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Welcome to HAIYAA with Nigel Ng, a comedy podcast about disappointment! Join Nigel Ng, creator of internet sensation Uncle Roger, as he pokes fun at the moments in life that make us all go HAIYAA…

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  • hbbdhdbdhufjw dnjcvshcjdud
    I listened to it for some time now and I really like it bc there is some really funny moments trust me😍👍😁
  • Wootsy
    Live Show
    My 12 year old son wanted me to take him to see the live show in Boston. He had a great time. I started listening to the podcast after I saw the show. The podcast is fun. I like the assistant as well. I noticed some of the jokes from the live show started with the podcasts.
  • Bam son
    Funny in all the wrong(right) ways
    I really enjoy listening to this when I have nothing else to do or when I want to listen to something while I’m doing something else. This is my favorite podcast to listen to that tickles my dark humor. I’m doing this review for Uncle Roger. Also next time you decide to do a tour maybe visit Vegas where I’m from! -Your best friend Richard
  • Angry Brown Girl
    Alaska is listening!
    Thank you for keeping a giant smile on my face when listening to your amazing Podcast. Shout out to you from Eagle River, Alaska and hang in there producer Matt!
  • kirito my nickname irl
    What I think
    Best podcast! I always listen to this! Uncle Roger rocks! 😁
  • djg1604
    Uncle Roger
    Love the podcast uncle roger rocks 🤘🏼
  • Noelle.Silva
    Amazing Podcast
    Two words to describe this podcast: Funny and Entertaining I can’t wait to listen to the other episode soon. To the new people thinking about listening to this, DO IT! It’s totally worth it.
  • SirDarby22
    Unapologetic andI love it!
    Nigel… and Matt, absolutely love the podcast! Keep up the amazing content! Do you think you will ever come to the Idaho area? If so i will be there with the MSG- Fuiyoh! Anyways love what you, thank you the laughs.
  • Cheefodank
    Two words
    Ping pong show
  • 877Rbmm
    Nigel says some messed of stuff but is hilarious Matt is afraid to get cancelled so he giggles along and dies inside. Nice pod guys
  • mandy_007_
    I love listening to Nigel’s podcast. He’s a real pro comedian now and I can see he’s a very ambitious person. His podcast is quite funny and I listen to it for the entertaining and uplifting effects. Thanks to Nigel for bringing me joy these days and I hope you have a fantastic tour.
  • no pules found
    nice pod
    good pod would listen again
  • ayehchegd
    Good pod
    Good podcast
  • DannyLe2326
    Best podcast ever!!!! Love the dark humor and life stories !!!! Recommend !!!!!!
    Best podcast ever!!!! Love the dark humor and life stories !!!! Recommend !!!!!!
  • Lizzie Ruth
    Love it, even though I’m not your demographic
    FB-Mom here, not Instagram-** or anything, but I love the humor here, the trust that we know that you’re joking and won’t freak out at a joke. Keep it up! Oh and Producer Matt, amazing way of conveying that you’re squirming just by hearing your laugh, love it!
  • Noor Linda Nasir
    Love it
    This is for hardworking producer Matt hehehe
  • Jake - NYC
    Best Pod on the planet.
    Worth every second of your time. Humor is on point. Well done.
  • TYin NoCal
    Nigel is funny and Producer Matt is even funnier
    Laugh out loud funny, smart and edgy.
  • AkaiMiz
    This Podcast is EXACTLY what I wanted
    This is mainly for Matt! (But also, I agree there are too many Holidays in UK) Amazingly fun and relaxing Podcast, with widening your perspective of different cultures. As a person who wants to do that as well, really appreciate what you do Nigel :)
  • Tranman135634
    Fun, worth listening to.
    A lot of bullying of producer Matt but he loves it.
  • Divine Dumpling
    Here from YouTube
    Yes! Love this pod! Nigel is great! Producer Matt is very hard working and tries his best!
  • Cal_Dad
    Hi Matt ( and Nigel too) Love the podcasts… gave 4stars cuz I’m holding out for Nigel to start an Onlyfans!!! 🤣 maybe you should talk to Jimmy Carr about hair transplantation…. If you guys do It I might too!!!
  • Deebs_001
    5 Stars
    I love the Haiyaa podcast! Nigel does a great job at bringing entertaining topics to the show. Matt tries too. I wish there were sound effects from “Rice to Meet You” on that soundboard, though.
  • CRT1991
    Producer Matt deserves a raise so he can visit all the festivals. Haha, seriously good podcast
  • wyn667
    Hanabata days
    Uncle Roger brings back memories for me of older days in Hawaii we call Hanabata days. Lots of references you do remind me of those days with less restrictions on ethnic jokes. You should read this book called “Pidgin to the Max” before doing your show in Hawaii. Lots of the terms in the book can be taken as offensive in todays society but it is still funny since I grew up in that time.
  • Kaputz
    Data Scientist Podcast with a touch of comedy
    Haiyaa ….
  • marky_lamby
    Great podcast!
    I heard about this podcast through the Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr - such a great recommendation! So funny, glad I subscribed!
  • SeniorMatéus
    Hello there Nigel, I am a very big fan of yours that is from Brazil. ¿I was wondering what your opinion is on South and Central American people?
  • DarkEnigma4256
    Unfiltered, laidback comedy!
    Glad I found Uncle Roger’s podcast. Fun to see the persona of him bashing chefs on YouTube. And now coming to a talk show where I can have some smirks and laughs on my drives back and forth between home and school. Interesting to hear his stories and insights from the UK side of the world. I also enjoy the KPop snippets too. Looking forward to checking out Nigel’s whole series!
  • do' ex in benne a x a
    Very good podcast
    This is a very good podcast but 10 and older This is what I am going to listen for 15 hour flight to Italy Love this podcast and Nigel is so funny and may can be funny to but over all I think that Nigel is so much funnier And uncle roger can be very funny I love Nigel I am a huge fan
  • scout69420
    Best podcast I have listened to
    I have listened to the h3 before but I think this tops it off I knew about uncle roger I saw this o. His YouTube video I thought I’m not much of a podcast person but I will give it a shot it was pretty good I showed this to a friend they said it was pretty good we sometimes listen to the podcast when new episodes come out that why I give a five star rating
  • Chis :3
    You are a good comedian
  • bwacph
    One of my favorite podcast
    Awesome ✨ podcast 📻
  • Jerseychi
    So much Wok hei!
  • B_C421
    Love the hustle and talk about craft
    Saw you open for Jimmy! You were awesome! Best of luck. F that guy who gave 1 star for trailer. lol
  • Redseaturtle4
    No title
    I’m glad to make you feel special and you deserve it because you are actually funny. I can’t wait for the next episode.
  • Aftermath22b
    Where to start
    Awesome podcast, I’m Japanese & white and it’s hard to find a middle ground. Topics are very relatable and Nigel is just hilarious!! I don’t often laugh too hard but this has me in tears (the good kind) haha. Love the channel & podcast. Keep it up! Don’t say sorry haha!
  • blakvi3t
    New favorite podcast
    Extremely entertaining and funny
  • Ilillfoollslikeyou
    We are all offensive and funny
    This podcast is amazing. Always offensive, sometimes funny is what we are all thinking. It feels so honest and real.
  • markymarkmarine
    I’m dying laughing and my friends, all wide eyed Americans hate listening to podcasts when we’re in the car…your podcast is the most requested thing in my car…when it isn’t in the shop hiyaa. Anyway, LOVE the show and carry on brotha! kamsahamnida
  • Disenchantment :()
    Prospective if a fan
    I love your YouTube channel, and was even more ecstatic when I found your podcast, I looked at your tour and saw you hit Philly! It would be easy for me to go except two things. One: the venue you preform at is 21+. Two: the tickets are already sold out. My brother got me hooked, and then eventually my whole family. (Also just to add some more smiles, my brother because of you, got a wok he is obsessed with.) Thank you!!! PS: my favorite thing is have ever said is, “ you are lazy but special” 🤣🤣🤣
  • Chess pickle
    Sharp Witted and Deliciously Irreverent!!!
    His genial personality and free flow of consciousness style constantly divert into unexpected territory revealing comedy gold and gales of laughter and giggles. Unfiltered and unapologetic but always as lighthearted as it is provocative. The podcast is always a highlight to my day.
  • xRookx
    Thank You!
    I found this podcast after following “Uncle Roger” on TikTok. This man never fails to make me laugh. I recommend this podcast to anyone who’s got a long commute or just needs a pick me up.
  • Mo22044
    Very entertaining!
    So not every joke is funny, but comedians should never apologize for a joke. It’s the context of the joke and how it was delivered. Keep going Uncle Roger!
  • jennychan12
    Awesome Podcast
    Love this podcast! Super funny and entertaining! Brings light to Asian culture in a super interesting and hilarious way.
  • mustang501
    Love this
    Your shows great. One fun fact about your Tesla. If you tell it to open butthole your charge port will open same as if you say close butthole it will close just thought you’d like that
  • Angel_Hodges
    People in Mexico love this!
    All your content is awesome, my mom is a retired chef and she is a huge fan. She got me into Uncle Roger, to quote her “this funny asian kid has a weird sense of humor but really knows how to cook.” I don’t have the heart to tell her he is a made up character haha.
  • tandom x
    Get this sword
  • n0t-aBoT
    This episode gave me hepatitis. Nigel is funny sometimes. I’m going to go iron the dishes now. Haiya
  • Hydrogen1.01
    Very Inappropriate
    But so refreshing
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