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After The Whistle is a hockey podcast for everyone. We don’t just talk hockey, we talk big things in Sports and Pop Culture.Hosts Andrew Peters and Craig Rivet have 1152 Games of NHL experience. 923 of those being Craig’s, but whatever! We do Four shows/Week with Regular appearances by former teammates and friends, starting Tuesdays with Thomas Vanek (Vanner) @T_Vanek26, Wednesday’s with the Great Jeremy Roenick (JR) @Jeremy_Roenick and Thursday’s with Brian Gionta (Gio) @GioStyle21Enjoy listening! @AfterLeWhistle / @TheInstigator76 / @craigrivet52

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  • Mustangaverage
    Exceptionally well done show!
    This is probably the best podcast ever made. Lots of insight and love for the Buffalo Sabres. They can be brutally honest about the team, no sugar coating at all.
  • Clammy Ceetoe
    Guest. What happened to episode 267
    My favorite part it makes me laugh everytime is when Craig says about a player, Hes 21 going to 22. Never would have guessed that Way to do the math. LOL
  • Sonny Diaz
    Great listen
    Not even a Sabres fan but these guys and the former NHL guests (Roy and JR) they have on are excellent. I don’t miss an episode. Great insight into the life of a pro hockey player, and funny stories that never get old. I wish the Caps had something like this!
  • IceCream1502
    Best hockey pod out there
    As a life long Sabres/hockey fan. These guys are the best in the business. They always bring the heat and are straight shooters.
  • garyinevanston
    Exceptionally well!
    This pods the best. The banter of riv and petey is top notch. Bringing on their friends is an awesome touch. A must listen!!
  • Bmaskk
    Most authentic hockey talk in the whole wide world. Craig and Andrew give a different perspective to the game than others, which is a fire up! Who doesn’t love real, enthusiastic, informative hockey blabber? Appreciate y’all!
  • Dull blades
    Love this pod cast
    It's so nice having two guys talking like they have a set when discussing sabers hockey Instead of listening to Duff and Marty giggling. Thank you Andrew and Craig !!!
  • Chickenandwaffles09
    Great talking and stories.
    This is a great hockey pod. Guys have real opinions and the recurring guests are good too. Craig is superb. Vanner is a great guest. Petey is kind of self loathing but we love him anyways !!
  • brt2026
    Great show!
    I love this show and listen to every single one!
  • heartofamuffin
    Didn’t know I needed it…
    But here we are!
  • Jody Barcelona
    10/10 would bang
    This podcast is so great and the guys sound super hot. Let’s go, girls.
  • Overniagara
    Fantastic Podcast! Add more Vanik, ex Sabres
    Top-drawer podcast. Rivet and Peters are both great, with long-term association with the Sabres. There is a true vested interest from both of them. Their bantering often leads to great humor, and their knowledge of the game and the league, along with the Amerks and junior leagues, is impressive. Their guests are excellent, but could be fine-tuned: Thomas Vanik needs to be on more often, even though he is on a lot. His insight and League knowledge is superb. He knows a great deal about college hockey, too. He is funny and his laugh is infectious. More Vanik! Less Jeremy Roenick. I know the Rivet connection, and I admit JR has a lot of knowledge, plus has HOF numbers, but—-his once a week spot is too much. HINT to Andrew and Craig—Buffalo Sabres a 50+ year history and have many players that are loved by the public. Where are Playfair, Seiling, Andreychuk, Perreault, LaFontaine, Ray Sheppard, Dixon Ward, Sauve, Edwards, Bowman, Ted Nolan, John Tucker, Craig Ramsay, Mike Ramsey, Rob McClanahan, Turgeon, Puppa, Housley, on and on. Heck, even Don Cherry—he talks about Sabres players or teams quite often on his podcast. You could hear a ton of great stories, from players that were on VERY GOOD Sabres teams through the years and I’m sure you could book some each month, and have repeat guests, too. The Sabres, until the past 10 or so years, used to have a top 6 or seven career winning percentage. We have a long history—bring some of them back! The small nucleus of you current hosts and guests have loads of stories—imagine if you brought more Sabres connections into the mix. Still, great podcast, 5 stars. Andrew, Sanborn, NY.
  • Matty6677
    Great show
    Craig Rivet is the best! I remember when I saw him play in the AHL, I could tell just watching him in warm ups he was the real deal, he had the those eyes, like Messier, you could tell he was a natural born heart and soul guy.
  • ChargingDC
    Love it. Peters and Rivet (and most guests) make for the second best hockey podcast (Sorry. Grapes will always be number one!). They’re funny, entertaining and informative. A must for any fan of the Buffalo Sabres. Having said that, I could do without JR. He’s self absorbed and irritating. I skip it every week, and this isn’t a political statement. I’m conservative and mostly agree with him politically, He’s just annoying. And I miss Eliotte Friedman. He always has great insight and a refreshing change from the other guests. Thomas Vanek and Brian Gionta are also both excellent regular guests. All told, this podcast is great.
  • MG Moose
    Great New Unfiltered Platform
    Great tandem, love the unfiltered show! Guests insight great, wish the show was longer.
  • AmerksFanDan
    New show
    Love that these two guys are back. Love the inside info on the NHL and it’s awesome players. Look forward to the guests, interviews, and also the outrageous stories about high stakes card games, rookie dinners and all the rest. Love the strong opinions and that the guys disagree often.
  • Timaaa
    Shadow of former show
    Other than being able to swear, the show isn’t nearly as good as the former instigators, which was a real time live interaction with fans with phone calls and tweets. This is so canned and bottled and sometimes past the expiration date on current information it’s actually kind of stale and stiff. Find a way to do it live again and you’ll have a winner. YouTube? Twitch? Everyone’s doing it join the club
  • Owen Kenny Powers
    Exceptionally Well
    These guys are fantastic! I give every episode a listen. Nothing like a stressful day and kicking back with a bourbon and After the Whistle. I wish we could text in live. That’d be hilarious.
  • Winger5888
    Best podcast out there
    Great “behind the scenes” stories. Vanek, Gionta and JR give great insight on the game. The banter between Peters and Rivet reminds me of players brawling on the ice and seeing them out for a beer an hour later! This is what the game is about. Endless entertainment without taking themselves too seriously. Great job guys. Only negative is that there isn’t a podcast 7 days a week! Scott - Rochester.
  • ajdotts
    Wish I could give more than 5 stars
    Love the show! I know Max said his English isn’t good enough to come on, but we need him on the pod! Also, I love the episodes when JR is on!!
  • Hunt4Durant
    The Best Podcast, daily radio show, sports show, hockey show period, Andrew Peters and Craig Rivet are interesting, intelligent, informative, entertaining, and funny as all outdoors, on off days when they don’t produce an episode my entire sports day is a little less, pretty much ruined, thank you guys so much for such a wonderful program, Rivet is funnier than Petey but don’t tell him I said so, lol!
  • Majorrater
    The best hockey podcast.
    I have been listening to Peters since he had a cohost that went to do golf. This is so good. The insight is fantastic. I watch more hockey now just because of this show. JR and BG are great. Vanek is fantastic too with great comments. Can’t wait for every new episode and now it’s fun going back and listening to their old shows and seeing how they did. Keep up the great work. Also, love the episode titles with bad tag lines. Lighting in a bottle just as good as blow off some steam Bennett from commando.
  • 8=D--------
    Agree with the "sell merch" guy
    5 stars without a doubt. I have put so many friends and family on this podcast (Sabres and non-Sabres fans). BUTTTT.... SELL MERCH ! Would love to rock an ATW hat this upcoming golf season. PS WHERE'S ELLIOTTE ?!!!? - ( Pod is better with Gio and Vanek tho)
  • nfjaksnhdjxid
    Sell Merch!
    Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch! Sell Merch!
  • EPeccs
    Must Listen
    Petey and Rivs do an amazing job with this podcast. They cover topics in depth and often bring a unique perspective. Their chemistry and banter is second to none. I also really appreciate how they speak from the heart and don’t hold back. Very rare these days. Used to be a diehard Spittin Chiclets guy but once Petey and Rivs went on their own, I knew it would be my new go to hockey podcast.
  • TheBandFunSucks
    Great Podcast
    Always have enjoyed listening to Andrew and Craig. This is the best Sabres content by far.
  • micacker
    Exceptional hockey pod
    I really enjoy this podcast that is mostly about hockey, with a slight focus on the Buffalo Sabres. Both hosts are ex-Sabres who still live in the area. There are a few other ex-Sabres that show up from time to time. The one exception is the guest on every Wednesday. Jeremy Roenick, famous for being a moron, never holds back in expressing his uninformed opinions on the topics of the day. Bring back Elliot to add a little more class.
  • Jrsantillo3
    Podcasting done EXCEPTIONALLY WELL!
    Petey and Riv are the best and you gotta love their regular guests. Jeremy Roenick is as down to Earth and real as you can get and the insights from Thomas Vanek and Brian Gionta are amazing. These guys know the NHL, not just the Buffalo Sabres.
  • Rauschy9
    This podcast has elite talent!
  • mattparlane
    Great show
    This podcast is exceptionally well.
  • RPS1919
    Tell River to let the guest talk. We want to hear from them and about them
  • kp2575
    The least informed Sabres pod
    These guys are idiots, have alway been idiots, and will always be idiots.
  • Lindsay 🏒
    Favorite Sports Podcast
    I’ve listened to Andrew and Craig when they were on the radio. I was disappointed when I heard they left. I was excited to see they made this podcast. I enjoy the great stories from them and their guests. I also love the banter between Andrew and Craig. It’s a fun listen whether your a fan of the Sabres or just a hockey fan in general.
  • eichel09
    I was so upset when the instigators went to that ridiculous 1 hour time slot. Then was really disappointed when they left WGR. But little did I realize how much better the unfiltered podcast would be. I listen to every podcast and it brings joy to my soul no matter how I feel that particular day. My daughter suffers from anxiety, but when I have this podcast on and being a hockey fan herself, it helps her out tremendously. She’s told me it helps her escape for a little while and forget about life’s worries. Thank you so much!!! Love you guys!!
  • Bovicious
    So glad to have found this podcast
    Petey & Rivs, I’m so glad I found this podcast!! I was jonesing after you guys left The Instigators…Keep up the great work boys!
  • fuzzywuzzy6561
    Petey and Riv have done it again
    These two talking Sabres hockey is amazing! Plus the lineup of guests most week is incredible. I have listened to and will listen to every episode they will do.
  • sspeelz
    Sabres Fans Hit Subscribe
    Excellent Sabres-centric podcast with in depth discussions about roster, play, prospects etc but also touches base on other big news around the league. You can expect honest breakdowns of the Sabres, stories from their playing days and post, Riv to mispronounce a name or 3 basically every episode and Petey to be “in a mood” which only adds to the podcast! Gio and Vanek are excellent additions to discuss different aspects of the Sabres and player development as well. All around great podcast!
  • tom gunning
    Hockey !!!
    Great podcast very enlightening. I wish I could be on their text chain sounds like it would be a riot !!
  • Rambone65
    Keep it up boys!
    Love the stories, love the input from the guests, and love the genuine and unapologetic honesty that this show provides. It’s a rare thing these days in the media world. JR is gold as a regular and the Rivs and Petey combo are a treasure and pure joy to listen to. Nice work boys!
  • PghPenguins1617
    Great Podcast
    Love the podcast, great guests and Vanek definitely needs to be added as reoccurring. 10/10
  • fatbuffalo95
    Great podcast
    Great hockey insight. The Liberals in NY may not like JR. Even though almost everything he says is true. Love the guys and the guest.
  • Dixon Ward
    BREAKING: Jeremy Roenick rants about woke cancel culture
    Week after week after week. Otherwise love the show. Keep politics out.
  • phenny1
    Andrew and Craig Tell the Truth
    Andrew and Craig tell it like it is. They have great guests on and tell old classic stories. So fun to listen to
  • potassiumprince
    Not here for politics
    I barely trust these mouth breathers to tell me about the state of the Sabres/NHL.. now we have them talking politics. I get it, they’re allowed to, it’s their platform. But I don’t go to a buffet for salad, and I’m not listening to this podcast for anything more than hockey insights.
  • dudgens
    Great show.
    I love this show and the freedom these guys have now. I listen to every episode except the ones where JR beats his MAGA drum.
  • YouAlreadyShnow
    Couple Heavyweights
    Fantastic show. Haven't missed an episode. Stay for the hot takes, funny stories, and Rivs' butchering of names. Rivs are you Polish? My mom is and it's in her blood to call everyone by the wrong name. Love it - pure entertainment!
  • Jpnealsy
    A Fantastic Hockey Podcast
    If you’re a Buffalo Sabres fan you have to listen regularly. If you’re a hockey fan or a sports fan - you’ll love the stories. Highly recommend!!
  • petekern74
    Andrew and Craig
    I liked listening to these guys on WGR. I knew, just knew they were holding back sometimes cause WGR is own by PSE, but now as they are independent, their raw delivery is a nice testament to Buffalo hockey. Buffalo is the greatest hockey city, and the fans are very hockey savvy. Keep it up Boyz!!!! PK from Virginia!!!
  • SG19692
    JR causes -1 STAR
    There is a lot of entertainment on this podcast; Andrew Peters & Craig Rivet are engaging, interesting and at times, playful. Brian Gionta is an excellent, well spoken guest co-host. Elliotte Friedman is a highly connected information god. Then there’s Jeremy Roenick. If he limited his contribution to hockey, he’d be tolerable, but he can’t resist vomiting every Trump and anti-vax conspiracy. Roenick complains about government involvement and mandates, and then demands all Russian players be forced to declare themselves anti-invasion or leave America. I still listen to episodes he participates in - just as closely as I listened to Rush Limbaugh during a long car trip because it’s the only radio station available.
  • D.Kilo9911
    It’s so great to find you guys again!! I was a daily listener and loved the real show! I can’t listen to Marty and Duff!! It’s just not the same!! -Kilo from the B-Lo
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