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Charlie Cotton & Charlie Neff bring you the latest in entertainment news and pop culture with TMZ’s edgy, exclusive content. It’s everything you need to know about the stories everyone is talking about.

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  • Jridisannoyed
    Melanie, please stop yelling. It hurts the ears :/
  • nbvc75432$@&
    Charlie, you are not taking YOUR meds as you continue to suffer from Kanye like fantasies/delusions of control over women with the way you speak of Britney Spears. Possibly you are the one in need of a conservator… to get help not being such a scary, sexist, misogynistic dude straight out of the 1800’s. Watch out, they’ll come for you next Charlie! Put a smile on that pretty little face, and get ready for mouth checks😉
  • Annoyed Willis
    Bring back Charlie Cotton and rotating guest
    I liked it better before it was Charlie and Charlie. I preferred the random cohost. I also liked the “Almost news”
  • Bulverde Girl
    No to the newest host. Update
    Please reconsider- the newest host, Charlie, is annoying and drowns out Charlie Cotton. I think I will opt out and check back in a few weeks- hopefully, the powers that be will have realized their mistake and will go back to the old format of Charlie Cotton, who is a very good host, along with a different guest host each day. Update: It was SO refreshing today (5-20-24) NOT to hear Charlie Neff! Each day I tune in, and, when Charlie Neff is cohosting, I tune right back out and don’t even listen to the show. I am truly sorry Charlie Neff is not feeling well today, but the show works so much better with Charlie Cotton and revolving guest hosts! Please go back to your old format!
  • ltold
    No to the new host
    Please go back to the Charlie Cotton plus guest host format! I’ve really tried, but I can’t stand the valley girl act. It’s 2024- you can use a regular voice and intonation. Bring back “almost news”. I love history, but not on tmz from Valley Lady’s voice. I literally, physically cringe when I try to listen to this woman. It use to be a fun, frivolous listen- now it feels like I should be compensated for pain and suffering.
  • LaShane11
    Only need one Charlie and it's Cotton
    Let's just keep it to Charlie Cotton and random TMZ staff as Charlie isn't authentic like Charlie C
  • Designerloveryearmarried
    Ok I take it back
    In my first review I said that I didn’t like the new host but I didn’t give her a fair shot. This pair is growing on me. I still wish that there was more diversity though. Some voices of people of color would be appreciated.
  • Mae-Ronnie
    No more Neff!
    Please remove Charlie Neff! Her voice is completely intolerable. This was one of my favorite podcasts. Now I cannot listen anymore. Until she is gone, I will not listen anymore. Unsubscribe for me!
  • Shebafj
    No to the new host
    She constantly interrupts the other Charlie when he is talking. Especially when he doesn’t agree with her. Her voice is annoying too. It’s so rude to cut off someone mid conversation. Good God!
  • Susieq1982
    Girl Charlie’s Voice
    My god her voice makes me want to punch someone in the face. And both Charlie’s can stop talking about hip hop beefs and music….so cringy how they know nothing about the topic but act like they do.
  • Anony Fan
    Hate This Date in History
    Hate “this day in history.” Waste of my time. Please go back to our Charlie’s “Almost News” or anything current. Listen for news of TODAY. Don’t need a history lesson, thank you!
  • LolaCle216
    Nope nope nope
    Longtime listener here, but can’t stand the new host. Her voice is unbearable and unnecessary addition.
  • SuperDuperMick18
    The Two Charlies!
    Absolutely LOVE the Charlie’s as the new hosts!! Good to see the podcast getting some respect! I don’t listen if Charlie isn’t there or if wild is on. His voice is horrible and he’s too cringe. Keep it like this please!!!
  • ihateim
    How are TMZ host son uninformed
    My word….you guys are at the bottom Of the barrell. Not only are you guys uninformed on major topics but you all have the audacity to share you opinion on topics you know nothing about. What has happened to TMZ. The podcast has made me lose interest in the TMZ TV show.
  • D@da
    Please take away any mics from Melanie Miller
    Her voice is the equivalent of someone stepping on a cats tail. Do you realize people are listening to this on earbuds/headphones?? Your voice and laugh is offensive to ears.
  • sad123445894
    Please don’t call girls a treat. Major ick.
  • Em_Faye
    Mel’s the best!
    Love the pod and listen everyday! I love the different host popping in. Mel is great, and love her voice for a podcast. Not sure what these other ppl are talking about. Maybe bots from team Ye?!?! ❤️😂
  • LeeLizHen
    Melanie is so annoying
    I’m so glad Charlie challenges Melanie. She’s so ridiculous Melanie makes me want to kms
  • CloudsNSun
    No thanks
    Unfollowed today after hearing that the host thinks it’s okay to support a N*zi sympathizer because they like their music. No thank you.
  • 🌻TheMo
    singer SIA
    Sia has one of the greatest Christmas albums of all time and it’s full of originals. I highly encourage you guys to check it out. I love Sia and I love this pod cast . I listen to you guys daily . Keep up the wonderful work 🤍
  • grimmer59
    F off Harry, Meghan and Obie
    I am never listening to your show again . I see what ur all about TWISTING Piers’s words for your STUPID headline. YOU didn’t EVEN LISTEN to his whole spiel. You two are despicable humans. BTW wondering about how a child will look from a multiracial couple is fine every day. This is coming from an Asian married to a ginger. We dreaded that the baby would be ghostly pale. And why don’t you refer to a CNN article from July 7 2013 that wondered what color skin the Wales baby would be because half of its genes would be commoner. I repeat your podcast is garbage. UNFOLLOW!
  • ekkrotech
    I can’t with the Taylor fan girl
    I listen regularly, (loved Eunice!) and although I personally like T. Swift, I can’t deal with the girl who is always squealing about Taylor when she comes on. If she can’t talk about it without getting weird/loud/obnoxious then someone else needs to pull up to report about Taylor. An iota of professionalism would go a long way here.
  • Menstruating Female
    Good Celebrity Recap
    I enjoy listening to this show daily. I really enjoyed Eunice today, she gives a nice balance to Charlie who sometimes gives the celebs a hard time. They should do the show together daily!
  • Zinzoval
    Bring back Eunice, love her observations. You guys were right, she’s got something!
  • Wats619
    Gone downhill
    I used to love listening but very few of the rotating hosts have a very interesting commentary to offer.
  • sickofincompetence
    Stay in your Lane
    No one is listening to TMZ to hear Harvey Levin’s political commentary. NO ONE.
  • Hkghih
    Charlie is the best
    Ever since Charlie Cotton took over hosting, I now look forward to tmz podcast. He’s so funny and I love his personality makes the podcast so much better!
  • LadyGlitterSparkles1231
    Miss the old hosts
    No offense to Charlie Cotton but I feel like he is sort of like a substitute teacher who is following a lesson plan but doesn’t actually know anything about the classroom subject. He tries. And he means well. But he is so not the previous hosts who nailed every episode! I miss them! And I miss Harvey being on to give his take on hot topics!
  • WinchesterManda
    I feel like the main guy just rambles about things he has no clue about. Like on latest talking about Michael Oher saying he couldn’t be adopted because he was of age. No. That is not true. I have seen before gay marriage was legal the older one of the couple adopt the younger one so that when they passed away they would have legal rights. Co host always seems to be correcting him.
  • Eminem is da best 12345
    Love the content but stop talking over each other
    Please one at a time. His accent is very difficult for us to listen. Very annoying.
  • HereComesTheSunPlus
    Charlie and Melanie Great combo
    Love the show. Why is “you look skinny” a compliment?
  • Dwight1108
    I’m done!
    Although, I appreciate the commentary on the podcast, the comments made by the all white panel about the NFL and slavery, lands flat for me because there’s no person of color, particularly a black person participating. How is an all white panel of reporters going to tell me as a black man, how the NFL scouting combine related to slavery is wrong. I would strongly recommend adding a person of color to your podcast, so you can truly represent America. Until that happens, I’ll delete this podcast from my directory of shows.
  • Perkins.C
    Wrong host
    Charlie is a TMZ newsroom favorite. But he’s not ready to host the TMZ podcast. Almost daily he reminds us he’s not familiar with the topic his reporting on. He sounds like he’s uncomfortable reading the script. Thank goodness he has guests who actually can talk about the story, and give the TMZ feel while reporting. It is like the podcast is Harvey’s stepchild.
  • Iphone4peace
    Love this show. It’s my favorite podcast 🔥🔥🔥
  • yoga2574
    Fun Listen!
    I enjoy listening to this podcast, but Charlie needs to have a regular cohost(s) so they can get to know each other and have some genuine banter between the two.
  • ChopperAR13
    Needs subtitles
    With all the bad accents & Ebonics can barely understand the different hosts-Lauren is the worst(she sounds like a 3 year old with marbles in her mouth)but they cover topics that I could give 2 turds about,mostly reality tv garbage
  • Twocents2222
    Fun pod but need speaker training
    I’m a recent subscriber and look forward to the daily podcast. Most of the folks are fun to listen to and it even feels like you get to know them more than watching the TV show. My only critique is that some of the folks, mostly the young ladies, need to get formal speaking training (looking at you, Courtney and Loren). It would help them both on the podcast and show and would make them much more bearable to listen to IMO.
  • EJMmama
    Charlie is great but I was really sad that Jaime left. Why??? I loved her paired with one of the “three top lawyers at TMZ”. She was so much fun and the guys really seemed to enjoy bantering with her too. I wish her well with her next adventure but secretly hope she comes back to TMZ.
  • EveFonse
    My daily routine
    I have TMZ saved as favorite on my PC, I follow on Instagram and now listen to your podcas, just in case I miss something 😊. Love that you guys cover every topic and that everyone has their own opinion. Keep up the good job!👏👏
  • neenerbeaner11
    Not a trustworthy source
    All of the positive coverage of scandoval is a turn off for me. No thanks!
  • travel_junkie321
    Talk about trying to be woke. Softest guys I’ve ever listened to
  • Tahid215
    I at times feel as if you’re on the take with some of the opinions you talk of.
  • Theresa Hinson
    I love Harvey! Courtney kills me and sometimes I just want to smack Fabian. And I would never miss an episode!!!!
  • PatInSac
    I look forward to this podcast on a daily basis! It and all of you are terrific! Thank you, thank you!
  • blaireliza
    More Harry and Meghan Slander
    I gave them the benefit of the doubt but rolled my eyes and stopped listening to this when they had their facts all wrong about Harry and Meghan and sounded like talking heads for the British media. Nevermind how awful they’ve been treated, especially Meghan. More info coming to the surface has been proving their point and this is getting ridiculous.
  • KBrown1394
    It’s a private company on repeat is so annoying
    Let’s highlight that Elon was raised during apartheid and his recent antics after acquiring a company reflects an oppressive approach and significantly and negatively impacts the lives of many employed there. Can he do what he wants…yep…we don’t need to hear that on a broken record. And it should not be highlighted as entertainment. There are responsible and compassionate ways to make changes and the public is certainly free to live their opinion. The language used to communicate with his employees is abusive, oppressive, and disrespectful. And yes , he can built rockets.
  • follow me on insta Tigirl1307
    Great show
    One of my favorite podcasts !!!
  • ADominici13529
    Literal garbage
    Two old men tell you what to think/feel about politics and Hollywood
  • georgegeorgegalss
    Please please stop sniffing. Had to unsubscribe
  • Heavenbound2089
    Double standard. Do you hear yourselves?
    So Kanye can’t have an argument with another parent at a soccer game (which I witness consistently at sporting events) but it’s acceptable “Dad” behavior for Tristan to run around boinking every woman he is remotely attracted to, abandoning ship for months at a time, and being a downright deceitful shady boots of a human. Y’all gonna stick with that. Really? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
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