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Did you know that in the world of elephants the females are the ones in charge? Or that a grizzly bear's bite is strong enough to crush a bowling ball? Amazing Wildlife gives a behind-the-scenes look inside the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park to gain insight on rare species and to explore the ongoing conservation efforts to save endangered wildlife no matter how big or small. Join us as hosts Rick Schwartz and now Marco Wendt transport listeners around the globe to highlight the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s collaborative efforts with local communities to drive positive change for the future of animals and plants. Through one-of-a-kind stories, you’ll hear what it takes to create a healthy next chapter for not only wildlife, but also for the people that share their habitats.

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  • ytguyguytggti
    I love ❤️ this podcast so cool!
    Thank you and this is great 👍🏼 thank you for this podcast rattlesnakes all cool snakes 🐍 are the coolest thing ever and I am so glad you made this podcast !
  • Thestarwars24
    Amazing show
    This show is awesome and so educational
  • shopper$&@
    Awesome and educational show
    This show is so well produced and educational. I learn so much each episode.
  • NotMoneyYet
    Amazing podcast that is so educational
    This podcast is so greatly done and produced. The hosts are amazing and educational
  • Renoodle55
    5 STARS
    Great show with amazing info and is so educational
  • Emoney55555
    This podcast is amazing
    This is so well written and the hosts are amazing! The producers do such a good job
  • Scotty Mac 201 412
    Best Podcast Ever!
    I have been BINGING this podcast, I absolutely love it and have recommended it to so many friends! Listen, is it sometimes geared to little kids? Absolutely! But that doesn’t make it bad! It just means they go through the (still surprising and interesting) facts a bit slower and simply. I’m 20 but still love listening to this podcast in the car. I always learn a ton!! So so happy that it is back for season two!
  • Amy---Erin
    Chock full of facts that make me look smart
    I love sharing what I learn in this podcast. Hyenas are more closely related to cats? What?!
  • Miacal Jackson
    I love san Diagonal zoo wild life
    I love this show I have watch every single episode and loved them all.I hope you continue the fantastic work.
  • Kizzle1991dd3
    Wonderful and educational
    Love this show! Great information and relaxing and soothing to listen to. Nature is so amazing and we should try to better understand and respect it
  • Joe Q.
    Good info, bad puns
    I love this podcast because the information is very cool, but the terrible puns make me want to turn the podcast off.
  • Lizzythebug
    Koalas & Rhinos & Jaguars, oh my!
    What a fantastic podcast to learn about animals but it also focuses on the many dedicated people connected with them. In the past I thought zoos weren’t necessary but listening to all the behind the scenes work carried to make sure animals survive in a zoo gives me great hope.
  • BushSunflower
    Fun way to learn about animals
    I love the content, great variety of topics, and Ebonee is a fantastic presenter/interviewer. But please, no background music during the speaking parts of the program! It’s hard to concentrate on what is being said.
  • lindy luvs music
    Such interesting info!
    This is a great podcast for anyone that loves animals and wants to learn all of the interesting facts about them. It also highlights the great work that zoos are doing regarding conservation.
  • andypkelly
    Cute and Informative
    Love this show, always gives me the best animal facts and Rick and Ebony are great hosts.
  • Maybe Jo
    Interesting animal facts!
    We’ll presented. Enjoyed learning new animal facts and the efforts being made to help animal species survive.
  • 78_gold_78
    Love the pod. Just wanted to point out that the host when talking about Australian marsupials called possums, “opossums”. Only North American versions have the “o”.
  • Waterlilyjane
    Fantastic new podcast!🦛🦛🦛
    Thank you San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance for bringing us this entertaining and informative podcast! Hope you include a question and answer segment in the future for your curious listeners! Well done!🐘🐘🐘
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