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  • B.M. 15
    Why so many ads?
    I love Kelly but too many ads!? I’m an avid podcast listener and this one has more than all the other ones I listen to
  • spinInstructor492
    Way too many ads!!
    Love this podcast, but the past few episodes there’s been so many ads! Probably one every 15 minutes or something, really kills the vibe
  • bluther5512
    Soooo manyyyyy ads
    I love Kelly, Sophie, and Matthew……..however-is it just me or are there just TOO many ads lately
  • KCForsythe
    Love and need this podcast ❤️
    Ugh thank you so much Kelly for being so real about your parenting. You are clearly a great mom and every great mom feels like they’re failing sometimes. It helps so much to hear im not the only one when it seems like all the other moms around me are perfectly gentle all the time. You rock and we are all learning.
  • Pool mom of 1
    Yes, please! Have Hank on more often!! ❤️
  • Breeb714
    The Staffords
    The Staffords episodes are so entertaining. Kelly is so endearing when she’s talking to Matthew
  • Ghjffvvhj
    I used to look forward to this
    I used to look forward to the day the podcast came out. I loved hearing all about her life and her and Matthews story. The last couple episodes have been awful. It feels like she is forgetting that she’s doing a podcast. There are a lot of side conversations going on and is a giant cluster F. I really hope that she turns this podcast around.
  • Battigirl
    I really enjoy this podcast during the season and absolutely love the banter between Kelly and Matthew when he joins her. I continue to listen outside of the season even though I don’t have children. But I have to say, I was very disappointed in the episode with Aurora and Kristen. Kelly being a voice for IVF and those that struggle with getting pregnant. I was disappointed to hear the comment about “You haven’t had children, what have you done for society”. Granted no one should be giving dirty looks to people struggling with their children. But the number of people who listen to this podcast and struggle with fertility and that’s the message coming from this podcast. It broke my heart that Kelly would broadcast that message. Then to add onto that. The comment about Sports Illustrated inclusivity and missing the older version when people were “fit”. I was really disgusted by this entire episode. I realize that Kelly has a more privileged life then most and the awkwardness of her navigating that life is fun to listen to. But please be more mindful of your guests and their commentary. Especially as someone who advocates for women’s fertility struggles.
  • HowFarInAreWe
    Guests are so so
    I really enjoy hearing about Kelly’s life, she’s an excellent storyteller!! Her humor and honesty are so refreshing! Her guests, however, not ideal. The last episode with Aurora and Kristen was painful. When one stated “I did my part for pocreation, what did you do?” in regards to a woman on a plane who “obviously didn’t have kids” due to this woman giving her a dirty look was so insulting. I get that they are on the episode to discuss parenting and it’s probably my bad that I listened and don’t have children, but that attitude is so hurtful for those of us who CANT have children yet have this stereotype that they are somehow failing.
  • coco1736492748584
    Hit or miss
    I am very glad I found this podcast and look forward to Tuesday's. That being said when I know she is interviewing a players wife or another person with her means I usually skip it. It’s too much and not relatable. I loved hearing from her Chef, Nanny or other everyday people. She is so entertaining by herself, I will keep listening to the episodes I like.
  • kwj18
    Fun podcast!
    I like hearing about the Staffords’ lives every week!
  • detchick2
    Entitled, whiney, difficult to listen to
    I used to thoroughly enjoy listening to Kelly’s podcast each week. However I have had a difficult time listening to her lately. The Cabo episode was insufferable to listen to. The incessant comments about her “harsh” parenting style and how she dislikes her kids is hard to wrap my mind around. I’m a parent as well. It’s definitely the hardest job I’ve ever had, but Kelly acts like these children are inconveniences to her. That was your choice(s), Kelly. From the Detroit area, I’ve always enjoyed following her life throughout the years, but clearly the “LA life” has rubbed off on her, she’s become a tad entitled and tone deaf. I hope you can turn this podcast around, Kelly because I’ve enjoyed listening in the past.
  • CR185
    Hard to listen when she talks about her kids
    Kelly- you have EVERY resource available to you that 99% of the world doesn’t. Please seek some therapy or research how else to help yourself. Your little girls are going to remember these “bad” parenting moments forever. I am not talking about getting impatient with homework, I’m talking about making them get out of the car, threatening to leave them on the side of the road, leaving them at target, etc. This may cause permanent trauma that they will have to eventually work through. Please do it for your girls. Just because you are a certain way, or were raised a certain way doesn’t mean it’s right. I know it has to be difficult having 4 little kids, but you chose that, not them. You owe it to them to figure out your stuff. And you have ZERO excuse not to because of your privileged position.
  • LLFerrante
    Could be improved
    I love Kelly and Matthew Stafford and have followed Kelly for years. I want to love this podcast so much, but this podcast seems so disorganized and I don’t feel like Kelly takes this job seriously. I could not finish the Cabo episode…it was absolutely painful to listen to. When she invites her guests and friends on, it feels like they are having a separate conversation and it feels she forgets that she’s recording a podcast. Often times, podcasts are not released on time or she misses episodes because of personal commitments, which is understandable but I come to expect that. Please make this podcast better.
  • Ivykme
    Not sure what I was listening to
    I appreciate you still trying to do a podcast on vacay in Cabo, but boy this was really tough to listen to. Only podcast I didn’t finish. Sounds like you all had fun though!
  • No🐑
    Kelly, as a Buffalo resident and Bills fan, it was incredibly traumatizing to watch a beautiful, God-loving young man almost lose his life right in front of us. We have been praying for Damar daily and God has graciously shown us he is good all the time. (Damar is home now❤️). Your comment about the vax shows how out of touch you really are. Our government and the NFL owe it to Damar, his family and every other person that was forced to take this 💉. All avenues should be looked at to find the true cause of these injuries and deaths. 🤬 Have you not noticed the huge spike of young healthy adults dying or having permanent health issues? I have the right to express my concerns regarding this 💉that was forced on so many. This has nothing to do with politics! These injured people are someone’s father, mother, son or daughters. Its time to ask questions! Be it the 💉 or something else causing all these deaths, the truth needs to come out! #PrayForDamar
  • nursedetroit24
    Love this podcast!
    Love listening to Kelly and Sophie!
  • Mama Bear 1130
    I literally wait for the new one come out!!! You are awesome and keep doing your podcast! Michigan girl rooting for you guys to do well in LA! Allison
  • AJ Shemes
    Just not good
    Really just overwhelming entitlement and annoying. I was very annoyed listening to Kelly say “I didn’t get to vote, I wanted to but had a lot going on.” Tell that to those that road a bus 2.5 hour round trip on a bus to vote. I also kind of struggle listening to how she speaks to her kids. Not for me.
  • Sarahelizabeth9919
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    Been a fan of Kelly for so long, when she was known as Stanford’s girlfriend and new to the Detroit area! And following her as she has grown into this powerhouse/mom/role model to so many has been amazing! She is a hilarious mom, reminds me so much of my twin sister, and i love listening to her weekly shenanigans and advice on everything!
  • Jam-Maurer
    Real and refreshing
    Look forward to listening every Tuesday!! She’s the real deal, down to earth and her stories are relatable. From a mom of multiples, she tells it how it is. Love it!!
  • jkfgdjfgggggggggggggggggggfk
    Stop being rude to Kelly
    Kelly is very nice and I don’t understand how you people can just sit there and talk about a person like that. she has to deal with so much She just wants to talk to people. How would you feel if you had all of this stuff going on and no one to tell that’s how Kelly feels. she might have a lot but she has little so leave her alone. So Kelly, if you ever see this comment please. Tell people to stop being rude and tell them. Mary Jane said so.
  • Kris in Kansas
    Love How Real You Are
    Just started listening today 11/2/22. I live in Overland Park, KS so I am a Chiefs fan, but also a Mom of grown kids and a new grandma. I LOVE listening to you. You crack me up. I am giving you five stars after listening to your last podcast on putting together the Xmas toys and Matthew leaving you to finish doing it by yourself. I LOL at you calling him out. You’re awesome. Good luck with those girls and I would say good luck to the Rams, but I live in KC ♥️
  • Michigander 123
    Reminder to Sophie: It’s not your show
    Please get rid of Sophie and I will update to 5 stars.
  • Brookes grandma
    Getting hard to listen
    Love the show originally but it’s getting difficult 🤔. I respect the Staffords but for me personally all the harsh kid talk has turned me off. Sorry. Just not for me anymore
  • rebrck
    Podcast is inconsistent and unorganized. Also pretty sad how she talks to her kids…please get help.
  • Fun as Frick
    Episode from October 3rd
    Kelly, It broke my heart hearing you authentically tell your story of snapping at Chandler. I 100% understand, my boys are 16 and 14, however our 1st born was still born at 38.5 weeks. After losing Erich we waited approximately 8 years, granted we were young with Erich, 23 and 25 but I had a lot to process. The pregnancy was text book and we felt we didn’t deserve this traumatic loss as we both came from divorce homes. Please, what an entitled c*^t I was!! Nobody deserves a child, and of course so we can make our own decisions in life, bad things must happen now and again. Luckily, I was watched like a hawk with Jaxon and he was born 5 weeks early as we learned my placenta craps out, Erich saved his life. We waited all this time to parent and I couldn’t wait to be room parent and do all the things. I did all the things with a full time job and my husband gone 3 weeks out of the month due to his job in oil and gas. My long winded point- I have not been the mom I thought I would be or hoped to be. I’ve missed games, I’ve called them a holes, granted they are 26 and 14, and I have said a hole aloud. The hardest thing to remember as a mother to boys, is boys can either grow brains or balls but not both, and in our family they’ve both chosen balls! They truly lack common sense on occasion which is just bananas. You will stumble again and your kiddos truly know your heart. Try to give yourself grace, being a full time mom to 4 kids, 5 and under is not easy. If you have to stop and take one hand that’s in a loose fist and ask yourself, did the kids eat today, yes, raise 1 finger, did you keep all 4 alive, raise 1 finger, did everyone make it out the door and on time, raise another finger, did your kids belly laugh, yes, lift another finger and last did you tell the kids you love them & give lots of hugs, if yes, raise a finger. You have your hand opened out of the fist and now you can pat yourself on the back.. Obviously you can come up with your own things, just suggestions. Remember you’re not alone and it’s hard to be brutally honest but I appreciate it so much. I wish I had not tried to be so type A when my kids were younger. Great podcast, and I can only imagine how hard it was for you to watch Tua get hit. Your family is in my prayers!! 💙♥️🙏🏻
  • Lulustender
    Thank you!
    Thank you for being real!
  • Nicole Russo Reid
    Seek a therapist
    Please for the love of god see a therapist. Maybe take one less tennis lesson and go get some help. I was sick to my stomach listening to your most recent podcast. You have every resource available to get some help. Find a parenting coach. Just because you were raised a certain way doesn’t mean you have to continue the cycle. Those girls deserve better. Be better.
  • 313Nina
    So much love
    I cannot find the words of appreciation for this podcast. When y’all left Detroit, my sports loving heart was broken. My favorite Detroit sports family was “gone”…and then they were back, on a different level, and more real than ever. I love your openness, and honesty about life in general, life in the NFL, the ups and downs, and everything in between. But most of all, I love your guys’ love for Detroit. I truly hope one day you find your way back here, we miss our Staffords! Oh, and Huntie, she makes me laugh daily! THANK YOU for sharing your world with us. Your strength is remarkable, in more was that one. Much love from the D! Xox
  • amberjane05
    Heartbroken for how you talked to your child
    Thanks for sharing. But you need some therapy. Yikes. I have been frustrated with my kids too. But she’s never going to forget that. My heart is broken for her.
  • J Pakula
    One of My Favorites
    I’m 100% an AZ Cardinal fan but “pretzel gate” got me hooked on Kelly Stafford.
  • wes beeler
    Lost interest!!
    It’s not action park media! It’s when she left because the producer Sofia left to take a job at alo and not they do it there!! That’s what’s wrong I believe never do your break out wrong who gave you a shot and leave cause it might be closer to home!! You have a maid to take care of the girls, just switch up the times to make it work! Get back to APM!!
  • anhurley
    LOVE LOVE LOVE The new intro!!! Made my morning!!!!!!
  • Wazer3
    After action park took over it went down hill In my opinion
    I am a huge fan of the Stafford’s, being from Detroit I was so happy when he finally won the Super Bowl! I have watched their family grow and they seem like incredible people! The podcast was great at first, so relatable and Kelly just being Kelly! But then action park media got involved and it’s like listening to two valley girls say things like “yeah, so like” Or “OMG no way” Just very superficial girls talking. It’s very hard to listen to any more! But best of luck! Just not my cup of tea any more!
  • OVERitNOW 12
    HUGE disappointment.
    Kelly is just another lost to the disgusting California culture.
  • Kimberlynn D
    I just love how real she is
    I’m a 51 year old women and Kelly is how I was when I was raising my kids. Now her and my daughter are just alike about their kids. She also has twins and 4 total. My husband was in the military so I can relate to Matthew being gone while raise kids. I love how real she is about herself, life and mostly her kids and the struggles. I’m always laughing out load while I listen at the gym.
  • Shannen W.
    Love it but
    I really love the podcast, but Kelly sometimes you need to stop interrupting guests when they’re talking. I understand that it’s your podcast but you have the guest on to tell their story and I can barely hear it when you keep interrupting them to interject with your own story. Other than that I do love this podcast and it is a weekly regular that I listen to.
  • Elle Win
    I look forward to this show every Tuesday but it’s become very inconsistent with her episodes posting as they will sometimes miss a week or be a few days late. If you had a job, you’d prob call out a lot girlfriend.
  • Mr FlagbThrower
    Southern Manners
    I love how even though y'all have been in the pros for over a decade, you’ve not lost your southern roots and are teaching your girls how you grew up. Started about a month ago listening to you (had to start at the beginning and listen in order) and love how real your are. ❤️ Go Dawgs and Go Rams
  • Jess_LepeRod
    Such a great listen!
    I love listening to Kelly’s real stories and how humble and straight forward she is! I look forward to listening every week.
  • gg483937
    Not so down to earth
    Loved the podcast at first but every episode progresses to complaining. Has a full staff on hand 24/7 and the endless complaining about how hard her life is gets old and tone deaf. Everyone in an airport is supposed to stop and help her because she doesn’t have her nanny with her and is traveling with HER OWN kids for once alone? Constantly promoting adds about cooking skincare and other products when she openly says she doesn’t do or care about any of those things.
  • #booksfordays
    I love this podcast because Kelly is so real and honest on it. Sometimes I laugh at just how down to earth she is, but it makes me appreciate that she still realizes what it's like for the rest of us lol
  • aarrggg61
    The very best!
    best podcast going. love the stories. And love Sophia too!
  • LoveyGeary
    A laugh every time
    So light and refreshing to listen to, Kelly is so honest , down to earth and real . Must try this podcast !!
  • Cat person🐈🐈🐈
    Best podcast
    I love this podcast and look forward to every Tuesday
  • A7874
    No longer a Kelly Stafford fan
    I used to like Kelly-I am no longer a fan. If you want to listen to Kelly complain about her privileged life-this podcast is for you. Kelly is clearly very immature and unauthentic. Her “commercials” on her podcast are a joke. I do not believe for one second that Kelly uses any of the products. Advice to Kelly-grow up, have some class and be grateful for all that you have been blessed with.
  • vancampn
    Enjoyed the podcast at first
    Was a fan of the podcast at first but every episode it seems to just be how Kelly got drunk/hungover then had to take care of her kids. Will always support the Stafford and love them but just not a fan of the podcast!
  • Mimi_2_3
    Can't get enough!
    Listening to Kelly and her cohost is like hanging out with your best girlfriends. So down to earth, relatable, completely candid, funny and just an all around great hour that I look forward to each week.
  • GTown Mom
    Mitten Love!
    From Michigan and always was a Lion’s fan especially when Matthew became their QB. Then he moved to Cali and I became a Ram’s fan. I have enjoyed watching the Stafford family grow. These podcasts always make me smile. I love how Kelly shares stories about her family. Makes you feel the love in the Stafford family. Well done Kelly!
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