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Each week, 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, and the greatest wrestler of all time, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, examines his two-time Hall of Fame career along with his friend and former WCW commentator Mark Madden. Flair will go beyond his New York Times best-seller, beyond his ESPN 30-for-30 and beyond all the stories told and written before, to take a deep dive into the greatest wrestling career of all-time. Don't miss a single episode, subscribe to Ric Flair Wooooo Nation Uncensored on iTunes or anywhere you get your podcasts. Learn more at PodcastHeat.com.

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  • Pfunks brother.
    When are you going to be uncensored?
    The podcast is decent, but I guess I’m expecting more shoot talk. Every time it seems it’s going down that route, Ric won’t talk freely or criticize in fear that charlotte (Ashley) will face backlash.
  • b.d.kold
    Awsome to hear him and madden chop it up keep up the great work fellas wooooooo
  • TommyTisme
    The MAN
    Ric is definitely not holding back. At All.
  • El1220
    Ric is always a good listen, unfortunately madden sounds like he’s yelling all the time. I don’t know if he’s doing the show as a commentator but it’s not working…
  • joeyg1381
    Ric Flair
    Great show !! Ric is the goat period. Great insight and stories. Mark Madden great to hear him again one of the best wrestling commentators of all time.
  • Tori_queen
  • fan of good audio
    Madden screams everything
    Also charlottes over rated, get over it ric
  • David - Pittsburgh
    Ain’t gonna last long
    Right out of the gate fat*** Mark Madden can’t get his internet connection on WiFi to be proper within the first 20 seconds! Already I’m not gonna listen to this . Plus Flair ain’t gonna tell the whole truth of things . I see Flair dropping this podcast quickly like he did before when he had the original one with Conrad which was way better then this. Not worth my time! Dave from Pittsburgh
  • Eazyduzit24
    Nature boy
    Hands down This is going to be a awesome podcast. But RIC Flair is going to be styling and profiling, podcast talking,limousine riding jet flying son-of-gun
  • Will E Fistergash
    I have been waiting to hear some of the stories straight from the Nature Boys mouth. Give them all a huge piece of your mind Natch.
  • Mati4143
    Flair forever baby!
  • bfranklinep
    Fix the quality!
    Love it but the feed was rough
  • Rdanks
    Horrible audio
    Sounds horrible. Hopefully they get it fixed. Love Ric can’t wait to listen to more if they fix the audio issues.
  • Mlager66
    Loved It
    Ric Flair & The SuperGenius hit this out of the park. Old stories and getting The Nature Boy’s perspective on today’s wrestling scene. 5 Star Tokyo Dome quality
  • Michael 99004
    Legendary Podcast
    Mark Madden and Ric Flair who could ask for anything else! They brought me back to podcast listening! Thank you for entertaining me most of my adult life. Now the stories never heard! Legendary men, Legendary Podcast!
  • Dizzle559
    The GOAT
    You are listening to the greatest professional wrestler to ever lace em up. Period. End of discussion. And if you don't believe, it just ask your momma about the sixty minute man!! Woooooooooooooooo
  • Francis J Fox
  • Buhbuhjay36
    Stylin’ and Profilin’
    Love The Nature Boy. He’s my favorite wrestler of all time. And his stories are the greatest. That said, I’d rather have Conrad Thompson as his co-host. Mark Madden…no thanks. Didn’t like him on WCW tv either. Im still gunna listen b/c it’s Naitch tho!!!!
  • DeeFSU
    Welcome back Ric! Give us a ride on space mountain, wooo wooo! WOOOOOOO.
  • Twochain
    90 mins?
    This was 90 minutes? Flew by, could have listen for hours more.
  • FalconsFan2016
    Mark Madden is incredibly annoying shouting all podcast long. Almost unlistenable!
  • rick allen 25
    Absolutely loved the first episode. Ric and mark you guys would great together. Can’t wait for the stories, special guests and everything in between to come. Awesome work guys!
  • Temp92837448383
    Mr. Madden and the legend Ric Flair are what’s causing all this. Live from their big houses on the big side of town they give the people what they want. Unfiltered, uncensored, just facts. Surely the hottest sports podcast out, and If you disagree with me…. IM AFRAID IVE GOT SOME…. BAD NEWS.
  • Secret Idmirer
    Awful. Why would anyone listen to him
    Wish I could give this zero stars. Quality terrible. Ric is irrelevant
  • The Hulkster15
    I’m sure this will be great as I could listen to Flair stories all day long. I’m a bit concerned without Conrad Thompson though.
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