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Go behind the memes with Stefanie Parker (@shesallbach) and Jackie Maroney (@jackiemaroney_) as they discuss The Bachelor franchise and the drama that surrounds it. Listen for real life encounters, interviews with alumni, recaps, reality TV news, and so much more. Plus, every Friday, join in for Sound Off in the Comments Below, where the listeners submit pop culture questions and topics.

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  • HaileyT_12
    Long time listener losing steam
    I used to LOVE this podcast. Jackie and Stephanie used to have great takes, great banter, and be really on top of facts about the show. Lately, their takes are pretty off base and Stephanie is super condescending when Jackie has an opinion that’s different from hers, yet I’ve heard her call herself the “nicer one” multiple times, which isn’t at all my perception. What really did it for me is the new sound off episodes. I ended up fast forwarding through most of the topics (especially the would you rathers). Pretty bummed, I used to be a Patreon subscriber but the content felt sparse and uninteresting lately
  • Charli x5
    Constructive Criticism
    Changed from 3 to 5 stars because that one girl did an amazing Gabby impression. Please do more impressions!!
  • RachGp02
    Out of sync
    I am a longtime listener of this podcast and it seems the past several months Jackie and Stephanie are out of sync. They disagree a lot and Jackie is very confrontational with Stephanie . It makes it hard to listen to honestly. I also do not like the episodes that are just talking about random pop culture with sounding off. Most people started listening to this because it’s a bachelor podcast, I would stick to that otherwise, you’re going to lose a lot of listeners. Anyways, I wish both of you guys the best and I will continue to listen!
  • Mlhipod
    Hard to listen
    Oh my god. This is getting hard to listen. How are you two always on such opposite pages and confused by each other? The amount of time it takes to explain the concepts to each other is too much I can’t do it anymore
  • Kenzi Kee
    I was a fan but it was Very hard to listen to two girls tear down a new wife and mother. To call for Ex girlfriend’s to come out of the woodwork the week after their wedding and just a few months after the birth of a child is nasty work. Even if you don’t like the guy (I don’t) it’s no reason to bring stress and heartache into the life of a new mother for your own entertainment.
  • Stephanie CN
    Like chatting with friends!
    Listening to these two always brightens my day! I find myself laughing out loud like I do when I chat with friends. Always a fun listen and the perfect way to escape from the world and just have fun!
  • Jj jelled
    Kinda Silly
    So many tangents that are kind of immature- like the hypothetical situation and Marshall’s and finding a mate there.
  • aballer37
    just not good
    I tried so hard to stick with the podcast but I just can’t. The girls seem so unintelligent and as if they’re unaware of the world around them. Their riffing and jokey bits are painful to listen to and go on for way too long.
  • MelMit91
    Steph girl find a new cohost
    I do like this podcast but Jackie and Stephanie really have zero chemistry. They’re constantly disagreeing with one another just to disagree. Jackie is also much less mature and tries so hard to seem young. I think Stephanie should try and find a different co host.
  • wickmankat
    Best Bach pod around
    I've always loved the pod and am even subscribed to the Patreon, which I'll continue forever! The hosts have great banter and hilarious takes. Most bachelor pods are annoying and hard to listen to, but this one is fun and has amazing interviews. The piping hot tea is spilled and the behind the scenes are absolutely unmatched.
  • Rorony14
    Sooooo good
    Can't get enough of Stefanie and Jackie!!! Every week these ladies make me LOL in my car.
  • browneyedgirl08
    Love them
    Sorry I didn’t rate earlier (rude) lol subscribed to them a while back but never tuned. These girls are so cute and funny and raw. Loved your feed back on Gerry and Theresa.
  • KatherineLehr
    Love them
    If you watch the bachelor, but are more interested in the “behind the scenes” of the show, this podcast is for you. 👍👍
  • Sad about scrabble
    Dropped everything to drop five stars
    One of my absolute favorite podcasts and a top Bachelor podcast. They are the best interviewers in Bachelor Nation.
  • Megan639
    Hard to listen
    I listen to this pod for bachelor nation news and updates but the hosts don’t make it easy. I know this is a reality tv podcast but I get second hand embarrassment for them whenever they don’t know something which is ALL the time. Like neither of you knew “regaled” is a word? Seriously?! Ugh.
  • JCD02176
    The best Bach nation podcast
    I listen to several Bach nation podcasts but this one is by far my favorite and one I’ll always tune into first. Feels like you’re chatting with your girlfriends about your fave tv show!
  • SaraKWilson
    Love them!!
    I love listening to these two each week!!
  • AnnaB427
    Stop with the spoilers
    I’ve been an avid and faithful listener of the show since inception. It’s one thing to talk about spoilers within a show and give a warning to listeners before hand, but it’s hard to avoid reading the titles, descriptions, clips of your shows when it’s the first thing to pop up on my Spotify or instagram.
  • Psychonan Doyle
    Being Spoiled and admitting it
    You guys talk to RS and seem to know a lot about the finale. If you guys are in fact spoiled would you ever admit it? I say no because that would be bad for business.
  • IamInayah
    Come on Jackie
    I love you guys and this pod. But it seems like Jackie is severely over this show. Her indifference seems unprofessional and not what we want be listening to. You can tell Stefanie loves this show and loves talking about it. That makes it fun to listen to her. You can tell Jackie just doesn’t care anymore. She’s either being indifferent or just really negative and it’s killing the vibe.
  • Dora&Blu2
    Fun show
    I enjoy this show so much. It’s like talking with girlfriends about my favorite guilty pleasure.
  • only1stephy
    Love you two. I was listening to you while cooking and my husband made fun of you two talking about the Super Bowl. It was great commentary from non football people! 😆 I love football and laughed listening to you talking about it. Keep being you!
  • kehurt
    It was a drone show. Not CGI. Could y’all just do one tiny ounce of reading or research? you’ve literally made it your job to give commentary on the show, a sliver of effort would make help so much lol
  • Nancyy444
    I’m in between
    To start, I love this small doses. I enjoy listening to the bachelor content. The ladies are funny and witty. They really make my drive to work easier. Sometimes their opinions on other topics, that they admit to knowing nothing about, annoys me. Example their last podcast they mentioned the Super Bowl and how they don’t understand the hype. They admitted to knowing nothing about it, but it should have stopped right there instead of insulting people that enjoy it. As someone who is very passionate about sports specifically baseball and football..I watch and root my favorite team bc I enjoy watching them play, I understand the game and am genuinely excited when they succeed. It brings joy to my life, as I’m sure other topics bring joy to their lives . If you feel the need to mention sports in your podcast, instead of bringing down your listeners for enjoying it, research it more and be a little open minded..maybe just talk about only Taylor Swift since that’s the only information you can relate to when it comes to the Super Bowl, or just don’t talk about it at all. They don’t show Taylor as much as people complain about it. She gets less than a minute of coverage total. Overall this show is entertaining and I really enjoy it most days!
  • Tess273320
    The best podcast
    I look forward to this every week. Soooo fun and lighthearted. Just what I need!
  • inojbeck
    I am stupider for listening
    Listening to these two talk about the Super Bowl and it’s just street cred was so dumb. It’s like listening to two 6th grade girls banter back and forth. Also, Jackie’s voice and tone in which words come out of her mouth sounds like a little teenager.
  • Bayer.bee
    What’s happening
    I’m not sure if the podcast doesn’t want to do bachelor reviews anymore or if I am the only person listening who gets irritated that so much information is “I don’t know.” If you don’t want to recap the show then change the way the podcast is going. I listen to hear your opinion not “I don’t know, I don’t remember who that is, I was watching my phone.” Even having flash backs of you now knowing who people are, ontop of an episode you’re saying I don’t know the whole time, it’s very annoying. I love listening and hope this is helpful but maybe recaps shouldn’t be a thing anymore
  • mama pean
    Love Steph and Jackie!
    Stephanie and Jackie are the best. It’s like having girlfriends on your phone. I look forward to them every week and I’m so happy they’re making 2 episodes per week. Love the Friends and other millennial references. I stopped watching the Bachelor but I still enjoy their recaps and other segments. When I’m depressed about world affairs, I turn to this podcast to distract myself. There hasn’t been an episode that I haven’t enjoyed. Thanks, gals!
  • anniepants13
    Let’s be more positive!
    This used to be my go to podcast to get bachelor updates, interviews and recaps! However, I feel like there has been a lot of negativity. I love a good snarky and funny comment, but getting to be all the time IMO. And Jackie doesn’t want to watch bachelor or love is blind? Those are prob the two shows people who listen are most interested in… she seems to be checked out, and that’s not what people want to hear.
  • danceOBSESSED
    Love this podcast but it really seems like Jackie is over it. Seems like she doesn’t want to be there anymore and is so negative about every thing.
  • bmiller315
    My favorite!
    Listening to Stefanie & Jackie is almost better than watching the actual show. It’s like “Mean Girls” meets “The Bachelor” & really a good time, so much fun. I look forward to this podcast every week. Love you girls!
  • Annutkaaa
    She is no longer Bach?
    Please tell me I didn’t hear that right!
  • Ellie 513
    Bach podcast but taking back seat on bach recaps now?
    I normally enjoy this show, but I Just listened to latest episode where stephanie is “solo” and announces they weren't really going to be doing episode recaps of the current season of bachelor. Im sorry, but thats how you guys got started and why we all originally listened. You need to do recaps, or your gunna lose people… and please don't just put them in your paid patriarch episodes, cuz we ain't buying just to listen to bach recaps when theres plenty of free ones.
  • kodyodyody
    truly the best pod out there. So funny, so real, such good interviewers. Highlight of my week!
  • CyndyM12
    Real Talent
    Stefanie and Jackie have the rare ability to make you feel like you’re just listening to a couple of friends talking. I listen to a LOT of podcasts, and there’s only two or three that I can say do that, and I believe these women do it the best. While I love the bachelor topics they discuss, anytime they even veer off I still enjoy, listening to what they have to say on any tangents!
  • Bongrycsrjhuzg
    Love this podcast!
    These ladies kill it every week. The only podcast I listen to consistently.
  • bjorkstudio
    Refreshing and Real
    Truly enjoy the witty banter, obvious kindness and journalistic integrity of these two!
  • friendsfan05
    Really enjoyable!
    This bachelor podcasts is different from any other I’ve listened to, in the best way! I really enjoy their conversations with each other as well as the guests they have on. Keep up the great content!
  • AmandamarieG.
    So much fun
    Such a fun listen that gives you the info you need and want and with a great take on it!
  • Dreatx
    The best podcast
    Honestly the best podcast out there, these ladies are such a great time! I barely watch bachelor shows anymore but absolutely enjoy keeping up with the show through their eyes. If it wasn’t for Stephanie and Jackie, I’d have bounced from BachNation forever ago! Definitely give these gals a listen!
  • Anrymm
    Thanks to Dave Neal for the recommendation
    You both are great interviewers. Thank you so much for your chat with Peter Krause. I’ll look forward to more from you. .
  • katlat 66
    Love it!
    This is a fun and refeshing podcast. Great interviews too!
  • boy mama 2
    Day 1 FOTS
    This is the ONLY podcast I make time listen to. If you’ve been a FOTS for a while, listening to Stefanie and Jackie feels like having inside jokes with friends. They ask great questions, do some deep dives (both on socials and into the recap pool IYKYK), and bring a unique take on the Bachelor world that I don’t think other podcasts offer. Great work, ladies! Keep it up!
  • Jdizzle502
    Love them!
    My favorite podcast to listen to weekly. Stephanie and Jackie are a delight to listen to and keep things entertaining!
  • RaisingZ
    Such a FUN podcast
    Peter Kraus!!!! She’s all Bach needs continues to knock it out of the park each week with their INCREDIBLE interviews. I have been listening to this podcast since week one and I get so excited when the episodes drop each week. They have had amazing interviews with cast from the past, they cover the episodes in a fun and interesting way (“it’s Clayton’s Corner”), the Bachelor news is great and the Bachelor encounters make this podcast different from the others I listen to. Thank you Stephanie and Jackie for all you do to make this show a joy to listen to!!
  • Danettekim
    Best Podcast
    We love Stephanie & Jackie! This really is the funniest, best podcast out there!
  • JacTang227
    Instant dopamine hit
    The best interviews, recaps, banter!!! Every time I think I have a favorite episode, a new favorite comes out. I even re-listen to old episodes when I need more. Go girls!
  • KrystlePell
    It’s a good time
    OMG Stefanie is such a pro at this. I just love these girls so much. I would recommend to any fan of The Bachelor or reality TV. FOTS for life.
  • SarahB421
    I binge listen
    I can’t get enough of this pod so I signed up for the patreon too for extra content. SO worth it! Love this pod.
  • vwils923
    Great show
    Jackie and Stefanie are great! Great show, fun interviews, unique content. Love these ladies and this show!
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