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The UFO Rabbit Hole Podcast is a structured, science-based deep dive into the phenomenon. Grounded enough for skeptics, accessible for newbs, and deeply researched enough for seasoned ufologists. There are no agendas and no sensationalism—just a no-nonsense overview of everything we know so far, so that you can decide what you think for yourself.

New to the UFO topic and don't know where to start?

This podcast was created so that you can start on episode one with no prior knowledge and get up to speed with the most seasoned researchers in the field.

Hosted by Kelly Chase.

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  • Dongzo
    Very well done
    I really appreciate the rational, straightforward and serious approach to the subject. Every topic is approached with a healthy level of skepticism. Historical events are well-researched. I consider myself pretty well-informed on the topic and I still learned a ton. Highly recommend for people who are newly interested in the phenomena as well as seasoned enthusiasts. My only suggestion would be to edit the distractingly frequent use of the word “however”.
  • JamesB049
    Missing episodes
    When these first came on really good, informative, engaging, covered a lot of new ground. As they’ve gone on there’s now adverts and she seems to take forever just to make a simple point. So much blah blah. I’m going to unsubscribe. It’s no longer as engaging as it was.
  • KristanGal83
    Thoughtful, Thorough & Mind-Opening
    This podcast has been such an amazing find! I appreciate Kelly’s thorough and grounded approach to the topic - while still keeping an open mind and not being afraid to explore a variety of concepts and ideas! I have recommended it to all my friends and family and 100% recommend it to new listeners! I’m so grateful for the quality of research and depth of knowledge shared in this series!
  • cdbyrd
    Thank you for helping me see the cave
    I truly appreciate all you do, and your dedication to the craft. I completely relate to your personal, and in some ways spiritual journey that you have been so open in sharing with us. My own journey seems to follow pretty closely with yours, if just extended a bit. This podcast is a truly influential and helpful part of my life, and I appreciate that you have shown me doors that I didn’t even know existed, and can now go explore. Great job in the podcast, and truly recommend this to anyone even remotely curious about the part of your mind that you tend to push away from conscious thought, because you can’t explain it. Thanks, the podcast is truly impressive.
    Simulation theory
    Covers all the stuff you’ve already heard, but with a subtle flirtatiousness that I’m sure drives the desk bound nerds wild. It’s kinda gross. The later episodes get much better, despite the guests, but the host is starting to put together a grander overarching narrative that is very interesting. Always remember and keep in mind we have the ability to project coherent light beams from drones, satellites etc. They are trying to distract us from the truth that the majority of us are enslaved and keep us from uniting. Which in turn keeps us from discovering greater truths and possibilities.
  • samibradyandej4eva
    Finding my tribe
    When you think “too” much and ask all the “wrong” questions, you can find yourself feeling more isolated in society. It’s nice to find my tribe people who think too much and ask all the wrong questions. It’s how I want to spend my existence here and it’s not for everyone. I enjoy how well presented each episode in. It is clear that there is a tremendous amount of work out into them and I appreciate it so well I find myself doing three to four listens on most episodes. The interviews are also quite a treat.
  • Aaronmil
    The music is super annoying
    The content is great, the presentation is strong, but there are these bizarre music breaks that I don’t understand and are super annoying when you’re trying to do something like gardening or yardwork, and blammo 2mins if dumb instrumental music (on top of the ads). I’m on episode 11 so maybe it gets better but please give the music a rest, or at least reduce the duration (a lot).
  • SCrzmtman
    I have followed this subject since the 70's. For the past 25 yrs I've closely followed. There are some really good podcasts available like Martin's, Dolan's, and Micah's. And the new ones by former pilots. But this one is particularly good. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that it is still being produced consistently. I missed so much because my app said there was only one episode. Trust me, I will be listening religiously from now on.
  • Flow Righter
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast and I’ve been trying to get everyone I know to listen to it. My mind is being opened in ways I didn’t know it could and I love it. Disclosure is coming!
  • Ariana. Gonz
    I tried but the conspiracy theory thing
    I wanted to get into it more but then to say that conspiracy theories could all be true in the very first episode? It made me think of the sandy hook conspiracy theory which then got me really upset and angry for the children and the parents to have someone say this. Sigh. She did not say this conspiracy theory specifically but was like “some conspiracy theories are true and what if that means they all are! And now I don’t want to listen anymore 😞 it just rubbed me the wrong way. And yeah now I’m just upset and sad 😔
  • liars13
    Boring interview again……
    More interviews! What happened to the amazing way this podcast started?
  • allencantation
    My new favorite UFO podcast
    I’ve binged every episode. Kelly is a rising name in the field and puts a lot of work presenting compelling theories in a way that is easy to understand. Literally every new episode I think is the best explanation of the mystery. Whatever the truth is, I love the lore of this modern mythology. My previous favorite was Somewhere in the Skies, and I got into the topic through Last Podcast on the Left.
  • SpicyBoiy
    Such a pleasure to listen to
    If you like the topic, or even if you don’t but you like well-researched and written journalism, this is absolutely worth checking out. I listen to a lot of podcasts like this but also like RadioLab and things like it that are more science-centered. This reminds me so much of those and it’s just a pleasure to listen to. She’s a true skeptic and acknowledges her own bias when it’s there. This’ll also be my very first podcast review so, take from that what you may. Thank you for pulling all this together. Your road is well paved and short right now but—I think it’s going to become a highway soon—connecting people together in ways they hadn’t even fathomed were possible because of a topic that also seems impossible.
  • Carrieinthefields
    My favorite podcast
    I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate this podcast. I wish everyone would listen to it, no matter where they stand on this topic. I love how Kelly brings us step by step into the world of UFO’s while keeping an open mind and meta-analysis of the philosophical implications of it all. I have been interested in this topic for a long time, but it often feels like wading through the muck, sorting through a confusing variety of material. Kelly does such an incredible job of synthesizing and contextualizing the information she presents, laying out her source material, leading great conversations with fascinating guests, and staying true to the complex nature of the topic. I also appreciate her sharing her own process of ontological shock and shifting awareness of these phenomena. This is a real gift. She somehow walks the very strange and wiggly line between critical thinking and the truly bizarre nature of this human experience.
  • Tony Quintanilla
    Extratempestrial model?
    One can’t go back in time because this violates the second law of thermodynamics: entropy (disorder) always increases in a closed system. The universe is evolving to greater disorder and can’t go backwards. Can a river spontaneously flow backwards? Can a broken glass spontaneously reconstitute? Only when running a movie backwards, not in reality. Life increases order only because it is connected to external sources of energy and eventually succumbs to disorder (death) too.
  • Red Krayon
    Excellent podcast
    I love how down to earth Kelly is. I am very interested in this subject and Kelly provides all the perspectives and insists that we not just believe her but do our own research on the many things she talks about. A very refreshing take.
  • Isaacafer24
    Makes the cost of entry so easy
    Love this pod! Just got to the party and could not be happier with the host Kelly. She sounds like someone I know or grew up with. Super easy to listen to. But her educational approach or style make it even easier to get hooked to. They make such a complex topic easy to enter into. They lay out the foundation methodically, educationally, and enthusiastically. Great stuff. Super recommend.
  • adisocks
    The best!
    Kelly is by far the best and most reasearched to a real person UFO podcaster! I look forward to every one
  • @Jumpnjaxx
    Finally someone intelligent and curious enough to research!
    Finally someone who uses common sense and intelligence to actually investigate this phenomenon while making it easily digestible! My new favorite podcast. One heck of a writer and storyteller!
  • havent we been through enough?
    Worth listening to repeatedly!
    Kelly is a brilliant and engaging writer and speaker. Although I don’t always agree with her conclusions (as a pro archaeologist!) her arguments are well structured, well researched and just plain FUN. This has quickly become my new favorite comfort podcast.
  • SSintheUS
    History: yes, entertainment: at times, science? no…
    Torn on this podcast. As entertainment it is reasonable, and she does a fantastic job of covering some of the history of the topic early on in the series. But her lack of understanding of science, philosophy, and logic does a terrible disservice to her goal despite her claimed desire to adhere to a critical mindset. After about episode 5 or so it starts to get pretty frustrating because she makes the thesis of the whole of each show depend heavily on some logical fallacy or other, and the entire series is littered with false dichotomies. As other reviews have pointed out, just because something isn’t fully understood doesn’t mean every random explanation is as valid as any other. Some ideas are much more coherent than others. Keep your mind open, sure, but as they say - not so open that your brain falls out. Episode 16 in particular was an atrocious let-down where her premise is basically that people with mental illnesses are not capable of doing science or leading productive lives. Apparently you can’t both suffer from hallucinations as well as have good ideas and be able to do math? Duhhh. After the interviews things really go off the rails. Her MO switches to falsely representing what science is saying about all manner of things so as to make her thesis of None Of This Makes Sense appear reasonable. She’s either being deliberately disingenuous and misleading or she hasn’t actually read and/or understood anything about the science written by those scientists themselves who are describing debates in their fields. I suffered through it longer than I should’ve. Opportunity wasted imo.
  • PorkPike
    5 Star
    Excellent podcast. Honest, truthful. You well explain your opinions & theories. Very insightful.
  • Arishee
    Great show.
    Succinct and well-researched. A must have show for every UFO enthusiast and layman to the subject.
  • Dead eye dog
    It’s a 4 star pod cast however
    It could have been a 5 star. If not for her constant use of the word however. If you hadn’t noticed it before you’ll hear it every time now, and it’ll will drive you crazy.
  • Farms&dogs
    Please continue to make more as more information comes to light!!!!
  • cadams191
    Love love love!
    Meticulously researched, well constructed, informative and entertaining all at the same time! I find it difficult to have conversations about these topics in my everyday life with people, it’s wonderful to hear these topics covered so well! Keep up the amazing work and continue to shed light on these topics to everyday listeners! I recommend daily to anyone who will listen!
  • Tinyrutabaga
    I’m still hopeful.
    I think this started out as a good idea. We want to hear scientists and philosophers speak to this topic. I am not interested in hearing about fellow podcasters and the self congratulations that seem to swirl around these folks. There seems to be the same circuit of quasi celebrities that end up making the rounds just promoting each other. They are breeding the next era of gatekeepers to the topic. I want to hear from people with scientific or industrial insight. I want to stop being teased with disclosure. Tell us what is being talked about behind the scenes. What are the opinions of those folks not interested in this topic as mere entertainment. If I want to hear podcasts of folks hocking books and ufo conferences, there are plenty of those. I’ll still rate 5 stars, as there is great potential here.
  • souptonuts949
    amazing and impressive
    the clarity of presentation is astounding! complex concepts are brought down to the most simplistic and understandable components…this podcast is the first resource i would recommend anyone curious about the topic to visit.
  • testing me
    Left leaning propaganda. Don’t waste your time.
    The host has a pleasing enough voice, and potentially interesting enough Contant (not sure didn’t get far enough). However, she talked about miss information. Then listed a bunch of left-leaning talking points. Turns out even UFOs have to be politicized. If she would’ve talked about misinformation on both sides, I still would’ve been annoyed because we don’t need a bunch of political garbage thrown in.
  • RCP#1-4lyfe
    Skip the first ep
    First episode isn’t indicative of the rest, you can skip it. What follows is great
  • gaidje ebebsie
    So far I enjoy it but why the weird 3 minutes of music
  • KingCarco
    Will update to 5 Stars if they ..
    Get rid of that chumba casino commercial. It’s the most annoying commercial ever.
  • meremeredub
    Mixed Feelings
    I have such mixed feelings about this podcast. First I appreciate how much thought she puts into each episode and she has really put in the research. I also enjoy her writing style and she is clearly very smart but her dry wit makes the info she's presenting easy to ingest. She seems like the kind of chick you would want on your pub trivia team and get tanked with afterwards. And she has presented some fascinating information, but I am holding back 2 stars because she can take forever to say a whole lot of nothing. I get she wants to be thorough, but I think she could either cut down each episode by 20-30 min or she should consider not going so into depth about so many things unrelated to the subject at hand.
  • hazeltherabbit
    I could listen to this podcast all day! It’s smart, sometimes wonderfully overwhelming, and presented very intelligently. I wish there were 1000 episodes!
  • yourfriendlyanklethief
    Opened my mind
    I stumbled upon this podcast randomly. I have to say I have never given any thought or credit to the UFO community, but this podcast is exceedingly informative and has opened my mind to the possibilities. Thank you for educating me. I feel like I am a better person for listening to this series
  • rover72
    Data presented
    Compelling, data driven, coherent and as honest as possible.
  • Manhattanipaduser
    Ep 20 UFO Rabbit Hole
    This review is for Episode 20 only. I rated that episode two stars because I did not see any connection between this guest and the UAP topic which is the normal subject of the podcast. This guest may have interesting information about her field of expertise but there was virtually no intersection with the UAP topic. I also found the conversation a bit rambling and muddled even on the subject of a particular question or answer. Sometimes it seemed like the answers were disjointed stream of consciousness. disappointing for a normally focused channel. Also its not clear why Diana Pasulka was involved and how this connects to her UAP related work.
  • bossier330
    Such a sad podcast
    I really tried to like this podcast, but it never went anywhere. I listened to the first 8 or so episodes, and it was quite literally nothing other than “we don’t know some things”, with heavy implications of “if we don’t know X for sure, then it could totally be Y”. It’s a god of the gaps argument through and through. Then I skipped to episode 19, where it’s clear that the host does not understand the epistemology of cosmology or evolutionary history. If you’ve ever heard of The Atheist Experience, this podcast is almost the opposite of that vibe.
  • swampsquatch0714
    Amazing Show
    First, I just want to say that I love the show. It’s very thoughtfully written and executed. The information is relayed without bias before commentary is made. The only issue I have is that the intermission music goes on forever. It’s like being stuck in an elevator. It’s definitely not enough to keep me from listening, but she could definitely cut some of that out without affecting the show at all.
  • Ding Kingus
    Yikes on bikes
    That’s the phrase that I stopped at. After all the unnecessary f bombs and vocal fry I couldn’t take anymore. Hard to believe that whole scientific background story tbh.
  • LindsTCF
    I love this podcast!!
    I stumbled on this podcast after I finished the “High Strange” podcast and this one is even better! The host is so knowledgeable and lays it all out in an understandable way (as much as you can with this subject!) I hope she does a season two!
  • J. R. Isidore
    I tried
    Listened to the first 4 episodes and going to have to leave it at that. Great voice, love that she’s prepared not just winging it. However, WAY too many apologies. Intro is too long. What’s with the musical interlude? And, yes, she does say ‘if I’m being honest’ too often.
  • DaveMacLunkey
    Excellent introduction to the topic
    So good. I’ve been into ufology for 30 years and even I learned something new. One criticism: if I’m being honest the host says if I’m being honest way too much. Which, if I’m being honest, is a bad phrase to use as it implies you are not honest.
  • Bloodymikein97
    I absolutely love this podcast…however
    Please for the love of god get a thesaurus. I’m on episode 9 and it starting to become “Down the However Hole” I’m listening as I type this review and you’ve said “however” 5 no 6 times.
  • Unknown ufo lover
    This is amazing
    For my brain this has brought up many theories. I have been absolutely blown out of the water with these episodes. Listen to this podcast it’s the best!
  • Cardhawk
    Government Pawn
    Listen to episode 1 and you’ll see who is funding this. I will give it a season and correct myself if wrong.
  • Moj0Hand
    Simply superb.
    This has to be one of the best structured podcasts out there. Our host has build what feels like a college course by layering episodes in such a way to lend context to future episodes. If you are new to this topic, do yourself a favor and stop listening to the other podcasts on UFOs and start at the beginning of this one. I promise it will make the subjects thousand vectors much easier to understand.
  • Sebastian7Q
    Top notch
    Chase has this figured out, and a voice like hers has been needed for a really long time on this topic. Her PR background comes through strong, and i mean this as a compliment considering ufology is full of wackadoos. Her opening theme music is well produced but kind of feels like a fairy tale song. Aside from that zero complaints. Keep at it!
  • Rocklord82
    All encompassing
    This is where I send any of my friends who are interested on the subject for a crash course. It’s all delivered expertly by Ms.Chase who has a curious but rational mind. I love that she explores and enjoys the over the top theories yet gently and rationally explains the merits and faults of them. She keeps it on the straight and narrow, easy to digest and thoroughly entertaining.
  • Pequod Herbie
    In a Class of its Own
    Hands down, the most methodical examination of UFO fact, falsity, and lore. Kelly Chase applies academic rigor to every UFO theory and makes it as understandable to the layman as possible. There’s an incredible amount of food for thought here. If you’re looking for a rational approach to the UFO phenomena, listen to this podcast.
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