She‘s All Bach


Go behind the memes with Stefanie Parker (@shesallbach) and Jackie Maroney (@jackiemaroney_) as they air out The Bachelor franchise‘s dirtiest laundry — real life encounters, social media drama, interviews with alumni, and so much more.

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Recent Episodes
  • Wet Blanket Energy and Hershey‘s Kisses for Katie
    Dec 2, 2021 – 01:08:08
  • Let‘s Talk Bachelor Conspiracy Theories
    Nov 22, 2021 – 31:00
  • Whispering In Airports and Cold Scallops
    Nov 18, 2021 – 01:08:30
  • Courtney‘s Still Winning and We Should All ”Do Better”
    Nov 11, 2021 – 01:02:10
  • Victoria‘s Secret and Demi‘s Halloween Buttcrack
    Nov 4, 2021 – 51:34
  • Being Humiliated by Producers and Grateful for Growth
    Oct 28, 2021 – 38:20
Recent Reviews
  • KaitlinLopez
    this is exactly what BN needed! Seriously who cares about an episode recap, what we need is the BN tea ☕️☕️☕️ this is so fun!!!
  • Herbert78
    Fresh hot copious
    They got that fresh-from-the-dryer blanket energy with cup after cup of hot tea. Seriously enlightening interviews and boots-on-the-ground listener reports. Not to be missed
  • Jipps82
    Makes my commute to work better
    My 45 minute drive just got a whole lot better
  • Elise Giselle
    The podcast we’ve all been waiting for
    No wet blanket energy in 2022 🙌🏼🥰
  • silkors
    The TEA!!! ☕️
    I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this pod but I’m so glad did bc each episode is better than the next. The info the guests reveal about the show is sooo good. Good work!
  • Janie Holtz
    Great Find
    So excited I found this podcast - a must listen for Bachelor fans. I needed more content to listen to during my work commute and this is a great find - don’t leave me!
  • xowaalker
    The Bach Nation podcast I’ve been waiting for!! Please continue to spill the tea. Also, I hope you guys do recaps!
  • annap864
    So good!
    I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this podcast but it is amazing!! I have listened to soooooo many bachelor related podcasts over the years but this one actually delivers. Interesting angles from actual contestants and lots of knowledge about production/ the franchise. So good!
  • NaomiBurton
    The Best Podcast
    Walk don’t run to turn this on. It’s like hanging out with your really smart witty girlfriends. I suggest binging watching if you have a long trip, the time will fly by. Thank you ladies!
  • LMU82531617
    Awesome podcast! Love that there are no spoilers but hearing all the behind the scenes stuff is so interesting and adds another view to the show. I’ve liked all the guests on the show and the creeping the feed part. All great!
  • _susiesunshine
    The tea is BOILING!
    Love listening to Stefanie and Jackie on Thursday mornings. They have the best bachelor encounter stories, so juicy! The interview segment with former cast members/bachelor nation is the best. These girls are well spoken and know how to make a great show. They are also very kind and responsive on IG DMs! Never stop making these Podcasts!
  • Fera90210
    Let’s Go!!!
    Finally a podcast I can listen to. Smart, witty, and good production value. So many podcasts out there that don’t give the audience what they want. THE TRUTH!!! Keep it going.
  • GinaRene49
    THIS …
    …is the Bachelor podcast I needed!! Keep it coming!
    Love the interviews
    Śo fun
  • Jo92828
    This is so fun
    How did I not know about this pod before? I feel like I’m chatting with my friends. Love love love.
  • RyRyLa
    Too much giggling over each other
    Love the concept but too much giggling and laughing over each other. Hollow, echoing audio.
  • Makatakn
    Great Show! Can’t wait for next episode!
    Stefanie is a National Treasure.
  • LALBIE923
    New Favorite Podcast!
    I follow She’s All Bach on Insta and I am SO excited that I can now listen to the down and dirty every week!!! It’s a really good mix of topics and I loved the pace of conversation- I never wanted to turn it off. So interesting to hear about Jillian’s experience. Excited for the next one!!
  • RPSS194
    So refreshing!
    FINALLY a bachelor podcast that doesn’t just recap the episodes. This is my new favorite pod!
  • Stacy Fav
    Must. Listen.
    My new favorite Bachelor podcast!! These ladies are so funny and I loved hearing all the juicy, non-mainstream media gossip about the show. Highly recommend!
  • Cleo0529
    Great show!
    Loved the interview with Jillian Great behind the scenes info Can’t wait for next episode
  • T30L
    Such a good addition to the Bachelor podcasts!
    Loved it! Funny & smart. Can’t wait for the next episode!!
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