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Nora Princiotti and Nathan Hubbard are two pop music enthusiasts. Together, they break down every single album from some of your favorite stars, like Taylor Swift, Adele, and Harry Styles. Topics include favorite collaborators, track five meanings, where these artists get their inspiration, and more.
Join them starting October 11th as they get ready for the release of Taylor Swift's newest album, 'Midnights.'

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  • 25 PS
    I love it
    Its great on a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you love weddings. Make longer podcasts.
  • MochixLily
    Great Podcast!
    I’ve loved listening to all of your episodes on Taylor swift, I have learned to appreciate so many new Taylor Swift songs based on everything you guys had to say about them, like Ivy and Seven. However… Complaint: Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve is not about virginity, it’s so so so much deeper than that!!!! I think the idea of giving up your “girlhood” when you have sex for the first time is not on brand with 2023 Taylor who sings about not wanting to be a wife. She’s not haunted to this day by losing her hymen, she’s haunted by the cruelty that changed her forever.
  • clearpurple89
    It’s not “x” because Nathan says it is
    So it’s “weird Internet rumors” when fans to interpret songs as anything that doesn’t fit the heteronormative narrative, but 48 year old Nathan Hubbard can make definitive statements about Taylor losing her virginity based off a song. I had high hopes for this show because of the premise but Nathan is the most condescending person I’ve ever heard on a podcast. Nora is okay but can be cringy and immature. Oh and thanks a lot for spoiling the tour for me in the DESCRIPTION of your episode, which I read specifically to find out if there were spoilers.
  • gemurray7
    Love the pod!!! But why not Girl at Home?
    I LOVE your podcast. You are both so thoughtful and clearly have thought carefully about Taylor’s career, music, and lyrics. But I love the song Girl at Home. I think it’s objectively a total bop. I need more info on why you guys don’t like it!?
  • jxb9101
    Can we get a Miley Cyrus every single album?
    Feel free to skip dead pets but she’s underrated in my opinion!
  • Jrcaldwel
    Thank you!
    This podcast was a highlight for me for 2022! I loved listening to you two dissect every aspect of the albums. You made my drive to work so enjoyable and fun. I loved hearing your enthusiasm; It was infectious. You also made me change my mind on several songs. Your love for certain songs really shed a new light. Thank you for a great time!
  • wjatypudoung?
    Their pod shows how awkward it is to not meet somebody and make a pod with them. Also I hate that Natan always puts down Nora in almost everything she says or does. I think of Nathan were to show some more respect towards Nora than it might just be a great podcast bc the topics are great.
  • T-SwiftFan
    Love it, but…
    It goes without saying that I’m a huge Taylor fan, so listening to this podcast feels like breaking down/discussing/fangirling over her music with close friends who are equally obsessed. But… Nathan comes across as a bit self-important and pretentious. He’s got some great opinions and ideas, but he passes them off as facts and he’s always interrupting/undermining Nora (who is very smart and funny, so I’d like to hear more from her!).
  • Lulululudemon
    Oh I love Taylor Swift!!!!!
  • MareSwan
    Love 💜🫶🏻
    I love this podcast so much! I have one idea for an episode maybe rank Taylor’s music videos and performances would be a cool one and then maybe even tours. Just an idea for a few episodes.
  • Sofi_chavez
    generally really enjoy
    I love the idea and most of the episodes of this podcast! I will say I was pretty disheartened in one episode when addressing the queer interpretations of her music when Nora said “internet’s gonna internet.” I totally get not feeling comfortable talking about queer interpretations of her work, but it seemed pretty dismissive of a growing sector of Taylor’s fan base and why they love her music. Queer fans produce really incisive and precise analyses of her lyrics, styling and artistry, and I think the hosts could have acknowledged that and said something like “we don’t feel comfortable speaking about it but it’s a growing sector of her large fan base.” Potentially also worth bringing on other guests with different backgrounds to explore what connections they form with her music. The Wondery podcast Even the Rich will bring on an outside specialist periodically to talk in conversation with the main hosts and offer another perspective. I’m thinking too of Switched on Pop’s recent episode on “sapphic pop” as another point that addresses this growing trend in music and artist/ fan relationships. Thanks for your work!
  • BayPineapple
    It’s stupid music analysis. These two pretend Taylor Swift and One Direction are innovative and interesting. Both artists are fine and make enjoyable music. But these two pretend they are greater than they actually are. Two idiots reviewing pop music should be the name of the podcast.
  • angiecanmagic
    Need to visit my ophthalmologist
    For the most part, i enjoy this podcast and listening to their perspective. Unfortunately, last time i heard Nathan say that a song “is” another song simply because they share similar chord progression my eyes rolled so hard that they got stuck in the back of my head. I fear i will never heal.
  • WallyHY
    Good Vibes
    The hosts have good chemistry and keep things positive, even when being critical. My only complaint, and the reason for the 3 star rating, is that Nathan’s primary method of evaluating a song is to compare it to another song. He does this on nearly every track on every album that they review. The comparisons add little value to the discussion, if anything, it implies that the artist isn’t original.
  • MapleMurphy
    Love this pod
    I love how Nora and Nathan LOVE music and appreciate the art of songwriting yet even when they are critical, they speak respectfully of the artist. I love the juxtaposition of the feedback of a female millennial and a dad on some of my favorite music which speaks to the timelessness of the work. I appreciate when new work is released they aren’t quick to rush out their feedback understanding that it takes more than one listen to take it all in. Thanks for the great pod!
  • spilltojill
    Need your review of midnights
    Was waiting for your midnights episode all weekend!!!
  • mcm315
    Love the content but can’t stand the hosts
    First let me say that I loved getting super super into Swift canon with them. Unlike others Nathan’s little references to other songs is interesting to me. However am I the only one that finds the silly banter too much?? The weird fake accents and fake voices?? I’m not sure the chemistry is working. Nathan is either serious or completely off the walls. Nora tries to go along with him but she has trouble getting her points made sometimes. I feel like she fakes laughter to appease him and it’s so awkward. Will still be coming here for my Taylor analysis but I have to listen to them about 1.5x to get through the painful parts
  • JackieFromSA
    Let Nora Speak
    LOVE the Taylor content, wow! I just wish Nathan would stop interrupting Nora - it happens multiple times an episode and it’s so frustrating and I wanna strangle him 😇 Let Nora speak! She’s so smart!! You keep cutting her off!!!
  • sssooooopppphhh
    So fun but a few issues
    I love this podcast’s concept and think it’s a great mix of intellectual and gossip-y, but PLEASE can there be fewer song references? Nathan is constantly talking about which songs sound like which other songs, and I don’t really find this all that interesting or innovative - all songs sound like other songs, it’s just a byproduct of having a finite number of ways to combine notes! Otherwise, love listening:)
  • Shalma M.
    One of the Best Ever
    This is an all-time favorite podcast for me. As a lifelong Swiftie (here since debut), I don’t always agree with all of NaNo’s takes, but I genuinely love their warmth, opinions, and intense love for Taylor as an artist. They are a joy and a pleasure to listen to. I would listen to anything they made together, but I’m especially happy they chose to make this!
  • ...sergio...
    Amazing pod!
    I love Taylor. I love Adele. And now I love 1D and all of the boys of the band. This is such a great podcast with so much incredible insight to the artist they review. I’m a “Speak Now” major fan and I can’t wait to hear their review on what we hopefully get soon “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”! Also, the number one song (after ATWTTMVTV) that I would love to see her play live is “Champagne Problems”! She said so herself the in the “Evermore” interview with Zane Lowe!!
  • 406boymama
    Love this podcast! Love Nora and Nathan’s pod chemistry/friendship, love their attention to detail, love that they genuinely are fans of what they’re talking about while also critically analyzing the music/ lyrics. They integrate pop culture so well, and it’s a time machine! I honestly relisten to the Taylor swift podcasts a couple times a year and get new information every time🦋💛💜♥️💙🖤💗🤍🧡
  • atwtmvftvtv2012
    Great, but…
    Love this podcast!! It’s great to hear a professional take on the albums that I love. Sometimes they get too critical. Ruined the song Little Things by One Direction for me. It also made me sad when they did the “What song would you cut from the album?” But those things didn’t make me stop listening. The podcast is great for music lovers that want to know more about their favorite artists. Good podcast overall.
  • hpup14
    Great hosts and a great show
  • Yosemite Park Ranger
    Please keep doing this podcast!
    I LOVE this podcast soo much. It is a perfect balance of intellectual discussion of albums, and then just their plain opinions, both of which arr entartaining. Thank you Nora and Nathan! ❤️
  • sweat review ******
    Heartbreak weather is AWESOME!
    Thank you thank you thank you for covering Niall Horan’s “Heartbreak Weather”! I absolutely love this album and am sad that nobody really knows about it, so you two loving it as much as me was so refreshing. It was on repeat for me during the pandemic all the way up until “folklore” was released, and I still keep coming back to it. I am happy to listen to hosts who love Niall as much as I do. Love all of your other episodes by the way!
  • amykames
    Fun but come on
    I love listening to them go through one directions albums but my god PLEASE chill on the song references. We get it. You know a lot of songs and think they all sound the same. Hit a few and move on we are begging you.
  • kellien23
    we stan a Taylor stan podcast!
    I would listen to Nora and Nathan discuss every album ever made, if possible. Their mutual love for Taylor Swift brought me here, their banter and thoughtful reviews/feedback keep me coming back for more. Love them & this podcast so much!
  • ErinGrz24
    Favorite podcast!
    I seriously love everything about this podcast! I loved the Taylor swift ones and now the one direction ones are soo fascinating. I am not as big of a one direction fan as Taylor so I love learning more about behind the scenes with the band. I think Nora and Nathan’s chemistry is just perfect. I love more of the fan girl side from Nora and then the industry information from Nathan. Please do Jonas Brothers next!!!
  • Babybeekg
    1D episodes are disappointing
    I loved the Taylor Swift season of this series but I’ve been disappointed with the 1D season. It feels like at least half of every episode is Nathan listing every song that the 1D songs remind him of and complaining that none of it is original. I don’t begrudge the critique but it takes up way too much air time every episode and it’s impossible to ignore. Nora remains great.
  • Katswin
    Playlist please!
    I have enjoyed listening to this podcast since Taylor Swift season and loved each one! Now I am just waiting for a playlist of all their song references for each season/artist! 😉
  • clairerose:)
    Absolutely Recommend!
    started listening to this because of the One Direction episodes and now going to listen to the Taylor ones while i wait for the rest of the 1D content… absolutely LOVE. I have been a huge directioner from the beginning and it is so cool to see the hosts talk about the boys impact & dynamic when they both are well versed in music & pop culture & the effect hollywood can have on people who were catapulted into fame so young. much love for the boys & for this series! can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to come out!
  • vickers830
    Way Too Critical
    I must preface this review that I am not in the music industry at all. I am not musically inclined or anything. But I am an avid Taylor Swift fan that has listened to every song and album. That being said, this podcast is just alright. They analyze and really dive deep into every single lyric, song, and album. I can really appreciate that. What I don’t appreciate is the critical lens that becomes unnecessary. It is to the point that I seriously consider if Nathan is even a true Taylor fan. He constantly compares songs to other songs and claims that they sound exactly alike. This serves no purpose, in my opinion. It is not 1 or 2 songs each podcast, it’s 5 or 6 songs and the songs that they sound vaguely alike. All in all, this podcast is just alright. I understand as the creators, they are welcomed to share whatever they like. I can respect that. But I feel like this podcast series was suppose to be for the fans. The fans that obese over each song and their meanings. Each album can mean so much to someone. Taylor’s music is important to both the music industry and her fans. Her fans that pour themselves over each one. Simply put, Nathan and Nora miss that mark completely in this series.
  • adeyonker
    I’m now a believer
    I started listening to this because I was curious about the Taylor Versions popping up on Apple Music…. Now I’m obsessed with her. Please do a Lana Del Ray series!
  • hilaryemma
    So thoughtful and well researched
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning and have loved the deep dives into Taylor - I learned so much even as a pretty well informed Swiftie. I loved the Olivia and Adele episodes too! Would love to hear your takes on Ed Sheeran’s albums!
  • Iheartpeeps12
    this is the podcast that turned me from a taylor sceptic to a taylor fan, y’all are amazing also would love to hear a lana series, her style has evolved so much and each era is so iconic
  • Hannahsophiasp
    Nora and Nathan have infectious chemistry and I love each of their perspectives - the knowledge and music expertise they bring to this show is incredible. A must listen for fans of pop music!
  • Rrr016
    Love this podcast
    I honestly did not realize how much I would enjoy this podcast. It’s super interesting to hear their thoughts and opinions on our gal Tswift.
  • s. giu isdcunidcafda
    Great Podcast!
    I like how they both don’t agree on things and the podcast is interesting and provides clips of the songs.
  • takentakentaken3
    season idea…
    i would adore a lorde season…! 👉👈🥺🖤
  • .....John..
    Love love love
    Amazing content!! Can we PLEASE have an Every Single Album: Lady Gaga?!
  • suzzzanna
    A wonderful podcast.
  • Italia_39
    A new favorite listen
    I absolutely loved listening to the Taylor Swift episodes this spring and am so excited Nora and Nathan will be covering Adele as well. I’m crossing my fingers for more artists to be covered in the future.
  • Addie_Marie
    A Great Show
    I’ve loved this podcast, and it has been so informative and entertaining! Nathan’s insight is fascinating. Sometimes wish he had a little more space to talk - he gives Nora a lot of room to share her thoughts, but it doesn’t always seem like she returns the favor. But overall, this show is well done and super enjoyable and I only wish it could run on a weekly basis forever :)
  • peyton geyser
    My Favorite Podcast (Taylor’s Version)
    This podcast is everything I needed to breakdown Red (Taylor’s Version) and more!!!!
  • S'wonderful
    All Too Well
    How did they manage to absolutely gloss over that All Too Well (and this album generally) is ultimately about the *all too common* phenomenon of grown men dating young women and clearly exploiting those power dynamics, particularly when there is a pattern of these habits? And how she simply could not have released this ten years ago, without being completely demolished, even as the now obvious victim here. I’m incredibly disappointed in this episode.
  • DavidlTwombly
    The Taylor Swift of Taylor Swift Podcasts
    This podcast is so special. The perspective on pop music here is so informed from a sonic perspective, a writing perspective, and a business perspective cannot be beat. They are an authority- also just fangirly. There is a lot of respect here for what Pop Stars old and new are accomplishing in the music space. Shout out Nora and Nathan (also please invite me to talk about Reputation TV, promise i’d be güd at it 🤓)
  • Dottie456
    Love this Podcast!!
    I love the the deep-dive into Taylor’s music!
  • e2r2z
    A favorite
    This podcast saved me during some dark COVID days and deepened my love for Taylor. I’m so excited to continue to listen as they break down REDTV (and all upcoming re-records) and Adele!
  • Bcdm0912
    Long Live this podcast!
    Sparks Fly when I listen to Nora and Nathan! I absolutely love their adoration and dedication to Taylor and her music. Nathan’s music industry knowledge mixed with Nora’s passion for Taylor’s songwriting is a perfect combo. Even as a diehard Swiftie since debut, I learn new information every podcast. I now trust their music taste fully, so I’m excited to hear them breakdown Adele next and hopefully expose me to the discography of other artists in the future that I haven’t explored as deeply as Taylor’s.
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