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The real events of the world are out there, but it all depends on who you listen to. Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec brings you unfiltered and factual updates on how current events will impact our country today and in the future. This show is breaking the news that the biased mainstream media can't handle.

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  • Small Time Dude
    Hypothetical Breaking News
    Rumor has it; Did “A.O.C’s twelve year climate change contention, include man made, “Bank Climate Change”? Wow, her foresight is so amazing!
  • Eflintx
    Listening to Jack I gain understand the news and issues very fast. I find his staff’s research to be very credible. I have also enjoyed hearing Tonyas view of issues being an immigrant and mother to young children in the USA
  • Monkeyface7
    "you need to strap in"
    The corporatocracy understands we're in late-stage capitalism and they refuse to bend so they're preparing Americans for violence. It's so wild to watch. We took our shoes off for 20 years and now just broadcast domestic terrorism on Apple podcasts. It's capitalism everyone. Capitalism created the income inequality everyone is angry about. And it's the last thing either side will ever tell us. And we don't need hollow arguments about what's worse. We just need something better. If Americans unite we win. If we stay divided we lose. It's that simple.
    Struggle session
    I love the struggle session on Nina Good job Poso ! God bless 🇺🇸🙏🏻✝️
  • showmewhatugot
  • pamofoz
    Excellent except for some odd background ego type noise heard when you spoke
  • Lazuli7
    Fantastic podcast!
    Poso, you are on my daily list of go to for info. I appreciate your insight and analysis. “Never give up! Never surrender !” More people need to wake and listen.
  • stacytrippe
    Great! Love this!
    This is a great capsule of daily high points for the conservative patriot. Lately the overall source volume has changed and is lower than previous. Is there any way you can slightly increase the source volume slightly? Thanks and God Bless! S
  • Lbellecole19
    Action Packed Podcast
    I try to listen to Human Events Daily whenever I can! It is quick and concise and gives me updates on all the important issues that you won’t hear in most other newscasts!! Jack is interesting, articulate and highly informed, giving cutting edge analysis of a wide spectrum of topics!! I appreciate his honesty and expertise in his amazing reporting!! Thanks, Jack, for being a Patriot and true American!! Loved the Fourth of July 🇺🇸 special!! Thanks Jack for your episode on February 27! Amazing job! Way to fight back against the left! ❤️🇺🇸❤️
  • Sirenasola
    Great content but…
    If Jack doesn’t stop making that smacking noise with his mouth, I might need to stop listening.
  • kmrobertson
    Great podcast!
    Just found this podcast through a friend’s recommendation. We love it!! Keep up the good work, sir!
  • Savannah777
    Content is good. Stop interrupting your guests Jack. It’s maddening.
  • A Blessed Christian
    Please Stop Interrupting
    The first episode I listened to was 399 w/ Libby Evans (sp?). It was hard to listen to bc how much you talked over her, I couldn’t even finish it. If you’re gonna have a guest on, let them speak, it was incredibly annoying.
  • Cathie z
    Millet withholding
    He needs to be charged with sedition!
  • James Wesley Blues
    I’m glad President Trump listens to this podcast!
    Great podcast, thank you.
  • Amy AP
    By any means necessary - do not repeat
    Terrific show today Jack. Do people really need another history lesson on this war. It’s got to stop for everyone’s sake. Just what little you touched in today is horrific . We need peace 🙏🏻
  • Kate Diesel
    Won’t be listening anymore
    Are used to think that Jack was a reliable source for news. Come to realize in the past 24 hours that he is just a grifter.
  • fordjonp
    Great Podcast
    Jack has become my favorite podcaster because of his rich historical background and critical analysis. Thanks Jack!
  • john doe 1 2
    There is no persecution of Christians in America. To say so would be insulting to our brethren actually being murdered and tortured in various countries in the Middle East
  • Dru E
    Episode 360 about true history of Antifa is incredible.
    I have been listening to this show about every day. His information, religious background, China and Eastern Europe insight are second to none. He, His Wife (one of the most wonderful immigrants in history) have been there, met the locals and have the language and receipts for their evidence. Episode 360 and I’m assuming the additional parts should be historical lecture required for all who are rational whether your politics or spirit is aligned or not.
  • >:-(!
    Show about Kim K.
    Maybe Kim K is the embodiment of Asteroh from Jonathan Cahn’s assessment Part 3 of an interviews by Monica Crowley. Suggestion: re-cover it with Cahn & Fr Pavone.
  • goldpaws1
    Interview with Roger Stone
    Listen to your podcast every night. Thank you! This interview that hubby and I just listened to with Roger Stone was absolutely riveting. I’m still in stunned silence. Hubby was in Navy during Bay of Pigs. Superb podcast. 👍👍👍
  • syscomike472
    Have been reading and following you since last summer when you appeared on Glenn Beck.. Read from you and other independent journalists confronting WEF in Switzerland last summer.. stay UnAfraid..👍👍
  • jesnlil
    Wow! The China Files is amazing! More, more, MORE!!!! Do this for Russia, Ukraine, Syria, North Korea and more! This is what we need. History cliff notes.
  • R McCrillis
    Very informative and entertaining.
    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts. Thanks, Jack. You do a great job at interviews.
  • stockmarketsupport
    Poso history
    Jack is so knowledgeable in history. I’m excited to see we’re this goes. Would love to see one on early 19th century and the Industrial Revolution and John d Rockefeller
  • bigmac2113
    MyPillow promo code poso. Best Christmas gifts ever. Quick hit I listen to Jack after I do my morning rosary to a perfect way to start my day.
  • Kristenjadkins
    Thank you
    I love this podcast. He’s amazing.
  • SQ Nut
    Getting better all the time
    Your recent interviews with Roger Stone and Darren Beattie were absolutely riveting and insightful. The world needs to hear both of them.
  • njmdbj
    Love your podcast - but where did your buddy go?
    Love your work - great content and depth on issues. Where is Bannon's War Room?
  • lucymillermd
    Great JFK podcast. I was impressed about details depicted by Roger Stone. Extremely comprehensive yet very important to the times we live now. Thanks
  • 59cottoncandy
    Bring back your old format
    I really loved your old format where it was just you going through all the news of the day. The back and forth conversations with Libby, constantly talking over each other is very awkward and annoying. When you do have guests, please let them speak. You do have a habit of talking over your guests way too much. Please go back to your original format, it was so much more enjoyable to listen to.
  • PalokaSam
    Amazing show!
    Brief! Right! Spot on
  • Media darling
    Poor Interviewer
    I listen for guests and a good interview. With Metaxis, the host sounded like he was trying to upstage the guests by getting ahead of him. Constantly. Very disrespectful and egotistical of the host. I am new to this podcast but will unfollow.
  • shseem
    Is Atheism Dead?
    Great interview. Eric Metaxas is such a good writer and very easy to listen to as well.
  • hectorko55
    Generally based views, but Jack talks over his guests WAY TOO MUCH.
  • Student-4-Life
    Cat park government “game” Ep. 319
    How much of this is brain manipulation and how much data can they collect as users test the game and try to cause mischief? Are they seeing how to anticipate people’s responses?
  • Pmuglywump
    Lies and misleads too much.
    Used to enjoy his show, noticed he stretched things trying to connect the dots. But nope, caught him in far too many blatant lies and his Kremlin friendly podcast is all that’s wrong with the portion of the right that has given up on truth.
  • Surfer780
    Love this!
    Our boys are 18 & 16 now - all those transactional activities are the best! Stay involved. It’s the little conversations, silly jokes, meals, car rides, time together ❤️God Bless your wives for staying home & you men who see the value in that. Parenting is BEST job in the world!
  • poopoosanicknick
    Jack!! Stop interrupting Tyler!!!
    Loved the Sunday special except poor Tyler could barely complete a sentence. You’re very enthusiastic Jack but even Steve Bannon knows to let people finish their sentence most of the time lol
  • mommae6
    I miss the old format
    I’m a long time listener and would normally give 5 stars, but I truly miss the old format where Jack breaks down the most important stories of the day by himself. I like his Sunday special interviews but on a daily basis, I just want the facts and his analysis.
  • nonpoint44
    He’s pillow pusher and yes a good 1 too I bought a couple #thatisall
  • fsht@nk
    Enjoy the content delivered in short episodes
    Jack P is awesome with his analysis. At least 4 segments of good info in about 20 minutes (10 min on 2x) This is a good podcast to have daily
  • Borders15
    Great Program
    New to podcast and loving listening to Jack and Libby!
  • broddy24
    Quick, brief but not deep
    I appreciate the quickness and brevity but I don’t appreciate the un-backed statements Jack makes. Both sides have their talking points and Jack sure does fall in line. It would be nice if he actually gave more evidence for the little things his lips in.
  • Drr446
    Love Poso!
    Best Podcast out there! Nobody explains what’s going on in the world better than Jack!
  • Wm728
    Love this show !!
    I love poso !! He’s smart and straight to the point ! I love getting the daily news without having to listen for hours at a time !!
  • Rae 4 Light
    5 Stars
    The best! Breaks down the issues of today with logic and solid educational analysis.
  • janwoo55
    Outstanding podcast and information
  • Bergh223
    Always interesting
    Loved the most recent sit down with Paul Manafort. Always learning something new, never stale or repetitive.
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