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There is so much great and life-changing information about sex and intimacy, but let’s face it, it can be dry as hell! Intimacy expert and sexologist Shan Boodram takes a deep dive into anything and everything about sex, relationships, and the science of attachment every week with expert guests and friends who will tell all. It’s everything The Talk should be.

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  • More than an option
    She’s evolving
    I love how you can see her evolution since learning more about psychology. You can see it in her interviews.
  • Ggss36
    Talk About a Conversation Starter👏
    Love love loooove this podcast! I savor every episode because each one is packed with such thought-provoking, informative, REAL conversations! Shan Boodram is all around inspirational and really knows how to pick ‘em—both the topics and the guests bring every episode together in a way that leaves me with so much more knowledge, humor, and insight than I went in with. Five stars! Love it!
  • isabelliu96
    Always so vulnerable and open to learn more about the other person
    The podcast that have difficult conversation s and welcomes curiosity.
  • Michy Dura
    Everyone should be listening to this
    This is straight up one of my favorite podcasts ever. I am constantly sharing what I learn with friends and sexual partners. It has reaffirmed and redefined my passion for sex ed. I can always take something away from an episode even if I don’t initially think it’ll be relevant to me. I am so grateful for Shan’s openness and vulnerability because it’s a great model for the type of educator I want to be. I’m getting emotional writing this, so that should you how amazing this podcast is.
  • Rissa52
    Everything we have needed since her book The Game Of Desire
    Queeeeeen of sexology. Everything we need to know as modern sexual beings. We all know this is going to be a winner. Her husbands podcast enjoy the podcast is also 🔥.
  • karlyyy_c
    Chef’s Kiss 👩🏻‍🍳💋
    As a long-time Lovers and Friends listener and voracious consumer of absolutely ANYTHING Shan creates or touches, I am hella late to the reviewing game. Sorry, girl. This podcast is never anything short of insightful and thoughtful. Lovers and Friends truly embodies the profound curiosity and receptiveness with which I hope to infuse my own relationships, interactions, and general approach to life and learning. As a lesbian, a lot of these conversations, at face-value, would not appear to be super pertinent. However, every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 episode 👏🏼 offers a pearl (or several) of wisdom and leaves me feeling inspired and craving to dive deeper. Thank you so much for the soulful work you’re doing. I hope you know that your fans peep the attention to detail and care that you pour into your content. With gratitude, I wish you and yours continued health and abundance. 💚
  • Kimiko Sade
    I love how real and raw the podcast is. Ppl really come on and are vulnerable and open up about their stories and experiences.
  • Ms. Carroll
    When folks know what they speak, listen
    Not the kind of person who leaves comments but it must be said…the consistency of honest vulnerable conversation must be praised. Thank you for representing what Alice Walker called a Womanist
  • Laurenmarie165
    One of my favorite podcasts to date!
    When I say this has been one of my favorite podcasts since I started listening to podcasts this last year (yes I know I’m behind the trend 😂) I seriously mean it. Every single one of Shans episodes shows and teaches me something new. Her views and knowledge around relationships and the world in general is one I admire greatly. I recommend this podcast to literally everyone!
  • _QueenRai_
    Honesty/ Realness/Vulnerability
    There are many real life scenarios that Shan addresses in these episodes with her many guest gives me hope. Gives me comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one dealing, addressing, adapting, changing & doing my best to navigate this life and the issues/challenges that come about. Also gives me perspective & new lenses to look through as I figure out what works for me! Besides that there’s lots of good insight, jokes, and good convo!
  • krcola
    Super interesting
    I love how thoughtful Shan is, the topics are super interesting and make me reflect on my own feelings. I was sucked in by the snippets she was posting on instagram and now i can’t miss an episode!
  • shesgrowing
    Thank you
    I recently had pregnancy discovery with my partner and hearing you talk about love, children and sex they way you do with guests, your own husband and family really resinates me and has given me a real relatable perspective in growing into my adulthood. Thank you for being vulnerable, thank you for caring about these topics so deeply that you’re able to put your own experiences out on the forefront so that others can relate and open their eyes and really understand that we’re not alone. Keep up the great work!
  • cammakia
    Love this podcast
    Thank you for this gift of a podcast. I don’t miss a week and it always opens up such great conversations between my husband and I (we also have two small kiddos less than 2 years apart). Such a blessing to hear another couples honest thoughts and convos.
  • wgdidhfbfv
    Great episode!
    It was great to hear a man say he’s changed for the better and understand the true value of our bodies.
  • oneandonlyturq
    Grown up Convo
    I love this Podcast. It’s for the grown folks‼️ Each week my mind is stimulated in a way I haven’t found on other platforms. I feel like I can relate and I’m always learning something. It’s fun, spicy lol and educational! I’m a big fan‼️❤️ Keep shining Shan 😘
  • Nadia Centalva
    my favorite podcast, love the format
    love the format of this podcast! It's organized and it helps me organize a lot of perspectives into one idea. Keep up the good work
  • D.Mitch
    What transparency
    This is such a great podcast! I am constantly amazed by the host and her husband as well as the guest’s honesty in their conversations. So refreshing.
  • SKeaton
    Such great topics!
    Seriously this is my favorite podcast. I soooo look forward to new episode every week! Every time I think there can’t be a more relatable topic Shan drops a new episode and I’m like OmG this is the topic I need to hear. She is just so thoughtful in her questions and delivery. The topics and guests are so relatable and it’s such an ease to listen to! Love it!
  • jdfrmatl
    Love it!
    I just listened to an episode where Shan interviewed her husband and they talked about their relationship with 2 kids under 2. Whewwwww. I felt all of that. It’s good to hear other women’s experiences and know your not the only one. Great podcast!
  • JonyAl
    It’s the Growth for me!
    Shan has been an imperative resource for me as I have explored my sexual identity. I love that she provides a male opinion on topics, making it easier for my husband and I to explore these topics together. Seeing Shan go through her personal journey has been a pleasure as someone who is picturing how their future family may look.
  • FerrellK
    Thoroughly amazing
    Love Shan and all the Episodes , sooo much Depth, and real conversations, I love the differences in perspectives that this podcast/episode brings
  • @jessicajoycem
    The Best
    I appreciate this podcast a lot!
  • Perlzzz.G
    Shan Boodram is my favorite sexologist ! I enjoy her books, her YT and now her podcast ♥️
  • Meeeeeeeeeeeeuu
    Comment section below :) from Nina Parker episode
    This chapter of my Rom Com is “In and Out” because frequently I’m removing myself from the dating pool, missing the pool and as I’m swimming miss my solitude/focus. 🥴
  • jazzieice
    Been a fan for YEARS💕
    Shan you are the best! I have listened to your content for years and I have always admired your honesty, transparency and vulnerability. Thank you for modeling what healthy communication in a healthy relationship looks like. #Goals
  • mae503
    So real and relatable
    If you’re like me you’re going to learn, laugh, cry and crave more! I’ve binged all the episodes and loved each and every one. Best podcast by far!
  • ebwaller
    Vulnerable, relatable, honest
    The consistent vulnerability and curiosity from Shan, Jared, and each guest is so beautifully refreshing. Shan guides each conversation masterfully and her honesty and openness make this feel like a safe space for guests and listeners. Love this podcast!!
  • Melz1010
    Love love love
    You have one of thee most authentic podcasts . I love it so much, it’s definitely my favorite! Blessings to you and your family! I will deff share your podcast and continue to listen!
  • attentive listener 001
    beautiful love
    I love listening to this and seeing how much Shan has grown as an individual, wife, and now mother of 2. I’ve been following you since Those Girls Are Wild. Thank you for giving us this special glimpse into your beautiful love. And shout out to the cameo from the baby!
  • Daril-Walki
    Honest and mature
    I enjoy that I can hear mature, honest, and enlightening conversations by so many people on the topics of love and sex. Shan has a way of facilitating such conversations and I totally enjoy when her life partner Jared does a cameo too!
  • Scorp11777
    Always somehow relatable
    Love this podcast! I’m 45 years old and every episode seems relatable to me, whether it’s something I remember experiencing in my 20s or something I’m working on presently. Thank you Shan for sharing your gift!
  • Inmyjeanettics
    I soooo appreciate the episodes where u and Jared come together and express where you’re both at and how you then demonstrate how you go about addressing those thoughts and desires for eachother. It’s super helpful and inspiring to witness healthy communication.
  • C Christi D
    You got this Shan!
    Love your podcast. So smart, clever, and vulnerability! Your openness about your family and relationships, so inspiring. You are so good with interviews, non judgemental and able to get people to express so openly about topics that make the audience think about our own life and relationships. Thank you! Would love to hear more on your thoughts/ interviews about religion and how it impacts us.
  • wittynit
    Am concerned…after kids with Jared
    OMG!!! I honestly was scared to listen to this episode because I am a fan of Shan and Jared and thought it would lead in heartbreaking news! You two are inspirational to me that my desired partner is out there and I will meet them within timing. I love the relationship that you to share and communicate the way y’all do!! So glad you two shared this conversation with us! Every episode is giving me informative advice on love and life. Every episode is an ahhhh moment for me. Also I low key wish I could baby sit for y’all just to give y’all that time lol. Your forever listener/ future interview guest!!!
  • D M Mora
    Just love love love
    Finally taking the time to review this amazing podcast!!! I’ve been following Shannon and learning from her amazing work since my high school days. She’s been vital to my sex education experience. It’s so amazing to hear her evolve and shift conversations around love and sex over the years, and this podcast has been the cherry on top of all of the amazing work she’s done. Thank you Shan for giving us your best always, for always keeping it real and interesting, and for giving many of us the power to be able to take control over our own sex and love lives. You’re amazing ❤️
  • mayyberrry
    Real honesty
    The honesty that is brought to really difficult topics in the podcast is inspiring. It really challenges you to put your own life/relationship under a microscope and not be afraid to ask the tough questions
  • :-/ meh
    Shan and Jared after Kids
    I love this podcast and I always tune in. This specific episode was so raw and so real. I am single without kids and it def gave me a lot to think about in all the best ways. This is also the first time I really “saw” Jared. I’ve always “saw” Shan but this episode helped me to catch a glimpse of y’all as a unit and really hold space for what y’all have. I would love to hear about what an open relationship for y’all looks like and how often you both step out of the relationship to be with other lovers. After hearing this episode I just can’t believe that you both don’t exist on your own planet with only your kids. There was so much love during this episode. It was so beautiful.
  • mnrthssfv
    My first rate and review
    I’ve been listening to Lovers and Friends consistently since August, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites! Shan approaches topics in a way that speaks to the educator in me, as well as my black womanhood. She is careful but raw, she’s considerate, but also facilitates conversations that require her guests and encourage her audience to dig deeper. I love how honest and relevant the topics are; but more than that, I love the format and care that goes into putting out quality content that doesn’t just create a mess, but comes with a message. So glad to have found this podcast.
  • Jennae86
    Favorite podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts I look forward to every week. Shan just happens to talk about all the topics that be on my mind 🤔. Then when I found out we share the same birthday April 2, I was like no wonder. But keep up the great work I am a forever fan !! ❤️
  • Jeliyah C.
    An unbiased, non-judgemental host, and I love it 🫶🏽
    This podcast is incredible. Shan is such a level headed host and speaks from a view that appears unbiased and raw. I love that about her and about her responses in these episodes. I look forward to hearing more ❤️
  • Neva.hol
    I’m Concerned About Our Love Life After Kids
    This was a great episode Shan! I don’t have kids but every episode discussing sex, pregnancy, family, I learn so much from you and Jared and spend time thinking about my expectations for family in the future. I’m curious to know if there’s been changes in your idea/habits surrounding your open relationship. Being that you have two small kids and find it difficult to make time for yourselves, has your stance on the openness of your relationship changed for the time being? Have your attitudes changed about making time (via flirting/dating) for others since it’s a bit harder now to have time for yourselves as a couple? Love you guys ❤️
  • Ne33a
    No really and honestly, I loved the last episode
    While I’ll love to use the automatic typo, this week episode was so special to hear. Beautiful and honest dialogue to listen to. I’m a bonus mom, that may result in an eye roll for some, however I’ve been in my sons life since in was in his beautiful mother’s womb so I can relate to some of this conversation but not all. However, this conversation is one I will be revisiting again because there were so much gems in this. 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
  • meagggsfromcincy
    Convo with Sincere
    I just heard the convo with Sincere Show. I really enjoyed hearing him talk and how POV. Not a typical conversation or format for your show but I loved this dialogue a ton.
  • jadeakissontheonesandtwos
    Thought provoking and insightful
    I really appreciate the topics, the insightful way in which Shan asks questions and the openness of guests. I have thought differently about matters related to relationships and I always appreciate different perspectives that provoke thought. Thank you for the work that you are doing to help folks on their journey towards healing and wholeness!
  • Anatalie11
    Episode 45
    I’ve been working my way through these episodes over the last month or so, and this Sincere dude definitely accomplished your goal of continuing the conversation. I had. To take. A break. Thank you for saying what needed to be said. Thank you for remaining an advocate while remaining calm and productive. This entire podcast is really a nice convo starter for me and my partner, but this episode made me angry and then relieved. 🥰 just yes.
  • Ak on the Pod
    My favorite podcast
    I love this podcast. I look forward to each episode. Every episode has given me a perspective, intrigued me and just warmed my heart. Love from Ethiopia.
  • ggm323
    Recently stumbled across Shan and cannot be more thankful. Love all the topics so relatable and eye opening. Shans ability to help us understand different perspectives is just what we all need.
  • Treflip1582
    We need this kind of transparency
    The level of transparency I get to hear on this podcast is so refreshing. Instead of Shannon, Jared, and guests saying what we think we want to hear or what sounds nice, we get to hear more of the raw, uncut truth. I full heartedly appreciate both Jared and Shannon’s honesty with each other, even if it sounds hurtful or insensitive. That type of honesty is needed for real conversations that will lead to real solutions. These topics and level of transparency will definitely help me navigate my future marriage.
  • veeteegee
    Proud to learn from Shan
    Every week, Shan provides new conversations to help me think about relationships, both the one I have with myself and with loved ones, from a variety of thoughtful, sometimes funny, and reflective perspectives. The latter is my favorite part because you can tell the guests on this show are coming to this show intentionally *and* I often see parts of myself—past, present, and future—reflected in them. It’s a gift to bring that out of people as a few guests have mentioned and I’m so proud to see Shan grow in this arena so much in such a short time. While I don’t always listen as soon as an episode is released, I’ve enjoyed several binge sessions and have yet to miss an episode thus far. (Just finished a binge before writing this review!) Thank you to Shan and the whole L&F team, new and old, for your work on this podcast. It doesn’t go unseen and is deeply appreciated.
  • Jailene (:
    I love this podcast 💛
    Shan is so knowledgeable & this podcast is downright interesting. I leave each episode with at least a nugget of information & a new perspective to share with my partner and friends, like let’s talk about it! Everyone needs to hear it, and have those (sometimes uncomfortable) conversations. The Mr. & Mrs. Kev on Stage is one of my new favorites. I had to come by & tell you to listen! I’m super excited for Jessie Reyes’ episode!
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