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The Always Sunny Podcast is a look back on the past sixteen seasons of the hit show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, hosted by Glenn, Charlie, and Rob. The guys are going back to where it all began: 2005. Starting with the very first episode, they’ll rewatch every season and give us a deep dive into their memories of creating the show, reveal how they first met, and discuss how they created a lasting partnership that has endured the better part of two decades. That is, if they can remember any of it.

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  • fickdichunddeimmuttiauch
    The best pod I’ve found.
    I only entered the podcast world a few years ago, but am now thoroughly hooked to the format. Unfortunately if you listen to them a good chunk of the day you burn thru content very quick. I have restarted ASIP cause three funny guys talking about a funny show that they were stars of is a winning formula you likely won’t find anywhere else. If they ever made a dud episode, I must have missed it… or they cut that, cut that, cut that…
  • Dland494
    this podcast was soooo fun and funny. I love listening to them talk and looked forward to mondays. it’s totally their choice to stop doing the show for whatever reason, but it’s been ages since we were ghosted and I would expect at least some type of farewell. don’t forget that your fans are the reason you get to make media.
  • FYouRivalz
    JFC stop complaining about ads
    Listen up boomers: you can skip ads easily. Just change podcast settings so that the “next track” and “previous track” buttons skip 15-30 seconds in each direction. Use that, and a 2 minute ad is over in 10 seconds tops. Got a cackle out of the guy talking about “training an AI model” to do something that’s literally in your app settings.
  • EmyG14
    I couldn’t identify the feeling
    Every time I open my podcast app, I’m looking for something. Not satisfied with any options to balance out my true crime or news shows, I realized it’s because it’s been eight goddamn months snd we miss you
  • N!ghtm@n
    Come back
  • hotrodchrisP
    The gang……
    …..enjoys “Salmonella wafers” (cut that/cut that/cut that) 🥴
  • conorh760
    They gave up everyone. Sadly there will be no more episodes, if only they knew what they created! So much potential to grow, but alas…. (Would be 5 stars but for a brand to just straight up ghost their fans, no thank you for listening, not even an announcement to the hundreds of thousands that kept tuning in every week to check if they posted. Nothin’)
  • Jpk09
    The Milk Steak of Podcasts
    An absolute blast to be able to get some insight into the longest running live action sitcom of all time. Please, please, please make more episodes, or I’m going to have find Cricket and begin our revenge path.
  • Lee or something
    Love their banter
    It’s like I’m sitting at the bar listening to the gang banter back and forth. Love the show! Wish they’d keep doing it!
  • Paliiiiiiiiiiii
    I want it, I need it
    For the love of god give us more content. Just do it via zoom, you don’t even have to leave your house.
  • The Quattrocchi
    Hoor Podcast
    I really hope this podcast didn’t die in a botched neck lift :( In all seriousness, I wear the podcast hoodie everywhere and constantly run into people all of whom have the same sentiment; Please come back <3
  • Jojo0428
    Best podcast miss it
    I love this podcast! Is it coming back anytime soon?? It's so funny
  • ElGABE!
    We need you guys back! Where’d you all go?????
  • DynamicDuf
    COME BACK!!!
    I’m begging you guys.
  • Ramulous
    What is going on???
    Are you guys ever coming back???
  • Lil'BrothaBearStuntin
    Please come back
    Boys please come back home
  • Souis K
    COME BACK!! ….Please
    Love and miss this podcast more than anything!!
  • jones.yuh
    Phenomenal podcast
    This has to be the most comedic, heartfelt and most organic podcast I have ever listened to. Amazing work. Keep it coming!
  • Jeffyocalypse
    I really miss this podcast
    I honestly used to think I had it all…a good job, loving girlfriend and the best parts of my days were when I got to hang out with my celebrity friends and hear about my favourite show/what ever they were going through currently in their lives. Now I live in shambles, and it’s because my celebrity friends got too good for me. One of them was in a great movie about the Blackberry, another one is the star of another great movie who somehow got away with a main character arc WITHOUT speaking…another is always overseas doing stuff with Wrexham and his wife is simply the funniest woman on the planet so she has no time for anything…let alone silly old me. Don’t even get me started on DeVito…as we all know he is one of the most famous names in the universe I really wish they would just come back and say “It’s okay Jeffy, let’s talk for an hour or so and catch up”
  • Sir Squidball Teasmonger III
    I miss you guys…
    The best
  • TiffanytheStarr
    Fun listen, very entertaining
    Found this after finding other rewatch podcasts, and was super excited because I love Sunny. They don’t go into the episodes as hard as some rewatch pods but it works for them-they are entertaining no matter what they are talking about. I am a fan of all three of these guys and respect all the work they have put out there-thanks for letting the fans get a peek into your personal conversations and sharing that part of yourselves!
  • lcshhh
    Bring back the pod!!
    Amazing podcast!! Bring it back!!
  • Probert666
    I love the pod, but have honestly gained a ton of respect for y’all for work stoppage during the strike…
  • CancerisCool
    Sunny come back!
    Great podcast I wish it were constant
  • jellyntoasy
    Had potential
  • Walson Paulson
    Ads are excessive
    I think this is a pretty entertaining podcast overall. They tend to get off subject and some episodes can be a bit on the slow/uninteresting side. The ads are also a bit much. It feels like half the episode is ads for stuff I don’t want, kind of off-putting.
  • zekechampagne
    Greatest sitcom/show ever.
    I know there’s tons of great shows and TV out there but.. imo IASIP is not only the funniest, craziest, random, and most fun show I’ve ever watched but it also is heart warming, heart breaking, life questioning, and laugh out loud comedy. I am a writer myself and this is one of my biggest inspirations for my comedy. I love the side shows AP Bio, Mythic Quest, and The Mick that the gang has done on the side of Always Sunny. I am literally a fan till I die and this show is my favorite show and it will not change. Thank y’all for being so funny, making me smile no matter my mood, being so genuinely great that I can put this show on WHENEVER no matter my mood, and being the greatest show ever created. I recommend not only the show to everyone but also this podcast as well. I loved rewatching the show for the like 10th time with the gang this time. Love all of y’all. Especially Glenn. 🫡✌️
  • Stephh36
    This is golden!
    No need to comment. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Ash Liz Lin
    Gave up
    I love Sunny however this podcast does not talk about the show at all. I follow a few rewatch podcasts and they are all not created equal but I wouldn’t even put this in that category. It’s just chatting and they aren’t that entertaining in that form.
  • Dr Nicholas T Name
    An Egg in this Trying Time
    Hey pal, what do you want from me? It’s a podcast, a good podcast, by funny people who are looking back at their successful, game-changing television show. All respect to the gang!
  • Sarahc108
    This Podcast is Amazing
    I love this podcast so much. I have laughed out loud listening to it several times. It is so fun to just hear three hilarious actors and good friends talk about the masterpiece that is It’s Always Sunny. I also appreciate that they don’t go too heavily into the technical details behind creating each episode. That can be interesting, but also tedious, especially for fans who are not in the TV industry. This podcast strikes the perfect balance. If you like the show, you should listen. Even if you don’t like/watch the show, it’s a fun and funny listen.
  • Harvey Butthole
    Agree with other reviewers
    I agree with the review by cen3. Thanks for nothing. Glad you guys sold out in your mansions. Won’t be listening when you return/not watching your latest season. This strike is absolutely ridiculous and you’re all babies. Even the writers who make 45k a year. Grow up, you’re living your dreams. You’re all a bunch of lil stinkers.
  • Gggjkkkjbfff
    To the guy that ranted about the writers strike
    You rated the best podcast ever with one star to go on a diatribe about wealth inequality…. And peppered in a “news flash”… You sir, are a Bozo and a nitwit. You probably jack off to Rush Limbaugh reruns
  • TheGuyAndJunk
    What the heck
    Just give up or something?
  • cen3
    Was fun but I’m done
    It’s pretty sad that these guys are going to stop the podcast for this strike. I am officially uninterested moving forward even if you restart it I won’t be listening. Newsflash guys / your fans do not support the strike / your fans think people in Hollywood are Way overpaid at the top and your agents AND you demand massive enrichment for what you do and others have to suffer. You enrich yourselves personally with little regard for the trickle down effect that creates, evidenced by the fact that you’ve all become wildly rich and successful from the show. Take an hourly wage on par with the lowest paid person there and then you deserve to strike. We love you guys, but the way to make this right isn’t to take the show away from the people that made you / it’s to pay your people more - take less of a salary and all the millions that you make from the people beneath you should be divvied up and equally distributed to them instead of doing things like buying pro sports teams. Danny too - the fact that he’s paid as much as he is is why others have to suffer in the pipeline. This is why people hate Hollywood and over-privileged overpaid actors like yourselves. Adios Muchachos
  • nibbs13ftw
    My favorite podcast
    That the gang would serve up amazing laughs in this format was no surprise. But I never expected the depth of this podcast. Equal parts hilarious, heart warming, and thought provoking. Keep doing what you’re doing here and on the show!
  • Drakeema
    Good stuff.
    Love the podcast. I’m glad they keep calling Jose limited to a single episode instead of having people call in each time. Absolutely nothing against Megan, but I do wish she was muted. It’s just weird to occasionally or someone else speaker laugh. I do appreciate that they use the character names, not the actor names like some other podcasts do. It would also be great if they could at the top of the show say what the episode title is and give a quick reminder on what show they’re talking about. I’m listening to these driving 80 miles an hour down the highway, and it takes me a while to figure out which episode they’re talking about because so far they’re just saying this person did a good job in this episode, that person was funny…
  • fezyfez182
    My only problem with it
    I’m all caught up with current episodes. :( Love the show, love the pod, love these guys, and megs cool too
  • Heismau5
    It’s always sunny in your pocket every week
    what more could you ask for? 😊
  • BlankJ2
    Love it!!!!!
    Love the show love the podcast. Great way to pass the 10hr work shifts. Get a ton of funny looks when I bust out laughing out of nowhere.
  • Tumblruser1245678556
    The McPoyles
    should kill Uncle Jack, because they find out about… him… and consider him an abomination that must be purged
  • Philly Bauer
    Show fan since day one
    So not gonna fan boy here, few years younger than the guys and I too am from Philly and gave it a go back in 05- yada yada this pod is amazing. It literally revivals the show. Meg is amazing and the pure joy and the love the guys have not only for the show but each is awesome to see. Even seeing the teeny hints of their characters shining through is quite the joy. This pod makes me appreciate the show even more. Amazing
  • ericameow89
    So fun!
    I have so much fun watching/listening to this podcast. I’m going to be so sad when I’m all caught up and have to wait for new episodes because I’m binging hard right now
  • kanniblematt
    Good so far, listening to Charlie gets crippled right now.
    So far the podcast is funny. hearing Glenn describe himself on the phone in the car reminded me of an encounter from when I lived in Philly from 03-05 and I once stopped in traffic next to a car. Looked over at the guy driving the other car just as he produced what I think was a salad tong, with a slotted spoon on one side and a solid one on the other. Put it in his mouth and appeared to work his jaw open and closed a few times, traffic moved and I didn’t see him again.
  • Andyc6661
    I pretend…
    That Megan Ganz is Gail the Snail
  • ndjskjanabaj
    Charlie day
    Just wanna say I completely agree with my fellow reviewer who expressed concerns about the morality of Charlie day. Quite frankly, I used to look up to Charlie day as a beacon of not only joy and levity, but humility and generosity. But these days it seems Hollywood elitism has infected and overcome Mr. day’s character and he has slipped into quite a dangerous mindset, one I find particularly alarming for the potentially younger viewers, or as they disgustingly put it, “creeps”. I know I will not be supporting this oaf’s career any longer.
  • Oscar Santana Lies
    It Doesn’t Matter
    Glenn was great on the It Doesn’t Matter Patreon Podcast. Really funny guy
  • kjane_89
    I will forever LOVE Always Sunny, but I’m sad to say that listening to this has kind of ruined Charlie Day for me. After seeing Fools Paradise and hearing the way he speaks about himself on the podcast, it seems clear that fame and success have blown his ego way out of proportion. He completely lacks the charm and humility of the work that made him famous. I just find him kinda gross and off-putting now.
  • odiegreen
    How about the gang goes on survivor! Directed by Randal Einhorn.
  • SayHuh?
    You guys are by far the best at selling commercials….I swear half the time I don’t even know that you’re doing a commercial. Great job keep it up!!!!! Charge more for dong ing AD’s you good
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