Coal at Sunset: A Colorado Town in Transition


In rural northwestern Colorado, the town of Craig is at a crossroads. Coal has long been the primary employer and economic driver in this small, tight-knit community, which takes pride in providing energy to the surrounding region. Here, coal is an identity. A duty. A way of life. But something is about to change. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Colorado is moving on from fossil fuels. And in 2020, Tri-State, the local electrical utility, announced that it would close the Craig coal-fired power plant and coal mines by the end of the decade. Now, residents face an uncertain future. Some business owners and local officials are seeking to reinvent Craig’s economy. Others still hold out hope of a coal revival. This is a story about the energy we use every day. But it's also a story about values and resilience in the face of change. Craig is only the latest American coal town to face a transition. It won't be the last. Can it succeed where others have failed? Coal at Sunset: A Colorado Town in Transition was created by the Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and is produced in partnership with House of Pod.

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  • ilovemoose456
    Honest, thoughtful reporting
    Finally, an energy transition story that centers both the science of climate change AND the real people affected by the sunset of coal. Thank you for crafting such a nuanced, complicated story that captures this challenging but necessary moment in history.
  • Wild by nature
    A fascinating story
    I can’t wait to hear the other episodes! Such a complex, important story about energy and our future. High quality production and great characters.
  • Bridge Builder 5280
    Timely & Powerful
    This is an important story at an important moment. Great quality production!
  • gmc blue
    Looking forward to this story!
  • TDK364
    Can’t wait
    Super important topic, great to see a podcast about Craig that goes in depth
  • skyfit review
    Really excited
    Super excited to hear more about this
  • Mukisi
    An incredible CO podcast rising
    So impressed by this work and this story. The town of Craig has a great deal to offer, and hearing about the people and their struggles and opportunities give me a deeper understanding of Colorado’s history. I never thought of towns honing in on one industry and how that comes to define their identity. And what that means when that industry fades away. This is such an important look at a people and a place. Thank you for crafting it so beautifully and sharing it with us.
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