Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye

Fiction #7

Forty years ago, the villains of the world rose up and killed all the heroes. Well, all the heroes that mattered. The sole survivor of the Avengers, Hawkeye (Stephen Lang) is now a sideshow freak, re-living the worst day of his life for paying audiences. He's surly, broken, and losing his sight, but there's still that fire in him to be a hero, to avenge his friends.

Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye is the second installment in the Marvel's Wastelanders audio epic. Written by J. Holtham (Supergirl, Jessica Jones), directed by Rachel Chavkin (Hadestown), with sound design by One Thousand Birds and an original score by James Harrison Monaco and JJJJJerome Ellis. Learn more at
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  • wanna works
    It is still free to listen
    Im happy to come back and find out that the first 3-4 episodes are now free to listen to. The subscription allows add-free and early unlimited access. It is free to enjoy If you’re patient and dont mind a few commercials. I really enjoyed the “old Man Star Lord” series and hopefully the “Wastelanders” release more series
  • Yahoo app hater
    All the other Marvel podcast have been free to enjoy, I’m really disappointed that this is hidden behind a paywall. I pay enough for Disney+
  • Karousme
    Really wish u didn’t have to pay 💰☹️☹️☹️
  • scrooge macduck
    Payment is bogus
    Having to pay for it is bogus. At least have the next series be bingeable instead of making us all pay all month for 4 hours of content.
  • flamestider
    Good show
    It’s real good you should watch it and Star lord too
  • tiidizw Deb c that uk G 💋👆🏿
    Bee CBC no D ato I’m using FF
  • them99them
    Wish you didn’thave to play
  • SlpWlker811
    Great start to another podcast
    Great start to another story. Starlord and the 2 seasons of Wolverine are also great if you haven’t checked em out yet. I’ll agree with some sentiments on the voice acting. In some cases they nail it, while other characters leave something to be desired. Nice to have another story format that I don’t have to see to enjoy. To all these people complaining about the price, go ahead and start doing your job for free…see how long that lasts.
  • am i me?
    The show is really nice and just as good as Old Man Star-Lord or Logan’s shows. But the only thing was that it had a subscription fee but it was worth it. And also can you make more of these shows in present time with all the heroes?
  • jackreacher27
    Senseless money grab.
    Weekly format show with a 3.99 per month price tag in world where subscriptions are starting to add up. Was the advertisement revenue not enough?
  • Somewhatunhappy
    Its not worth it😶
    You will never get us to pay for this. We can get almost every marvel movie for 8 bucks a month on a streaming service. This is not worth the price.
  • idkendall
    Obsessed with Marvel and Podcasts; but this is awful.
    Voice actors are atrocious and the sound effects are laughable. Obviously the wrong person directing and part of the project. It is unfortunate, because I will buy into anything Marvel but not this. Hopefully they learn to take this more seriously. No seriously Marvel you need to fix this. Why would someone pay money for such an inferior product.
  • TheSquidKing
    Oh no, capitalism? These are great and vital
    Complaining about having to pay for professional material is childish. These productions are awesome, and the price is reasonable. If you love audio dramas, listen to the free stuff first if you like, then come do this.
  • FinnyMac
    I really enjoyed Starlord, too bad they had to do a money grab. “ Oh people like this? Let’s charge for it then”. There are a lot of talented people making amazing audio for free, I’ll stick with them.
  • The Grimmest Fan
    What’s going to happen to 🦅👁 and how is he going to SAVE THE WORLD 🌎
  • Thatchdady
    Woop woopp
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