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Bailey Sarian, a professional makeup artist and true crime aficionado, is now bringing episodes of her YouTube series “Murder, Mystery & Makeup” to podcast! Covering anything from cannibals to cover-ups. Join us on this journey. It’ll be fun, we promise. Idk. lol.

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  • realHuman999
    Y’all missing out!!!!
    Truly, this crime podcast is captivating, straight to the point, and ethical. Love love love her voice.
  • cramm1180
    Only reason I look forward to Mondays
    Bailey is great. So funny. I watch and listen to her podcasts (YouTube) all the time.
  • windowless world
    Very poorly researched
    I find it interesting that the most basic of terms or languages can be so mispronounced by one person. How is “reading” (I say that in quotes, because I doubt any reading is done by this person) the Wikipedia page for a person, event, place considered research? I get it — makeup is your thing. Why not just stick with that? You’re fabulous at the medium of artistry that is makeup. But, darling, you’re dreadful at the simple act of reading. Perhaps a class in geography would help too. 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Surgical Intern
    Love this podcast and I like that Bailey keeps things light and doesn’t go into explicit details. I also love her humor and little comments throughout the episode.
  • CMG361
    Omg my new favorite podcast!!! Love that you get straight to it!!!
  • Letasha 🔷
    Can’t live without you
    Omg, I finally found you!
  • StevieBricks🫶
    New episodes needed 🫶
    I’ve been a fan for 2 years now there’s nothing of yours I haven’t listened to down to your 8th grade diary episodes!!! I absolutely love murder mystery and make up as well as dark history.🤍 I would like to hear NEW murder mystery makeup videos. I know you been putting it off for a while with eveything ( totally understandable ) but just let a girl know about new content/ cases 😩
  • sarahlarahharah
    My favorite
    When getting ready or just at home I watch her on YouTube, when driving or at work it’s the podcasts the best of both worlds. She’s the best and I love the quirky jokes. The laughs make my days a little bit better every time
  • Gracealena
    Great Storytelling for Entertainment Purposes
    The people who rate this podcast 1-2 stars for “inaccurate facts” or “insensitivity” are missing the purpose of it. This isn’t a podcast to come gather facts for a group project or to mourn victims. It is literally just for entertainment purposes - she tells a story in a casual way that is easy to follow and still interesting enough to hold your attention. And for those of you complaining about ads - there are literally 2 per episode and a “skip 30” button. Relax. Homegirl needs to get that money.
  • you cant offend me ❤️
    A Must 👂
    Found another favorite! I love the storytelling She keeps it to the point and Puts her own language n which makes me giggle. 👍👍
  • Nolahorserider
    Absolutely love
    I absolutely love the way she tells these episodes. She is on great story teller. I also love her videos as she puts her makeup on.
  • Mommas_raisin' Kain
    Can’t get enough
    I love Bailey. I’ve seen every YouTube video multiple times. Now im working through all her podcasts.
  • Alysha Maynard
    I never miss an episode!
    I love love love Bailey Sarian ❤️👏🏻 the episodes are the perfect length and the research is well done. I recommend both of her podcasts to anyone looking for a new show.
  • Sincerely, Ms. Lane
    Good postcast
    Not bad. I really like the podcast minus the nervous laughter and constantly having to tell the audiences that she’s not laughing or it’s not funny. Happens alot. Overall great show and storytelling. Would like to request the Junko Furuta case.
  • gelinamunoz
    bailey the goddess
    her podcasts are so interesting!!!!!!! i literally love them
  • msbathingcat
    Too Many Ads ..
    I used to love hearing all of her podcasts until she started advertising Ads after Ads. Half of the video is her talking about Ads. It’s very annoying especially since I listen to her while I work. I constantly keep skipping. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even listen to her Podcasts anymore. Too many Ads girl ..
  • gritz.luv
    Casey Anthony
    I’ve listened to this podcast since the beginning and I just love the way Bailey tells these stories like a friend. With the title of this review, I hope that person (she does not earn the privilege of being called ‘woman’) has the life she deserves. This case was in my periphery at that time, never really was invested because I was focused on school. Never knew the actual details and Casey is just an awful person who should be put on an island, away from the rest of society. Thanks for telling it Bailey!
  • AmzGirl
    Even though I’m not seeing her do her makeup, I still absolutely love listening to her at work.
  • makeupisblasphemy
    Can’t lie
    I love this series and everything Bailey puts out, but I don’t understand why she’s doing this in podcast form only now when half of it is watching her do makeup? I know she works really hard so no shade intended, but it’s not MMM anymore, it’s just MM, right?
  • Julybaby89
    Biggest Fan!
    I’ve followed Bailey since day one! There is no other podcast/ YouTube channels I watch. Bailey has really informed me on true crime cases as well as dark history. Along with her amazing apparel. She’s the absolute BEST!! Ty Bailey keep them coming appreciate you so much. Xoxo 🙏🏻❤️
  • Fonda- SouthFlorida
    Love the podcast! Love the cool down to earth relatable perspective. I just wish there was more content. I have run out of episodes to listen too lol
  • Jjhnson138
    Too many Ads
    I love Bailey and I enjoy her podcast/ stories. I do however do not like all the Ads. It wouldnt be that bad if they were quick ads, but they are no joke 5-6 minute blocks of ads, ads that ramble on… I love you Bailey but please figure out a better way to deliver ads with out taking from story time?💖
  • m82a90
    Love Bailey
    She is awesome at delivering the raw history as it was without sugar coating it. I am a big fan❣️ keep up the great work 😘
  • ashtones
    You bring so much to these stories and always a pick me up on Monday! Love the stories and love the way you connect with the victims and express your heartbreak for them. Thank You for such an amazing podcast, Bailey you are awesome!
  • lkbmerritt
    I LOVE Bailey! I love watching her videos on Facebook and when I was searching for some new podcasts, I saw hers!!! I couldn’t click fast enough! Currently binge listening now 😎♥️
  • xxAspenstarxx
    My Favorite Podcast
    Bailey is so funny and serious at the same time, and vividly tells these stories like she was actually there. All the information is fascinating and I listen ALL THE TIME. We love you bailey <3
  • kaya!!!!!&!!!!!!!!'kn nnn
    U and morbid should do a whole series together! The one you did with them was so good!
  • Cmac2.0
    Love it!
    Bailey is so down to earth and describes things the way she genuinely sees them. She’s able to just be very real and honest and her delivery adds humor when appropriate without being disrespectful.
  • roxannefarmer
    Great story teller!
    I love the added comments like “what the f” cause what you say is usually what I’m thinking! Love it keep it up girl!
  • True_Crime_Dude
    This is an awesome podcast. I am an avid true crime lover, so this podcast is perfect for me. I listen to it in the morning just to give myself a little jolt energy (it’s better than coffee)
  • livi20221
    She’s my best friend
    I love Bailey! Every week it feels like I’m having a conversation with a friend! Everything she says is so funny and she really makes the stories super interesting and less scary!
  • 🖕🏽🖖🏽👁👄👁
    I’m not going to stop listening to you and I’m really not alone right now …
  • Wet mouth noises
    Lacks compassion
    This host truly seems to lack ACTUAL compassion for victims. This is all just a money grab and that comes off pretty clearly. V disrespectful.
  • AnotherTragedy
    Please include the time stamps though!! Love ya ✨✨✨
  • Paisley and plaid
    My favorite podcast!!
    I would LOVE to hear an episode on JonBenét Ramsey! The dad hired a private investigator to solve her case and there are recent developments. I never believed the Burke theory and would love to hear your thoughts!
  • CJ Schomp
    Love the show!!!
    Please do a show on an unsolved/missing persons Chance Englebert Man goes missing in Nebraska after a fight with his in-laws. Find his phone on the steps to his home in Colorado “Grieving” newlywed widow try’s to cash his last paycheck while search is going on. She and her family refused to help in search. In-laws themselves pour concrete job at their home after they had contracted the job to be done in days after Chance went missing. Suspish if I ever heard a suspish story!!!!
  • Kiana 🖤
    Best Podcast ❤️
    This is a great podcast! I use it to fall asleep at night and it’s like melatonin 😂 thank you for making this !!
  • KanginOppa
    Love this!!
    I’m so glad your started turning these into podcasts!!! Love you!!
  • rainuh13
    Keeping alive !
    My dog walks are not the same without your podcast
  • mysticalcelestial
    Please please please do kenneka Jenkins her story is so sad and it totally suits the vibe of this channel
  • SunflowerKhalessi
    You’re one of my favorites!! ♥️♥️♥️
  • nattyboo91
    I love you ❤️
    THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • rengger
    Love my Bailey
    Bailey is my favorite! I love murder mystery and makeup and I love that they have put the episodes in a podcast. I could listen to her all day long.
  • I got the milk kids !
    Yes,just yes. ✨✨
    Truly astonishing! Very great,and enjoyable the entire time! Perfect person for this! She explains it great! MeeOW!!
  • kittygrrl
    Bailey gets facts wrong and doesn’t care. She’ll delete comments that are critical of her work when the platform allows it (e.g., YouTube). Many true crime podcasts are capitalizing on people’s suffering, so Bailey’s not alone in that. However, to not care about getting facts wrong is a whole other level of disrespect to the victims of the crimes and other incidents that she covers.
  • WeaselKitty
    Will You
    Marry Me?
  • brnnbckr
    Omg!!! I’ve been waiting for you’re yt videos and I’ve been thinking like is she okay??? And I just happen to come across this!!! My heart is so full! So happy for you! :)
  • Fjffuddhgvvjjcvgdbg
  • call yo mama
    Love this
  • Govvana
    bailey sarian
    yes favorite podcast again!! i need to listen to this!
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