The Beautiful Liar

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An unlikely super-hero origin story, The Beautiful Liar, is an original scripted series imagined by the band the X Ambassadors. When a blind teenager named Clementine (Rory Anne Dahl) suddenly loses her father, her world is completely upended — powers she didn’t know she had start to manifest and take the form of her secret friend, Shadow (Emily Hampshire, Schitt’s Creek). Moving to a new school, she struggles to hide her abilities from her friends - and band mates - as they fight to make the town a better place. Little does she know, her powers have triggered the attention of The Institute, a sinister organization who will stop at nothing to have her in their grasp.
This heartwarming coming of age story is a companion narrative podcast to the X Ambassadors’ new album of the same name, The Beautiful Liar. Brothers and bandmates Sam and Casey Harris, grew up listening to audio dramas together since Casey has been blind since birth. Besides music, it was the only form of entertainment that the two could enjoy together. With a deeply personal motivation, Sam set out to create something in this inclusive and immersive medium.
The Beautiful Liar premieres on 11/3 on Amazon Music ad-free with new episodes dropping every Wednesday. And, it will launch widely, wherever you get your podcasts, on 11/17.
Produced by QCODE in association with Interscope Films. Created by Sam Nelson Harris and Minnie Schedeen. Starring Sam Nelson Harris and Emily Hampshire. Written by Cailin Lowry and Minnie Schedeen. Directed by Stefanie Able Horowitz. To learn more visit:

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Recent Reviews
  • Woodstar1
    Another great
    Another great next gen story telling!!!
  • JJ_T2
    Love this show
    So Original !
  • bribriBritania
    So cool!
    Long time X Ambassadors fan and I love that they made a podcast to go with their new record, which I also love! Such a good story so far and it sounds incredible too!
  • hitandrun me
    I pay for subscription
    Can you phone on my Apple phone and for some reason I can’t get season two on any of my podcast app if you can please help that would be great I tried emailing you and I get nothing back so do I cancel my subscription to Q code because I really would like to hear season two or some of the stories thanks
  • Rubbanator
    WOW! This is so COOL!
    I’ve just listened to the first episode as it is the only one released out in “wild” so far and all I can say is I’m blown away, and wanting more, more, more. It has an intriguing premise and is so professionally put together that it deserves a listen by everyone reading this. KUDOS to everyone involved! Hitting subscribe now and telling all my friends!
  • SunshineKnight <3
    Cool :)
    It sounds interesting! I’m not sure how to access the episodes though.
  • Tbmeade
    So glad I am a subscriber
    I am a monthly subscriber but cannot access these episodes??? I have to go on Amazon? What? Canceling my subscription now…
  • ALeejelly
    Men writing women
    Love X Ambassadors, but I’m a little wary of a group of guys writing from the point of view of a teenage girl? Not saying that men and women can’t write from the point of view of a different gender, but why specify gender at all? It kills me when guys think they can write what women are thinking and it’s just the most cringey bull**** ever. Maybe it’ll be great, but I’m not particularly optimistic?
  • Snacks Fam
    Love this
    Can’t wait to listen, love the band and using this as an extension of their album!!
  • Karlato!!
    Best Collab Ever
    The X Ambassadors and QCODE?!? I can’t believe my eyes or ears but I’m so excited for this series.
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