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Based on a popular Reddit thread, The Burned Photo is a new suspense-filled thriller that tells the story of Felicia and Kira, two women, whose lives become intertwined when they discover they are being terrorized by the same multi-generational curse that is determined to end their family lineages. QCODE+ subscribers will get early access before anyone else. Subscribe now to QCODE+ on Apple Podcasts.
Produced by QCODE and Vertigo Entertainment (IT, THE DEPARTED). Starring Charmaine Bingwa and Katherine McNamara. Created by Nicole Exposito. Written by Nicole Exposito, Jeremy Novick and Kwynn Perry. Directed by Jeremy Novick and Kwynn Perry. To learn more visit:

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  • Gage7617
    You don’t need the subscription!
    I swear some people are so stupid. You don’t need the subscription to listen. The subscription gets you early access to episodes and removes adds from episodes. Without the subscription you can still listen to every single episodes you just have to wait for them to release weekly. Learn to read. Also as always great content from Qcode!
  • toc500
    Me egg Exze1:
  • Sarai 💙
    This needs better reviews it simply a interesting thriller that keeps you wanting to finish it within a day
  • Hailyjo
    Stop with the complaining
    People giving this a one star because they don’t want to pay need to pay more attention. It’s a weekly podcast and only requires a subscription if you want to hear in advance. Stop giving these amazing podcast poor rating for your ignorance
  • The_Franquiz
    Excellent content
    Very engaging. Unfortunately it requires a subscription pass the 3rd episode. Americans need to understand that not everyone has access to Credit cards for international purchases and/or can afford the aforementioned subscription. Oh well.
  • davidthehater
    Highly suggest if you’re looking for something scary and immersive
  • internets
    Strong, intriguing except for …
    Good news: Stellar cast, Kristin McNamara hits it out of the part, faithful to the source material (beyond imaginative and satisfying), incredible writing, kick ash soundscapes Bad news: The voice of Felicia, the main character, sounds slurred, muffled, like she’s drunk and spitting into the microphone, with a drooling speech impediment. It’s driving me bonkers. The Australian actor can’t pull off an American accent. The character Felicia is multi ethnic and multi racial - An African, White Southern, Cuban Jersey girl living in LA. I don’t know what that accent should sound like. Clear, generic American would do. Overall, I’m enjoying the show. I took a star off for miscasting Felicia’s voice (because it’s that annoying).
  • Dannie Review This
    Okay…I subscribed!
    First two episodes have me hooked! So good and creepy! I decided to subscribe to your podcast.
  • HaterSupreme
    Instant Classic
    3 episodes in and loving this show.
  • Tammy86323
    Sooooo Good!
    When I tell you this is good…..IT’S FREAKING GOOD! This is so binge worthy. Ready for more!
  • podcaster on the go
    extremely hyped
    i read this series on reddit way back in the day….the writing itself was so chilling, with a tragic story at its core. i’m so excited to be able to listen to this as a podcast! the voice acting and sound design is so crisp so far 👌
  • Ali the Podcast Lover
    Well written and produced
    I’m not sure why the negative remarks are so negative. I think the show is very well done and well written. It’s giving me goosebumps a number of times already.
  • AmaMars
    Really a great concept (from Reddit)
    I’m into this! The concept is very compelling. I have to be patient since I don’t have a subscription but I am willing to wait. Very good story.
  • adele57
    We should be able to pay in tiers not lopped with a price you have to pay
    Not aging for a subscription not worth it
  • A-TON402
    Captivating Podcast
    Good podcast that keeps your attention and leaves you with wanting more. People complaining about you need a subscription are wrong. It’s like every other weekly podcast, wait till the following Thursday for the next episode. Can’t wait for episode 3!
  • Abuimane
    Creepy chillin
    Me too
  • Vic2224568
    Qcode is always garbage
    Not worth a subscription for great audio quality with a lackluster story/ending
  • matthew zimmer 33
    Ok I’ve never written a review in my life and have listen tons of true crime and mystery podcast and this one blow my mind. Unbelievable and so well done! Congrats and do more!
  • Snacks Fam
    So good!
    😱 chilling and awesome so far
  • baegrae
    Spooky & Spicy
    Haunting and mysterious! I love some good ol’ family curses! The plot is complex and has you on the edge of your seat wanting to know more. Subscription or not I can’t wait for the next episodes to come out to find out more!!!
  • Nick McNulty
    Painful dialogue
    Why can't anyone pronounce "Ibañez" correctly?
  • SaraConklin
    Okay okay, I too hate subscription requirements. But, I had a long road trip and I caved and signed up. So, I’ll give an honest review if I thought the subscription was worth it….holy heck yeah. This podcast is really well done and has quickly become a favorite.
  • MakeScottishAccentsGreatAgain
    God forbid people have to actually pay for things
    Excellent podcast. Pay or don’t.
  • CraftChelsea
    I don’t mind paying for it
    I listened to the first episode for free and I’m not gonna lie, it hooked me so well I honestly don’t mind paying the $2.99 subscription to listen to the rest of it. They’re really well produced and the story has me so invested.
  • ajeniecef
    Subscriptions are ridiculous
    STOP making listeners pay for subscriptions. Completely defeats the purpose of public radio.
  • Kolt Drews
    Unnecessary political hate
    “Ronald Reagan unfortunately” Obviously written by someone that never experienced the Reagan presidency and comeback of our nation in the world stage. Especially after what Carter did to it. Reagan was and is to this day the greatest president we’ve ever had. Qcode is just left wing propaganda. Unsubscribed.
  • C.A23
    Y’all, We Don’t Want to Subscribe
    These podcast companies putting out an episode, then expecting listeners to pay is absolute nonsense. Apple should move subscription listening to a different category. I know the point is to get people hooked and have them pay to keep listening, but it’s resulting in a lot of us just not listening to new stuff. No, I do not want to pay for access to content. I already listen to 11,000 ads for Hello Fresh, Betterhelp, Brook Linen, and Quip a week. That’s where y’all make your money. I’m not giving you anymore. Yes, your listeners really are as frustrated and entitled as we sound
  • M857109
    Maybe someday will listen to the rest
    Subscription model ruins a potentially good product. Perhaps we have all become spoiled 🤷🏿‍♂️
  • dukelovesjosh
    Cool but need a subscription to listen after ep 1 : /
    Hate subscription
  • CursedLover1x1x1
    Psychological Interests
    I honestly have always wondered what kind of podcasts and stories were ones that I’d be more interested in, and after being introduced to this through Distractible, I have fallen in love with this and can’t WAIT until the fourth episode is out! 😁 Psychological horror is a category of story telling that I really seem to enjoy. I guess it’s connected to my superstitious nature and sometimes dark and insane mindset. It’s always amazing to see the world through a whole new set of eyes and to hear everything as if you’re actually there. The ideas that people can come up with is just mind blowing! I hope to one day be involved in a Podcast myself, but, as much as I love thrilling tales that send shivers down my spine, it would be best if the one I joined were more family friendly. My ultimate goal for a career is to be entertainment for ALL ages. Not just individuals. Thank you for the work y’all have put into this! Much love and support to ya! ❤️🖤❤️
  • Mark Seymour
    Burned Photo
    Good quality podcast and super scary fun but Super disappointed that there was no resolution. Could have sworn I saw additional episodes when I started listening (or I wouldn’t have started). Where did they go? Bummer
  • Kashmoney99
    Pretty good retelling.
    I remember reading this on reddit as it was releasing and really enjoying it. Was surprised to see this podcast but was also surprised how good it was. The best part is the audio quality and sound design, also has great voice acting. If you don’t want to subscribe or wait you can just read the whole story on reddit.
  • Say Aaaaah
    Episode 1 is free…to continue you have to be a paid Subscriber
    The first episode was suspenseful and awesome! I clicked on the second episode, only to discover I need to subscribe to something called QCODE. I pay for Spotify, now I am supposed to pay AGAIN? What a burning crock of ….
  • Beeteezie
    So far so good! Easy to follow along as long as you’re paying attention
  • IMeerKatnip
    We’re alive, Tanis, & Wolf 359 are amazing podcasts with a lot of episodes and best of all they’re FREE! You want $3.00 for 2 more episodes? Yeah no thanks
  • MegoM22
    Really good!
    lots of suspense, interesting characters, thumbs up! Perfect length story that I can listen to on my way to & from work!
    That sound tho!!
    Left a 5 star review off the bat JUST BECAUSE of that amazing audio.
  • JJ_T2
    Very scary
    Really loving this so far!!!
  • JCGayosso
    I’m hooked
    Loved it the mystery and the ending of episode 3 making the mystery even bigger and darker. Can’t wait to see how it ends and curious to know if there will be a second part.
  • Some Day Writer
    Disappointing fan of QCODE
    I keep giving this review until something changes in the company. The problem with QCODE is that they do really good audio dramas but they inevitably they always leave cliffhangers and they always love to never do a second season. So listen to this new audio series with a warning because I can already tell by the first episode that this is going to be something really good to listen to especially for the Halloween season but if you want to never have this story fully completed then don’t bother. I still give it four out of five.
  • ktepper
    Exactly what I needed for Halloween season!!! This sounds amazing
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