Coffee with Kailey


As a touring wife and mother, Kailey Dickerson gets to the heart of the matter with the people that matter most to her. She and her friends will catch up over a cup of coffee, sharing intimate stories of their lives. And Kailey invites everyone to sit down, come share a cup and listen as they open up.

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Recent Reviews
  • vbb1112
    So sweet
    I could listen to you and Lauren all day. Y’all made food shopping enjoyable for this mama. Can’t wait for your next episode!
  • Hope Richards
    Such Refreshing Conversation ♥️
    The first episode with RD was so cute! It was so great to hear their story and banter. Episode 2 was so refreshing spiritually. I truly felt peace and the presence of Jesus while listening. I can’t wait for more episodes to come out! Kailey is so sweet and authentic and so great to listen to!
  • JHunt1017
    I love everything about this!
    The title of this review says it all, I just love everything about this podcast! I feel my relationship with the Lord strengthening since listening to episode 1. Episode 2 made me cry; it is truly amazing to hear Kailey speak about her faith. I am so thankful for this podcast, it is the podcast I have been waiting for! So excited to continue to listen each week!
  • C_Lynn_2
    Thank You!
    I just have to say a huge thank you! I have so enjoyed your podcast as I drive into work. Even though it’s only been two episodes it has brought me so much joy. The realness, truth, scripture, faith encouragement, and laughs have been just what I needed to start my days this week. I look forward to more and appreciate you speaking God’s word to each of your listeners! 💕
  • Amorse1234usa
    Good for the soul.
    This podcast is a blessing. Each time I listen I find myself feeling encouraged. I’m laughing, smiling or nodding in agreement with everything being discussed. The topics are relevant for many stages of life; the relating back to Jesus is refreshing and needed in this world. I find myself being encouraged and happier when I’m done listening to an episode. I can’t recommend it enough and have sent it to all my friends. Kailey is such a light for Christ. This podcast helps shine her light for Him a little brighter.
  • Keli1106
    Coffee with Kailey….and Laura Akins
    Totally blown away with episode2; Kailey and Laura are pure magic together. Absolutely love their friendship, faith, humor and their spirituality. It was like sitting at the table with them laughing, tearing up and cheering. I continue to share this podcast and started listening to Laura Akins podcast, Live in Love, which is also great!
  • PrincessKyPie
    How could you not love her?
    Kailey is the cutest and sweetest. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her at several shows when Russ was in his early years. Her and Russell are the kindest, most humble humans and I’ve loved watching their family grow in fame and children. Kailey’s voice was made for podcasting! Her love for family, coffee, and the holidays is life. Can’t wait to hear and see so much more her.
  • LizzyBee01
    The podcast we didn’t know we needed!
    So excited for this and loved episode one!! Excited to learn and grow from listening to this!! 🤍
  • Monogram Lover 💖
    So excited for this podcast!
    I am SO excited to have this podcast from Kailey. My heart and mind are at ease when I listen to her talk and tell stories. Genuinely felt like I was sitting with K&R during this. ❤️
  • jpa331
    Encouraging + Entertaining
    I felt the presence of Jesus so tangibly during this episode. I laughed and cried and was so encouraged by their love for one another and the Lord and all the wisdom that they poured out. I could listen to these two all day! Excited for what is to come🙌🏼.
  • Allie110196
    Loved it! ♥️
    I just finished the 1st episode and loved it SO much! Thanks for doing this, I was hoping you would one day! You are such an encouraging and inspiring couple! Also side note, I love the song “Greenlight” and more people need to hear it! Russels older music is the real deal and deserves more credit! 😜🙌🏻🎶🎤
  • mlb25655
    So good
    Love it!
  • maddiiepoo
    I am soo excited about this podcast and looking forward to lots more
  • Thank you, love Abby
    love love love!
    My heart is full of joy and I am feeling encouraged from these sweet meaningful conversations💓
  • Mommy Haynes
    My daughter Ovelia 11 years old and I just loves a good chat from time to time. We love Russell in concert and opening up with your little love story was great. Totally age appropriate and after we listened to the show my daughter now can’t wait til next Wednesday to listen. Keep up the good work. God is good.
  • JessLauren90
    My family is a huge fan
    My daughters and I (12,10,6) go on and on about how humble and cool you are! We love watching your IG stories with Rem and RD. I honestly feel like we’d be bffs in real life! ❤️❤️ oh I love coffee!!!
  • josaaaalyn
  • Dawes!
    It’s like getting coffee with your bestie
    You know that feeling when you sit down at your favorite coffee shop, your hand around a warm cup of Joe and your best friend sitting across the table from you, ready to catch up on all of life’s joys? Pure bliss. That’s how I feel listening to this podcast. Kailey is a peaceful, yet powerful voice that speaks wisdom, Truth and love in a world desperate for those things. What a sweet gift it is to be let in on some of Kailey’s sweet moments with her sweet, sweet friends and family! Praise God for Coffee with Kailey!
  • Kirsten Tyrrell
    Gem of a human & podcast!
    I’m so excited for this podcast. Kailey is such a positive light in this world! I can’t wait to hear all the wonderful things she has to say! Looking forward to more episodes!
  • Kait Cyr
    Can’t wait for more!
    Kailey is the best!!! Her love for Jesus and people is palpable. I am looking forward to a new episode every week. Listening to her makes me feel like I’m chatting with a dear friend.
  • barnhart girl
    Five stars! Two thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻
    I have fully enjoyed this first episode of this podcast!! Makes my heart so happy! Y’all are such an inspiration and I look forward to coffee with Kailey again next week! ☕️💕☕️💕
    Girl. Yes. 👏
    Kailey! I “met” you back in 2016 at Russell’s concert in Schmitt’s Saloon in Morgantown and you couldn’t have been sweeter. I’ve followed your life story ever since and am so excited for you guys! Honestly, I’m not a podcast type (listened to my pastor once lol) but I’m already HOOKED on Coffee with Kailey. The conversation is so real, grounded in faith and I couldn’t stop smiling! Love it! Cannot wait for next week! 🙂
  • joanna.abraham
    Absolutely LOVED the first episode! I was so encouraged by Kailey & Russell’s conversation; I laughed, tested up, and did a lot of smiling! Kailey, your joy is contagious, and I’m looking forward to more episodes!
  • jiler6
    Felt like I was in the room!!
    Amazing!!! I felt like I was sitting in the room with Kailey and Russell! Can not wait for the next episode!
  • Emily from ATL
  • Shopgirl77
    Loved it.
    Can’t wait for next week. Kailey is an awesome woman of god, with a very talented husband and the cutest little one. I love the Dickersons’.
  • Alicia Alling
    Let’s go!
    I am SO excited to have another incredible voice on my favorite network. If you love Jesus and want the real real, this girls podcast is for you! I cannot wait for more episodes to be released!! Congrats Kailey! Thank you for sharing your voice with the world. You are a powerhouse for the kingdom. Let’s go.
  • Nanatthedisco
    What a fun Family! Keep them coming
  • mjsbarlow
    Congratulations on Coffee with Kailey!!
    Loved listening to your first podcast today, Kailey! Look forward to many more!!! 👍🏻
  • Lindsay - Full Heart Co
    Kailey - You are already crushing it, girl, and I can't wait to see what the Lord does through your obedience to Him!! Way to step out in faith. 👏🏻 - Lindsay @fullheartco
  • SophiaMFr
    A good genuine listen
    Such a good, light hearted podcast (with the nicest family) that makes you smile and is a nice easy listen to well going on walks or doing light work. Kailey truly seems like the most genuine person.
  • Dwill55
    Awesome new show!
    Loved the first episode of this new show. I have heard Kailey on other podcasts and can’t wait to hear her amazing insights into the world on future episodes!
  • Still Shinin
    She’s so real and so full of wisdom. This girl is TAKING OVER THE POD WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MjordeinVA
    I’ve been obsessed with Kailey and her husband, Russell for years. They’re funny, real, and encouraging souls who bring a smile to your face! Kailey though, has a special gift of speaking to and loving on women. I have been waiting for her to start a podcast of her own ever since I heard her speak on Stephanie May Wilson’s years ago. She is a light in this world and I cannot wait to listen to her podcast every single week.
  • Swaringenchad
    Love it!
    I love Kailey’s heart and her laidback depth. I’m so excited to listen every week!
  • melissarowlandd
    Coffee with Kailey!
    I am so excited this podcast is a thing. Kailey is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. She has the sweetest heart. I am so so excited to hear all she has to tell us. Wednesday’s just got THAT much better. Yay!
  • beccaapritchett
    From a fellow coffee lover..
    What a great addition to the That Sounds Fun Network! Can’t wait to add another great podcast to my weekly podcast schedule!
  • BennyDMan
    new favorite podcast!
    Love kailey so much, cannot wait for the whole season!
  • Peg for Paige
    A Lifetime Listener!!
    Such a genuine conversationalist that brings joy and laughter to her listeners.
  • Amber Mals
    Pure goodness
    I Found myself giggling throughout the entire episode, I love the dickerson’s heart for the lord and their willingness to share about it! Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • Montana676
    Love this podcast!!
    I’ve followed Kailey and Russell on Instagram for awhile now. Love their relationship with each other and more importantly with the Lord. This podcast is a shining example of that. Love it!!
  • AlyseLC
    So excited for this. Wholesome people. Wholesome content. Soooo what I need in life right now!
  • EricaLauren
    Personally fun
    I feel like if I got the chance to meet Kailey, that we would instantly be friends. I cannot wait for more episodes and moments to sit down to have coffee while listening to Kailey! I loved her first episode with none other than her sweet hubby as her guest!
  • Brookie 💕
    About time!!!
    First episode and I’m already looking forward to the many more episodes to come! Such a brilliant idea! I can’t get enough of these feel-good podcasts with such great advice and a look into the great faith walks of others! I just love this. Kailey is phenomenal. Midwest represent 🙌🏽♥️
  • apollos mama
    Thank you!
    I enjoyed every minute of this! It was heart warming, and made me smile and laugh. I can’t wait for next week! Thank you!
  • racheldallas716
    This is already my new favorite podcast. Love it so much! Highly recommend ✨
  • Lindsmamabear4
    Loved it!
    Loved every second of it and I rarely listen to podcasts! Can’t wait to tune in next week 🎉
  • KassieBrinkerhoff
    New Favorite Podcast
    I am a busy mom to 3 young kids and this was the perfect podcast to listen to on our way to school drop off this morning! ❤️❤️
  • SWfromWI
    It’s like you’re talking in the room with us!
    This is IT you guys!!! This is the podcast that makes you feel good, makes you want to go hug your people, makes you laugh and to think we’re only one episode in! Definitely something I’ll be tuning into every week! Anyone feel like they’re now bffs with Kailey after listening to that? And Russ too!!
  • Tiffanywiffany
    LOVE IT!!!
    This is everything we needed! This is so easy to listen to and laugh along to! The perfect start to a day! Thank you for sharing your story! I also love the sponsors!! Keep the episodes coming!
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