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Sexuality #34

Thank you for listening to my sexy stories! Enjoy your night or the start of your day, spiced by our imaginative story made only for your enjoyment…For Business Inquiries: boredwriterwrites@gmail.comCheck it out on:

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  • Riot111
    Should I be worried-
    Ok 2 questions 1. You only have one episode? 2. Why is a 13 yearold reviewing a erotic podcast asking for s£x?
  • 🦕🦖🦎🐍🐢🐊
    I want sex
    I am 13 and would love to be raped by you
  • Piper’s reviews
    Not the best
    I will say that I don’t like that you know that there’s an AI but the story are not the best but that is my opinion and it might be better or different for you than it was for me.
  • Tstan42
    This podcast creator cannot even read the stories themselves? The computer-generated voice is a total turnoff.
  • comcerned parent
    Stop saying to strip
  • shocktrooper316
    man what the heck is this stuff? yall really be spending the time u could be trying to get a gf asking if the cover could be some naked girl. yall tweaking fr. podcast is horrible too btw
  • Sanelson408
    AI voice.
    The automated voice is a hard no for me.
  • #greekmythfan
    Get a life
    For people saying that they should change the pic to nude you could spend to try to get a girl friend instead of wasting your life nagging that they should change the cover to nude
  • TazzD84
    It would be better if it was a woman reading the stories
    Enjoyable stories, but not a fan of the A.I. sounding voice and it should be a woman, in my opinion.
  • jennyreed99
  • nope🤰🏻
    I want to have kids with you
    Call me. And show your boobs and my phone number is+1 (760) 589 4697. Please show your vagina please and boobs. Basically be naked
  • okigiveupat nicknames
    +1 (509) 934-5978
    Some one please text me!
  • rabbit_lover_Moose
  • Bukise2768
    What’s wrong with people
    The reviews are so dumb (the ones that want the creator to strip.) And the podcast is not that good.
  • LuvlyLnda226
    Could be good-
    If you changed the voice I would subscribe- This is too robotic. I’d love to hear male/female- Anything besides this robot
  • Xavier@0
    Vagina all parts of boobs and butt
  • 6553775529
    i love this show
    if the voice was real then the show would be perfect.
  • Anorok863
    What’s with the quandale dingle voice in the beginning and end
  • anime with hot c
    So hot and sexy
    Every night I hear this and now I Just have the feeling that I need to have some sex
  • PappyJoe2014
    Not that great
    The male animated voice is a turn off. It can't pronounce some of the worlds correctly, the music is to loud on some. And there seems to be a lot of reposting of the same stories.
  • whoooooowhoooooowhooooo
    If your stories are so sexy then why don’t you be sexy and take of your shirt on the podcast cover and don’t forget to show nipples
  • Kevin.Gallegos
    I enjoy it a lot
    wow, very very horny podcast. when I listen to this podcast I enjoy it a lot. keep sharing great episodes
  • Charlie$M
    Amazing sex stories
    I was trying to find this type of podcast, Finally, I found this podcast. It's very Awesome. Amazing sex stories
  • theKeithmeister
    Robotic voice
    Use a real voice. What a turn off.
  • ^Crystal.queen*
    Very Yummy Podcast
    Very Yummy Podcast. this podcast is full of Erotic Stories. When you feel alone You can listen to this podcast. You will enjoy it a lot. Thanks
  • Mia_Taylor
    Sexy podcast
    Sexy podcast. I listen to 3 to 4 episodes all are very amazing It makes me horny. I enjoy it a lot. I will recommend it to my friend.
    Full of desire.
    I have listened to this podcast for a very long time. I follow all the episodes. It is a very awesome podcast. Full of desire.
  • itllallbeok
    the music is too loud i can barely hear the story
  • Steve in Maine
    You’re out
    Strike one: effeminate dude narrator Strike two: overpoweringly corny music in the background (foreground, actually) Strike three: random advertisements blaring Are you kidding me?
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