Sister Wives: Love Should Be Multiplied Not Divided


A husband and his (only) wife give a weekly breakdown to the newest season of the TLC sinking ship, known as, "Sister Wives!" Follow along as this couple talks about all things, Brown family, Coyote Pass and Lula Roe!

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  • Jessica8219
    Hysterically Snarky…but we were all thinking it!
    This podcast is so funny! I really enjoy listening to the husband and wife team. I love that they just don’t recap the episode they have commentary throughout the entire episode about everything!! The Snark is hilarious and yes they are only saying what we are all thinking. I would love for you both to go back and podcast a rewatch of the old seasons starting from season one! That would be something fun after this season wraps up! I am very much looking forward to listening each week!
  • hxhakakhf
    This podcast is epic, hilarious, and spot on 🤣 please do more of these!
  • susan1*2*5
    Awesomely funny
    Just found this podcast & love it! It’s hysterical- I find myself snort laughing at all of the comments- especially ones that I have thought to myself about the Brown family & am glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way (….Truly, Robin & her bull dog face etc.) I will miss this once the Sister Wives show is over
  • AnnabelleGreer
    you both are absolutely hilarious and i’m so happy to have another hour of sister wives content a week
  • LS61582
    Amazingly funny 😂
    Absolutely hilarious recaps!
  • Ms_B_thats_me
    Love you podcast!
    Love this podcast
  • Mandalynnnn
    The best podcast about Sister Wives!
    These two make the actual TLC show complete with their funny commentary. Sister Wives is boring; Sister Wives in addition to this podcast is fricken amazing. Keep doing what you guys are doing! Great podcast! 😊
  • KayAnna22
    Uncomfortable dynamic
    I’ve listened to the most recent 2 episodes of this podcast. I really wanted to love it, because I love sister wives snark, but the husband really put me off. He speaks in a way to his wife that makes me feel like he thinks he’s better than her.
  • rae77234
    Not many podcasts make me literally laugh out loud but this guy is fricking hilarious. I listen while I’m working and my coworkers always wonder what I am laughing at. Love this guy!
  • Hannah Sille
    This is the EXACT thing my little reality tv heart needed. LOVE hearing you and Katelyn doing this together!!
  • Fishy22three
    Really good pod!
    These hosts really know the show and cast and have great takes! I love that there aren’t things or people they won’t talk about, (kids) I love that the dude is really firm in his opinions. I love that they do additional research. I expect this podcast will blow up as soon as more people know about it.
  • neelycreative
    A dream come true
    I started watching Sister Wives because of Ace. I’ve caught up to the newsest seasons and now this podcast? This is everything I’ve wanted and more. Can we please start back at season 1 and get your recaps? hahaha kind of joking.
  • IdahoHeidi
    Love it.
    Love listening to your recaps! If you get bored with the current season you could restart with season 1….I would totally rewatch with you! Your impressions are to die for!
  • Wtr05
    This show is a 10/10. The robin impressions have me rolling! This is the perfect show for anyone who is still watching the sister wives because we all “fill” the same about The Browns! I anxiously wait for the Sunday recap episodes! Now we need one for the housewives too please 🤞🏼🤞🏼♥️
  • J.Jo188
    So good!
    Ace and Kaitlyn are fantastic!
  • Sallysu
    Fun podcast!
    I really enjoy and would love to hear more scoop about seeing them in real life!!
  • Ellen123H
    5 stars!
    Looking forward to listening after each episode! You guys had me laughing so hard with Robin’s impression… SPOT ON!
  • GabbyAnderson917
    Love it!
    You are reading my mind!!!! Love it all!
  • Rhondajc
    Loved the recap!
    Thank you for a really good recap! I love listening to people who actually notice and comment on the issues that I notice in the show and you guys do that!
  • Samisue12
    Just what I needed
    I was relieved when you said this was not going to be a positive podcast about this family because that is not what I’m looking for!! I love it and I’m in for the snark and all of it!! Thank you so much!
  • Seemore Butts1129
    Like a beacon in the night.
    I’m the only one I know is keeping up with the mundanely chaotic Brown family. Alone, I watched for years, seeing but never speaking of the uneven distribution of Cody’s affection, the bizarre spelling choices of their children’s names, and the endless, endless wall decals. And here, in this podcast, I have finally found some refuge from the lonely road that was sisterwives season 1-15.
  • JP728
    I’ve listened to both episodes and I am thrilled that finally, there will be a pull-no-punches podcast on this crazy show! 💕
  • Patdlpr
    Best SW podcast EVERRRRR!!!
    If I could give 10 stars I would. The snarkiness is epic! CANNOT WAIT for the whole season!! Maybe even go back and recap older seasons!!! I’m down for ALL of it.
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