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The #1 show in late night delivered straight to your ears, every weekday. Keep up with all the whip-smart writing, hilarious monologues, and revealing conversations with celebrity guests, only on The Late Show Pod Show with Stephen Colbert.

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Recent Reviews
  • Mr.Bob Dobalina
    Child molestor
    Just a monstrous piece of human garbage
  • lo00lu
    Can I speak to whomever is mixing the audio?
    Love this podcast, but the volume going from 3 to 15, then back to 4, then up to 35 us making me crazy - and partially deaf.
  • cvb757
    Music breaks?
    Nice to have Stephen in my ears, but I wish the podcast included the music we miss during the commercial breaks. More Jon Batiste and Stay Human!!
  • YourDownstairsNeighbor
    THANKS,& WE ALL NEED TO KEEP A SENSE OF HUMOR,…AND VOTE AND STAY HEALTHY AND STAY SAFE AND VACCINATED…but seriously, I tell everyone to take 2 people to the Voting Booths.NAMASTE’ …pobox442554Detroit48244Michigan
  • happynewsnut
    Colbert Fan
    Finally, Steven Colbert in podcast form!
  • 2MoonAlice
    Loving it
    Been a fan of Stephen for so many years and now being able to listen to the podcast is icing on the cake. The is so witty and provides so much laughter.
  • Kenobi610
    He’s a sellout punk
    Used to be a big fan of his, but man has he sold out, total garbage now
  • Jvwonder
    Not funny anymore
    Used to think Colbert was funny. Sell-out
  • DUKEDOG0636
    Dishonest unfunny Trash
  • CanYouFrogThat
    Need improvement
    Too many ads, audio is ok. I recommend hitting up Conan O’Brien for tips.
  • tillerralph
    About time CBS
    Love the show. Been a fan since The Colbert Report. People from my generation don’t watch TV like our parents, but we’re happy to consume your media in other ways. Thank you!
  • TheIronHorseofDeath
    Stephen Colbert is to comedy what cigarettes are to health.
    This “show” is the worst kind of bore: It is boring, but it doesn’t even have the decency to bore you to sleep. Nope, you have to stay up for the entire miserable experience. Think of it as a root canal for your ears minus the anesthesia. He is not clever. Just a pompous windbag drooling over his self righteous.
  • show time joe
    Love the show, but
    The podcast is just a repeat of the tv broadcast. If you watch the show you don’t need to listen. I would prefer a more in depth interview with a guest.
  • yenooc2
    Please fix the sound
    Love that Colbert finally has a podcast, but the sound quality is awful. The commercials are twice as loud as the show. Please fix the sound; it’s almost impossible to listen to this podcast on headphones.
  • Lick lick lick
    Sorry I can’t see
    Is Stephen Colbert ladies and gentlemen in podcast form
  • Creatinganame88
    Once great, now a full sell-out
    I was a huge Colbert fan. Strangers with Candy, Daily Show, The Colbert Report. Then, he fell far so far when he got the talk show. This guy is now a shill and a 110% propagandist. The pits. One of the most horrid disappointments in entertainment I have ever seen. A waste of his genius talent. He took the money. Sad.
  • stephonc
    Love Stephon
    I love Stephon watch him daily! Agree with his politics!
  • Info_Sprinkles
    Another Option
    Yet another way to cut YouTube out of your daily life. ;) Cheers
  • Mattymurch
    Guys a sellout loser. Puppet
    Colberts podcast is an audio of the previous days televised Late Show? Love you Stephen but this is at best a lazy man’s “podcast”
  • Thr Minnister
    This Is Great!!
    I thoroughly enjoy being able to listen to the show anywhere I want to!!
  • D waters13
    I thought I was alone
    I thought I was the only one that fell asleep , wake up to pee and restart the late show with Stephen Colbert ,and now I can work on the computer to the pod cast between pee breaks. 😃
  • englishinsructor
    First thing every morning
    I am from the US living in Brasil. When I sit down with my morning coffee I watch snippets of your show on YouTube. It along with coffee gets my brain percolating. To listen to the entire show will be awesome. I need to hear your pearls of wisdom before I jump into the fire and watch the previous nights PBS News Hour. 🤫👍😉
  • jeanieh
    When he was planning his show.
    I did not miss one episode, loved it. I know I’ll love this too, because I’ll fall asleep and when I wake up to pee, I’ll restart it and never miss a show.
  • Foxxeru
    Best podcast EVER once it comes out
    It’s hard to understate how good this podcast will be. Every day I will have listened to it, Stephen Colbert brings a smile to my face, presuming he can be heard on the podcast, and it’s really the best way to start my day, or so I believe. It’s hard not to get lost in the dulcet tones of Stephen’s voice, at least on the show, since I’m not fully sure how he will sound on a podcast, but in my mind, his voice is like an angel from the future, since this podcast hasn’t released yet. Thank you, Stephen, for giving me one more area in my life that has been impregnated with your presence. I can’t wait to listen to this podcast that I presume is worth the 5 stars I’m giving it.
  • Daytimeman
    Fun show
    Great host. Fun material.
  • Broadgar
    Of course it’ll be great
    It’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!
  • robster7996
    What a waste of talent
    One of dishonesties many faces with a cheshire cat smile.
  • Crypt0qu33n
    Right for my work office
    If my government task masters are going to want me working from home indefinitely, I need to be able to maintain my sanity with Stephen without defrauding the American Taxpayers by trying to watch last nights show on line.
  • DeeDee9000
    Stephen Colbert is the worst
    Not funny anymore. Pharma shill. Disgusting.
  • quietxtorm
    Can’t wait!!
    It would be perfect on my way to work. Sometimes I can’t watch it but now I can hear it!!
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