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Four-time NBA champ Draymond Green gives his instant reactions to NBA playoff games just hours after they end, giving fans an unprecedented perspective that they truly can't get anywhere else. He also sits down with some of the biggest names in basketball for revealing conversations about their lives both on and off the court.

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  • SNoNo!
    The best NBA podcast
    Today’s explanation of the play-in was the best I’ve heard. Always informative and honest.
  • ditaBeno
    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 THE BEST! Also love that you returned the old graphic!!!!
    Forever honest and always learning something new from you! My favorite Dubs player. Great episode with Klay today. Love your honesty. I appreciate you so much.
  • tommyduchle
    Heaviest Backpack in the League
    No one in the history of the world has ever asked to hear Draymond’s opinion so he had to make a garbage podcast. Very on brand
  • hisbkfbofjeo
    I love draymomd gren!
    Drayymomnd green !!! He’s a sick
  • samanthawantha
    This podcast is incredible. Draymond presents the best analysis and understanding of the dynamics of the sport of basketball. He is also one of the best players of all time with four NBA championships. I listen to every episode and always will 🏀🏀
  • Joso1617
    I’ll Admit I Just Don’t Like Draymond
    Not giving this a 1 star review simply because he’s taken the effort to make this a regular thing, but this feels more like his personal journal than an interesting podcast.
  • WizardOfRos
    Greatness on and off the court
    Kinda lame everyone wants to give this a bad review because of an incident. It doesn’t take away from how great the analysis is on this podcast. Only critique is consistency putting out episodes which is hard to do in the middle of his playing career😂 and him striking a new deal. Nevertheless it’s always greatness with anything associate with DG23🤞🏿
  • d_quig
    Real talk
    Green has always told it how it is and I always respect that from one of the main contributors of a basketball dynasty. He’s got a real competitive fire, but even he would admit that has gotten him into some trouble. Trouble aside though, Green has a unique perspective while looking at the game, and sees a lot that most don’t. Whatever has happened lately, great NBA minds have been saying for over a decade that Green has one of the greatest basketball IQ’s in the game. He revolutionized basketball at the 5, and helped Curry change the game forever. Great podcast with great insights.
  • lixiang7349
    黑猩猩请你回去吃香蕉吧 🤣
    黑猩猩请你回去吃香蕉吧 🤣
  • Eshahn
    Low EQ and IQ
    If you want to listen to a narcissistic bully talk about ball, this is for you.
  • Insert Will Farrell Quote
    No respect for Draymond and his on-court behavior. He gets 1 star. Anyone who kicks players in the d***, stomps on chests, and puts guys in chokeholds deserves to be removed from any platform of power that further enables their behavior.
  • AGP1987
    Dirty player
    No room in the NBA for the crap this guy pulls. When he retires his “highlight” reel won’t contain any actual basketball plays. Rudy Gobert is better.
  • StPaulGil
    The guy is a clown. Washed and trying to stay relevant. NBA needs to divest from him. The toxic culture doesn’t need to be passed onto the next generation.
  • Johnny Jay Jefferson
    Draymond is Rude and Mean-Man With A TemPer
    Draymond Green is not a good basketball player. He has dirt on Kerr and is exposing himself.
  • Matt55429
    It’s bad
    Refer to title
  • bwildes
    Complete trash
    A very lazy and inconsistent podcast, couldn’t even bother to break down the rest of the playoff games
  • ur momsfavorite
    Love the insight
    I love the guests, the hot takes, the breakdown, and the insight into the NBA. As a 14 year old boy who loves the Warriors. I love you man and keep it up!
  • pizzatiem
    DRaymond green is the man
    DRaymond steph and klay are literally my favorite basketball players there my wall paper I want to get the jerseys :) DRaymond keep up the great work i hope you stay on the warriors for more than 4 years :)
  • The mythology guy
    Sorry your a cavs fan, go cry about your losses to the dubs in the finals
  • Sleuth1996
    Stick with the cartoon!
    I was disappointed to see you changed your logo from a cartoon to a photo.
  • Golden-gator
    Dray Tells All
    Great NBA insider info by one of the most important players currently in uniform for the NBA. Nowhere near as much crazytown as some would have you believe. He delivers commentary as honest and real as his roots in Saginaw allow. Possible improvement: I wish he would take listener questions, as his perspective on a range of basketball (and life!) issues is informed.
  • mauriceriley42
    Andre xriley
    Draymond green I respect him for his insight and passion! I’m not a golden state fan but I’m a Stephen curry fan and Klay Thompson and draymond green fan for sure! He knows what he’s talking about especially on the defensive end! I found a new respect for this guy! I hope he continues more success
  • LeoFenderRolls
    Very long pauses
    Pauses for so long that I have to check if my phone is lagging.
  • Burgerboy341
    Draymond podcast
    Best podcast I listened to by far and the topics are by far just so great
  • JennFromTheBay
    Always learn something from Dray
    Dray’s perspective on basketball, his depth and breadth of knowledge, and his insistence on telling the truth is refreshing. I love NBA basketball and I am a lifelong Warriors fan, and feel like the combination of his intelligence and ability to articulate things about the game, plus his incredible play, and ability to take us along on his journey, makes this podcast amazing. I hope he continues to produce it—it’s a gift!
  • Mobe242424
    Great intake
    I am a lifelong laker fan. It was a great series they had against the warriors for obvious reasons. This podcasts is really good and I will keep listening. Draymond has a really unbiased approach to talking about his views on the game today and different things that work and don’t. I will be looking forward to seeing his take on the playoffs as they go forward. Great stuff.
  • REPS0109
    Speaks the transparent truth
    Good or bad, draymond is open and honest. His insights are next level. Love listening to him talk about anything
  • BiggMac35
    Just watch shrek
    Honestly didn’t know that donkey from shrek had a podcast. Didn’t need to listen to know that this is a total wackadoodle speaking nonsense. This clown knows he wouldn’t have any rings if it wasn’t for thing 1 and thing 2. I challenge donkey to a watermelon and fried chicken eating contest. Winner never talks to shrek again.
  • Nyg R9
    Boring content
    He tries to sound so smart he sounds dumb.
  • Aprilsaysso
    The unvarnished truth
    I love how honest Draymond Green is on the court and in his Podcast. He’s not coy, he tells it like it is. He’s a savant and a pleasure to listen to. Don’t ever change.
  • Efeezybaby
    Basketball Eloquence
    My first sports podcast♥️
  • Kookusi_Jnr
    An interesting perspective
    It’s nice to hear the backstories. It would however be better if it is less self-praising and more objective
  • Amadudu11
    Besides the fact that I’m a Warriors fan, I love how he explains the bts we don’t get to see or listen in the tv or the stadium! Much respect for one of the greatest defenders in the league. (Also, these comments from the kings fans after game 2 saying the warriors are done, really aged well🤣) Keep on doing what you’re doing Dray
  • lalaland84
    A great NBA mind
    Love hearing the game analyzed from one of the most passionate defensive players in the game.
  • PhillyP75
    A man who holds himself accountable…
    Is a real man and Dray is a real man and I wish more people would be like him… And I am a Lakers fan… Great Pod great man great player… A must listen !
  • Flipmastaed
    Horrible show. Go listen to All the Smoke or other NBA shows.
  • Warriors>nba
    Exactly what a podcast is supposed to be
    Very detailed insight from a very authentic player. If you wanna get mad over flagrant fouls go watch marcus smart or the grizzlies.
  • Sportdue55
    Tough to support a narcissist
    The title says it all
  • Sivkbe
    Worst sports analyst I’ve ever head
    Usually say this for people like Skip bayless, but at least he’s entertaining and knows how to talk. This is nothing more than a guy talking literally about nothing sometimes and tryna sound smart while doing it.
  • NBU1993
    One of the Best.
    Man this dude knows how to talk basketball. Also doesn’t understand that his own farts smell. Good for him.
  • Droit fryt
    An embarrassment of a person
    Draymon Green just purposefully stomped on Domas Sabonis’s chest. He is vile. He doesn’t play the role of a villain. He is an actual villain of a person. The Warriors are not a dynasty, they are a flash in the pan. If there is justice in the league office, he should be suspended a minimum of 2 games. The league will do nothing sadly. I’ll never listen to this podcast, because I have zero respect for the host, as a human being.
  • Jeffhdsee
    Get this baby boy a binky!!!
    It’s the only reason I can think of as to why he’s so angry all the time. I was at the Kings game 2 and could smell is poopy diaper from my seat. He was so upset he had crusty buddies in his butt crack that he stomped on Sabonis!!! That deserves a one star review if you ask me!
  • WormyBoy777
    Draymond’s a bad host
    He’s dumb, his basketball insight is terrible, and he looks like a smells bad.
  • Jordyjord1112
    Awesome new perspective
    Just started listening and really enjoy it. wish I would have started earlier! It’s like getting a behind the scenes view into the league. Dray is one of the great minds of the nba.
  • jolags
    I’ve listened to a few and they are rather dull.
  • Buttfunforever
    No honor
    No dignity in your tactics to inspire on court violence by baiting others. Why degrade the game like that? Would you be successful otherwise?
  • Andrew Sass
    Tiresome player, insufferable personality.
  • REW 1911
    The new media
  • PoopPoô
    Green Podcast
    The best defender of all time!!
  • StuArmy910
    Thanks for the pod and your insight! You are appreciated and needed, because there are fans that enjoy the nuances of the game and I feel like sports media plays with the fans intelligence with their surface and repetitive topics. Continue to do your thing both on and off the court!
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