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Careers #50

Get ready to level up your job interviewing game! Tune in to this informative podcast for the ultimate insider tips on how to land your dream job. From nailing the toughest interview questions to tackling your weaknesses, our host Lena Sernoff - a seasoned pro with experience at tech giants like Google, LinkedIn and Wix - dishes out the exclusive knowledge you won't find anywhere else. So, don't just sit there, lean in and get hired! Support this podcast:

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  • CLS :)
    Love all the great tips for interviews!
    Easy listen and very insightful, thanks for the great words of advice!
  • ExHTCfun
    To the point and very helpful
    I love that the episodes are short and very insightful
  • Ansley Lewis
    I listened to many of the episodes of n different days before my interview. I used so many tactics and tips from this and absolutely killed my interviews. I am so bad at them, but after listening to this and using things I had learned, I absolutely loved my interview process! I for offered the job the next day. Thank you so much for the very helpful tips and verbiage in this podcast. You are doing the lords work!
  • Yan Long (is a fan)
    Simply the best!
    I found out this channel by accident and I was so surprised by the high qualities of each episode. Lena is very skilled at breaking down difficult situations and guiding you through the whole interview process. I would recommend this channel to every job seeker! One little piece of advice: maybe try to change the name of this podcast so that it could attract a broader group of people :)
  • Zack from Brooklyn
    Great podcast and tips!
    Great podcast and tips!
  • JassiPM
    I’ve never heard of chatGPT before, this gave me a great intro and ideas on how to use it. Will definitely use it next time.
  • weareeternalmusic
    Good tips, annoying white girl tone
    I actually think the content is overall interesting even tho I agree that some is not necessarily “professional” per se. It’s very useful Lana! I am struggling a bit listening the super intense basic white girl accent/tone that she’s using intentionally. Lara, I hope you realize this and that this is just your tone and not your personality. I bet you’re standing for equality and are not as boujee as your tone sounds. Stay well!
  • always find great deals
    Going back into the work force
    After 2 years as a stay at home I decided to go back to work full time. This podcast really helped me remember all the questions that go into an interview. I was able to write notes and come up with a strong game plan . Thank you !
  • JeffersonR93
    Nice guests but be careful with some of the advice given
    Some of the advice given comes off as unprofessional to me. Sort through it yourself because some of this stuff sounds nice on a podcast but will make you look immature in the real world.
  • Lishyfishytouchmymuschimetz
    Great tips straight to the point
    Great tips, many right to the point which I found super helpful!
  • thiscannotbwtaken
    A must listen
    Great way to internalize the do’s and don’ts of successfully interviewing, to the point, clear and immediately applicable!
  • Gihan .A
    Very useful tips
    Can you please talk about behavior around other teammate question. EX; what will you do if you experience having one of the teammate is not doing their best in the job and wasting time and that is adding more work on you ?
  • Tcohen18537
    So helpful!!!
    Wow, I can’t recommend this podcast enough. I’ve gained so many interview tips and my confidence has truly increased. Perfect for any professional, especially when looking for a new job! Highly recommend
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