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When your life is on display, it’s hard to avoid the spotlight. Join New Jersey Housewives star Melissa Gorga and her celebrity guests as they talk fashion, family, Bravo drama, and the importance of treating yourself. Grab a glass of red wine and a sprinkle cookie, and enjoy the conversation. It’s life unfiltered. It’s the world according to Gorga. It’s Melissa Gorga on Display.

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  • sophie golabchi
    Regarding the episode with Margaret Joseph
    Regarding episode with Margaret.. teresa did it without you or Joe for three or is it four years? She had that table flip with no help by you or your husband so she could survive the show without a storyline regarding you guys, but could you guys I don’t know.
  • Ame Leah
    Loving this podcast!
    I’m new to the podcast world and have had a blast finding all my favorite ppl and favorite subjects. I’ve always liked you, Melissa and felt awful at the way you’ve been treated. Remember always, the truth is incontrovertible, malice might attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
  • LA111700
    Great podcast
    Listen every week. It’s diverse. Not always about the Housewives. My favorite episode was with Jillian Michaels.
  • Eloise 5737295&$3
    Please please please stop eating while you’re recording
    Very entertaining I’ve always liked Jo and Melissa. But my God, stop eating while you’re recording it’s disgusting. The episode with your mom and your sisters at the Jersey shore you all sound like a bunch of pigs and cattle eating bagels and maybe one salmon in my car. You seem like a classy girl but that was absolutely disgusting.
  • Sniffles191919
    Great podcast
    Love listening!! Melissa, you are authentic and true to yourself. This is one of the reasons I love you on RHOJ. Especially love the podcasts with Joe! You guys are hilarious.
  • Tamra Simone
    Melissa is so fake how can anyone listen to This arrogant, thirsty little girl. She or her husband takes responsibility for anything she has done just blames Teresa. Tried to listen but I can’t do fake. We Wouldn’t know who she was without Teresa. They should be thanking her instead of betraying her.
  • Pynkpxy
    I like the topics but the sound is horrible. If two people are talking it sounds like one person is holding the microphone really far away. Sound is really bad, surprised no one has fixed this.
  • SarahC0089
    Keep Joe Off please 😵‍💫
    Just listened to the most recent episode where Joe was the guest. He doesn’t let Mellissa talk, and constantly has to “prove” he made money first, on his own and she should be so lucky to have met him. It’s disgusting. He lives in 1950 and needs to get real.
  • joes a midget
    You and your husband are pathetic
  • remingtonk
  • therealjoceboss
    5/5 Stars ⭐️
    I’ve been a fan of Melissa since day one of RHONJ! This podcast is one of the best! I listen to Melissa Gorga On Display weekly as a “Melistener.” I truly really enjoy all the guests & my dream is to be a guest on the podcast one day! I love that Joe Gorga has been on the podcast multiple times as well as family members & Housewive cast members. Melissa asks the best questions & the “Grilled with Gorga” segment is so fun to listen to at the end! 5/5 stars. Love you lots Melissa! Xoxo ❤️
  • The brown Russian
    Melissa is disgusting
    Melissa, you're constantly saying Theresa can't let things go yet. You are the one still talking about her on your podcast. You are pathetic your husband is pathetic and you constantly have to keep reaching to have some kind of storyline you're boring you have no business being on the show, let it go Teresa isn't talking about you so stop talking about her because you look and sound ridiculous
  • jojojojor
    love love love
    I have always been a big fan of the New Jersey Housewives!! I have loved how strong, inspiring and motivated you are. This podcast has been such an amazing addition to watching you on the show! It shows how much more real you are. It confirms that you are and always will be who you are! I love you and Joe’s relationship, you guys are an inspiration! Can’t wait for the next episode!
  • SilmaPalacios
    No bueno
  • Grlfromphilly
    The podcast with your cousins was cringe worthy. You brag about yourself constantly, stop! I know that you want your family on the show, but it is never happening. There is a reason that Antonio’s sweet 16 was not shown on the show yet Teresa has a 4 part wedding series. So cringe Melissa.
  • Alyrost
    stop talking about your sil
    i’m officially done. you celebrated your podcast saying how you didn’t want to make it about other people or issues. do you listen to your your episodes? you spend every episode defending yourself and talking about your sil. you spent the whole episode with marge, not asking about herself and businesses, but how much of a victim you are. i really liked this podcast up until wedding. now it’s all about that.
  • Notsureofmyself163
    Speaker phone UGH
    Melissa, I love your podcast. I listen to each episode. However, when Margaret Josephs was on and uses her speakerphone, I just can’t. I could not even finish this episode. Please ask your guests to take themselves off speakerphone.
  • JEzuruike
    Melissa is delusional
  • Mythbustersthefirst
    Blah blah blah
    Melissa is a complete narcissist. Exhausting
  • Lis372
    Teresa Teresa Teresa
    I wanted to like this but the amount of butt kissing of Margaret was a bit much. Teresa Teresa Teresa can we get through an episode of this podcast with a mention of her. It’s like all conversations lead back to her
  • allie snsjd
    Love Melissa and this podcast. Especially enjoy when Joe is on and the other RHONJ girlies!
  • YouknowYouknowYouknowYouknow
    Narcissistic Right?
    Complete narcissist who thinks way to highly of herself. Sick of hearing about you you you and how great of a person you are and how sexy you think you are. Not jealous like you would like to believe just see through your fake bull. You are fake inside and out. And please god can you stop saying “right” after every sentence. Singer, JLo lol yeah right
  • greenscent15
    Superficial lady
    Tried listening but she is so shallow and boring.
  • HollyTKC
    Not a fan… feels fake
    I was hoping for Melissa to be super authentic. This feels like “How I’m trying to be Teresa” part 2. Just not a fan. But Joe is hilarious. Love him on the podcast.
  • Rush$12
    Very boring. Unfollowed.
  • Yourmother101011
    No more Joe…
    Girl. We get it. Y’all have sex. Y’all like sex. That storyline is so old. How many different times can we hear about that? Your constant talking about yourself when “interviewing” (if you can call it that) is getting old. Please learn how to just listen and not interrupt. I have to unsubscribe…gave it a chance and just canNOT anymore. Bye 👋🏼
  • PBS.11
    Really interesting and well done
    Love her podcast and the structure around how she interviews people and questions she asks! Also absolutely love the episodes with Joe and want more of it!!!!❤️❤️
  • rainey gurl
    Hate to break it to you..
    I’m here for the tea always - but you did kick off the podcast drama first & started along about T before she had one.. maybe you should go back & listen? Either way, I’ll still tune in for the ping pong matches!
  • 19Heather
    Yes yes yes!
    RHONJ fan here (of course). This podcast is so good, Melissa is a natural! And I really love the episodes with her and Joe. Literally didn’t realize how much of a Melissa fan I was until I started listening to this podcast.
    CONGRATS 🎉 ON YOUR 50th!
    Congratulations Melissa! Keep doing you ! I love THE GORGAS>> Melissa , Joe and your beautiful children! Wishing you all peace and joy 💜
  • Rust Belt Boomer
    Oh… we notice. Stay on higher ground. Most people just don’t feel the need to judge and then comment online. And when we start to type something negative and mean about others, we delete it. It’s not who we want to be. There are way more of us than the haters. Great Pod. One of the best Bravo based…and precisely because it’s so positive.
  • Tara L G
    Family reconciliation
    Do you think that maybe with the falling out with Teresa, you will consider a reconciliation with Kathy and Rosie? Love you both, continue to being true and genuine
  • gmHalkidis
    My fav
    I love this podcast! Besides the fact that I’m a Gorga fan. Melissa is entertaining with any guest she has and her episodes are always real with good positive vibes. My favorite episodes are of course with her hubby Joe! I just love their dynamic. They are a powerful couple who value the important things in life like health, family & friends. My kind of people :) Keep doing your thing beautiful, I’m here for it all! ❤️Giselle H
  • Achomiewhatisgoodhomie
    She’s annoying
  • meeeeshlol
    Honestly this podcast used to be good one Joe was on it more. The guests the last couple months have been super sub par and boring.
  • I <3 beaches
    Get better guests
  • StephanieMelissa
  • NikkiD203
    Melissa’s fave topic is talking about herself 🥴
    Not surprisingly, this podcast certainly displays Melissa’s ego and love for herself. When will Melissa ever admit that she was so thirsty to get on housewives that she went out of her way to contact people to get on the show. It’s very obvious she was jealous of Theresa being on the show and the fame and money that came with it. Theresa is certainly not perfect, but to go on a TV show behind a close relative’s back and then let it destroy an already fragile family relationship in order to attain fame and money is disgusting. She needs to be fired from RHONJ, and the only real storyline they have ever had was fighting with Theresa.
  • Traci Gallagher
    Love that all the cracks of the FAMEWHORGAS are getting real big. Only you two could make Teresa and Luis look good. Losers.
  • Emomimi007
    I can’t
    I just couldn’t get into it
  • Copper_topp
    On display
    Displaying how obnoxious she is
  • Becca Hollywood
  • Addison 🇺🇸
    Rewriting History
    Liar. All Lies. You brought Justine in... yet you spoke about yourself 75% of the time. You are your biggest cheerleader. We all saw the videos, yet you continue to lie. Such a shame that Justin went along with your garbage. Also!!! Many many many fans have said throughout the years that you are rude. Garbage pod.
  • StacyTayTay
    Oct 20 2022 episode Nah
    Her description of what happened at Bravocon 2022 is so twisted that I just can’t even listen anymore. I was a fan until this whole thing. The way she defends her husband after the way he talked to a woman or in her version about a woman is disgusting. And I saw how much water was in Jennifer’s drink was like half an inch. Nothing so stop changing it. If she had just owned it I would still be a fan but alas no longer.
  • Pickek
    Your Husband is Disgusting
    You condone your husband calling a woman the B word. I don't care how many bodyguards are around, a real man would never do that........I used to be a fan, no longer. I'm unfollowing...
  • Dew Point
    Perfect Listen, Justin, Melissa & dpHUE!
    Great to hear honest open discussion from two REAL people Justin & Melissa. Loved every minute, have followed and used Justin’s dpHUE brand since it was launched, it never disappoints! Thank you both for keeping it honest & factual, no spin.
  • ErinMarieR
    My favorite housewife ever. Loving your guests and how real you are. Keep killing it ! ♥️♥️
  • Tpross24
    My fav
    Love the podcast! Have absolutely loved you since day 1 on rhonj. Keep doing what you do ignore the “noise “. Sending love From a Mohawk mama in NY 💕
  • Reality Listener
    Did Jo not get the memo about Bravocon being celebratory because I saw numerous clips of Jo ranting like a psycho . Melissa rewrites history repeatedly from how she got on the show, to how Jo acts. Please….
  • toto0913
    Love you!!
    I really enjoy watching the RhoNJ! It’s my favorite franchise! You and Joe are so fun to watch and I love how you are so family oriented, I married into an Italian family so I know what it’s like to be in a loud outspoken family! Stay true to yourself and I can’t wait to see the new season!
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