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The Ringer staff delivers a guide to the vast streaming landscape by discussing one show or movie per day, including premieres. the latest surprise Netflix hits, periodic check-ins on favorite TV shows, new movies available for streaming, and the hosts’ favorite shows to watch right away.

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  • pbrbosscan
    Joanna Robinson is quite awkward but all of the other guest on the show have been great
  • fz316
    J Rob fanboy
    I’m a simple man. Wherever J Rob goes I subscribe. Can’t wait for Hawkeye and House of Dragons now.
  • bk_33
    Spotty Coverage
    I enjoy much of The Ringer’s pop culture coverage and recaps, but this feed lacks any consistency. I’m not following as faithfully since its relaunch particularly after the Ted Lasso “Funeral” episode recap. Even with such a sensitive and emotionally complex story, Van can’t adjust his schtick and cheapens deep moments from the episode and from his fellow co-host. He’s paired with one of the Ringer’s most generous conversationalist Chris Ryan, and when CR relates to the episode talking about coping with his own father’s death, Van stops the conversation to focus on a white guy listening to rap mixtapes instead of appreciating a very personal revelation, or even more, recognizing CR was also relating to Van’s more recent experience (which I have empathy for and was surprised didn’t cause him to handle the topic more gracefully). It was such a gross moment that revealed how little compassion Van has and how little business he has covering a show like Ted Lasso. Leave TMZ behind, Van. These are your coworkers.
  • GG191124
    Squid Game Pod
    Finished Squid Game last night and my first thought I said to my partner was- I’m dying to know what Mal thinks about this show but I don’t think it’ll be on Ringerverse. This led to me googling Squid Game ringer and finding this pod with an ep with Mal and Joanna covering Squid Game! How fantastic! Thank you for giving us the content we so want!
  • JakeTheBull
    Nice try tho
    Obviously Logan & Woz don’t know ‘Billions’ and aren’t passionate about the show.
  • getmejoshuaroberts
    Oh, Joanna Robinson has joined The Ringer?
    Me: *hits subscribe*
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