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  • Oreocookiedog
    I can not imagine Ben will be coming back. Only the charming slimes bosuns come back. Ben is not charming but offensive.
  • Lachattenoir
    I tried…
    Sasha is just so terrible. If this podcast goes forward, please replace her so Chapelle can share his clever humor and insights with someone who can match his skills.
  • Kate Shiverdeck
    Always a good time
    Sasha and Chappell are so much fun. Their bravo coverage is great and I’d love to see them cover Martha’s Vinyard.
  • Toosdai
    Below Deck
    Is this a safe space? I only watch these shows because of Sasha and Chappell’s recaps. They crack me up and are a fun listen. If I’m being really real, sometimes I don’t even watch the episode, I just listen to the podcast. Don’t tell Andy Cohen! Sasha and Chappell are thee best!
  • Random12349876
    Below deck!
    Love love love these recaps!
  • Twizl
    Loving the Recaps
    Really enjoying the recaps keep it up can’t wait for you guys to start below deck proper
  • Bridget829
    Below Deck
    Amazing podcasts, something I look forward to every week! Hoping that we get to have a Below Deck proper season of podcasting, and that Chappell goes back and watches some old seasons for some rewatch podcasts! Your humor has gotten me through some rough times and it is most appreciated!
  • GBia88
    Sasha and Chappelle are the best
    Sasha and Chappelle are hilarious and fun to watch. They are quickly becoming my favorite hosts. They have great chemistry and are light hearted. Shannon Gus will NEV-AH be like them. She’s too negative and tries too hard. Stop trying to make her happen Rob! I wanna listen to international podcasts.
  • CyndiJ73
    My Below Deck must watch
    Every week, I watch Below Deck and can’t wait to join Sasha and Chappell to recap all the insanity! So much fun!
  • jbstar2
    5 stars
    Love you guys! #Tumi
  • taramcp
    ❤️ you guys but help
    I really like you guys so much. I wanted to watch you live this week but couldn’t find you on youtube. What exactly do I put in the search bar?
  • thunderkats78
    Send Them to BravoCon
    This is the best new podcast in the RHAP-verse. I love it. I stop working when it comes on live cuz I have to be up on the chat. I love the chat community that we have. So warm, welcoming, real, and hilarious. And I expected nothing less from the amazing Sasha and Chappell and the RHAP community. Dear Rob, Please send them to BravoCon. We need first-hand Mess Journalism from the front lines. Thank you in advance for your consideration .
  • Breezy-49
    Love me some Below Deck on RHAP!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! I love listening to them breaking down all the craziness of Below Deck! I need them to do Below Deck Med.
  • Jessmc2010
    Happily writing to procure the next season!
    I’m a reality junkie and am so grateful to have such dedicated podcasters like Sasha and Chapelle to break it all down for me and give us all the for real for real takes. Looking forward to the next season of Below Deck Med!
  • ChrisC68209
    Ready for Med!
    Hoping for more below deck with Sacha and Chappell!!
  • Nicloa64
    Don’t Leave The Dock Without It!
    So much fun! Sasha, Chapell and the live chat make this the best Below Deck podcast. Can’t wait for The Med season pods!
  • Rzf129
    Obsessed! Plz cover med!
  • Vodka_Jack_Gin
    Feeling nauti? Then check out this pod!
    I like big boats and I cannot lie! Ship happens, so I’m happy Sasha and Chapelle are here to tell us what Below Deck is all a-boat - and buoy are their views fin-tastic, this pod is knot too shabby!
  • ajw7690
    Amazing coverage
    All of the ins outs and mess by Sasha and Chappell.
  • Kristin388
    Keep Below Deck Coming
    Please keep the big deck energy podcast coming with Sasha & Chapelle!! All bravo coverage is great! More housewives too please.
  • Katrina like the hurrican
    So Fun
    Love the below deck coverage!! Please do more below deck.
  • roblinear
    Please do BD Med
  • sustainability ftw
    BEST below deck pod
    💙💙💙💙💙 please recap below deck med! 🙏🏼
  • hallspark
    Like Captain Jason and Aesha, Sasha and Chappell are hilarious and we need more seasons of this Below Deck pod pair!
  • Articgurl
    My Favorite Podcast
    Big Deck Energy is by far one of my favorite podcast! After watching the tv episode, I immediately go to see if a new episode has been posted. Sasha and Chappell are AMAZING host and I love hearing their takes. Finger crossed y’all are covering Med!!!
  • Bureau-cat
    This season needed this podcast!
    Too much happened this season to watch without the help of these podcasters. Thanks for unpacking the details.
  • brokatops
    Big deck energy
    I have so much fun listening and appreciate the hot takes.
  • catecod
    Please give us Med!!!
    I’ve been waiting for years for a Below Deck pod and for it to come from my favs is a dream come true. Sasha is always spot on with her takes and while Chappell is so wrong about Joao, it’s not his fault for not seeing his prior season I’ll give him a pass…this time. Love the banter between these two and I really hope we get to hear their takes on Captain Sandy in the future!
  • Steph8480
    Love this podcast!
    I love that there is finally a podcast covering below deck! I only found this show in the last year and binged every season available. I love having somewhere to go to hear about my new favorite show!
  • Ganj420
    Super podcast
    I love Sasha and Chappell!
  • itsmewhatup
    great hosts!
    the combo of Sasha and Chappell talking about Below Deck is *chefs kiss*
  • Annieme76
    They’re hilarious and I think they’re really knowledgeable.
  • Jimmy James Buffett
    Winter house
    Got some Below Deck energy definitely think y’all should pod this one next!
  • andshoeboxes
    The RHAP addition we’ve been waiting for!
    Long time listener and patron, and now super-fan of the bravo coverage as well - can’t imagine my weekly Below Deck watches without these debriefs! Loving the podcasts and of course the VPR specials.
  • BlueZombieQ
    Love the Below Deck Rhap Up
    Keep up the great work! Love your humor and insights on Below Deck, a favorite line of shows of my husband and I. The episodes are too juicy to not have a recap, so please don’t end these anytime soon!
  • Krbm5524
    Hilarious Pod!!
    I love this pod! I love the banter between Chapelle, and Sasha! They are hilarious, and I love listening to them! Please cover below deck med!
  • KayCat
    Best Below Deck Recap show!
    Thank goodness I found you guys! I’ve been looking for a Below Deck recap show with more meat and analysis and I’m so happy you guys are doing this pod! PLEASE do Below Deck Med, I need it!!!!
  • Fcwag
    Keep them on Rob!
    Love you guys! Looking forward to your coverage of Med.
  • ChrisMa12345
    Love the below deck recaps
    Love the below deck recaps! Below deck Med please!!!
  • LollyCakesVB
    My Weds afternoon happy place!
    With Capt. Sasha at the helm & CEO Chappell right beside her, this pod is the perfect place to catch up & chat about the mess that ensues on a super yacht most of us can't afford. Whether it’s a serious topic or just regular schmegular yachtie shenanigans, they dive into it all. Not sure about Below Deck? No worries, just jump in the tender… they have a way of pulling you in! 🫡 (and I may or may not be guilty of setting my alarm just so I don’t miss an episode of the fun & messy RHAP BD recap pod 🫣🙃)
  • Spechelli
    The only way I’m watching Med is if you guys cover it. I need both your takes on Sandy.
  • lennnnnnnnnnnyyy
    Amazing show!
    Gotta cover below deck med! Please please
  • ARMV4
    Below Deck and more
    I love the coverage that Chappell and Sasha bring to the podcast world. Their chemistry is so smooth, and this interpretation of the BDDU show is spot on. The podcast world is so focused on housewives. Most podcasters are missing one of the best reality shows on today which is Below Deck. I look forward to each recap of Below Deck that this great duo bring and hope they continue recapping all the versions of the energy, nastiness and vacation antics of crew and guests.
  • RedLineToBraintree
    Below deck coverage is just ok
    This is for the below deck coverage only. It’s ok, but there’s another below deck podcast that is way better. Wish they would assume that people listening have watched the show. There can’t be very many listeners who haven’t. I don’t think either host has any service industry experience, so a lot of the time the takes aren’t that great. After about a year, they’ve finally decided to learn people’s names, which is good.
  • Jane2520
    Below Deck: Med
    Admiral Cesternino, as a new Below Deck Med season approaches… I’m once again asking for your Big Deck Energy. I’m so proud that all of us, in the Peanut Galley, have received more Below Deck: Big Deck Energy from Bravo TV RHAPups in the history of American podcasting. The truth is— we’ve had excellent Big Deck Energy on Sailing Yacht. The truth is— we’ve had excellent Big Deck Energy for Down Under. The only way we can continue is if we have sufficient Big Deck Energy for the Med season with our Cap’n Sasha and our CEO, Chappell. Any help that you can give us, Admiral, would be so much appreciated. Let’s have a great new charter. Thank you… very much.
  • Gina Boo
    Big Podcast Energy
    I eneded up watching the show by accident but since I’m a Sasha and Chappell stan here I am listening to y’all discuss this hot mess show lol!
  • Sririta
    Such a refreshing take on BD
    Love the RHAP universe and was more than thrilled to see Below Deck join the roster! Sasha, Rob, and Chappell offer such a new and refreshing take on a show with a million podcasts already! Thank you!! #bigdeckenergy
  • problmsolvr
    So glad I found this podcast!
    This is one show my friends don’t watch so I was so happy to discover while watching BB RHAP with Taran that Chappell was joining Sasha to recap BDDU! Subscribed! Thanks RHAP team!
  • Mister Roybot
    I binged this to see another Luke on reality tv be a disappointment
    But I wasn’t disappointed with Captain Sasha and Chief Entertainment Officer Chappell and I’m not even a bravo fan!
  • Eliz0310
    Love the RHAP family
    You guys crack me up. ☀️
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