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Welcome to Chutzpod! -- ancient texts for modern times. Chutzpod! is a weekly podcast in which Rabbi Shira Stutman, Joshua Malina, and honored guests bring a Jewish lens to life's toughest questions: Who do I want to be in this one life? How do we work to heal this broken world? And how, dear G-d, did gefilte fish become a thing? It's a podcast for people of all or no faiths; Hebrew school truants and proud yeshiva graduates; those who want to be inspired but don't want to schlep to synagogue; basically, anyone trying to live a meaningful life during these trying times. Joshua and Shira have had radically different career trajectories and live on opposite ends of America, but do what Jews do best... teach and learn; crack jokes; and argue with one another about everything under the sun.

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  • ChileMama
    Listen while you bake!
    I absolutely love this podcast which is at once accessible and insightful. It’s great accompaniment while making challah, hamantaschen or whatever you’re prepping for Shabbos. Kol ha’kavod!
  • Kiddynurse
    Relevance of Torah
    Love the podcast-bringing the Torah to life, showing how relevant the words are to our lives. The rabbi and actor-great together. Thanks.
  • detroitreview99
    Outstanding podcast
    I started listening to this show about 10 days ago, 1/21/23 and found the content to be extremely interesting, funny, knowledgeable, in lighting, uplifting and revenant. I’m 47 years old, reform Jew in Michigan, I have two boys, 10 and 14, my 14 year old celebrated his Bar Mitzvah last January, we live in a fairly new neighborhood, one of our Rabbi’s is our neighbor and will turn her on to this show. I sent the shoe to my cousin in DC, friend in Chicago and another in Michigan, keep podcasting. I’ll try to listen to all, some days recent others when you started but I really love the way you two feed off one another. Thank you, Michael
  • Karen, Needham
    Please Rabbi continue with new insights into each parasha as we move into 2024. Please add the year to date of each episode. Great podcast. From a fan. Karen F., Needham,MA
  • MatilynKay
    Thoughtful and fun!
    I love that I learn so much listening to this podcast. It gives me more perspective and changes how I see the world all while making me laugh.
  • Cary A G
    My weekly Torah portion and sermon
    As I live in a remote location that has a Rabbi visit us only monthly, I have come to rely and completely enjoy this pod cast. Between the learning provided by Rabbi Shira, the humor from Josh makes this both educational, spiritual, and humorous. Worthwhile!
  • lizlindner
    I’m not Jewish, just a big religion nerd and Joshua Malina fan. This podcast has deepened my understanding of my own religious texts, and the beliefs of my Jewish friends and neighbors. I have become better at my job as a Lutheran Christian Educator by listening to a Jewish podcast. If only we all took more time to learn from each other.
  • Lobachevskii
    A great way to end the week…or really anytime
    R. Shira and Josh do a wonderful job addressing the weekly Torah portion and other relevant topics to Jews and truly anyone concerned with the bigger questions of life. Very often deeply insightful and always humorous, their back and forth banter is a weekly delight. And their interviews are simply delicious, like a perfectly sweet hamentashen (sorry, much better latkes) available year round. Give them a listen. Am sure you’ll be pleased.
  • RobynECA
    Learning and Laughter
    I consume a lot of Jewish content, and Chutzpod has become one of my favorites. I always learn something, and I always laugh. Thank you for bringing me into the conversation each week. Shavua tov!
  • Ramon, in the south
    It's pretty good, and it's free!
    Excellent content, thoughtful discussions. I love both of the hosts and they have amazing rapport and chemistry. I'm so glad I found this online community.
  • opebz
    Josh’s humor not for me
    Josh’s humor throws me off the topic.
  • Apkintter
    Fun to Listen to
    Enjoyable, informative and fun!
  • elishevetlev
    Perfect podcast
    This is a perfect podcast: serious news combined with both humor and Torah through a contemporary lens. Thank you, rabbi shira and josh!
  • LibrarianAvi
    Love this podcast… mostly.
    I mostly love this podcast very much. It’s funny and thoughtful and educational and irreverent, all at the right amount. But I was very out off by the conversation about Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haazmaut. To be clear, the guests were incredible and their insights and perspectives are important. But the approach to this conversation, the idea that it is controversial for Israelis to mourn their fallen or celebrate their independence and existence in our ancestral and indigenous homeland was infuriating. It’s frustrating that Jews, and Israelis in particular, are alone held to such an impossible high standard, that everything they do is criticized. And while I expect it from the outside world, to find it here from fellow Jews was heartbreaking. Give us these 48 hours to mourn, honor and rejoice. Why is that so terrible?
  • KR '14
    Awesome weekly podcast
    Really enjoying the combo of nuance, education, and entertainment every week. Thanks for doing this!
  • truegriffinforever
    Best way to start Shabbat
    This has become my favorite way to start Fridays! Funny, informative and great guest speakers. The opening song just puts a smile on my face. The wise cracking between hosts brings a light to a sometimes rough week. Really appreciate you both!
  • Lin47
    Josh Told Me To Say “It’s Pretty Good, And It’s Free”
    Having loved “The West Wing Weekly”, and knowing the quality of conversation I could expect, I dived right into this podcast even though I am as goyish as it gets. I have to admit I know little about Judaism (beyond what I learned from Christian Old Testament when I was a kid at a UCC church), so this podcast serves as a unique educational experience for me. I love how the content and the conversations do more than just inform; they enlighten. This podcast reaffirms my belief that good people can exist anywhere, that open and kind conversation can do more than we think, and that god (lower case on purpose) isn’t exclusive. To date, the episode that opened my mind the most was about the golden calf. If you haven’t listened to that one yet, you’re in for a brain-melt. Thank you, Chutzpod!, for the excellent podcast!
  • Nosleba
    Chart topper!
    I listen to a lot of podcasts spanning a wide range of interests and began listening to Chutzpod on day one. It’s now my favorite. The combination of wit, wisdom, topics, and guests hits all the right notes. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be enlightened. And it’s free ❣️
  • paul from The Park
    Great for a Goya
    Love the host’s viewpoints and it’s HILARIOUS! Had to get out my copy of “Serious Man” and consult the glossary of Yiddish terms in the jacket to take it all in.
  • 16mads
    Chutzpod! Is my Friday ritual
    I love this podcast and I look forward to listening to it every Friday. It’s funny, thoughtful, and engaging.
  • AbeF
    Needs to be longer!
    I enjoy both the breadth and depth of the podcast. Rabbi Shira is, well, a Rabbi, complete with the knowledge and the teaching mindset that go with it. Josh is intelligent and articulate and pretty darn knowledgeable himself. (He did attend a yeshiva as a child, before he went to Yale). I just wish the episodes were a little bit longer, so that they could spend some time digging a little deeper.
  • JennaRL
    A dose of humor and spirituality each week
    and free!
  • Lulila22
    My favorite
    I’m a potential convert and trying to learn as much as can. I’m so happy every time I see a new episode! The hosts of this podcast are so down to earth and welcoming.
  • Like-the-State
    A Weekly Favorite
    Each week I look forward to listening to Chutzpod - it’s entertaining, informative, and has become a new tradition to listen and catch-up each Friday as I prep for Shabbat. I love how accessible it is, while still being both thoughtful and engaging.
  • VAB 1
    A must listen
    Entertaining, thought provoking, and worth listening too!
  • caribeclif
    It’s pretty good and it’s free.
  • Noa M.
    It’s pretty good - and it’s free!
    Seriously, though, I look forward to each week’s episode. This podcast represents everything I love about Judaism.
  • Alanna6
    My favorite Jewish podcast
    Loving the balance of humor and depth. This podcast is pretty good- and it’s free!!
  • Andrea101323
    My new favorite Jewish podcast
    Not too long, a balance of serious, intellectual, quirky, and fun. As a bonus I’m a fan of the west wing. Great guests too.
  • JPM4eva!
    Fun, Educational, and Uplifting
    Great balance of humor and meaningful conversation. I look forward to listening every week.
  • fed up in MI.
    Some good, some meh
    I’ve learned quite a bit listening to this podcast. It does seem to lean quite heavily to reformed Judaism. Josh is terrific and I’ve enjoyed his comments and participation very much. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the Rabbi.
  • Red Raven617
    My ‘Go-to” Friday Morning Walk Podcast
    I love Rabbi Shira and Josh’s ability to share so much in a relatively short time. Every episode has given me something to think abiout.
  • Writing871
    Fun, light, and deep
    It’s fun, light hearted, and deep all at the same time. Great mix and nice way to connect with Judaism these days
  • pelotunafish
    This is exactly what I, a Jew trying to live well in the world, need. Thank you thank you!!
  • Yoonher
    Erev is now my favorite word
    Imagine if Beene Brown went to yeshiva. This is Chutzpod. Thoroughly enjoyable. It’s the Goldilocks of podcasts: great mix (dare I say Erev) of entertainment, education, and food for the soul.
  • justmaxindc
    I feel better about the world and myself after each episode
    Chutzpod is funny, introspective, spiritually uplifting, and educational. It’s one of those rare podcasts that would appeal to me AND my grandmother, if she could figure out how to listen to podcasts. And if she were still alive.
  • LetGoUserOG
    TuB’Shvat episode
    If the holiday is a giant “sweep,” one holiday covering all the blessings needed for all the trees, why didn’t the rabbis devise this for other aspects of Jewish life? How about one holiday for food where all the brachot are taken care of at once for all the food we will eat all year? Thank you for the podcast!
  • MDroeger
    Funny and fulfilling!!!
    I LOVE this podcast! I highly recommend it to everyone!! I am learning about Jewish teachings, looking at what I have learned from a different perspective. Josh Malina, as always, makes me laugh throughout and it’s just a feel good experience. My only gripe (not really a gripe) is with the name, although clever and very on point, Alexa doesn’t recognize it when I tell her to play the latest episode of Chutzpod! Nonetheless, it’s way worth manually playing it and I plan to be doing so for many, many episodes to come!
  • roxalee
    So much heart in this podcast!
    I listened because I am a long time fan of Joshua Malina going back to Sports Night, and I am glad I did. I am learning a lot about Judaism in a sweet and funny way.❤️
  • Ourween
    This podcast is smart, funny and insightful. I love the balance of depth, lightheartedness and Torah wisdom. I also can not lie, I was a huge West Wing and Scandal fan! Yasher Koach!
  • CAH_DC
    Love you rabbi Shira!
    So smart, funny and insightful. Just what I need for my Jewish engagement right now.
  • tsubasany
    Thank you!
    This is exactly the podcast I hoped someone would make. Funny, wise, hopeful, and did I say funny? Thank you, Joshua and Rabbi Shira!
  • Jendeisinmd
    Love it!
    Chutzpod has quickly become part of my Shabbat routine. So thankful for Rabbi Shira’s and Josh’s smart, thoughtful and funny discussions. I look forward to many more episodes.
  • JM in Park Slope
    The only podcast I listen to “religiously”
    Seriously - I don’t listen to podcasts but I have found myself listening to this each Shabbat- it is thoughtful, clever, humane, probing and funny -
  • theprincesskristen
    Converts Dream
    As someone actively in the process of conversion, this podcast is exactly what I needed!
  • VictoriaMoira
    LOVE this show!
    It's funny, educational, soulfuo and heart felt. It's everything! I wasn't raised Jewish but my mother's family is, so I really appreciate learning about this fiath, which is part of my heritage, but also about another faith tradition that I've lived along side all my life but never took the time to delve deeper. I also enjoy the different segments and viewpoints and they way the hosts are willing even eager to go into contreversy. It is a valuable addition to the podcast universe.
  • JD Southe
    Love It!
    This is really great. A fantastic mixture of culture religion humor and education all in a way that can be enjoyed anywhere. Great conversational style and connection between Rabbi and Joshua. Thank you. Inspiring.
  • Jessicanell
    This is wonderful.
    I was educated by some hard old nuns who were wonderful about reminding us that we all might pray differently.. but it all goes to the same place. This has been a historical and religious adventure. Bravo! Thank you for putting it out there!
  • elainesharon
    After Colleyville
    I was hoping Chutzpod would comment on that terrible day. Naming the anger, fear, and despair that comes with anti-semitism and all forms of hate is necessary for comfort, strength and progress. To paraphrase Rashi: Hope, gain strength, and hope. Thank you so much.
  • Joes22
    Excellent broadcast
    Informative. Articulate. Insightful. Spiritual. Meaningful.
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