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Knitters (and crafters) unite! Come join us weekly for a conversation about knitting, crochet, and yarn crafts all around. With a touch of comedy and sass, we talk about projects, pitfalls, and pointers about the fiber arts. Find more about our content and our cast at

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  • gaiainc
    Funny with good, practical advice
    I just recently discovered this podcast and I’m hooked. I also share an obsession with Malabrigo. I’m making my way through the episodes and appreciate the blog on their web site that lists the things that they used and talk about. I love how much they seem to enjoy talking with each other and being friends and knitting. It’s just a delight. Thank you.
  • kgearheard
    The biggest problem
    The top reason I reject a podcast is that there is more giggling and laughter than content. This one is so full of that annoyance I got confused about what the topic was and lost by all the insider jokes. So little knitting content and so little time. This one is off my list
  • 69yarn69
    Best Fiber Podcast
    I have been searching for a fiber arts podcast for a while, and this is by far the best one! The hosts are funny, relatable, and full of knowledge. I wish the episodes were longer!
  • BriansBugs
    Like the Knitting Circle I Wish I Had
    Not only is this podcast fun, positive, and honest, but it makes me feel like I’m sitting in on the knitting circle I wish I had here at home. As a gay man in the fiber arts who lives in a rural area, unless I want to travel +2 hours there aren’t many inclusive social options for me when it comes to my hobby. But I can always sit down and put on Pardon My Stash, and be a little less lonely while crafting late at night.
  • jeskro
    I know almost nothing about knitting…
    …Andddd; This is a spectacular podcast thanks to the wonderful group of friends speaking it into existence! So funny hearing how you all interact 🤣 & now I know almost something about knitting! Thanks for sharing your passion 🧶🙌🏼
  • MissPaisley
    It’s like sitting with friends
    I’m so glad I came across this podcast! Every episode has been so much fun to listen to. Meg, Tina, Jess, and Drea are hilarious, relatable, and give great advice.
  • yogimamabeara
    Knit night at home
    It is so fun to listen to these ladies support each other, provide knitting insights, and laugh… do not underestimate the power of listening to a group of women laugh loudly while talking about yarn. Thank you for doing what you do, ladies!!
  • kag84
    Great knitting podcast!
    Someone suggested this podcast on a Facebook knitting group, and I’ve now binge listened to almost every episode! The conversations are so fun, the special topics are interesting, and I love to listen to the ladies laugh! Great job, ladies!
  • Sdibiaso
    Recently found, instantly loved
    I just recently found a few excellent knitting/crafting/making podcasts. And this is one of my favorites. I find myself smiling and laughing along with these ladies. Keep up the good work!
  • Miss Dale
    Amazing content!!!!
    I’m so glad I came across this podcast just two weeks ago. I recently picked up my needles after a long hiatus and was looking for some inspiration. I got that and a whole lot more from this podcast!!! I binged all available episodes in two weeks and I’ve learned so much. I love how the women of this podcast are so real and funny and encouraging!!! I love Pardon My Stash!
  • Z+Y=21
    Yes group of girls laughing but lots of information
    Thanks a lot love this podcast
  • Alex the great and powerful
    So good!!!
    I didn’t know that knitting podcasts were a thing. It didn’t even occur to me that I could listen to a podcast about my favorite thing while doing my favorite thing. Then, my husband, also a fiber artist, told me about Pardon My Stash. I was hooked from the start. Ladies, thank you for the laughs, encouragement, and companionship. You inspired me to move out of my comfort zone and try new skills, buy new yarns, and even do the thing I was most afraid of in my knitting journey-socks with dpns!
  • AKcheechako
    Absolute new favorite!
    Ok, so I have several knitting podcasts I listen to an LOVE! This, upon listening to the first episode, joined that list of favorites! They are real, have infectious laughs, and make you want to pull up a chair and join in! Nothing too heavy so far, which I like. The world is bonkers enough without it also having to seep into our hobbies.
  • Allie1127
    My Favorite Knitting Podcast
    I binge listened to all episodes of the show over the last couple weeks and LOVE it!! I’m both happy and sad to be caught up. I learned to knit from my grandma as a kid, but didn’t do it for long. Then 5 years ago, I picked it back up. I have learned so much from this podcast that I never knew of understood. I’ve gathered more patterns in my Ravelry favs, discovered my dream travel company, been inspired to learn new things, and so much more. I can’t wait for future episodes!! ❤️🧶
  • BT734
    No value
    This is just a group of girls who laugh hysterically at each other and provide zero value. Not with the time.
  • LSGW1
    I LOVE this podcast! Just discovered by accident (as many have with podcasts) and as an avid knitter, I just can’t get enough of these gals. Looking forward to going through the old episodes and listening to the new ones.
  • Vampiregoddess09
    Absolutely fab
    I came across the podcast on accident and now am binge listening. Episode 12 really spoke to me as a crafter. I love the podcast keep up the awesomeness.
  • waylonmama
    It’s like we are at a knit night together!
    Never laughed so hard in my laugh with these ladies. I feel so attacked and seen at the same time. Much love, Murder Knits
  • CZizzles
    All the thumbs up!!!
    I ran out of episodes of knitting podcasts I’m already subscribed to, so I did a search & found this one. I loved it immediately! These four friends are funny, engaging, encouraging and they provide some truly helpful content. I also went total fan-girl when I heard that Tina is @finarinaknitwear on Instagram because I’ve been following, laughing and commenting on her reels for a few weeks already!! Keep it up, y’all! I love it!!
  • Elmoe777
    Wonderful podcast
    Thank you for this hilariously informative podcast. I love it!
  • EmilyRamsey
    Fun, Honest & Relatable
    Love this group so much! I listen to podcasts when I knit and I’m so happy to have found such a great show to listen to while I work on my projects. Love their honesty about the ups and downs of knitting and their ability to laugh it off!
  • glassalgae
    I love this show!
    This is a group I want to knit with. Thank you Tina and everyone!
  • Ichabodthecat
    lots of fun!
    this is a great listen! Very accessible to both beginners and seasoned Knitters! the cast has wonderful chemistry, and they also have great information too. Two thumbs up!
  • tide frog
    Love the laughter and comradery. It makes me smile every time and that is a great addition to my day. Oh and, of course, they talk about my favorite topic!
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