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Join host Jason Concepcion and Foundation’s showrunner and executive producer David S. Goyer as they discuss adapting Isaac Asimov’s iconic novels for the screen. Writers from the show chat with Jason and David to unpack the latest episode of the Apple Original series, giving viewers a deeper dive into the story. Episodes of the show and the podcast premiere on Fridays. So watch first on Apple TV+ (where available), then listen to the podcast for the ultimate Foundation experience.  
This is an Apple TV+ podcast, produced by Pineapple Street Studios.

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Recent Episodes
  • “Upon Awakening”
    Oct 15, 2021 – 00:37:22
  • “Barbarians at the Gate”
    Oct 8, 2021 – 00:36:54
  • “The Mathematician’s Ghost”
    Oct 1, 2021 – 00:39:21
  • “The Emperor’s Peace” and “Preparing to Live”
    Sep 24, 2021 – 00:46:52
  • Introducing “Foundation: The Official Podcast”
    Sep 23, 2021 – 00:01:23
Recent Reviews
  • George_C73
    This podcast deserves the opportunity for viewer/listener comments.
    Please find a way for the audience to comment. I’ve waited decades for this series having read it as a high-school freshman in the 80s. The podcast for episode 5 neglected to mention Asimov’s own love of science and math in particular, having written numerous articles collected into a book “Asimov on Numbers”. Overall this is an excellent companion but please find a way for audience participation on this medium. The series deserves it. Love the whole thing so far.
  • JJHJR25
    One word revere…
  • ELROD55
    Well done Apple, you got the best Podcast host in the biz
    Happy to hear Jason hosting a “books to show series” again! His podcast format, episode summaries, and show pacing is second to none. You can tell he’s an actual fan of the books/content yet has enough restraint to allow the guests to contribute and fill the shows. Now we’re just missing Mallory’s big/complementary personality.
  • SnipeTrillion
    Adds insight to the TV show
    I really enjoy listening to the podcast right after each episode. Hearing how the show creators arrive at their decisions is really fascinating. It also adds to my understanding of each episode. Very entertaining!
  • Yenvalor
    Fantastic Companion
    I really enjoy podcasts that accompany a show, where they have the freedom to go into the nitty-gritty of the show. I love this show so this podcasts is essential for me to listen to, and I thank the whole podcast team and David w/ guests for doing it!
  • SirLancelot5045
    The Basics of Space Travel & Black Folk in Space
    I agree with Cooper the Rocket Dog. The writers should get the science right about the time it’d take to traverse the distances mentioned, especially after their consulting “physicists, mathematicians, and scientists”. The writers’s science consultants had one job and they blew it. Let’s hope their space/time calculations are accurate going forward. The same goes for correctly attributing the origins of “folding space”: Frank Herbert, not Asimov. As for those commenters in this thread who are upset about the writers’ deliberate selection of black folks to play heroic characters, just relax. Imagine how I felt seeing nothing but white folk play heroes in all of the outstanding shows I watched during most of my life, and yet I managed to see past that kind of overwhelming racism to appreciate the stories for what they were: good fiction, plain and simple. White folk have controlled the narrative for centuries yet get bent seeing black folk inserted into “their” stories over the last 5-10 years or so. The parallel between that kind of arrogance and the Empire’s is as obvious as it is sad.
  • Matthewtbro77
    Stilted and self congratulatory.
    If you would like to listen to an entire podcast of “Did you see what I did there? Aren’t I clever and relevant?” Then I suppose this is for you. If not, just watch the show or better yet read the books.
  • Gilamath
    A necessary companion
    To be honest, I don’t think I would enjoy Foundation as a show without this podcast. It may be a mark against the show that I rely on this podcast to make sense of the episodes, or it may just be a mark against me. Either way, I really appreciate having this resource
  • Soldierboy1365
    A rather racist podcast
    I really wish they didn’t feel the need to denigrate white people in every podcast episode. You can lift up the voices of other races, ethnicities, etc., without having to denigrate “white guys” with every chance you get. Kind of sad that a podcast that could have been interesting has been ruined by racism. I really hope the show itself doesn’t end up like that too. If I could give this podcast zero stars I would. Apple needs to do better.
  • Asani na Gealai
    I’ll take the show on its own, thanks.
    I’m generally fine with the show’s political undertones and quite enjoying it 4 episodes in, but hearing how the sausage was made in excruciatingly woke detail, well, that’s too much man. And having to listen to Jason laugh his head off every couple of minutes seals the deal: this pod ain’t my jam.
  • Ama Sarah
    Great backstory and tie-ins
    Love the tie-ins with today’s political environment, it makes the show seem fresh and relevant!
  • cooper the rocket dog
    The numbers don’t add up and other comments
    If the ship is traveling half the speed of light then it would take about 100,000 years to go from Trantor to Terminus, not 5. A light year is a measure of distance , not time Folding space is from Dune, not Foundation. It should be easy to get the simple things right
  • Tom Roughneck
    Woke science fiction
    After listening to this first podcast(white men had to be the evil empire) and watching the incredibly dull and lumbering first episode don’t waste your time read the books and think for yourself.
  • YouDead91
    So far, so awesome…
    Please endeavor to continue in the way Asimov would have sought. These books were written at a different time and have no need to be coupled to the politics and happenings of today. Yes there may be natural parallels, but don’t force our present world into the great series covers. Thank you!
  • Brad butin
    Dig the show
    It’s a fun good time
  • Why is this difficult
    Where is Foundation?
    I think you need to address the elephant in the room. This show is not Foundation. I am still waiting for someone to film Foundation. I stopped watching after the first two episodes.
  • CPD9
    Please, please, please…
    Please, please, please don’t ruin this masterpiece by tethering it to today’s political environment.
  • FaureFan1980
    Great show!
    I’m really enjoying the breakdown of how the books were used as source material that had to be boiled down to make a coherent story. The explanation of the science and the backstory for how the show came together are all really compelling. Looking forward to the next episode!
  • Shinjukuku
    Not much here. You will hear “I” often, but little insight into the show. I’m enjoying the series and hoped for more exposition.
  • RJR1970
    Really great deep dive into The Foundation
    Great insights into both the story that is the Foundation as well as the making of this incredible epic. Learning the history the director has with the novel made me appreciate the narrative choices he made in telling this complex story. One mistake that the director does make though, in the rapid questions at the end of the first episode he gets the speed of the starship very wrong. The speed of the ship has to be faster than light by at least a multiple of ten to be able to traverse the distance between Trantor and Terminus. Just a little thing, but something that will play a role in the story moving forward as the dark ages descends on the Empire.
  • phantomdw26
    Too busy congratulating themselves to care about the books
    If you’re looking for a companion to the show like Chernobyl had where they discussed the source material, you’ll be quickly disappointed. They seem to care little for the source material and are busy congratulating themselves on how wonderful they are. In 3 episodes, I don’t think they said the word Asimov more than twice. If you want to enjoy their show, skip the podcast.
  • modusop
    Explicit rating?
    Why not make it not explicit like the Apple Music shows so me and my son can geek out to it?
  • Rimba Ross
    Great Show Companion
    This is very well done, with insights and humor that helps to fill in a lot of details and the backstory for what I see on the show. Now I’m wondering what I’ll be anticipating the most to drop into my feed—the show or this podcast?
    Fantastic Companion to the Show
    Jason is a fantastic host that deftly balances his own intrigue and knowledge of the show to ask poignant questions. Getting an inside look of the writers room is a unique perspective and it is great content to consume after watching the show.
  • commy?
    It’s sad to see the greatest sci-fi series of all time be politicized. The emphasis placed on “making the empire white men” is disgusting. China has been a global empire for thousands of years, they still are, why not make them the empire? The western civ self shaming from leftists and big tech is disgusting but sadly, very predictable. I will watch the show for my love of Asimov and sci-fi, I hope apples woke politics doesn’t corrupt the story entirely.
  • alrightsweet
  • y337yee7
    Ticker Tape
    I’m just here to add to the positivity around the show because I’m desperate to continue through the whole series. Obviously if you’ve read the books you know there’s a lot of content to get inspiration from. Here’s hoping they do it justice. I’ve enjoyed the first bit.
  • Tazmomlisa
    Jason Concepcion = intelligence ❤️
    Big fan of all of Jason’s Podcasts This does not disappoint I am eager for more Do not pay attention to the lower ratings
  • Maximum Beer Runner
    Well dang… wish I hadn’t listened to
    Host and show producer right out the gates state a borderline racist generalization that casting was done so to show that white people have been power (empire) for too long and are out touch. In a story that that expands among hundreds of thousands of planets, these two seem to have never left the U.S. let alone any of the 193 other countries on Earth. Do they really think white people are in positions of power across our planet ruining things?
  • JohnMarkFoley
    Nice companion to the show
    A nice little conversation about the show by people who genuinely seem to love the source material. I’m going to call out some bad math though. They said that terminus was 50k light years away and it was a “slow boat” journey of five years to get there. The producer says in this first episode of the podcast that the ship is going half the speed of light. At this speed the journey would take 100,000 years. To get there in only five years the ship would need to be going 10,000 times the speed of light.
  • Username was taken@cheeseballs
    the courtesy review
    @notarmanzaidi @thecourtesyflushpodcast THE COURTESY FLUSH | ARMAN ZAIDI
  • Crusher66
    Fantastic podcast to help guide us on a fantastic journey
    Loved every minute. An entertaining and likable host and an engaging and knowledgeable producer . I can’t wait to hear the next podcast and watch the next episode of Foundation on Apple TV.
  • CTC1181
    Yet Another
    Woke blender.
  • purdcurstgurl
    Necessary and entertaining!
    This podcast takes me back to the days of DVD commentary, but better. I love the mix of historical sci fi context, insight into the writers room, and stories from set. It’s given me an even deeper appreciation for the show. Jason and David are great together! Cant wait to listen to more after watching each episode.
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