The Science of Change

Tech News #18

Behavior change is hard. Actively changing another person's behavior is even harder. But many companies have been able to crack that code. They're the companies who understand that people don't always — or maybe even rarely — act rationally.The Science of Change is a podcast that seeks to demystify how businesses apply the psychology of decision-making. Each episode, host Kristen Berman, behavioral scientist and co-founder of Irrational labs, interviews visionary product or organizational leaders to find out how they’ve leveraged data to learn about both their customers’ and their employees’ behavior — and how they’ve managed to change it. Those insights, along with some of the latest research in their fields, will help us get to the bottom of our core psychologies.So let's dig in and unlock the secrets behind The Science of Change.The Science of Change podcast is presented by SetSail. Act on the moments to lead to a sale. Visit us at ( or on LinkedIn to learn more about the world’s number one revenue execution platform.

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  • Diego B_
    Upbeat and insightful
    I’m a behavioral science enthusiast and an applied science behavior. I’m curious about the underlying psychology concept behind behavioral science insights but I need to connect them to practical situation to absorb the knowledge. There are lots of podcasts on behavioral science and this one is really promising. After only episode 2, I’m ready to call it my favorite. The guests bring a lot of credential and practical insight while the host pauses at relevant times to introduce underlying concepts. Not only is it interesting to listen to, it sparked ideas relevant to my own work. I usually prefer shorter podcasts but this one is worth every minute.
  • OneNoteTrier
    May just be the best
    May just be the best podcast on behavioral science. The narrator, Kristen Berman, is an expert. But more importantly she’s curious, and a very clear communicator. So the result is a very meaty discussion on the practical applications of behavioral science. I seek out and listen to a large number of podcasts on behavioral science. To date, this is the best I’ve heard.
  • Zillyzilly
    Practical and Delightful
    So excited to keep following this podcast. I was surprised by how it was both practical and fun to listen to. Kristen asks all the questions that I want to ask (or would like to think that I thought of asking). So great! A staple of my mornings now. Onwards!
  • Lake Town Jenny
    So great!
    I listen to a lot of science based podcasts and this one fits right into the best of them! Kristen makes fact based research feel conversational and attainable for the everyday podcast listener.
  • DoingIt!!
    Favorite new podcast
    Im a huge behavior change geek and this is def my new favorite podcast. Great host, great guests, super informative. Love!
  • ratsofNIMH
    Kristen Berman is fascinating and fun to listen to
    Great podcast with practical science!
  • CJC_55
    A must-listen show that explains how some products get us to change our behavior
    Kristen makes understanding behavior change at scale consumable. Well done. The production value is killer too. I would listen to this podcast if any of these roles apply to you: -Sales and innovation leaders using data and behavioral science to drive change. -Marketing and HR/Employee Engagement leaders using data and behavioral science to build/boost morale and productivity. -Product leaders using data and behavioral science in addition to AI to build better products.
  • JSwwwwwwaaaaan
    Love love love
    Fantastic conversations and fantastic host!
  • sschollum
    Awesome as usual!
    Kristen is a bad a$&. Looking forward to more podcasts.
  • Trent Bigelow
    Masterclass on designing UX for human beings
    Love how this series makes getting started with behavioral science fun, easy, and actionable. If you’re building a product where you want your customers to do (or get) something, give this a listen. The Peloton episode explains the ins and outs of why they’re so successful and you can be, too!
  • Sanymang
    Great first episode
    I just finished listening to the first episode of 'The Science of Change' podcast and it was a really a great listen on some of the product decisions 'Peloton' made for their very addicting product, and connecting those decisions to behavioral science
  • knowledgesponge895
    Wow. Very interesting
    Kristen Berman is full of personality and informative insights. Great interview. On the curve behavioral principles.
  • PAL32323
    If you build products, you need to listen to this
    In the weeds (in the best way possible) about how people building the most successful products design for human behavior. The guests are leaders from some really cool and successful companies, talking serious shop. The host is knowledgeable, funny, and breaks down the insights in the language of behavioral science.
  • SFtoNY123
    Great intro to applied behavioral science
    Original, useful, fun to listen to. The host is engaging and funny. Better than a lot of the dry behavioral science content out there. Would recommend!
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