Wicked Empire

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Using the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition game system, Dungeon Master Jared Logan crafts a stunning original adventure where no one meets in a tavern and everyone has a license to kill. Set on a remote tropical island full of exploding buildings, shattering glass, and gravity defying martial arts, Wicked Empire is a summer blockbuster of a D and D 5E campaign that makes a Michael Bay film look like a church service.

Starring Sydney Amanuel, Ross Bryant, Clare Grant and Noura Ibrahim, new episodes of Wicked Empire air every Monday night at 8PM EST on twitch.tv/theglasscannon.

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Recent Reviews
  • jarshoe
    Please Learn the Rules
    Story is solid. Cast is fantastic. But please learn the rules of the game. Through three episodes it is clear none of them know the basics of the game. They may have vast experience with RPGs, but it obviously isn’t with DND 5e.
  • Tauroo
    Amazing cast with a great GM I am so excited for this story it’s such a huge milestone for the glass cannon network and these cast members really bring it all to the table with their role playing and dnd knowledge. The main group has a real competition now.
  • Gerrigen
    This is NOT a podcast. It is the audio of a twitch “show”
    Bear in mind that this is a complimentary stream. The parent organization sponsoring this show is moving to twitch primarily, and the podcast is just “complimentary”. Meaning no description, heavy reliance on visuals that you can’t see, and lots of visual jokes. I wouldn’t listen to this if you are expecting a legitimate audio experience.
  • ds3272
    It’s a great cast with interesting characters set in a universe that feels fresh. Jared is an outstanding DM putting story first. I’m looking forward to listening to the adventure unfold.
  • Scotty Scottish
    The first is great and will only get better. Can’t wait to see where this story goes.
  • SakuraHarunoxX
    They did it again!!!
    I love these podcasts! Thank you so much for creating the GCP Network!!!
  • gdzornes
    More quality content from the GCN
    The folks at the GCN keep churning out quality content and this is no different. Great group of folks playing a fantastic RPG. Praise!
  • The_jokaswild
    Just That Good
    Enjoyed the first ep so much, the only thing that would have made it better would be to have found it 3-5yrs from now so I could binge the whole thing. A+ can’t wait for more.
  • Snapalicious32
    The GCN Strikes Back!
    One does not simply float into Temple Bay, one must gather a team of misfits, including but not limited to, a drunk cat, a demonic tinkerbell, a punchy human with a journal for a memory, and the whitest elf you know; forge an invitation on a sea dwarf’s (only one of species) tugboat, and purchase Black Rainbow airbrushed beach merchandise before arriving.
  • alwaysacleric
    Another great Glass Cannon Network show!
    As usual, the Glass Cannon Network delivers! I was immediately drawn into this story. The setting and characters are amazing and the roleplay just left me wanting more. The chemistry of the cast, the creativity of Jared the GM, and the story they’re building has me on the edge of my seat for the next episode. Give this show a try, you won’t regret it!
  • mikelbartosh
    Lots of fun
    Great cast and world building
  • TJSimpson10
    All-Star Cast Delivers Goods
    Hear ye, hear ye! The Glass Cannon Network has assembled a can’t-miss team! Feast your ears on these role-playing dynamos! D&D 5e for you and me! Only 2 coppers is a bargain (Oh, it’s free? Who’s gonna pay me, the town cryer, Tom Exposition? This isn’t a paid gig? Then I’m outta he-)?
  • RalphNader666
    New group makes a Great Show
    I didn’t know what to expect when I turned this on for the first time. I listen to the Glass Cannon and this was part of their new line up but it does not have any of the original cast members. I have had limited exposure to the actors on the show. I am extremely glad I gave it a listen! Everyone was funny with that dash of seriousness thrown in. The original story and world seem well thought out. If you like actual plays give this a listen you will not be disappointed.
  • Ryan "Ezra Algard" Burroughs
    Incredibly Fun!
    The show is setting such a great pace from Ep 1. Very excited for more! The voices of Ross Bryant and Sydney Emmanuel are blowing me away. Ross uses five dollar words I’ve never heard before and he is improving without missing a beat.
  • Ooo0989
    Glass cannon naish
    The minds behind the glass cannon podcast at their best! Sure it’s 5e, but we’ve all dabbled in things we shouldn’t have before! Just kidding! Great show guys, love the work you do, thanks!
  • Mischeivous 1
    Great Adventure!!
    Jared Logan is a pleasure as the DM. Noura, Sidney, Claire and Ross are delightful. This show features some of the best talent in the actual play universe. Get on over here and listen to a great adventure.
  • swashjak
    Fantastic Cast
    I’ve been a long time GCP listener and this show starts it great. The cast is amazing and Jared Logan behind the DM screen is always a blast.
  • lestatlecter
    Welcome to D&D
    I’m already a fan of the GCP network and what they put out, and when I saw the stream of this New Show and the D&D system, no words… so good. I look forward to the rest of this season and hope for more!!!
  • RImailman
    The Midas Touch
    That’s just how the Glass Cannon operates. Another product, another 5 stars!
  • StoicalZebra
    Great opening!
    This cast is great and the plot is really promising. Excited to see what the Glass Cannon network can do for DND5E.
  • Robbie 5000
    Jared is fantastic
    Really great stuff, inspiring for all DM/GMs out there
  • Manzi
    More GCN content please!
    The creators and players at the Glass Cannon Network always put out quality content and this is no exception. Can't wait to see what comes out of this foray into other casts and systems for the network as a whole in the future!
  • Whoeverthefack
    Great addition to the GCN!
    With a cast this outstanding it would be hard for me to not enjoy this, but after listening I’m so much more hype than I thought I would be to learn more about this world Jared has created and all of these wonderful characters in the coming months.
  • Midevil08
    Stunning cast and very Intriguing characters.
  • vhtcdthion
    Great addition to the GCP
    I love everything these folks due!
  • Hexxis
    Great start!
    First Episode and I’m hooked! Great DM, great cast and great story! Looking like The Glass Cannon Network may have another hit on their hands!
  • tingalls74
    Mind Blown
    This is gonna be a fun and crazy ride!! I’m so excited to find out what Jared’s mind has in store for everyone. The cast is unbelievable and their PC’s are great. I wonder how they’re all gonna get along.
  • Manicfreak88
    Wild ride
    Jared Logan as a DM makes a great introduction into this new series. Ross Bryant does a great job amping up the creeper vibes from his character.
  • savageslacker
    Great New Show!
    I’m not usually into D&D but these actors are amazing! They make it so fun for listening. Jared is an incredible game master and many of the others really need no introduction.
  • Middle name optional
    Another winner from the GCN
    This network can’t miss! Another excellent podcast from our friends at the Glass Cannon Network.
  • Roy Travalster
    The GCN hits another home run!
    Everything this network touches turns to gold! Wicked Empire is yet another great show on network that only churns out hits. And this is coming from someone who definitely didn’t create this network. Huzzah!
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