A thoughtful and beautiful podcast. And just gruesome enough to keep an eight year old captivated.
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