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Join host Jason Concepcion and Foundation’s showrunner and executive producer David S. Goyer as they discuss adapting Isaac Asimov’s iconic novels for the screen. Writers from the show chat with Jason and David to unpack the latest episode of the Apple Original series, giving viewers a deeper dive into the story. Episodes of the show and the podcast premiere on Fridays. So watch first on Apple TV+ (where available), then listen to the podcast for the ultimate Foundation experience.  

This is an Apple TV+ podcast, produced by Pineapple Street Studios.

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  • lazebradeb
    Podcast is good but Gaal actress has been posting support for Hamas (the terrorist organization) on social media. Docking points for sympathizing with terrorists.
  • muneca1alia
    Season 2:1 foundation
    I can’t watch it anymore it was good because it’s gone too woke!
  • Urbane Movement
    Just right, not too long!
    Just long enough to casually enjoy and keep up with. Sometimes podcasts about shows are full of bloat and their too long. This one is focused and consistently produced. Worth a listen.
  • jmlongvalley
    Can you out write Assimov
  • jones204
    There are some gender and race changes from the books and then they try to justify it and it just turns into a racist mess
  • bluuuk
    Podcast is like director’s commentary
    If you wanted to know what the directors, producers, actors/actresses, special effects, writers, and other teams were thinking when they made this show, this is the podcast for you. It is nice to put voices and thoughts to the people making this series on the screen. Honestly, as the show has gone on, the show is more like inspired by Foundation instead of based on Foundation. The TV series takes many different turns and outright becomes the antithesis of the books at various points. I think every series or film based on a different medium has both difficulties and opportunities in expressing the work. I disagree with many of the choices but this podcast is not the show and does a good job of being what a companion podcast should be. I wish the podcast did address more of the divergences from the source material and had more of a retrospective at the end of the season. Too much of the focus is hyping up various mysteries of the season.
  • bakilleen
    Digging Into The Foundation
    Woah. Let me start by saying that Foundation, the show, is absolutely phenomenal. I always love a good sci-fi, but this one grabbed me more quickly and with a premise I have found way more intriguing than a lot of other shows I’ve given a shot. But this isn’t a review of the show. I saw mention of this podcast after some way in to season 1 and thought, eh, I need something to listen to while doing the dishes after the kids go to bed… I’ll give it a shot! The host and show-runner have a chemistry that makes this an absolutely charming addition to watching Foundation! Every episode shows adoration for the material and what kept me coming back is seeing the absolute passion that has been put in to their work! The deep dives of the messages behind the story and where things might go make you listen, but the passion you hear and feel from all of those involved in this project make you want to stay! It is an easy and strong recommendation for anyone who has enjoyed the show - a perfect companion piece to enhance your viewing and stir discussion! As always… respect and enjoy the peace!
  • Luvnsnow
    I’m so thankful for this podcast! I’ve listened to each episode multiple times. This podcast is an essential resource for anyone watching the series. I love every actor cast for this show, everything about Foundation is creative genius! BUT… I just finished S2E10. I am in agony over Salvor’s death. Salvor was my favorite character and she had so much potential that wasn’t realized or seen yet. It feels premature. I understand that now we know the future in Foundation can be changed (but did we need to know that yet?) and with some creative brainstorming there could have been another way to figure that out. Her character hadn’t risen to her potential yet. She was the voice of reason. This is going to be hard to accept in the next season. I have never been so emotionally invested in a show and that hit me hard. But I guess if Hari can keep coming back, maybe she can too. She just had so much more to offer.
  • ATMizer
    S2E9 Ultimate Penultimate Episode
    If there was ever a good use for the word penultimate, S2E9 fits the bill!
  • Suzannah Troy
    Excellent Foundation makes Apple TV Stellar
    wow, I just saw season 2 E 10 and it was outstanding. I don't want to give away anything. I just want to say as a Jew, as a Jewish person there's a scene that unfolds in a way that I can only wish somehow was so moving... I don't want to say because maybe people haven't seen it. Also, I have tried to make comments on YouTube, etc.. but fyi I've been punched in the head a running punch my head at MD office New York City. I had to get surgery on my Retina and the Retina attaches to brain; I was to be false arrested Saturday at 4 PM unless I dropped charges after emergency surgery on my retina, so ..ptsd insomnia it is really hard to get words to line up with what I'm trying to say....David Goyer interactions w/ podcasters youtubers excellent!!!!!
  • Grand Imperial Poohbah
    A Great Companion to the Show
    I listened to both the season 1 and 2 podcasts of the show and I thoroughly enjoyed them both. In many cases, the podcast caused me to go back and watch an episode (in some cases two more times!) to catch things I didn’t or to double check something said (Jason was wrong when he said that Harry killed Tellem with a rock!). I really enjoyed hearing show participants: actors, directors, writers, as well as David Goyer. The podcast added a richness to the viewing experience. Jason has great voice and interviewing style that I appreciated. I look forward to more seasons of Foundation.
  • Fr8doggy
    I had no idea.
    I didn’t realize this was a racist show until I listened to the podcast. White men are talked down upon heavily. That is the definition of sexism and racism.
  • Wushbone
    Love this podcast 👍🏻
    I am so glad I decided to listen to this podcast- it really enhanced my enjoyment of this wonderfully thoughtful and creative series! I haven’t read the Foundation books but did read Asimov’s Robot series when I was in junior high so I had high expectations. I am happy to say they were met. I made a habit this season of watching the episode, then listening to the podcast the next day and re-watching the episode with fresh eyes courtesy of the information gained in the podcast. Thank-you!
  • lazy var
    One of the better companion podcasts
    It’s always a joy to listen to the podcast after the episode and get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes while also getting some insight in the lore behind the show.
  • You yum ziti
    Backstories EXCELLENT!!
    Absolutely the show ever made!
  • Sharknado2K
    Great podcast that makes you realize the show is even greater
    I really love the Foundation TV series, but let’s face it: these episodes are DENSE. This podcast makes the show even better. I almost always watch each episode, listen to the corresponding podcast episode, then re-watch the same episode to catch all the things I missed that they discussed in the podcast A valuable companion for fans of the show
  • GlasgowCelt
    Wonderful Review of Foundation
    I binged all the episodes after watching Foundation S2E9, some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the analysis of all the episodes. I hope David Goyer gets to tell this story all the way through season 8. I loved the books when I read them years ago, but this adaptation has been a delight to watch. Well done!
  • AZSpartan94
    Great companion podcast
    Love the podcast. Really helps call out and frankly give credit to the amazing work everyone does behind the scenes. I miss the little detail’s sometimes and this podcast does a great job of calling them out. Episode summary to start the podcast is great. Enjoy the show and the podcast. Can’t wait for both to come out each week.
  • diegonus
    OMG Laura
    Ms. Birn was absolutely lovely. I adore her in this podcast. Thank you tons. Keep it going.
  • Fine already!!!!!!!!!!
    Please stop asking quests questions they can’t answer
    A good podcast except for the host repeatedly every single episode asking questions the guests simply CANNOT answer. The guests obviously can’t spoil the entire season please stop asking them to.
  • Drumheyoka
    Love hearing the back story
    I love the characters- expecially the female leads, so refreshing. I haven’t read the books yet, not sure if I will bc my favorite characters are Gayle and Salvor!
  • Teryn15
    I really wish the podcast asked more questions about Sal and Gaal's storylines. I wish this wasn't a weekly series it would be more enjoyable on Netflix.
  • Byrnes1776
    Thanks for the intro, now to the books
    I’m glad Apple did this show because it introduced me to Asimo’s Foundation series. The first season was great, but the second season is so far removed from the book series that it doesn’t even feel the same. The addition of unnecessary sexual content and LGBTQ themes distracts from the great story Asimov spent a lifetime creating. I wish I could keep watching, but the series is ruined for me. Time to crack open the rest of the books series now.
  • Retz100
    The show is great! I watch the TV show and really like it. I listen to your podcast to get a good synopsis of the episode. You two provide good insight and new information. I can also tell that you really like the show and are invested. Keep listening. Keep it up!
  • ClaireFrances1900
    Performances by Harris, Pace save it
    The casting is the worst . Surely better lead females were options? I only imagine choosing being done to save with the budget being spent on actual actors and special effects dept. Racism is quite appalling in comments by pod. Describing people as some old white or male ? Flip the coin ,describe others as some young Black girls . It is ugly. Grow up.
  • DeepBlueAU
    Liking so far, but..
    Enjoyed S1 & wanted more background on the world & characters. Unphased with the race/ gender swap of some but I wasn’t thrilled with the derisive & mocking ‘white male’ narrative when talking about personifying Empire. Newsflash: Elitism & racist ideas are universal. Unfortunate but I guess this was expected with a series on AppleTV.
  • BelleAm
    More about Asimov
    In fact, when Asimov applied to Columbia University, they warehoused him into an offshoot school they set up in Brooklyn, to which they diverted most of their qualified Jewish students. To keep Columbia from having “too many” Jewish students. In keeping with schools like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, until well into the 1960s. Calling Asimov white in the US, because of his skin tone, is colorism. Which was decried by Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois in the 1950s, as he spoke out against antisemitism.
  • AngelRS042410
    Best show No one talks about
    My hope is this show gets its chance to run. S1 ended with a bang, and so far s2 seems to be finding its footing. I hope the ratings grow exponentially through this season and into s3.
  • Genuine creativity
    It’s a bit strange….is this sci-if or badly written scripts.
    I’m trying to forget everything about the entire series of books written by Asminov and just watch the series. Sometimes the dialogue wants you to believe this is very sophisticated sci-if but really it tries too hard. I’m not sure why Gaal is the person who is taking us through her journey when it should be Salvor. At times it sounds like a soap opera. The podcasts are helpful….I’ll continue to watch only because no one has ever tried to create a series featuring Asminov’s work. The scene when the general meets his husband was very touching…best scene in episode 3.
  • AnonymousReviewerToday
    Typical of Today
    From what I gather from this podcast, and the show to an extent, it’s not okay to be a white, heterosexual male.
  • paw9090
    Typical woke storytelling for “Modern audiences”
    If you can forgive all the race/gender swapping and the typical white male blame game writing, as well as only the most generalized relation to the source materials, it’s not a bad show.
  • ?!bbb
    Love all of pods Jason does. Just wish this wasn’t tied directly to the show. Theses “official” pods handcuff the hosts from being too critical or expressing dislikes. I’m here for honest opinions and breakdowns. Appreciative overall, but meh.
  • Steve de los Guantes
    Beware of reviews mentioning “wokeness”
    This pod is a perfect companion to each episode. So excited for season two. To address the title of this review, the term “woke” when it comes from a person who clearly doesn’t understand its meaning (it was mentioned in another review claiming it made the pod unlistenable to this person) is reduced to a dogwhistle for the ensuing fake-news pseudo-conservative’s attempts to sell America to the cynical fascist movement led by a former failed president.
  • Ibericbrown
    No matter the reason for Azimov leaving Russia, gay, Jew, or so brilliant he stood a head taller than his peers. In Russia that meant getting disappeared. That his character looked into the past, history in fact to explore the future. That he chose engineers, statisticians and scientists for one group, ignorant both of their past or place in the plan for one group. Then historians and psychologists, with the knowledge of their own place in the future for the other. Well…. Yes. While publicly stating it takes trillions of people to make the math work, at same time micromanaging an individual life in this or that choice, or it all falls apart. Azimov tended to be verbose, and that so much of what happens off screen from the books has been brought front and center for us. With enough errors in individual characters bringing the unexpected to us is a great joy.
  • hibou
    Cringe moment in otherwise illuminating series
    Loving the show and the podcast, but hearing Leigh Dana Jackson refer to Asimov as a “white guy in the fifties” made me cringe so hard. Asimov was Jewish, and literally being killed for not being white in the 1940’s and 1950’s. To think that that trauma - displacement, otherness, existential questions of fate and independent will/worth - didn’t make its way into Asimov’s writing is to kind of out yourself as not only ignorant of history, but also ignorant of Asimov’s legacy.
  • ImNoPC
    Unlistenable woke garbage
    The show is excellent but the podcast is completely unlistenable because of the woke garbage. I couldn’t even make it through 15 min of the first podcast, it’s so bad… I’m told it only gets worse.
  • PapiKink
    Great podcast for an even BETTER series!
    Unbelievably beautiful show with intense story and even brighter visionary magic on the screen! This podcast does excellent work of giving us a backstory on the production and the shooting. Great stuff! 👍🏽
  • Hopefully Evolving
    More Already… At Least Provide New Season Updates.
    Don’t even try that “One Off Stuff” Apple/Executive Producer’s. Up the diversity, just a tad more. In the season son. With some more main stay characters, & come on with it, for crying out loud. Capiche. What are you all doing over there. Season 2. Full progression.
  • willserv
    Loved it
    I loved everything about the show. The thing is I am waiting on season two. When does season two start I’ve had love. It had betrayal it had everything.
  • DrKayTee
    but…David talks too much
    I loved the show, so after I binged it I was looking for something to satisfy my appetite until season 2. Found this podcast. Basically binged it as well LOL. Loved the insight and backstories and all the Easter egg reveals. My only issue is that David Goyer, the co-host and producer, talks way too much and talks over invited co-hosts, who are often writers on the show (and not to mention often racially or gender minoritized individuals). It’s kind of ironic. They joke about the character Hari mansplaining to Gale, and then David turns around and talks over his colleagues and mansplains them. I hope that dude listened to these recordings and learned something about himself, so he can temper his rudeness for the next season’s podcast!
  • Zochi young
    Where is Season 2
    When Apple announced that it would be airing Foundation I was very excited. When Season 1 can out I totally enjoyed Apple’s adaption of the series. So much so I signed up for a subscription to Apple TV. Now season 1 is complete I am ready to cancel my subscription and will resubscribe in 2023 if Foundation is continued. There are few original Sci-fi programs on Apple TV I have enjoyed. And for the most part those are from other channels. Apple you need to get in gear and deliver compelling content. Else people will go other places or channels with rich and consistent content.
  • HullyGulley
    A must listen
    I found this podcast essential to taking my enjoyment of this show to the next level. Great host, great guests, and tons of information.
  • gyuuj6
  • arg245
    Why the incessant f-bombs?
    I guess it’s become a common part of the English language, uttering f-bombs every other sentence. Yeah, I know it’s marked “explicit”, but does it really have to be this way? The podcast is a great idea, giving us the chance to revisit and get perspectives for all the episodes, but really guys, can’t you do this without the incessant expletives? I mean, I say them too, but they’re not a common, everyday utterance that I need to say to get my points across.
  • Alextini
    I watched the show because of the podcast
    I was scrolling through suggested podcasts and saw this one. I remember seeing a trailer for Foundation and thought it looked cool but didn’t start. I’m a binge watcher and if I start a show I’ll finish it and I have to commit to that time. I like having insight to the creative process and what the creative decisions were. This podcast allowed me to get to know the Foundation on a deeper level. I hope there is a few more seasons. Fingers crossed we get all 8 seasons.
  • Boopis
    Racism 2.0 is still racist
    What’s so interesting is how semi-intelligent, but close minded, leftists creatives who rarely leave their echo bubbles, and supposedly hate Racism 1.0 and Sexism 1.0, embrace so fully the 2.0 versions of each. I’d like to think the show creator was just posing and virtue signaling for his Apple corporate masters for money with his bigotry against the principal fans of the books and the genre. But I think he believes his own crap. Racism was always despicable and remains so even if wrapped in twisted Marxist identity politics logic. I’m trying to enjoy the show, and appreciate the production values, I find the woke bigotry of the show (and podcast) as distracting and unnecessary. This series could have been great. I guess I’m not surprised that I find myself skipping pass this show on Apple TV and just click on Ted Lasso instead.
  • rtstop
    First few episodes were ok and original then everything slided in to heavy duty woke! Very disappointed but it’s 2021 what do you expect! Booring slow and predictable! The app came with my new phone free for 3 months not sure if I want to pay for this garbage later. See was good though..
  • Dr. Strangelove!
    What Went Wrong?
    I loved the podcast, the show runners and the host make it extremely enjoyable. And I loved the Empire portion of the show, but I tuned in to figure out what went wrong on with the Terminus plot. I’m extremely disappointed they chose to degrade the character of Salvor and the overall Foundation plot. What’s even more upsetting is their inventions on the Trantor side of the story were wonderful. Anyways, still enjoyed the show and the commentary despite my disappointments.
  • mttwlbrn
    Great Bonus Features
    This companion podcast offers fascinating fun facts, poignant analysis, interesting behind the scenes tidbits, and more. I enjoy having different guests along with David Goyer too. Fair warning: I would watch the entire first season of Foundation before listening to this. They share too much that may be considered spoilers.
  • Mauirce
    Great show
    I came across this podcast after watching the first episode. This pod gives an excellent breakdown of each episode. Job well done!!
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