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Comedy #213Stand-Up #4

Charlie Bardey and Natalie Rotter-Laitman explore some of the most (and least) pressing ideas, theories, axioms, and concepts out there.

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  • kaylejghb
    5 stars for sure
    But I do wish there was a little more consideration audio-wise. Couldn’t finish the recent remote ep, but really wanted to
  • >>>>>>>:|
    love this pod!!!!!
    natalie and charlie are so cool and funny
  • littlefreak69
    I love them
    Regularly think of ideas I would bring if I were on
  • marshaplangman
    Heck yeah
    They’re channeling
  • iholmdahl
    Great funny thoughtful show
    This show makes me laugh so much — but also, it makes me think ! And learn things about my own life ! Strong recommend
  • DanSw3
    Charlie and Natalie are beyond funny; they occupy space in the realm of genius. Their comedy makes life feel so shared and makes you want to be a more curious and more understanding person. They rock.
  • Hobo on the road
    I love it
    Natalie and Charlie are so smart and they talk about absolutely nothing every week and I just love it! XO
  • amarie4726273
    Best pod ever
    I regularly laugh out loud to this pod. Highlight of my week!
  • Sydney69696969
    naomi A+ guest
  • byccywyx
    Screaming bc I went to college with a zacko
    But he was from chicago
  • :) =] =D
    the comfiest silliest pod
    This is my sense of humor to a tee and therefore I am very happy this pod exists
  • Kona222
    My favorite show
    I can’t tell you how much I love this show! I started listening after they were on Las Cult and I laughed so hard. I had just had my second kid, and I had to stop listening to episodes when my baby was sleeping on me because I could not control my laughter (which would wake the baby up). Charlie and Natalie are at fault for my baby’s poor sleep health, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Love this show so so much!
  • lilyschwa
    I just love y’all so much. No one else is out here being as stupid and as smart at the same time. Love love love love. The best in the game 🫶🏻
  • Sammik4955
    inexplicable perfection
    the best friends you’ve never had (they’re smartest and hotter and gayer than your friends <3)
  • belh1
    i love this podcast
    okay so this is the thing where charlie and natalie are the #1 gay guy and gay girl podcast hosts out there. and they are also so sweet and smart and funny! if ur reading this u should also join the patreon for amazing bonus stuff
  • Hue911
    Came here from Dylan’s episode
  • yipsterhipster
    Fave podcast ever amazing amazing amazing
    when they said “this is the thing of like” omg I felt that.
  • fiofa m
    Yeaaa that's gonna b 5 stars. Such a comfort listen
  • TobyBear(:
    One of my favorite podcasts!!
    Natalie and Charlie are hilarious and have the best chemistry! I just wish there were more episodes with just the two of them. Those eps are always way more fun to listen to than ones with guests imo!
  • Jhigaco82
    Makes my day
    Love this podcast so much, it makes me so happy to listen every week.
  • moe_gan374
    What a wonderful podcast
  • olivia rose a
    Perf !!
    Great chatty pod that makes me laugh and think :)
  • itskate!
    Special and great
    These guys are just so special and great. Trust me you HAVE to listen
  • jampeg_
    My Favorite Podcast
    I love the Exploration Live Podcast so much. Peak comedy, peak joy and comfort. My favorite voices to fill my ears as I do tasks around the house. I can’t wait to see the live show in SF this month!!
  • Big Fan L
    Charlie’s Singing
    Love you guys. Love the ideas. Love everything BUT Charlie’s singing. On a podcast built around sharing comedic premises and big ideas, it’s hard to make a musical theatre a capella cover hold weight or meaning with listeners. And it puts Natalie and the guest in a weird position to have to compliment him and encourage him to sing more, when everyone knows it’s not the time or place. I think everyone should empower him to pursue singing, if that’s what he wants, but pursue it elsewhere. You’re in New York after all
  • HETReviews
    Favorite podcast, always such a joy to listen to, both hosts are so funny and I’ve never been disappointed by a guest
  • plantsanimalsfoodtv
    They make me want to be nicer to my friends!
  • CocoLoco22____
    Please stop eating!!
    Please I beg you
  • ancatfr
    makes me giggle makes me go hmmm
  • mollymmmmmmmmont
    My favorite
    This is my favorite podcast ever!!! My top podcast in my Spotify wrapped 2 years running. Such a good vibe
  • citi bike luver
    love this podcast
    omg i’m obsessed with them both. they have a perfect vibe. i laugh out loud on the train and it’s embarrassing but worth it bc they make me happy on the way to grad school :)
  • flandykrinlatch
    Good podcast
    The Caleb Hearon episode changed my life
  • Trixie’s Dad
    It’s all downhill after the dope theme song
    Really tried to like this. It’s an interesting premise but it commits the cardinal sin of being boring and painfully unfunny. Count the number of times that Charlie complains about how he’s going through a hard time or Natalie whines about her nanny job. Natalie constantly interrupts or talks over Charlie as she tries to draw attention. The Sudi Green episode was especially grating because they all kept talking in baby voices. They do the Seek Treatment thing where they spend way too much time talking about mutual friends without using their names and then saying that they’ll have to talk about it more off mic.
  • Lauren_Christine_MaidenName
    Vibe is Vibe
    This podcast helps me every day. I was speaking with colleagues about best practices for interviewing and hiring people. I said “sometimes, you just know when it’s right. Vibe is vibe.” And they all nodded their heads because they recognized the value in that idea. Because Natalie and Charlie are geniuses. Pele.
  • Mary_e_k
    Like hanging out with your funniest friends
    Love this show so much.
  • Calum is bae
    excellent …
  • Juliedoo
    Genius Ideas
    Funny and thought provoking. Love to laugh and think at the same time
  • josieeenotjo
    i could have magubi on
  • LovedtheCoveredInBugs3ature!
    today’s ep
    ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️❤️loved it! love you!
  • ashley440391
    Actually scary how happy this podcast makes me, I would be so sad without it, Natalie is the only person I’d stop in public and ask to get a photo with
  • Top Girl #3
    must listen
    Just absolutely fantastic. Almost too funny
  • austin hehe :)
    This podcast is seriously soooooo funny. I love both of them and their wit :)
  • sarknows
    <3 <3 <3
    These people are my fav fav fav 😩🫶 Charlie’s laugh is the best thing ever. They’re so funny and you can tell they love being together. They put a lot of thought into their topics and go off on crazy tangents and I love every minute of it. Love you guys sm!!
  • hpex59
    This is my shul and they are my rabbis
    I love this podcast so much and it is perfect to listen to while stumbling through life. Could listen to these two’s brains forever with magooby on
  • NewttAl
    Podcast that hits
    Natalie speaks about this idea of a podcast or medium that needs to “hit” when you are in a sad or dark place. She often suggests hers is Las Culturistas which is a classic and totally true. This is that podcast for me! Love their vibe and friendship!! Sometimes you need to get out of your head and spend 20 minutes thinking about a caged bird…
  • QuarWno
    Gorg so far
    I’ve recently started listening to this podcast and I’m struck by the earnest way of conveying intellect in all its forms and stages in a way that’s funny and earnest. I feel I’ve stumbled into rare conversations worth exploring with Natalie and Charlie as my easy going genius guides who aren’t above getting a little lost themselves from time to time. Also it makes me laugh out loud and genuinely challenged my beliefs surrounding birthdays!
  • Skipper20002023
    These guys r so funny
  • me, an iphone app reviewer
    Charlie and Natalie are as wise as spiritual leaders claim to be.
  • mimirizi
    Can I say something?
    Chunk and Natty are my ideal conversationalists. They talk about things with such earnestness and it’s so comforting. I love this show it’s the best part of my week and has honestly TRULY helped me have better conversations.
  • Terriffico
    Every episode is so personal, thoughtful, and funny. Charlie & Natalie are so deeply friend-brained that it’s impossible not to feel joy listening to their weekly exchange of idea. Low stakes high quality comedy.
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