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Finance bros are out, #RichGirls are in. Join Money with Katie and her guests as they talk spending habits, smart investing, and tax strategies – without putting you to sleep. Listen weekly on Wednesdays to learn how to turn your Rich Girl mindset into money.

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  • Azar Z
    This one’s different.
    This has become one of my favorite finance podcasts. I’m loving the investigative journalist style depth and research. Katie discusses and teaches about current issues that effect women and society in a way that I’ve not heard in any other finance podcast. I’m sure this podcast, and Katie herself will get bigger.
  • Sarah Harlan 123
    Every podcast is worth my time!
    She makes sure that everything is thoroughly researched and provides the nuances around each subject, which can be so rare in the financial space!
  • Not Reed Sheppard
    Worth a listen!
    Katie provides a new and refreshing voice to the financial advice space. She has the ability to give a humorous perspective in some episodes and also dive into heavy, and often complicated, issues with a respectful and curious mindset. Her episode on the Low Wage Cycle shifted my perspective on my own situation with expensive childcare in the US. I have learned more from her podcast, Instagram, and blog than my MBA. I share this podcast with my family and friends often!
  • LauraHT1993
    The MLM episode— wow!
    Katie you are the every(rich)girl in the best way— you have a relatable past, relatable tastes, even a relatable name. But sometimes you are strikingly reflective, balanced, and eloquent!! This is why you and your show are gems!! Keep brainstorming both practical and deep topics— you cover both very well!
  • $$(7;?&),!!(:7(;
    Original Fan…
    I was originally a huge fan of MWK and still follow all of her socials. I wish she could still put out great content and keep her political views out of her work. I’ve listened to all of her episodes since she first started. There’s been a major shift in her “messaging” through these shows. Not all of your fans and listeners have the same political beliefs. There are many other great financial podcasts that are able to remain unbiased.
  • Kat-Ev
    Unrealistic advice
    Her basic financial advice is good (and no secret to anyone), but her early retirement philosophy is super unrealistic for anyone who doesn’t *already* come from money. You have to enter the workforce earning almost 3-figures and saving about 30k per year. Which means you had to afford a high-level education. And if you aren’t burying yourself in student loans, you’re coming from wealthy means. Her retirement plan is only designed for the privileged. She might as well call it “how kids with rich parents can get rich too.”
  • RPSmith1205
    Poorly researched
    I typically enjoy the Money with Katie show. On many topics the advice is solid and conveyed reasonably well. However, the latest episode where Katie and her guest veered into a wild narrative about how Protestantism supports a concept that achievement, particularly in a capitalistic environment, somehow is linked to salvation is a complete misrepresentation of the Basic Christian belief system. Katie and her guest are clearly not educated or learned on this subject but simply grasped onto some fringe narrative without proper study or research. In truth, the message of Christianity (Protestantism as they refer to it) is that salvation has nothing to do with achievement or financial success. Totally the opposite of their theory. While the show offers good advice on many topics, the depth of the research when they veer into topics that go beyond the typical college level talking points and worldview is superficial at best. Typically time and experience solves this problem for most people. But the listeners should realize that when the show goes into philosophical or foundational thinking realms, the authors and speakers haven’t always done their due diligence.
  • jbfrm
    I recommend this to students!
    I teach a financial literacy class to high schoolers and Med school students. I like Katie’s fresh approach, and accurate assessments. I recommend all students follow her!
  • Toril TSM
    outstanding content
    I always learn something new. Katie is intelligent and asks great questions for her competent guests. She has a fun sense of humor and honestly, she does her research and gets to the bottom of things.
  • JenH2008
    Need More of These Discussions 🙌🏼
    Theories are ideas to account for a situation or justify a course of action. Narratives form around these theories. Katie and her team are speaking to the heart of working, middle class Americans (and yes! Also looking at you, all you “work-horse-rich” docs, lawyers, etc.!) Don’t think just b/c you’re work horse wealthy that you aren’t middle class - high-end middle class….yes! But still middle class. Just imagine how much larger your “piece of the pie” would be as well if $$$ was redistributed equitably… not equally!!! EQUITABLY 🙌🏼 My perspective: I am a nurse - we focus on Evidence Based Practice. Components of EBP: 1) Best Available Evidence (research; stats) 2) Clinician Knowledge and Skills (experiences; what do we do and see?) 3) Patient Wants and Needs (Granted these factors are impacted by insurance companies - they really make everything more complicated for patients and providers; nightmare!) I think a version of EPB needs to infiltrate economics and business and I think this is what Money w Katie is accomplishing! We don’t pay attention to people and circumstances when discussing the market. It’s not simply “supply and demand.” There are so many deeper layers!
  • brifore
    Relatable and hilarious
    MWK is the most relevant and relatable financial content on the interwebs for millennials. She hilariously tackles the difficult topics facing millennials and gen z and our futures when it comes to all things finance: homes, jobs, offspring (mostly dogs), etc. She challenges the bootstrap status quo with evidence that maybe other mindsets and cultures (dare I even say within socialist countries) are doing something better, while giving us tools, ideas, and new paradigms to make things better for ourselves in the US.
  • Maddsss20
    Love Money with Katie!
    Love Money with Katie! To me, she is the most relatable finance influencer as I am also a 20 something female. I like the previous format of longer episodes a bit better but I will listen to it all no matter the format! Thank you Katie and team!
  • JennyOpp
    Very well thought out
    One thing I enjoy most about Katie’s approach is her obsessiveness over topics that causes her to do deep dives. I think this provides a well thought out, well-researched point of view that is both educational and fascinating. As I get older and financial security becomes more important to me than it ever has before, she provides information in a way that is somehow not boring and stodgy. I recommend this podcast to all my friends.
  • Felina6851
    Thoughtful and smart
    I’ve been following Katie’s work for a few years and am continually impressed by her willingness to deeply consider social context. She is smart, and her perspective and candor are funny and kind. Her ideas and what she shares are thoroughly researched and data driven. Love to see and hear her voice in this space!
  • ErikainDenver
    Practical advice AND entertaining
    I thought I had my retirement plans in decent shape until I started listening to Money with Katie. She explains complex and boring topics in a way that is so entertaining and motivating. This podcast has changed the way I think about retirement and how I plan for it. She covers so many relevant topics, like how to manage finances as you approach marriage (me this year). And she’s funny!! I look forward to episodes each week.
  • DaniW88
    Witty and Wise
    I love Katie’s no-nonsense take on all things personal finance. She offers insightful deep dives into systems of inequality and oppression and personal finance best practices, and does it with humor and even some sass. Very well done!
  • terahsm*!$
    Break it down for us
    Katie and her team do a fabulous job breaking down large topics into bite-size pieces of information. I truly do appreciate all the research that goes into the show! PS, thank you for the dividends income show!!!
  • Sashdazzleit
    I listened to one episode and couldn’t stop listening. I have been sending Money with Katie Episodes to my husband, sister, and friends to help them in certain situations like starting a job, or preparing for a layoff. LOVE this show!
  • hay101112131415
    Rich Girl Roundup
    I love having them separated out. I’m using them as a tactic to get my friends into the show and with the short format I’ve gotten a few hooked!
  • Itsshannonyo
    Easily explains what could be very complicated topics
    This show is always well researched and is honestly a breath of fresh air. Some have complained that it’s “woke,” but maybe they’re confused about what actual well researched and peer reviewed topics and arguments sound like. Katie has just the right amount of spunk for my personal finance liking.
  • MGMaxwell
    My Go-To Finance Gal
    I have been an avid listener to Katie after hearing her on Jason Tartick’s podcast. I have never felt more empowered and motivated to learn about finance. She eloquently breaks down complex personal finance topics and makes them entertaining! A huge thank you to Katie for enhancing my knowledge and understanding of topics that will help me navigate this world! Your impact on my life will surely compound over time (hehe)!
  • Lv595
    Best finance podcast
    The amount of time and energy that goes into each episode never fails to amaze me. Katie and her team break complex topics down to such digestible content with wit and humor sprinkled throughout. I never thought I’d enjoy listening to a podcast about an otherwise boring topic.
  • Retirement-dreamin’
    Highly recommend
    5/5 - highly recommend to anyone interested in personal finance (tax strategies, spending habits, smart investing, etc etc.). VERY engaging, relatable, and easy to understand.
  • thankyoukatiefromcarol
    Awesome podcast
    I came across the money with Katie podcast a couple months ago and am obsessed! Katie is very relatable and has made me realize that building wealth is attainable, even when I didn’t feel like it was given my current financial situation. I wanted to get started with investing outside of my retirement accounts but had no idea where to start and kept putting it off. Listening to this podcast helped me build up the confidence to start investing and now I look forward to the contributions I get to make each month to my brokerage account. I also bought the wealth planner and it’s really helped me to look at my finances differently, I no longer obsess over every single transaction which has been so relieving. I look forward to her episodes every week and highly recommend this podcast to anyone even remotely interested in personal finance!
  • rachel brownstone
    Thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining!
    I look forward every Wednesday to Katie’s new episode. I have been a listener/reader for almost a year and have learned so much from her content. Everything from investing to the tax system to wedding budgeting, she has thoughtful, nuanced opinions, as well as facts and guests to back them up! Keep up the good work and keep the material coming!
  • Spreeeder
    A favorite!
    I enjoy this podcast so much! I love that I’m learning things about money but also feel like I’m having a good chat with a friend. I just wish the episodes were longer, they feel very short.
  • Mo_paleo
    Love this show-
    I follow Katie on Instagram and listen to her podcast. She gives practical tips and I love her perspective on finances as well as quality of life. I’m just starting out on learning about the financial world and investing and Katie’s content has been a huge help in navigating what sometimes feels like a scary foreign language!
  • put mom on the phone...
    Keep up the Woke content!
    I’m old enough to be Katie’s mom and I look forward to her smart, deeply thoughtful and well-researched episodes. Especially loved her choice to bring Nick Hanauer on the show. Katie, don’t let the anti-woke patrol intimidate you into watering down your content.
  • myainsel
    Classic American cringe
    How does she manage to be both horribly basic and completely unrelatable/out of touch? Oh, she’s a yt American girl, right. Then, this obsession with hoarding money and living to retire is clinically insane and probably requires an intervention. Also, she needs to do something about this constant saliva swallowing. I guess actually speaking to your audience instead of reading from a cringe script could help. NO ONE SPEAKS LIKE THAT. Sounds like a bad audiobook at x1.5 speed.
  • LightWarrior-
    I like the content but don’t like the new one woman show format, a book is better-suited for that. Please go back to the interview format which was much more engaging.
  • Jim Sack
    Fun, Smart, Easy to listen to.
    Wise young woman explains the complex in bite-size, easily digestible phrases.
  • Jimmy McB
    Quality money show - well researched
    I only found Katie’s show recently and what’s impressed me the most is her open mindedness to different sides of stories. As well as the level of research put into each topic of the shows.
  • Orange County, CA Dad
    Cool it with the woke content
    I think Katie does a great job delivering financial content in a fun/energetic way, but she really needs to cool it with the woke ideology. I'll apply to Stanford or UC Berkeley if I need my dose of CRT and/or anti-capitalism rhetoric.
  • Miche0917
    Best podcast
    This podcast is literally saving me! Thank you Katie for being your whitty self but also sooooo educated on this topic of finance that most people don’t have. I am in the midst of paying off debt and can’t wait to start investing and preparing my 40s the best decade ever. I’m currently 31 lol so I plan to work hard and save hard and invest hard these next 10 years! LETS GO!!!!!
  • Bookkeeping Artist
    I downloaded Apple podcast player just to leave a review of this show - it's THAT good
    I own an accounting firm. I'm already really good with money, yet I always learn something from Katie because of the personal, frank, and hilarious way she shares her money story. There is value here for beginners and for people like me who are already walking the walk and want company and inspiration to keep going. Thanks Katie! And make more tax content! Everyone has to pay their taxes 🤟
  • Spiff777
    Financial advice from a precocious teenager 👌🏼
  • APB1020
    Love MWK!
    I’ve been listening to Money with Katie for a little over a year and am still obsessed with the info and advice she shares. My partner often will answer random questions I ask with “I bet Katie knows” — she’s a household name for us 🤣. I recommend the show to everyone who will listen.
  • Marathoner in training
    My new finance BFF
    I love this podcast! Thank you, Katie, for the countless hours you put into creating unique content for your listeners. It’s obvious how passionate you are on the topic. I always learn something new. Plus, you’re hilarious which makes learning a meh topic more enjoyable. Keep up the good work!
  • Perma Link
    Listening to this will set you up for failure. Sorry, this is just adolescent advice.
  • llamalover08
    Katie, you rock!
    I am so glad I found this podcast. Never have I before found someone who 1) speaks in such a down to earth, accessible, and easy to understand way about money; and 2) is still critical of capitalism and has really helpful takes on how to consider prioritizing relationships with other humans in our life and actually live a life we enjoy instead of focusing just on getting rich. I’m obsessed with your takes on the industrial wellness complex. Keep going, Katie!!! You are smart, kind, and such a refreshing voice in this space. ❤️
  • NPR lvr
    And the content is elementary as well.
  • Mokeyt3/35
    Could not continue
    I love to listen to financial podcast so I started listening with great hoax. After five minutes of woke white man bashing, I had to turn it off. I might try again. I might not.
  • Julie_Lvqs
    Great content but music in the background is annoying
    I love this podcast! The content is on point, well referenced and updated with current macro economic situations. I loved the first seasons, but the new shows are overwhelming with music all the time in the background (can’t concentrate on what is said and it sounds like a bad commercial). Other than that, love it!
  • TampaPierce
    I ❤️ this podcast
    This is a top-quality and thoughtfully produced finance podcast with a ton of real-world applicability, actual numbers, and linked sources for us academics. It’s a must-listen.
  • KoolioJulio
    Self-Care is unwell
    Your self-care podcast was spot on. More ways for women to continue expensive, high maintenance routines we do not need.
  • jasinsf
    Love hearing a young, WOMAN’s perspective on all things money and investing! Great job, Katie! Keep up the great work! 🙌🏻🥂
  • _bangles_
    This podcast truly changed my life— I discovered it a couple years ago when I really wanted to start investing more seriously but wasn’t sure where to begin and felt disenchanted by the ramblings of finance bros on other podcasts. I love how MWK breaks down the basics and walks through specific, tactical explanations of complex ideas to really show the sausage of how to achieve FI or determine whether it makes sense to rent vs. buy— it’s all just math! I also appreciate her perspective and transparency as she offers real anecdotes about her own financial journey. She is whip smart and funny which makes her content fun and engaging as well. This is a must-listen!
  • sk33t3r42069
    Good content
    Good content. Seems very educated and knowledgeable on the subjects. Has really great guests on. This podcast has helped me on my financial journey. Chief complaint is she seems to have a chip on her shoulder about being a woman in finance. Kathy Fetke has been doing what Katie is doing for much longer and doesn’t find it necessary to bring to attention every podcast that she is a “rich girl”. No reason to state that which is evident. Also, the skits/short comedy segments I could really do without.
  • Allie1309
    Better every episode
    This podcast has become essential listening for me. Katie curiously and open-mindedly works to understand and unpack the financial system and explore how factors outside of individual control impact personal finance. It’s so much more than just “save more” and ”earn more.” I love that Katie takes a nuanced approach to these issues.
  • jgirl111
    Really appreciate the recent turn in sound design!
    I’ve been listening to the podcast since before Morning Brew. The general podcast has improved a lot since morning brew got involved, with the exception of the initial goofy skits. It seems like they’re reading the feedback because the sound design and writing has improved SO much recently. They’ve stopped most of the ridiculous skits and kept to what Katie does best — hot takes on financial topics relevant to Rich Girls
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