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Andrew Marchand, senior sports media columnist for the New York Post and John Ourand, a writer at Sports Business Journal have teamed up for a new weekly podcast about sports media. They will cover and discuss the business beyond the buzzer: the hottest headlines, best/worst of the week, network deals, ratings, trends - everything you need to know inside sports media, with the most informed guys in sports media, brought to you by New York Post and Sports Business Journal.  

New episodes every Wednesday.

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  • hkjgfjkjdf
    Oriole Bird
    I would like to request an entire podcast devoted to why the Orioles mascot is the best in sports
  • lancri
    My Wednesday Ritual
    Great Listen
  • bigbenelli
    Best of sports
    Both people are best in sports business More Orioles
  • Btown4201
    Love it…and don’t shy away from John’s O’s fandom!
    Great insight on a fascinating and rapidly changing sports media landscape. And as a fellow long-suffering O’s fan, it’s great to hear John give them love. 😀
  • srhasting1
    If you are a sports fan and want to understand the business behind sports and media - this is your one stop. Insightful, funny and great guests.
  • Charlie Margulies
    Love the Podcast!
    Couldn’t figure out where the rating button was for the longest time but found it! Huge fan of the podcast and everything you guys write! Thank you for all of the interesting and engaging content!!
  • JimF75029
    Excellent Podcast
    I really have enjoyed this podcast since I learned of it about six months ago. The two hosts provide information and insight not easily found elsewhere. If you have an interest in sports media, this is a “must listen to” podcast.
  • Chuck Beck33
    Enough with the PAC 12!
    This show used to be a great listen, but lately they have spent so much time on the media rights for the PAC-12 and between that and their weekly talk about getting free promo items from the networks it’s just too much. Wait until they have a show with guests and it gets a little better. (And at least they got rid of the Chris Russo drop that used to always play.)
  • jroman1090
    Solid podcast but they’re shills for their sources
    The podcast has a great format, but these dudes are shills for their sources at these companies.
  • DocLouIowa
    Oh No Romo
    I am one who has muted Romo in the past. Ironically, I am watching the playoffs in Costa Rica where I spend a month. My cable was acting up and I had to watch it on the UK feed through Sky Sports. The picture was good but the sound was off. I am with Mad Dog. Enough of Romo, let the game breathe Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Loved the call of the day with Steve Blake mentioned. Luis, the irregardless guy,
  • dalehop
    Love Ourand, he and Marchand together make a good pair. Always learn something.
  • imabuki
    Vocaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhl Fry
    Andrew…..please either clear your thought or talk like a normal human. I find your podcast content okay but when you feel like you are making a good point, you go into vocal fry and it’s horrible. It’s worse than John’s lisp.
  • andrewjo127
    Weekly routine
    Love the pod, would think a great addition would be a quarterly town hall where you take questions from Twitter and discuss.
  • phillysportsbizfan
    Audio Mixing
    Love the pod, content and host dynamic is excellent. One of the premiere sports business podcasts. My only request is to please please please fix the audio mixing. Ads, intros, any media clips that are mixed in, etc. are almost always of a significantly higher volume than the hosts. I have to adjust my car volume constantly when listening to the pod. It’s super jarring when clips go between blasting your ears to too low to hear.
  • Thomas8366
    Always a good listen
    My title says it all Andrew and John are wired in to the sports media world . 5 star pod
  • manecci
    5 Star Pod
    My favorite podcast by far. Andrew and John are fantastic & provide in depth knowledge of the ever changing sports media podcast. My only quibble is that Andrew needs to stop saying “play by player” it’s “play by play” as in “Joe Davis is an up and coming play by play star in media” , “Al Michaels is the best play by play announcer of all time” STOP SAYING “PLAY BY PLAYER”
  • Salzy1954
    Dynamic Duo
    Both Andrew and John bring their own perspective and their great deal of knowledge to the pod. Great guests and like how down to earth they are. Keep being yourselves.
  • ABrizz
    Great Pod - Some Room for Improvement
    Enjoy the pod - plenty of information I don’t get anywhere else. However, it’s unfortunate that 1-year in, there still hasn’t been a woman interviewed for “the big get.” Hopefully they get a wider range of perspectives in year 2.
  • Elle 11234
    Best Sports Media Podcast Period
    Ourand and Marchand are titans of the sports media industry and bring it every week. A must listen for anyone in the sports industry.
  • Will ZA
    Not what it could be
    There is so much potential in this podcast to be a thought provoking, cutting edge deep-drive into the sports media business; one that blows Deitsch and Traina’s listless hot air tropes out of the water. It falls short of what it could be too often though. -The incessant drooling over Tom Brady (literally every show from this past winter), Stephen A, and Barkley can be nauseating. The talent space in this business is much bigger than a few names. Ourand does a better job of giving props to up and coming talent than Marchand. -Ourand and Marchand beat the same Apple and Amazon topic to death for at least 20 minutes every single week. It’s nauseating given they have not breached new ground on this debate since episode #2. It is boring and tiresome to listen to at this point. -Both hosts at times can show a blatant bias toward everything ESPN in order to protect their relationships with ESPN sources. Even in cases where ESPN falls short on contracts it desires or makes poor talent decisions are spun in such a way that paint everything ESPN does in a positive light, often going so far as nixing the organizations that end contracts with the operation (see SBJ article on “Will Big Ten regret leaving ESPN” from this week and Marchand praising how great ESPN losing the Big Ten is while trashing CBS for losing the SEC—a pure double standard). -“Big Get” guests can be extremely interesting to the show’s credit. I like the conversational style and they often elicit great information from guests (e.g. Perkins, Levy). -Ourand is the more intelligent of the two and should not be so nice/deferential to Marchand in order to improve the podcast. He often knows more than he lets on, but is reticent to show his partner up. Putting Marchand’s arrogance down would make for a more entertaining podcast at times.
  • eb + bear
    Top Sports Media Podcast
    This is clearly the top sports media podcast out there. Ourand and Marchand are always at the forefront of breaking sports media news, and they often know more about what’s going on with timelines and contracts than some of the talent they are reporting on. Nice work, boys!
  • Raj Fan
    David Hill Interview
    Love your show. Hill seems to be out of touch.
  • Mrnobody916
    Great listen
    Perfect podcast for anyone interested in sports media. Very smooth listen.
  • JK89Sports
    Great Listen
    For anyone in the sports media industry, this is a go-to podcast!
  • OnSidelines
    Must Listen
    The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast is a must listen for all sports media geeks like myself. They give you all the ins and outs as well as the ups and downs of all the players in the Sports Media Game! Wish they would have covered me when I hosted New York Radio’s only weekly high school sports show for 24 years. Love it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • IronWill67
    Great stuff
    Every week this a fun and informative listen. Its a ‘looking forward to’ podcast for me.
  • shami2723
    New listener !
    Love the MLS/ soccer news ! Keep it coming !!!
  • Mr Duncan 67
    Directionally Entertaining
    These guys to a great job of covering and digesting the current events involving sports media and sports business! I thoroughly enjoy their commentary no matter what direction the might be heading!
  • cch624
    Must Listen for the Sports fan
    This podcast really helps you understand how the sausage is made in sports media. Plus the occasional discussion of the Terps. Keep up the fine work.
  • sps1111
    An entertaining and informative listen every week
    Andrew & John are both well connected with sources across the sports media world so there’s lots of great behind the scenes info on what’s happening now and what’s coming soon. Who’s Up & Who’s Down are great insights into the people who create the deals impacting what we watch and hear while Call of the Week offers some great work from announcers you wouldn’t have the chance to hear. Above it all, the chemistry between John and Andrew is genuine and fun. I’d love to learn how Andrew knows more about who’s hiring whom than the companies and people involved, but I guess the mystery is what keeps us coming back each week. A great listen - well worth the time. I learn something every week.
  • SuperSam97
    Great podcast for coverage on sports media
    Great chemistry Good sense of humor and preparation It’s the only podcast to get the most info about the world of sports media If you like sports and are a nerd for sports media, this podcast will be your new friend! PS: Yes, I get Statler and Waldorf vibes with their debates!
  • JaredB93
    Great Look Into The World of Sports Media
    To have all the sports media news of the week rounded up into 45 min is great! Marchand always the pessimist and Ourand the optimist plays really well. Also love calls of the week!
  • I.B.Kaepernickn'
    Interesting and Entertaining
    Fun, Light Podcast that has just the right tone for this subject. I always enjoy the friendly bickering and honest critiques. Modern Day Statler and Waldorf of Sport Business Podcasting.
  • Mrizzo87
    One of my top 5 podcasts
    I love reading and listening about the inside of the sports media business and this podcast is in my top 5. Great work
  • SRubinroit
    Sports Media MUST LISTEN
    Nobody better than Andrew and John to break down what happened, why it happened and what’s going to happen in sports media
  • Hothgghhvvhjbvbh
    Very informative
    This podcast is a must listen to for anybody that is interested in sports media. Andrew and John have great chemistry and are the top reporters on their beat. Keep up the great work!
  • KP5797
    Good stuff boys…
    Super informative…well done
  • luckie1710
    Great Pod
    Great Pod. Love the info and the chemistry between john & Andrew
  • 80'sVillager
    Beast o’ Burden
    Handsome John Ourand tries to carry a balding Francesca wannabe Andrew Marchand. It is never easy.
  • Big Fan Stan
    ND Questions
    Love your pod! Some Notre Dame on NBC questions, with Tirico going to NFL. Who’s in line for the ND PBP gig, did Peacock ever release stream numbers for ND-Toledo gm, how does possibility of Big 10 on NBC impact ND’s value to NBC, with SEC leaving CBS would CBS have interest in ND on ND’s next TV deal?
  • Amber DFW_Girl
    Good Pod
    I love the pod with two great media sports reporters. Short pod with plenty of news & information. I am surprised that Andrew Marchand does not report anything from his best mate in Michael Kay.
  • Vanmorrissey
    Idiots squared
    Two pods back Marchand referred to the College Football Championship as the BCS! And not once but twice. True to podcasting , Ourand or even a producer for that matter, dare not stop the blabbering to correct him. Which leads me and others to believe, do you even hear what you’re saying? How can there be credibility with such a glaring error about a system that was done away with years ago? Get a clue.
  • Autumn2021$$
    Mr. mark
    This is very informative!
  • SAB133
    Juvenile assault on your hearing
    Changing rating because I guess they think it’s funny to blast sound effects at twice the volume of the rest of the pod. I guess it wasn’t a production mistake but intentional? Yeah, no thanks.
  • Robinson Florida TOPSoccer
    Great inside info and industry coverage
    Ourand has been a regular guest on other podcasts for years and always has compelling insider information. Glad the pod did not take a break for the holidays and enjoyed the predictions!
  • Clint In Gdansk, Poland
    Poor audio quality
    Good podcast but how hard is it to get better microphones and to have compressed audio levels?
  • queti m. porta
    A lesson
    I don’t know why they would comment on this but platforming false accusations about something that literally didn’t happen is a bad look. Did y’all short Penn stock or something? Next time know what comes out as your mouths to be true beforehand instead of trying to get more clicks.
  • 32Bcoach
    A joy to be around
    Really great mix of insider stuff and fan-facing commentary. Plus just a fun listen. Spectacular guests so far.
  • MGM06
    Awesome and insightful
    Definitely wants to learn more about post plus and sports biz journal
  • Pagosa Heaven
    Andrew please get a better microphone. You are very hard to understand if I’m driving or anything with some background noise. Great stuff!!
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