Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown


One of your favorite series from CNN is now available in your favorite podcast app. Join world-renowned chef, bestselling author and Emmy winner Anthony Bourdain to discover Parts Unknown: little-known destinations and diverse cultures that make our global community more connected. Start from the beginning in Myanmar, and listen through the series conclusion on the Lower East Side in New York City. New episodes drop each week.

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  • twinks78
    Thank you! 💕 Miss Mr. Anthony Bourdain! 💟.
    Thanks CNN! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • SallySalamander1111
    Thank you for this
    Brilliant !
  • Willis5150
    He dead
  • SubmissiveLucy69
    He lived a thousand lives.
    One of the best to ever do it. I hope he is dining amongst the cosmos now.
  • M Ondaatje
    Sooo entertaining.
    I listen while working on houses, on my domestic grind while Tony is on his global grind of travel, food, drink, fellowship, and reporting. My only complaint is that Tony’s rolling his eyes from beyond at the repetitiveness and frequently of ads for home and rental insurance, for Angies List that is now Angie, for all the product placement for *stuff* he cared so little for.
  • bingbongwi
    It’s okay
    I’m not a feel a strong connection to a celeb kinda person. When they die, sad, but not like in mourning sad. But AB? His death struck me in a way I was not expecting. I need his voice in my world. Thus why I was happy for this. But sadly, it’s simply audio ripped from video and uploaded to Podcast Connect. At times, the noise removal turns beautiful sound into metal scrapping (RX Voice DeNoise is like $19 on sale) And no translations. Shame since it’s not that hard to hire talented Fiverr VO artists to do these. Pop them in your DAW… bam. Better show. Lazy production that AB would kick you in the nuts for CNN.
  • polyplane66
    Miss you Tony
    I didn’t think this would work as a podcast but it truly does. His wit and personality come thru even without seeing him or the food. We lost a legend.
  • CMcNeill2012
    Excellent Journalism
    If you can miss a person you never met. Respect a person you never knew. Watching Anthony Bourdain brought all of the world a familiar kindness to the globe wherever he wandered. One of a kind gentleman, will be missed as long as there is memory of his work.
  • Milady Mortimer
    Unforgettable Human Being!
    Gave us a true flavor of the world and injustices, inequalities, racism, prejudices and its beauty through food! Brilliant! Will miss him dearly!
  • MN0724
    I miss this guy!
    I miss this guy so much. Everything he did was gold. Great show.
  • CastlesLaw1911
    Good, should’ve been great.
    Being the host of a show should mean impartiality. Bourdain can’t help but cry about his leftist talking points. There’s no room for history without a party slant with this guy. No wonder he was so miserable. This show and the others like it should’ve been celebrations of the people, places and food, free of a miserable soul crying about his personal emptiness. Without preaching about nihilism and politics. What a shame
  • eiriririrjrhiro
    Ok there’s no closed captions on a podcast
    Mexico episode. Tony asks a Mexican journalist a question. Journalist answers in Spanish. No translation provided. What’s the point?
  • sujo0201
    Dear CNN
    Thank you so much for doing this… I’ve been hoping for it since Anthony passed. How long does the petition need to be for you to buy the rights to No Reservations so that you can do the same thing with it (and release it for purchase as an entire series)?
  • Coffee&Kettlebells
    Like Traveling with an Old Friend
    While you will miss some of the beautiful visuals the show had to offer, this podcast still brings with it the love, snark, food, and friends that made Parts Unknown so great. Hearing Tony describe the world will make you want to get out in it & try new things; be it good food or greater experiences. This show (and by extension, this podcast) serves as an excellent bridge between peoples and is always worth your time.
  • C Edens
    Anthony’s work is timeless. I learned so much from watching all his series.
  • MisePlace
    Chefs Choice
    As a chef on Cape Cod ..🧑‍🍳🔪🐠🐡🦈🦭🐋& professional shucker I live through his journey 👍🧑‍🍳🔪
  • Ddp4ev
    Love it!
    Bourdain has such a calming voice! I could listen to him talk all day. It’s definitely better to watch the show than listen to it but listening to this is much better than 90% of podcasts.
  • B_Baller14
    The loss of Tony has made hole in my heart that will never heal. I listen and view Tony with tears.
  • sydspooky
    Warms My Heart
    I was so excited to stumble upon this podcast. I know myself and many others miss Anthony’s presence. Being able to listen to his voice again, even in podcast form, is so satisfying and it warms my heart. I can’t wait to check back each week for a new episode.
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