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Welcome to Open Late, a deep dive into all kinds of relationships. Let’s explore the multi-faceted, frequently misunderstood, dynamics of polyamory and being “open” even means.  Weekly on this podcast, you’ll hear about my personal journey with Opening Up, and uncovering the deep and intricate layers of our hearts as expressed in the ways we love others and ourselves.   If you’re interested in relationships as a container for growth and deeper knowing of your truest self you’re in the right place. If you’re interested in adding more spice and sexiness to your life you’re also in the right place. Each episode we’ll share candid real-life experiences (and or stories), knowledge and tools to support you in creating your own relationship magic. Open Late is for anyone who wants to explore with respect, curiosity, and deepen their self-awareness in order to create a conscious relationship whether you’re monogamous, ish, poly or dating everyone.

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  • MarkWS11
    Wow! Honest and incredibly informative.
    Jess is a gem. She has the courage to give a no holds barred account of her ethical non-monogamy journey in a tasteful, honest and illustrative way. She talks in great detail about what most of us think about but are afraid to admit or discuss with others. Kudos to you Jess, you just might be sparking a social revolution!
  • Mr.W.Dubs
    Interesting, but…
    The sound quality needs a significant improvement in quality. The levels are really low. Try normalizing the volume and some light compression. Consult a sound mastering engineer or a hobbyist group for advice.
  • okigiveupat nicknames
    Text me baby
    +1 (509) 934-5978
  • jmarie_469
    So glad I found you!
    I am a newer listener, started in May or June I believe. I am loving these episodes. I find it highly interesting to hear about others’ relationship journeys (and styles).
  • actuallyamermaid
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast! It’s an incredible resource for my personal and relationship growth! I look forward to every new episode!
  • ZenVibes4
    I am so grateful to have found this show!
    I love this show and am so happy I found it in early 2022 right after I came out to my long time partner as polyamorous. It’s been a difficult road and this show made me feel less alone and has given me a lot of great tools to use in my daily life! I love Jessica’s calming voice and all of the different guests she has on the show!
  • ladyscientistpodcast
    Such a great show!
    Jessica produces an amazing show. Her guests are all engaging. She’s incredibly candid. Love learning about her world through her podcast!
  • DanceWithBri
    What A Ride
    I have been listening to Open Late since the summer of 2022, and the journey I’ve been on with Jessica is unexplainable. She’s doesn’t even know me, and I feel like she would get me so well if she ever did. 😂 This podcast came about my life because I was trying to define and support the situation that was brought upon me. I am a solo-mom, I practice solo poly, and I am still trying to build my poly community. I have shared so many of these episodes with friends that are searching for answers themselves, or to even new partners who are wanting to educate themselves. A year ride with Jessica, and I will hope to one day speak to her in person. 🫣 Thanks for all that you do Love.❤️
  • Jalyson28
    Open your mind open your heart
    I love listening to Jess and her guests. Not only is her voice so soothing, her interview style thoughtful and curious but also I am learning so so much about being poly/alternative relationship styles. I haven’t put anything into practice yet but I do feel like I’m most likely going to thrive in an open relationship. The skills required for these kinds of relationships to thrive are good communication, the self awareness, personal growth, how to deal with jealousy etc - skills that monogamous people would highly benefit from, too. So even if you do discover that you are monogamous you will really benefit from listening to this podcast. I’m so glad that you started this podcast Jess! Thank you for sharing yourself and your amazing guests on your show!
  • Blue collar guy.
    Thank you so much! Your show is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to listen to every episode, I really enjoy your topics and your take on open relationships. My wife and I have been married for 11 years and opened things up a year ago. So much learning and growing. We initially went in as swingers but now leaning more towards poly (not that it necessarily needs a label) I can really relate to your outlook on relationships and really appreciate what you do, thank you.
  • KarenLee's New GBF (I wish)
    I love Jess
    So much fun to listen to and learn from. I admire her open mind and intellectual curiosity. Loving having her in my ear and in my heart!
  • 33voorhees
    Love it.
    If you plan to be poly or open or not this podcast is a good way to learn from the source. I’ve enjoyed hearing from so many different perspectives and such open and honest conversations with real people not just experts on the subject. Definitely worth a listen.
  • SeattleDrums
    Informative, fun
    Love the perspective and info. Interesting guests, enjoyable conversations. One wish: please reduce the volume on the ads! When I’m listening at a comfortable level, the ads just blast in (with no warning). It’s jarring.
  • tracelk
    Thank you
    I can’t say enough about this podcast! It has been a huge resource for my personal and relationship growth. I am so glad I found it!!
  • BrianM47
    Insightful and illuminating show!
    I discovered this podcast through one of the interviews and I resonate and relate to so much of what is discussed here, choosing a life that doesn’t subscribe to traditional norms.
  • jrut1968
    Just discovered the podcast
    Jessica is a great interviewer and her stories are great how she navigated her journey. Looking forward to binging all the episode.
  • cory0678
    I send it to EVERYONE with Poly Questions !!!
    I am so so happy i found this podcast!!! It has made out journey through Poly / podcasting so much better. Each episode has encouraged me to continually grow and get to know myself🥰 I’m obsessed…. In the most healthy way possible lol!
  • @jonkmd
    Grateful to know you as a human and love the platform you have created to share and hold space for others🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • MiggieMill
    Such a healing show
    I recommend this podcast to literally anyone and everyone, regardless of the type of relationship they may seek out. Exposure to different ways of thinking and living is literally healing because it provides freedom, mental and spiritual. The guests are enticing and so informative. I’ve leaned a lot and I’ve journaled so much after listening to some of these episodes. Do yourself a favor and give this a listen.
  • marthajoanna
    Can’t stop listening!!
    I have been binging every single episode of this podcast and I am glued to every word. Jessica and her guests are so insightful and authentic. I am inspired by hearing how Jessica bravely navigates her life free of societal norms and expectations. Her virtual presence has helped me in immeasurable ways as I navigate embracing my true self and loving my self and others bravely and deeply. ❤️
  • Gingy8810
    Relatable and informative!
    This podcast helped guide my husband and I on what we were looking for! I love how raw and honest everyone is, makes it such an easy and exciting listen! I’m always looking forward to new episodes. Love hearing various viewpoints and learning about being poly.
  • Jordan from SB
    Openly honest
    I’m only a few episodes in but the way the experience and emotions that are coming across are tangible. Host and guests are clear don’t mince words. The happiness, joy, and reality checks that are talked about have caused me to laugh, cry, and help me look inward.
  • Coexist😄
    Learning something new
    Jessica and her guests share with us part of their world that is not commonly spoken about or that we are educated about in a positive and honest way. Although I’m a “serial monogamous woman” - I truly appreciate learning and hearing about different kinds of love and relationships. I appreciate Jess and her guests opening up and sharing their lives with us. This is an educational, entertaining and intelligent and well thought out podcast.
  • Asmeden
    So informative and eye opening!
    I love having so many different view points from so many different people and being able to see and understand things from them. It has been so eye opening for me and my husband and I always look forward to new episodes!
  • jj_ee_ss_ss_ii_cc_aa
    Love this honest and entertaining podcast! So glad I found it and can’t wait to binge all the episodes ☺️ What a total babe too 😍
  • Burningriver7
    I can relate!
    I really appreciate the open/honest conversation about how we can choose to live outside of the vanilla box society thinks we have to live in
  • SpielerEins
    An excellent resource!
    I’ve learned that relationship dynamics are not static and through a variety of partners have seen this lifestyle through lots of lenses. From religious based self righteous repulsion to fearless exploration of unknown boundaries around the world, I’ve enjoyed the flavors that have been added to life. The candor of this podcast is yet another wonderful addition. Remember that this just one of the infinite set of experiences. It’s realness will be helpful to all levels. I use it as a springboard to continue along my journey of meeting, learning, testing & drinking in as much of what life has to offer. Kudos & thanks to this couple for sharing their own personal vantages!
  • AriesGirl328
    This is what you’re looking for
    Stop searching! This is the podcast you’re looking for 🙏🏻
  • ndgcollot
    Important conversations that are fun to listen to!
    Jessica asks all the questions I have in my brain, and I love how open minded and kind she is about relationships and sex. This podcast is so refreshing and I learn something new every time I listen!
  • Amya2353
    Who else can relate!?! 🥰
    Thoughtful, energetic and true to life conversations….I love how relatable and realistic this show is. Thanks for putting a voice to a topic that we all need to know more about! (Roxy 💜)
  • snaveylime
    So thoughtful. Counting down till the next episode! Thank you Jessica!!!!!!
  • 907nomad
    My Struggles Explained
    I’m so thankful I found this podcast. I have been struggling with what I could only explain to myself as a sexual awakening is really so much more than that. Evolution and personal growth within in a long term monogamous marriage had me feeling like a failure and that something was wrong with me. I’m thrilled I’m not as taboo as I thought and so many others know what I’m going through and can explain the whys to me…. Thank you
  • C&N from DT
    Her voice
    So soothing, like a warm hug on a sunny day ♥️ I’ve loved hearing more of her story about her nonmonogamous journey! Can’t wait to see more from this show.
  • RachelSurmeh
    Great podcast!
    I love this podcast. I love the authenticity that exists throughout each podcast and love Jessica’s openness. There are thing’s to learn no matter what your preferences are.
  • P(E)F
    Thought provoking
    This podcasts explores topics you wonder about but don’t know where or how to ask. Does a great job presenting the feminine and masculine sides of the issues. Love it!!!!!
  • Chalie2times
    Love this!
    So much support and info on open relationships
  • Gw080278
    Open , honest, non bias educational !!!
    Enjoy the open and nonjudgmental views of all aspects of relationship. Highly recommended!!
  • jvanvee
    Insightful and thought provoking!
    Must listen for anyone curious to learn more about a world that is historically frowned upon. A safe space to learn and be educated, normalize feelings we all have and scratching curiosity
  • Dfish25!!
    OMG. So entertaining!!
    I’m such a huge fan and am learning so much!!
  • Diego Uturi
    I pretty much listened to everything in one day! I couldn’t stop, I am totally hooked 🙏🏽♥️
  • jennegoescu
    Love it!
    This podcast is for everyone who has been or is in almost any kind of relationship! Every episode I’ve listened to has been so intriguing. Definitely give them a listen because this channel is GREAT!
  • megtheegg001
    I love listening to her speak on things that I haven’t experienced. Very easy to open your mind when someone is kindly talking about relationships in a way that educates instead of pushes it. Great podcast recommend it to all my friends ❣️
  • modeaura
    Fellow poly appreciation
    It’s always refreshing to hear, see, and learn about polyamory and relationships in new contexts and in ways that grow the space. It’s given me new tools to understand myself and that is invaluable. Lovely work, Jess!
  • ekimcoco
    Fun, authentic, spicy ..addictive🔥
    In a world where our sexuality is not talked about or shamed, Jess invites us to take a closer look at our desires regardless of our sexual preference. This podcast is educational, raw, intimate and so freakin authentic!! Ekimcocou for allowing us a glimpse into your world and much Love to you ❤️
  • Ninja hagan
    W O W
    So amazing love this podcast my love life is so much better now
  • Roberto Magnifico
    Must Listen!
    This podcast is definitely one of my goto’s! Every week leaves me wanting more. Love Jess’s view on relationships, individuality, and exploring one’s sexuality. If you’re looking for a juicy, eye opening, fun podcast this is it!
  • theycallmeetee
    Intellectually Empowering and Enlightening for both women and men!
    This podcast has been so refreshing and liberating when it comes to discovering/exploring open relationships. More importantly it has allowed my partner and I to get deeper using so many of the tools that Jessica and her guests have brought to this platform. Thank you can’t wait for whats to come!
  • nicolecinagloa
    A must listen…
    This Goddess is amazing!!!! So raw. So real. As I listen I learn, grow, and expand. I’m so inspired. Thank you for sharing your stories and your life with us. I am forever grateful.
  • MissCal7
    Curiosity and Juicy
    If you are looking to expand your outlook on relationships, your sexuality, getting more in touch with your feminine side and spicing up your listen life… This is the podcast for you! Can’t wait for more juicy episodes 💋
  • Cathy#Cooper
    So Awesome!
    Such an awesome podcast. Jess is so authentic and real. I have learned so much. I am loving it 🥰 Thanks Jess!! ♥️
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