Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night


Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall investigate a series of mysterious deaths in the seaside town of Burns, Alaska, following the arrival of a strange newcomer - a loner by the name Logan.

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  • Jerbear111
    Love it!
    Great show with awesome production and storyline
  • dannylovesmagic
    Absolutely love this storyline, I was hooked after the first episode. They should definitely make more shows likes this.
  • Patrick2081
    Great mystery storyline with plot twist galore! For new and old marvel fans. A great delight for a campfire evening.
  • washdv500
    This is the best Marvel podcast by far. Amazing plot, great acting, true to the dark nature of Wolverine. Had me on the edge of my seat as it approached the end. Well done.
  • #95 Beast Jones!
    Logan is awesome
    I heard about this podcast from myths and legends. This podcast is awesome!
  • PeeWeeCG
    Wonderful Audio work!
    It’s a great quick story would happily listen to as many installments as Richard Armitage and co will do!
  • FlyersNfillies
    So awesome!
    What an awesome story! Give us more!
  • Coach Pritch
    Do I call you Logan, Weapon X?!
    So happy I stumbled upon this podcast. Was looking for something outside the learning sphere. Great Wolverine story that you don’t need to be a comics reader to enjoy. While it would certainly help to be familiar with Wolverine/X-Men mythology, it’s certainly not required. The voice talents were also excellent, led by the legendary Richard Armitage (Castlevania and many others). Definitely worth the listen!
  • just call me mic
    The Best Wolverine Story
    Great story, great characters especially for a marvel story like this
  • Reaper Rat
    Wow, this is great!
    Perfect performances, perfect storyline. It was my first Marvel audio drama and I don’t want to listen to any non-Marvel podcasts now because I just want the Marvel ones!
  • August 2025
    Great story !
    This was a perfect Wolverine story. The story is beyond great and amazing.
  • Sleep489415
    Amazing storytelling, incredible acting, solid pod
    Can’t say enough about how good this is. I neeeed more Armitage as Logan. Straight into my veins please.
  • was a badger
    I have been looking for a good podcast I find one
  • Nyknicker
    Podcast that is way better than audiobook
    I would love to hear more of these stories told for any marvel characters. The production team does an amazing job in storytelling and the sound for everything really engage you the listener to take a trip to Alaska. To see what the truth is like and all the voices make this a great starting into all the other marvel podcasts.
  • colombianflip
    It was so good and you can tell by every sound and whistle that the podcast was very welled made and hard work was put into it. Is there anymore?
  • maggie_lc
    Exceptional even for non-Marvel fans
    This unfolds like a top notch detective story. Everything is amazing - scene setting, characters, sound production, mystery, story. It’s so strange bc it doesn’t feel like a Marvel story at all. It grounds the whole mutant backdrop in realism. Just amazing, top tier entertainment. 10/10
  • ✨Vibes Man✨
    Great podcast, feels like drinking a liquid Marvel movie. So happy to find more X men/Wolverine stuff.
  • Theonewhoknocks44
    Great story
    Love the twist!
  • FoomDoo
    So good
    I love this it’s amazing kept me guessing the until the end
  • jonFrias
    I’m so excited to listen to this second season! This has to be the best comic podcast made so far! Amazing sound, and it can really take the listeners into that world!
  • crisfantom
    Wolverine Origins Sucked Man Taint!!
    I gotta say, it’s always so frustrating to see really dope ideas get wasted on podcasts and comics when the big budget filmmakers completely ignore these writers and get, an embarrassingly under thought cosplay gambit and an even worse story line. This pod is exactly what I needed to see on screen. The wolverine origins video game even got it right!
  • Cook, S
    I thoroughly enjoyed the story telling and artist display of writing
  • Detfan91
    One of my favorite podcast. Great production, acting and story telling.
    Superb Marvel drama
    Superb audio podcast that makes excellent use of the Marvel property, along with a fantastic vocal cast. The standout is Richard Armitage as Wolverine (who frankly would make a great one in live-action), bringing a perfectly gruff demeanor to the character. The show runners deliver a fun mystery, wisely keeping Logan/Wolverine at a distance as the FBI agents investigate the mystery of his appearance in Burns, Alaska, creating a nice mystery. Overall, a great listen.
  • Joih3000
    Awesome story!
    I was into the story the whole time. Great voice acting. My first audio story podcast!
  • Autononomous
    Really Enjoyed it
    The actors were great and the story was excellent up until the end. I felt like the ending was a bit to anticlimactic. Over all a top notch podcast and I am very excited to start season 2.
  • ChessMasterCoc
    Holy cow !
    Very impressed!!!
  • Bad2thegnome
    Great for Wolverine fans
    Fantastic story with detective vibes. Loved every minute of it. Looking forward to season 2!
  • SpencerMorris
    X Files meets Wolverine
    I got X Files vibes. So good.
  • Esme Katzen
    Blew me Away!
    The quality of this podcast was world class. The efforts, acting, editing, holographic sound scapes, narrative story telling, and everything was cinematic. It was like I was watching a dramatic film. Congratulations to everyone involved, you should be proud of what you put out into the world. I look forward to listening to more of Wolverine’s story. There is a lot to tell!
  • blueninja57
    Amazing Podcast!!
    But… When the bartender lady was telling one of the detectives about Logan and the fight he had with the other men in the bar, she had mentioned that the sherif was there I believe it was, and that the sherif, in order to calm Logan down or stop him from beating on the guys, he shot Logan with a bear tranquilizer dart and Logan went out cold, but that actually would of had no effect on Logan because of his healing factor. Like in X-Men first class. The same when the detectives were listening to a voicemail of Logan’s and had said he was drunk but it’s practically impossible for Logan get drunk. But other than that AMAZING PODCAST
  • Elthesensai
    More please!
    Great acting, great show. Where’s season 3?
  • Chris Penn (Sterns)
    Hope they make more Marvel pods like this now (Disney)
    Definitely worth a listen for any X-Men /Wolverine fans.
  • Ecandz
    Incredible performance
    Love this story. Twists and turns. Easy to listen. Although I was glad to be reminded no animals were harmed because some of the sound effects are well , five star effective!
  • MusicIsMeKiaa
    This has kept me so intrigued!! I love it
  • Nedu87
    This is 🔥🔥🔥
    I’m a huge fan of the wolverine. Excited to hear different stories and perspectives in this marvel universe. Its like a mystery novel with characters we all grew up reading comic books about! Great voice acting too!
  • Fabeld
    Just wow
    Absolutely amazing podcast/show. Has a great story, and even greater editing. It almost feels like something from Pixar except in audio form. Amazing job keep it up, I’m not sure what this style podcast ( has voice acted story with full sounds and stuff ) is called, but the more the better it’s crazy good.
  • Go bots
    Absolutely perfect horror story for the camper night
    Completely loved this story. Listened to the whole thing one night in the woods in a camper. It was easy to fall in to the story and with the sharp crisp in the air, I know this is going to a winter tradition from now on.
  • T.finley
    So chronic!!
    I’m a Wolverine fan from the 80’s and 90’s. This classic Wolverine storyline was amazing. You guys keep it up please. This podcast is 🔥🔥
  • Jaewoww from IG
    I want more!
    Love love love!
  • Eli the Kidd
    Amazing story.
    Every episode has you on edge and you never know what to expect!
  • Rick Staggs
    Keep Them Coming!
    A great listen just like the others. Keep it up!
  • am i me?
    Amazing Wolverine Show
    The show is really good in story and fleshed out characters. The sound design and noises are GREAT. This kept me up during studies for my SAT’S
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