Dark Woods

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From Legendary Producer Dick Wolf and Wolf Entertainment comes a new fiction series starring Corey Stoll (House of Cards, Ant-Man), Monica Raymund (Chicago Fire), and Reid Scott (Veep). When the body of a young volunteer is discovered in the middle of the California redwoods, two estranged ex-spouses, game warden Mark Ellis (Stoll) and city councilwoman (Raymund), must put their differences aside to learn the terrifying truth about what is happening in their state park. Executive Produced by Elliot Wolf (Hunted), directed by Takashi Doscher (Only), and written by David Pergolini.

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Recent Reviews
  • Civicsam
    Thrilling and addictive
    Love the pace, voice actors and story is great
  • thepushygoat
    Entertaining & Cringeworthy…but not in a good way!
    I find this podcast and storyline overall entertaining. However, I cringe so hard every time the TA speaks. Terrible representation of Autism. Making it seem as though it’s a handicap/disorder that someone can’t be fully functional on their own, the terrible portrayal of this character by the actor, I could go on. It furthers stereotypes that are equatable to the use of lobotomies and other torturous treatments once utilized abundantly in Mental Health Care facilities. Not cool. I don’t think it all falls on the overall podcast, these actors should’ve checked in with themselves on this one. Also, the whole “Mexicans are the bad guys” thing is super played out. I get that it’s a story, but for real? The super terrible accents, wow.
  • GrammaMary604
    I’m hooked!
    I’m really loving this podcast! The story line, the acting…. Excellent! When I pause to think that there is an element of truth in it, we’ll, it’s more than disturbing. Waiting for the next installment makes a week seem so loooong.
  • Tbmeade
    Really good!
    Excellent acting, writing and production!
  • EMC Bean
    Gross handling of autism
    Was really liking this until the part where the smart, capable TA researcher says he can’t move out of his parents house because of his “condition” - “autism spectrum disorder”. Someone must’ve forgotten to tell Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Dan Akroyd and all the other millions of autistic people living successful lives that they should still be living in their parents basement cause of their “disorder”.
  • (Walter55)
    What an exciting new podcast drama, acting: AAA+++, production value: AAA+++, story line: AAA+++. One of the best podcast to come down the pike since 1/2020. Waiting for each episode with baited breath! Such a well done production. My only fear is, as other excellent podcasts have come down the pike, they disappear, and leave us having to listen to the failure’s that are flooding the drama podcast genre’s. This podcast however is so well written and the acting is stellar. Please, continue this fine podcast, it is like a fine wine, only getting better as it continues, the actors are superb, and so believable bar none! Thank you, for such a wonderful intense and exciting drama, one of the best to show up since the start of the pandemic!!!
  • GFM Taos
    Extraordinary performance
    The acting is the best I have heard, and I have listened for years. Is it Foley? Fabulous. Story is  addictive. All acting is present and more real than any radio play I have heard in years.
  • Brit8977
    So good!
    While it’s a story these things are really happening. Good voices and great storyline! Can’t wait to hear the rest!!! Give it a try I’m sure you’ll be hooked too.
  • SheliaGigi
    Great listen!
  • HsrBrklyn
    Autism Stereotype
    The depiction of someone on the Autism Spectrum in this podcast is disappointingly stereotypical and reinforces an overused trope that allows those not involved in the-neurodiverse community to double down on their misunderstanding of the wide range (spectrum) of personalities and behaviors of those with ASD.
  • Riska_G
    I love this story! You have to listen. You’ll be hooked !
  • Red hill shell
    Dark Woods~
    Absoutly engaging. I totally love this story. It has me hooked. completly entertaining.
  • Loombani
    This Podcast…
    I rarely write reviews but oh my gosh this podcast is amazing. The story is so interesting and I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s like a book you don’t want to put down. The voice actors are great and it is beautifully written!
  • Oh look, stars!
    My husband doesn’t care for podcast usually, but this one he waits for every week so we can listen together! So good!
  • MurderSquaredPodcast
    This is the first fiction podcast I've ever listened to. So suspenseful and brilliantly written.
  • avidpodgirl
    This is an amazing fiction series podcast! Very well done!!
  • drewsaul
    This podcast brings suspense, drama, and amazing storytelling to a new level. The realistic plots and character development leave you wanting more.
  • feyc_1211
    The best story I’ve heard, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s the highlight to my Monday morning rides to work.
  • Touched by Darkenss
    Old Timey Radio Show
    It reminds me of those old timey radio shows. Absolutely in love. Don’t miss!
  • AnneToOfReSh1
    The suspense is just amazing! The fact that it’s not your basic podcast but a whole audio book! It feels like I’m in the movie theater & I can just visualize everything. This is great!
  • Recespieces
    Entertaining and suspenseful!
    Definitely a great, suspenseful show. Amazing acting and great sound quality. The detail makes me picture what is happening as I hear it. Hopefully more seasons come. I recommend to anyone who likes suspense.
  • aschufing
    A little offensive?
    Very interesting story line but I worry that Miguel’s character may be condescending to people on the spectrum- from the over the top voice acting to some of the conversations they have about him- it falls a little short even if they had good intentions.
  • PineapplexPeach
    A must listen! If you’re tired of the standard podcast, this is perfect for you. Audiobook, podcast, and theater all mixed into one to give you the best immersive experience possible!!!
  • kllywlsh
    We get it
    The voice acting is over the top! The breathing, the sighing, the stammering, it’s supposed to seem more real but it just seems so distractingly fake, I can’t pay attention to the plot.
  • _maypril9
    Thank you, Dark Woods, for making my Monday’s 10x better. This podcast is SO WELL WRITTEN. I cannot get enough. LISTEN NOW, you won’t regret it!!!!!
  • Efb1024
    What podcasts should be
    Completely immersive, with a great story, excellent voice actors, and production! I’m hooked!!
  • Alpskier88
    Great story and sound design
    The acting is great, among the best I’ve heard in an audio drama. And the story and pacing keep you hooked. Great job.
  • Coeur de Parisienne
    Freaking Awesome!!
    No way! Is this a podcast or a freaking tv show? I love it! It has me edgy, excited and so impatient. When will the next episodes be coming on??? This is one of my top FIVE…will it be yours?
  • Tipsy155
    So well done!
    So well done!
  • Lyris83h
    Good but…
    It’s good just hate the fake overacted Mexican accent.
  • Brooke276
    I’d bet my car, I know who it is.
    I have watched several docs about this area and the crimes/murders that have happened there. But I am almost certain the killer is the person that was trying to get the town’s attention and was ignored 🙃
  • meche2323
    Miguel and his father!! 😵💀 OMG! Noooooo! The voices are intolerable. And why did they have to make the women so unlikable? It’s possible to be strong-willed and commanding without being so gruff. Ultimately, my problem is there is not a single character I like.
  • Newmommyandnotnew
    I love this!
    Such a nice change to standard podcast telling! SO well done!
  • DrewSamuel
    I don’t know how many times the writers will have these characters say Jesus, but we’re up to three with five minutes to go in the first episode. Why such language, to say nothing of the f bomb? Anyway, I’m unsubscribing and am disappointed with the bigotry— no other religion gets treated this way.
  • golderndrdr
    What a great cast. I love this podcast. I listen to it as I walk my dogs. Can’t wait for the 4th episode
  • KCass Potterhead
    Three episodes and I’m ITCHING for more!!
  • @CP3ezy
    They need to make this into a tv series!!! I want more more more! It is sooooooo good!
  • BachNationLB
    As one that loves national parks, this hit home in the most interesting and creepy way possible. Can’t wait to see how it unfolds!
  • galeai70
    Next episode PLEASE!!
    When is the next episode? Hooked and eagerly waiting!
  • Theycallmeauntt
    I listened to the commercial for this podcast through morbid, But I didn’t think anything about it. Then my sister told me I had to listen because it was amazing and she was addicted to it. Now I’m addicted to it and I’m going to need you guys to drop an episode every day. 🤣
  • Pretty little lair
    I want more !!!!!
  • ms talulah 2 you
    Just happened across this podcast and I am hooked. I am going to need more.
  • thebrownwidow
    More please!!!
    I am hooked, I’m sitting here wanting more !!!
  • KiloLV
    Love it
    It’s soo good I love it!
  • jruhland
    Unbelievable Podcast
    Completely hooked! Glad I stumbled upon this podcast, I want more.
  • briboyd632
    Love it!!
    Had me hanging on the edge of my seat! Had to finish all three episodes in one sitting and now I can’t wait until the next one!
  • redsapples21
    Tv for your ears!
    Honestly the best thing I’ve listened too while I’m at work! Morbid promoted this, and I can’t wait for all the episodes to come out!
  • SadYoungPopeFan
    Hard to get over the “nerdy voice” character.
    It’s bad man. Also a little offensive to people with spectrum disorders.
  • Nasha2016
    Heard a little snippet of this podcast from Morbid and immediately fell in love!!
  • VerNayNay
    Hey Weirdos 🤗
    I’m HOOKED 👀
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