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The story of our environment may well be the most important story this century. We focus on issues facing people and the planet. Leading environmentalists, organizations, activists, and conservationists discuss meaningful ways to create a better and more sustainable future.

Participants include EARTHDAY.ORG, Greenpeace, UNESCO World Heritage Centre, PETA, European Environment Agency, Peter Singer,, UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Earth System Governance Project, Forest Stewardship Council, Global Witness, National Council for Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Public Leadership, Marine Stewardship Council, One Tree Planted, Polar Bears International, EarthLife Africa, Shimon Schwarzschild, and GAIA Centre, among others.

Interviews conducted by artist, activist, and educator Mia Funk with the participation of students and universities around the world. One Planet Podcast Is part of The Creative Process’ environmental initiative.

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Recent Reviews
  • case-I
    I always find something with these podcast that I haven’t heard in any other sphere. The variation of speakers and types of dialogue being an element of analysis with fun storytelling.
  • camiils
    Important topics no one else is talking about
    One Planet podcast delves into the profound and transformative role that renewable energy plays in addressing climate change and why it stands as a beacon of hope for our planet's future! So informative, I recommend
  • Finn510
    Extremely Informative and Interesting!
    This podcast is a great listen when I feel like learning something new. As a person who is both very passionate about the environment and familiar to its threats, as I study the environmental sciences everyday, I have greatly appreciated One Planet’s episodes. They remind me of my passion to work towards dynamically and responsibly conserving the natural world as well as provide very in depth discussions and information that excel past many of the textbooks I have read and lectures I have sat in. Thank you One Planet!
  • Faithhoangg
    Interesting interviews!
    Super interesting listen, love how it brings attention to climate change while also expanding on other topics.
  • Lily--Ella
    I think that this podcast does a great job at telling the story of the guest and connecting it to the greater issues we face in terms of global climate change. Even though the episode might focus on a specific issue, there is still a focus on the bigger picture as well.
  • Ray Mra Min
    Love this channel!
    The One Planet Podcast is a compelling exploration of pressing environmental issues, from climate change and politics to sustainability, renewable energy, activism, biodiversity, and more. In a recent episode, they spoke with David Fenton, a prominent figure with over 50 years of experience in mobilizing public awareness for these issues. He emphasizes the importance of using language that activates existing mental frames to effectively communicate complex topics like reaching net-zero emissions. This podcast serves as an educational and inspirational platform for anyone concerned about the planet's future, offering a fresh perspective on addressing climate change through effective communication and activism. Highly recommend!
  • Amy X Chen
    Full of useful and inspiring content
    As a sustainable development student, I find podcast episodes in this section not only informative about the topics I want to learn like circular economy, environmental science and policies, but also inspiring for the reason why I love and want to protect and conserve our planet in the first place.
  • vgffriday
    Teaching the Earth about the Earth
    This podcast is a great way to learn about what is going on in our society with sustainability and climate change and how that is impacting the way we live!! It’s so important to know about these topics so we learn to live WITH out planet rather than just ON it. They just do such an amazing job of spreading awareness to their audience!!
  • Afcl718
    Love it!
    The variety in interviewees on this podcast allows me to gain a more conclusive and digestible understanding of complex environmental issues. Thank you, One Planet podcast!
  • sabhk
    I very much enjoy how much this podcast cares about the world that it inhabits and reaches. I feel like not only is this podcast meant to provide a respite from what is going on in the world, but it also makes me react and want to put much of what I’ve learned into action. Great episodes, as always.
  • graceincolorado
    A Lesson in Curiosity
    Not only is this podcast both deeply engaging and informative, but the conversations tend to feel like individual journeys. They’re not just simple back and forths, they’re a lesson in curiosity - in the power of exploring a subject collaboratively, as Mia does with each individual interviewee. All the while, the integration of young voices adds yet another dimension of intellectual exploration, enabling these discussions to also become opportunities for cross-generational learning.
  • T-Y14
    The creative process
    I enjoy the different perspective the creative process brings to the listeners! Many topics are very thought provoking and bring up information I did not know before but definitely want to look into, the people who tell their stories through the podcast create inspiration for all listeners.
  • Dara D.
    Interesting and Thought-provoking!
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast! The variety in background of speakers interviewed and the breadth of topics discussed is enormous; therefore, the podcast ensures there are different lenses used when examined the most pressing environmental issues at hand. Additionally, I want to highlight that STEM topics and Social Science topics are given equal footing across the episodes, which is a newer way to investigate the climate crisis.
  • Lyssyjordan
    Many educational opportunities!
    This podcast is a great resource for anyone who is interested in gaining some new perspective on the world. Whether they are looking for news in politics or an eco-conscious mindset, this is the place to discover and learn.
  • jskasjnsnajaja1233
    An Insider View
    I appreciate being able to listen to the perspectives of the many speakers featured, and saw how that influenced their approach. Broadcasting and publicizing insight from the speakers themselves helps us understand the meaning behind their work, and The Creative Process does a wonderful job with this!
  • ajhkopYuoljjnl
    Essential, environmental information and how we can get our planet back on track
    Brings a wealth of contents from different sources, making it so much easier for me to keep up to speed with my industry and do any research. For those seeking to better understand climate change, and how to help, this is it!
  • Busraa D.
    Love it!
    I think its so important to address the connections between environmental issues we face and the politics of it, I love how this podcast approaches those issues!
  • thegirlwiththehood
    Engaging and eye-opening
    I absolutely love listening to this podcast because of how it talks about pressing issues and stimulating subjects through combining the arts, humanities and sciences. The information talked about in each episode is presented by an expert, verifying the truth of the content in each episode. It is clear through combined collaboration that those who are involved in the creation of each episode care about bettering societies on a global scale as well as restoring the health of the environment.
  • calliemcho
    Collaborative and inspiring
    I love how this podcast integrates science, society and policy in a way that makes clear the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation in conservation initiatives. Climate change is a problem that affects people of all disciplines and requires the collaboration of people from all walks of life to make a real change. Listen to this podcast for informative information and inspiring stories!
  • Alxaptr
    Inspiring and Insightful
    This podcast shines a light on people working in the climate field who are worth knowing about. The inspiring work, beautiful stories, and thoughtful climate mitigation strategies are what our world is in need of hearing.
  • Mac gal funny
    Creatives are Everywhere
    This podcast is an excellent way to find art and creativity in every realm of life. Science, math, the humanities—they all have art and creativity intertwined in them. Creatives are always developing their processes and adding pieces of themselves and their minds to their work, and this podcast exemplifies the beauty of finding art of every part of life. Listen to this podcast to learn about the development of creatives from all fields and walks of life.
  • rmpatel01
    Super Interesting
    Love these podcasts! They are always very informative and quite eye-opening. Everyone should take advantage of this accessible information about our environment!
  • Kaitlyn Keyes
    A New Perspective
    I really love listening to the Creative Process podcast! The podcast always interviews the most interesting people and covers an expansive variety of topics. Each episode is fun to listen to and never fails to teach me something new!
  • James C underwood
    Introspective and Reliable!
    I first started listening to The Creative Process Podcasts a few months ago. I really like that every person they interview has a totally new and creative approach to everyday issues. I really admire The Creative Process’s commitment to providing a variety of opinions and viewpoints from people really knowledgeable on the subjects they discuss. The discourse on sustainability here is especially refreshing!
  • d_Q_f
    Really good
    It can be really hard to find good and consistent information that is both entertaining and reliable. This is it!
  • MikeCollins655
    Great Podcast
    I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I can say, this is definitely one of my favorites. Very engaging and through provoking, dealing with a lot of complex issues explained in an informative way. Would definitely recommend!
  • MegMeg_Cupcakes
    I absolutely love listening to podcasts from The Creative Process. They are so informative and I love how I get to learn a lot along the way. It was a great way to see other perspectives.
  • Andrew blue man
    An Appreciated Nuance
    The podcast takes on both fresh and veteran interviews with thought provoking discussion. The podcast market is saturated with a over abundance of a similar “type” of interview or meaningless discussion. This is where The Creative Process distinguishes itself regarding arts, culture, the environment, politics, and science.
  • Lyn G. G.
    Amazing and important work!
    Amazing and important work! So inspiring, I learn so much every time I listen! I highly recommend this podcast to everyone. You are doing great work here for the world and I think everyone deserves to know about it. The same goes for all of your podcasts!
  • helChang
    Amazing, educational and creative!!
    This podcast provides creative insights to such a wide variety of topics that are relevant in today’s climate. It’s educational and personal in that the podcast is conversations in that you will find yourself engaging along the topics as the interviews proceed . Not only do we get to know more about the artists/interviewees, we also learn so much about their field through their expertise and passion. 100% recommend!
  • Por Jaijongkit
    Great listens filled with perspective
    It's such a delight to hear so many voices discussing climate change on a single platform. Filled wiith amazing guests and their individual perspectives, this podcast is a great way to familiarize yourself with all the issues and solutions surrounding the climate crisis.
  • KaroHam222
    Brilliant Podcast elevating Global Climate and Environmental Issues
    This podcast and their guests are all brilliant and a true inspiration. In the age of the climate crisis, this content is so uplifting and important. I love learning more about renowned and remarkable people in the field and their journey’s in life.
  • artsactivist
    Brilliant Climate Podcast
    One Planet is great for learning smart things from smart people.
  • kevinlee1998
    Great place to learn about a better world
    If you want to learn about how people are working to create a better world this is the place to be
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