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In partnership with Warner Bros. and DC, this scripted audio original, Gotham City comes to lurid life in the theater of your mind…with a sensational pageant of technicolor villainy unlike any other on Earth. Mafioso Penguins. Thieving Catwomen. Terrorist Riddlers. Killing Jokers…a city where some problems can only be solved by a billionaire in a bat costume. Starring Jeffrey Wright as Batman, Rosario Dawson as Catwoman, John Leguizamo as the Riddler, and a who’s who of incredible “Saturday Night Live” alums, the series draws inspiration from the vintage noir atmosphere of the celebrated “Batman: The Animated Series,” the spirited fun of the classic 1960s “Batman”TV series, and the entire 80-plus year history of the BATMAN franchise. This rollicking, over the top Batman adventure is written and directed by Emmy®-winner Dennis McNicholas, features an A-List cast, and devilishly delightful original music.

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  • NG1010
    Best Batman Adaptation
    This is the most authentic depiction of Gotham City I’ve seen in media since the Animated Series. I NEED another season!
  • standard_human
    i need season three
    riddler and scarecrow are two of my favorite rogues, and theyve had so much focus!! also, i read the tie in comics and now i need to hear waylon rip penguin apart. season three!!!
  • Shino Akiteru
    please please please i want a season three release
    at this point i am begging- DC, please bring this back for a season three! i know there’s a comic run that has the same energy and characterizations, but this story needs to be continued, not ditched! why would you leave us on a cliffhanger like this???
  • don'tholdyourbreath
    A little dark but incredibly well done!
    Love the voice actors and the sound design! I am mainly in it for Batman and Robin, so the ending of season two is nerve-wracking! Please continue!
  • Dr.appleboi
    Season 3 please
    Please make a season 3, this is my favorite podcast ever.
  • starwarsgeek2
    SEASON 3
    We kinda need a season 3 at this point
  • Zurr-enn-arrh
    Season three!
    Please do season three. Also, amazing voice actors.
  • Goose029
    Great Show
    But I mean are we just sleeping on season 3 or what?
  • FA<3!
    Season 3
    I NEED season 3 bad. Just as much as Harley needs the joker. Just as much and two face needs Harvey. Just as much as the joker needs Batman. I NEED it.
  • Nickname the 20th
    This is soooooo good season 3 PLEASE
  • tfyddjy
    So amazing
    I could see the gruesome things that happened
  • TheGamerTeenagerguy
    Always love the comic DC Batman
    It’s really awesome episodes I like it is so funny but it is a fictional story and it’s a superhero story so I love it
  • QbnConguero
    Nothing like it!
    I love audio dramas and have listened to almost every super hero related one on iTunes. This one is by far the best in production value and storytelling.
  • WillieJoness
    Great cast!…mostly
    The cast of this audio adventure is really good for the most part! Except the woman they cast to play robin. She has a really weird voice naturally, and when she tries to sound like a young boy, it’s just creepy and off-putting. I wish they had just made Robin a girl. And cast someone else to do her voice.
  • List. Ening
    Enjoyed the heck out of this (after being a little skeptical of whether or not a new Batman universe would work as a podcast). The cast is great, the storytelling is top notch, and I really hope we get another season at some point.
  • sir.goat
    Great story
    I have listened to a few episodes and, this is great for when you are doing Homework.
  • dffhhujh
  • Aaron 1977
    So good!
    I wish there were more than 2 seasons.
  • Blueberry Fathead
    There are many ways
    This wasn’t one of them
  • L.R.V. 206
    I keep coming back to this
    I love listening to these while going to bed!
  • Kenna Nicole 69
    I love this podcast
    It would be really great if y’all continued and picked up a third season 😭😭!!
  • JayBird0689
    Love it
    Doing my second listen through and I’m still really enjoying it. Season 2 episode 1 seems to have everyone with the last name of Phillips, I love.😂😁
  • stampy cat gaming
    I have an idea
    Maybe the Batman podcast should have 5 seasons and then at the final season Gotham is going to be destroyed by the most power-fullest entity that the joker has ever created and joker almost destroys Gotham but bat man cat woman and robin fight this entity to save gotham and cat woman joined because WHY you say??? Well it’s because she needs Gotham to steal stuff and get money and then at the end well everybody knows that someone has to die at the end who is the one to die well plot twist it’s batman. Before batman self destructs the bat cave he tells robin that he has officially retired and wants robin to be the next Batman and serve Gotham and have his own side kick when he gets one eventually and the rest is up to the podcast
  • ShellyS210
    Old school without being dusty
    It’s so good I can’t even start to explain. It’s got the vibe of old Batman, campy and sometimes silly, while not pulling punches when it comes to the serious, often times disturbing parts of the universe. Absolutely one of my favorite Batman shows.
  • Bony😃🤮😄🤮😄😒
    Loved it
    This Batman podcast was the best podcast of marvel I have ever listened to and I have been to every show and this should have a season 3 because it was that great of a podcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • blawblaw2
    Season 3 pleaseeeee!!
    Loved every episode. The multi-perspective take on the world of Gotham city is so immersive and intriguing. I’m just as excited to keep learning about each villain’s character development as I am for Batman’s. Give us season 3!!!
  • Nobody(S)
    Batman’s will adore this one
    This just FEELS like Gotham, nothing I didn’t love about this. Great story, good humor, the Gotham commercials are pure gold.
  • moght not be for me
    Good show not finished.
    Really love the show, great voice actors. I'm a little peeved that there isn't a third season, I feel like the story isn't finished.
  • Cjpowers3434
    Love the old style feel
    Feels like a old school radio station program
  • Jcomeau94
    I have a hard time finding podcast that truly hook me…
    This one did it no problem. The writing is awesome and sounds amazing. Very immersive.
  • royalkola
    I wish there was more audio worlds such as this where you are immersed into a place
  • millyandthebandit
    Just so good
    The wiring. Production value and acting. All wow
  • Gilbereth
    I feel like too many villains at once
  • ffsifarufxussghxzsaaeyuhdr
    Give me season three!!!!!!!!!
    Money to subscribe to HBO Max. This is the only place I can get it give us season three!!!
  • edonbocag
    Very fun rendition of Batman!
    I like the original stories and new spin on the classic caped crusader! Took me a few episodes to realize that 2 face was talking to himself though lol
  • X-Fan1985
    It’s great!
    I love this show so much and I can’t wait for season three. But this show does feel like it’s about the side characters rather than Batman himself.
  • Gojuryu24
    Show seems more about the side characters than about Batman. Disappointing.
  • john loui
    Not favorable
    Podcast is great most part but not my favorite podcast stories are okay just not favorable
  • CubanCryBaby
    WOW !!!
    SEASON 3!!!!
  • driven2review
    Very addicting
    After episode 1 I couldn’t stop listening. Very binge-able. Very clever. Amazing voice acting and Brent Spiner’s Joker is terrifying and amazing.
  • Recespieces
    Great listen.
    It has excellent writing and top notch acting. Love Bradley Whitford as Scarecrow and the Joker voice actor does a great job as well. Overall great podcast listen. My only critique is I am not a fan of Keenan Thompson as Commissioner Gordon.
  • FlyersNfillies
    Wonderful work! Great story, made in the style of the old radio classics. The voice acting is wonderful too.
  • Kornyness1012
    Very good
    The show is very good, but the “Life and Death in Gotham City” in between each segment gets pretty annoying. Otherwise great show.
  • Guard1an711
    Gut wrenching
    The torture scene in season two episode six tho
  • TB The King
    Man I know he’s Jim Gordon in the Elseworlds movies but Jeffrey Wright has to absolutely be the one to replace the great Kevin Conroy as the animated/VG Batman going forward.
  • Anonymous 101.1
    Great but takes getting use too
    Just need to say this is written and acted really well. Great production value and just quality all around. Just a great Batman story. I do question most of the choices for the voice actors however. While good it was a bit jarring sometimes. Robin kept fluctuating from putting on a semi male voice to a straight woman’s voice. Commissioner Gordon was just Kenan Thompson’s character in The Grinch. Batman was ok, but it’s hard to hold a candle to Kevin Conroy.
  • Weirdo 7000
    The greatest
    It’s perfect love it has great voice acting great story and I just love it
  • TaraBaccus
  • VaniTheDragon
    Love it!!
    It’s like Adam West Batman meets Batman the animated series meets old radio drama!! Love it!
  • Have headphones, will travel
    Hands-down one of the best audio dramas I’ve heard. The characters come to life, the reinventions of classic details are brilliant, the story is compelling, and the overall mood gracefully juggles laugh-out-loud humor with Gotham City’s signature gloom. I wish there was an album of all the fantastic original music! If you are a fan of the Batmaniverse, this is the podcast for you. I can’t wait to hear what happens next in life and death in Gotham City!
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