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Her husband is a Super Bowl winning QB, his daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs. Kelly Stafford and bestie Hank Winchester know a thing or two about pressure, the spotlight, and keeping it all together for their kiddos. Her insight on the intensity of professional football, and his life working in television news (“Help Me Hank WDIV NBC Detroit) is not for the faint of heart. Their stories about life and raising kids will not only have you laughing, but they’ll make you feel connected to the chaos we’re all trying to navigate. So sit back, pour a splash and let’s have a time!

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  • Hoopfamily25
    Great Pod
    Look forward to this podcast every week! The dynamic between Kelly & Hank is great. Love when Hank calls Kelly out on some person/event she is unaware of because of her age. I’m right there with you Hank!
  • Elle Win
    I really enjoyed this show before but it’s just not the same after Hank joined. I feel it is not real, raw and casual as it was before with Kelly & Sophie and just seems more commercialized with Hank.
  • Ivykme
    Fun show
    Love listening to Kelly and Hank. And it’s a bonus when Matthew is on. Former Michigan girl who always cheered for them while they were in Detroit. Hope they do a couple more in person events.
  • long time storage renter
    Perfect pair!
    Kelly and Hank are the perfect complement to each other. So relatable. I laugh so hard at their realness and Hank’s reactions. Parenting stories are on point. First listen every Tuesday morning. Always looking forward to a new episodes.
  • LaurenDAlb
    My favorite podcast!!
    A must listen every week!
  • WWF sister
    Look forward to all week!
    I love this podcast, the only thing I wish was that there were more! I’m always sad when it’s over and I have to wait six more days!
  • HollyBall_
    So Good!
    Love listening every week! One of my must listen each tuesday or wednesday!
  • BethJerni
    Morning After Mornings
    I have been listening to Kelly since her podcast came out. I live in Buffalo, NY. I found her through her brother, Chad, who used to coach with the Bills. She is so inspiring and relatable. Then, Hank came along, and it got even better! Thank you for making my Tuesday Mornings the best. I look forward to new episodes every week, feels good that they are nothing but normal people.
  • Moogseelliott
    So fun!
    Love listening - so relatable and so funny!
  • AngieW23
    Favorite Podcast
    I love listening to Kelly and Hank! They are hilarious, their friendship is amazing, and they are so real about parenting, relationships, and life in general. I look forward to every Tuesday for the release of a new episode.
  • MrsComandoPower
    So Good!
    Love Kelly and Hank! Great laughs every week! When Mathew is one it’s extra special
  • MommaBearCare
    Love Kelly and Hank
    We are So Cal born and raised, huge Lions fans! Followed 9 to the Rams. Love Kelly, and Hank is the added bonus! Makes car rides so fun listening to the show. So down to earth!
  • Joanaes
    My absolute favorite
    My absolute favorite podcast. It’s one of the only podcasts I listen to every week. I originally started listening because I’m a huge fan of Matthew, but I’m now an even bigger fan of Kelly. They truly have hearts of gold and I love the small glimpse we get into their lives. Kelly and Hank (and Sophie too) are so funny and down to earth. You really feel like you know them, are friends, and can relate. I can hear my poor husband’s eyes roll every time I say “so on Kelly and Hank today…” because there is always something I have to share!! I can’t say enough great things.
  • TSwales
    This is all. I love this podcast so much, and look forward to Tuesdays.
  • Steph Tighe
    The best!
    I’ve never been a podcast person but I stumbled across The Morning After during Matthew’s Super Bowl Run and I’ve been hooked ever since. Kelly and Hank keep me laughing out loud and I love how down to earth and kind hearted the entire Stafford family appears to be. They not only turned me into a podcast person but they’ve simultaneously turned me into a Rams fan! RIUTA and SPLASHES for life!
  • Likes to have fun!
    Great podcast!!
    Always look forward to listening to this awesome podcast!! Has me laughing and sharing with family and friends!!
  • MamaMillie26
    So fun to listen to
    Fun podcast
  • Georgesasha2
    Love this podcast ❤️
    Thank you to Kelly for this amazing podcast. So appreciate your honesty and kind heart. With sharing your family and Your love for life is so refreshing. And have loved you adding Hank to the show. ❤️ his reporting stories. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us. Love the podcast!! ❤️.
  • LS329
    Tuesdays are the best
    There’s nothing better about Tuesday than a new episode from Kelly & Hank! Thanks for being real people and giving us things to laugh and smile about! You have the best chemistry 🥰. Extra bonus points when 9 is on with you…love the trio!
  • Love to laugh!!
    THE BEST!!!
    The absolute bright spot in my week, Kelly and Sophie were GREAT, and now throw in Hank…perfectly hysterical!!! Thank you for sharing YOU with us!!!🥰
  • Jen Herbie
    My favorite!
    This is my favorite podcast. I laugh and smile every week. The topics are so relatable. I love it even more with Hank.
  • Georgia K9
    Love love love this show. Kelly is so down to earth and honest. She makes my mama heart feel less guilty about my feelings that being a mama is freaking hard. She and Hank just work so well together and of course when you add Matthew to the mix, it is even better.
  • jwrobel20
    Love this show
    Been listening since the beginning and I love it. Adding Hank to the pod has been great. I love the banter between the two of them. It’s a great mix of both of them. I hate when the show ends and have to wait another week for a new show. 😂
  • Rach Lang
    Love the Morning After
    Absolutely love this podcast and Kelly and Hank! It’s hilarious and so relatable! It’s the highlight of my morning every Tuesday!
  • Conradsgirl
    Best podcast
    My favorite podcast ever! Being a Michigander and a huge Stafford fan, I always enjoy the show!! The recent addition of Hank really completed the vibe!
  • Girlmama1622
    The best
    The only podcast I listen to every week!
  • KGarr0789
    Love listening to Kelly and Hank and look forward to Tuesday mornings!
  • kayohhgee
    DTW to LAX
    As a Michigander living in LA (and a Rams season ticket holder) I love this pod! Don’t have kids but still love to hear the stories. Love when Matthew is on. Could do without the producer interjecting.
  • JessHershy18
    My favorite podcast
    I love Kelly and Hank! They can make me laugh harder than any other podcast and I love how real they are. Makes the rest of us feel more normal after listening to each podcast! Love y’all!!!
  • E. Perls
    I give it a 10!
    The highlight of my week! belly laughs throughout each episode and I think Hank was the perfect addition!
  • TheFullMonti
    Michigan listener here! I love listening to Kelly and Hank. They are absolutely hilarious together and so real and authentic. Some of the deeper topics hit home. It’s so nice to not feel alone. Thank you for both being your true selves and for sharing your life stories. ❤️
  • AmberZmomof3
    Kelly and Hank are my favorites!
    Kelly and Hank make my daily walks so much better! Most relatable content out there!
  • Kath123123
    Loveee it!
    The way I look forward to Tuesdays is unmatched!! It’s doesn’t get much better than Kelly & Hank!
  • CPM 70
    One of my favorite podcasts!!!
  • The.ANM
    So much fun!
    The only podcast I listen to every single episode! Kelly’s energetic, genuine and such a fun time! Hank brings a whole new level of fun and relatable content! They feel like best friends I never knew I needed! And always a bonus when Matthew makes an appearance!!!
  • Llj09326
    Love love love!!!
    Kelly and Hank are the best! Entertaining and informative! The perfect combination.
  • Tris Elaine
    Kelly, Hank, and Sophie are just the best and so entertaining! Love this podcast so much and everything it stands for! 💙✨
  • 4444KC
    Love this Podcast!
    Great podcast!!!
  • Tmmygun
    Tuesdays best
    I look forward to Kelly and Hank every week. So much fun to listen to.
  • TayJamisen
    Only Reason I Have a Job Still
    I love listening to this to and from work on my commute to Downtown Detroit. We are required in the office two days a week, so the timing works perfect or else I’d have no desire to be in the car haha! Absolutely love y'all! So down to Earth, fun, current, etc. Next, need to get you on Delta :)
  • SupergirlMel
    This Podcast is the best part of my week!
  • GracieLane2021
    Junior in college
    As someone in college at a small school, I love hearing their stories and testimonies. I find myself referencing this Podcast often in conversations with friends. However, I once listened with my grandparents and I would NOT recommend doing that haha. I feel like I have the inside scoop from them.
  • KK456
    The BEST podcast
    I look forward to this every week!! It is my absolute favorite podcast and I think Kelly and Hank are hysterical. If I could rate this podcast higher than five stars I would!
  • Rach#9
    The only podcast I listen to! So fun, so relatable. It’s a vibe. Love the chemistry & love when #9 is a guest. Thanks for making Tuesday a good day!
  • K-Pipp
    Love love love
    Always look forward to hearing Kelly & Hank and all the laughs and real life stuff!!! Extra stars when Matthew graces us!! 🤍😛
  • Dundee12345
    My favorite podcast!
    My favorite podcast and I look forward to it every Tuesday! Mom life, kids, sports, honesty, laughs, splashes, and more.
  • JM20147
    Highlight of my week!!
    I look forward to listening every week. Love Kelly & Hank!
  • Dal_Mom
    Rating since Matthew told us to
    Love hearing about football, Michigan, LA, Madonna and all things Stafford. A favorite weekly listen!
  • Klb154737
    The most down to earth…
    Can’t get through a week without em!! Genuine friendship, parenting, and the messiness of being human all rolled up with some laughs and a few tears!!! I’ve never missed an episode!!
  • MomReviewer33
    Favorite podcast
    Love love love Kelly and Hank. They are real and don’t sugar coat anything. It’s very relatable and they are hilarious.
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