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This is the official podcast about the HBO Max series And Just Like That: A New Chapter of Sex and the City. Each week writer and director Michael Patrick King, and executive producers Elisa Zuritsky and Julie Rottenberg will be joined by writers (Samantha Irby, Rachna Fruchbom, and Keli Goff) and special guests to unpack the latest episodes of the show. Plus, listeners will get a behind-the-scenes look into the choices that shaped the stories to revisit the original Sex and the City characters, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, along with the new friends and new stories. New podcast episodes are available each week on podcast platforms and on HBO Max. The official And Just Like That podcast is produced by HBO Max in conjunction with Pineapple Street Studios.

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  • Melissa L Fox
    So good!
    I love getting the inside scoop of how plots and characters are developed. Makes me love the show even more! Great job!
  • JinNJ
    I LOVE listening to the writer insights on the show after each new episode. AJLT is so thoughtfully scripted and as a “50 something” woman who watched SAC, I love how much the writers care about who the characters are. So smart, thoughtful and funny too! This podcast is A MUST LISTEN for fans of the show!!
  • xhannahx121
    These people are really enjoying the smell of their own farts
    I don’t absolutely hate the new show, I watch it, I enjoy it and then when I think about what I just watched I get sort of upset. I don’t understand some of the obscene choices for the girls. For example: WHY is Miranda a student after we follow her entire career arc and she reaches her goals. Why is she NOT A PROFESSOR, Nina can still be her friend, she can still all have her Karen bludgeons navigating a younger generation…it’s just embarrassing. A choice so important like this is just upsetting. I could go on and on, but the woman Samantha I understand why she was brought in as a POC writer, but some of what she said in that first episode didn’t make any sense and was so cringe it was clearly a perspective that leaked into the show severely. Anyways these people are getting high off their own farts and I feel bad for our beloved ladies - they deserve better than this.
  • KarmaNJ
    The smartest, most clever character has been ruined. Miranda was the reason I watched the original SATC. I was looking forward to this reboot but it is cringy, and not in a good way. The companion podcast is a self-congratulatory waste of time. The worst character on this reboot is Che, she is supposed to be a comedian and is not funny. The entire Miranda/Che storyline is awkward and unwatchable. #stevedeservesbetter
  • d o r i
    Loyal SATC fans are disappointed
    I’ve scrolled through and read every review about this podcast and I’m honestly not surprised that true legacy fans share the same sentiments about the direction of AJLT. I don’t recognize these new characters. They aren’t even shells of their former selves - they are entirely different people. Whats with the over the top “wokeness?” The original characters were already progressive, inclusive and liberal minded. Why did you have to make them all out to be 3 old racist yt hags! I’m happy to see the girls back but the writers of this new series are worse than bad! If the writer’s don't start writing for the old characters this is going to be a total crash and burn because as a stand alone show without the backstory of the original SATC its not good.
  • 🌛🌕🌜
    I had no idea that this was available! I can’t wait to start. I love the new show
  • Joe's View
    Jaw dropping
    It is amazing to hear these writers congratulate themselves for producing the abortive ‘Sex and the City’ reboot which is a big slap in the face for fans of the original series. The writers should have spent more time trying to produce a good show and less time ticking off PC boxes. This podcast should have been called ‘Blowing Smoke.’
  • arthousecleaner
    Love the podcast and love the show
    So informative and so wonderful. I never want this ride to end. It is a slice of heaven during these trying times. It’s so enjoyable to be with the ladies again. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Just a big thank you.
  • hyuni9642
    Thank you
    Thank you for taking this risk and bringing the show back, I absolutely love it !!! Hopefully there will be more seasons !!
  • Pamela150
    Pretty please 🌷
    Hello Team MPK! Thank you for providing personal commentary and overall 💎💎insights to this series. Fantastic! So much so, I have my iPad out replaying the episode while listening. Love hearing "how the sausage gets made". Thank you for committing to producing such a dynamic, diverse, and daydreaming product! 👍🌷👍
  • Just Call Me Teach
    Self indulgent
    Although I appreciate learning the thought process behind the writing, the “reboot” has missed the mark. It is a “woke” dump.
  • MrsMarshieP
    You ruined it
    And just like that - you refuse to post my review. SATC was brilliantly inappropriate, deliciously sexy, massively funny, scream at the TV drama over BIG. AND JUST LIKE THAT - you ruined it Age shaming galore. SJP looks and dresses and acts 70! You need to hang out with women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s - we are sexy, funny, and smart. If we were lucky enough to be financially successful we wear it with dignity and panache. Yet - you awful writers are apologizing for everything. We don’t apologize for our hard work, our life choices; we grow and blossom with each year. You took a show about 4 great friends and have melted it into a pity party for all races, ages and sexes. I cannot stand what you have done to our girls. It’s as if they were in a box for 15 years and didn’t change or embrace life. It’s like they experienced nothing of real life. They have not grown or changed other than worrying about their lined faces and grey hair. Thank God Sam is in London. Do a “Samantha in London” spin off - that would be interesting. She never bows to anyone (kneels not bows (wink, wink)). Just don’t let the snowflake pandering writers do the script. I am wholly disappointed. And I am faaaaar more interesting than these three old hags. My life is FABULOUS! I don’t even recognize these three women.
  • MichellePLevy
    Excellent companion podcast!
    I am really enjoying this! Loving the reboot. I can’t get enough— so this podcast is much appreciated! Great information and insight.
  • AuburnKimme
    Must listen!!!!
    I love getting the behind-the-scenes info into the process of making And Just Like That! The writers are brilliant and meticulous. I feel this companion piece doubles my experience each week. Thanks, y’all!!
  • Paul Katz 72
    Time Jump Issues
    I have to say, I’m surprised to hear the writers discuss the time jump in E7 / ‘Sex and the Widow’ as only three months. The montage starts I assume in late summer and goes immediately into fall. We go through winter and back to spring again. Seema references ‘Valentine’s Day’ at the table with the girls. Even the song playing over the montage is about spring! That’s more like six or seven months, not three.
  • Goddesspose
    These women are now long in the tooth.
    They are still dressing like they’re in their youth which makes them look even older. Their faces are sagging and perhaps they could look more sophisticated to go with those faces. Is Carrie ever going to dress more appropriately?
  • JC30204
    The show keeps getting better, but Che is the single most obnoxious/Unlikable character on tv. The “comedy concert” was embarrassing. Enjoying the rest of the new characters.
  • sylvia7love
    Sex & The City Fan
    Did the inspiration of “Just like that” come from season 3 ??? I was rewatching like always and so many things just clicked together.
  • jack'd is over
    And just like crap
    This is the most delusional self-aggrandizing nonsense I’ve ever listened to. Samantha Irby needs some basic public speaking coaching because “like you know like like you know” is annoying to listen to and if her body is “actively decaying” in his 30’s then she needs to reevaluate her lifestyle choices. This is the group who took a clever fun sit com and insulted the audience with lazy forced “woke” writing and un-funny attempts at “comedy.”
  • KMuril
    MPK interrupts a lot
    Very grateful the writers all joined together to create this podcast. Just wish Michael Patrick King would stop interrupting and talking over the group.
  • NatalieT28
    Love this!!!!
    I love listening to the details and thoughts that went into each episode!!! It is so interesting!!! Thursday mornings are like Christmas to me knowing that a new episode of the show is waiting for me! It’s an added bonus to listen to this podcast afterwards, I love it!!! Thank you for this gift!!
  • fp123456789
    Do the writers really know their audience?
    In the Dec 17 episode, there was some flippant quip about views comfort with inclusion in a way to explain dismiss criticisms — dismissive of the audience. —— here’s the thing, it just might be possible that not only is Che not funny (at all), but maybe even extremely obnoxious and crass in a way that makes the original show seem PG. I haven’t read any criticism of Miranda’s professor or Carrie’s new realtor friend. I think your audience was always inclusive, it’s just that Che is a horrible character and is making Cynthia’s character really dislikable. Maybe y’all should be a little more honest and reflective. This podcast is literally self-congratulating … you guys are so convinced you’re so much better than your audience.
  • LindaYogaGirl
    So disappointed that I canceled HBO Max today. I feel better already. We will NOT have POC wokeness crammed down our throats. It would have been perfectly fine with 3 ladies plus Anthony at lunch. But no you had to ruin it with they/thems and all sorts of POC nonsense that these women would truly not have encountered.
  • 4ver Fan
    A MUST for TRUE fans of the series
    I truly appreciate & LOVE this breakdown of each show! As a SATC fan the writers explanations & purpose of why things happen both calms me down (I’m an emotional viewer:-) & gives me highlights of things I failed to notice -even after watching a show twice. Thanks! Wish we had this during SATC…maybe an idea to revisit? IJS🤣
  • dfranchetti
    Insight I’ve Always Longed For
    Amazing podcast with amazing hosts who give us a peek into the process of a beautiful show about women and friendship. I couldn’t recommend more.
  • Zakia Lott
    OG Fan!
    When I saw the announcement about the return of “Sex in the City” I was literally overjoyed!! I remember when the show first came out I was so broke that my friends and I split the cost of the DVD series so we could share. Fast forward 15 years and just like that we have a fabulous evolution of the ladies we all love. The fashion, the thought provoking conversations, the DIVERSITY. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Also, hearing the comments and the thought process on why certain decisions were made in the writers room was the icing on the cake. Hats off to Michael Patrick King for brining in diverse writers to help us understand different people, cultures, and experiences. Well done! P.S. My husband jokes that he’s never seen me like this over a show. We got married post the finale of Sex in the City. :-)
  • Ginger666
    The first episode of Big and SJP IS CRI NGE! They talk in a way that is so dumb and not cute. The show has a topic of the week, schooling us. Of course we need a theme, but don’t slam it in my face. The thing is Carrie would have her own podcast about relationships, by herself. She would be the first person to be podcasting back in 2010. Who are to these individuals with her. She would be the boss. Miranda is pathetic and stupid. What happened to her? She have a lobotomy? Don’t insult your audience’s intelligence. The old show was better. The brunch scenes were the best.
  • Leosrule
    Not loving it
    I really wanted to like this arc but I really dislike it. The characters have become shallow. Do you as writer’s think that once a woman becomes 50 she loses all her zest for life? Can she no longer be quirky? Can she not be fulfilled? Did you watch the original? Can they not move on and still function? You should hang out with better 50 year olds….
  • JennyLovesJazz
    What is going on?
    With all due respect, it’s almost comical how BAD the writing is on AJLT. There’s no nice way to say this, but your writers sukk. I completely blame this train wreck on them. In your zeal and quest to be woke and diverse etc you forgot to honor who these characters really are and write us an entertaining and fun show. You need to examine why there are SO many cringe worthy scenes. And you need to get rid of any writers under the age of 40. There’s no way they watched the original series WHEN it aired and that should be “a must” requirement to be employed as a writer on the reboot. Btw, 55 yrs old does not = 85 yrs old.
  • THOR694658
    Killing an Icon
    If we needed proof that Hollywood is broken, AJLT could be Exhibit A. Gen X was ushered into its 30s with the absolutely iconic original, but what AJLT’s out-of-touch writers — coddled by the arrogance of SJP and MPK — have done to the legacy of SATC is criminal. Full stop. There is no doctorate level in screenwriting, but if there were, dissertations could be written on this reboot’s lack of integrity: The writing, the acting, Davis’ dermatologist and the trash couture. There is a silver lining, however, and her name is Kim Cattrall. Standing up for what’s right. Being a kind soul. A consummate professional, who refuses to surround herself with toxicity in order to grab millions, is exactly the kind of emotional intelligence for which Hollywood and its players should be striving.
  • CreativeCoach
    I’m Hooked!
    Having watched SATC from the very beginning, I’m thrilled to revisit these characters in a new stage of life & to see them navigate new challenges with awkwardness, humor, & heart. Hearing the writers discuss their process as well as how & why they’ve made character/story choices is the cherry on top of the sundae for me!
  • RyanCShowers
    Perfect tie-in.
    Michael Patrick King is a phenomenal person to listen to. The show is so deep and has such detailed, dense writing; this is a therapeutic way to digest the episodes every week. Love it. It enhances the new series and makes it an event.
  • mattbermudez24
    Great podcast. Bring back the comeback next!
    Loving the new take on these characters. The show’s great. MPK, we need another season of the comeback too.
  • killa.kells
    I’m obsessed
    Thank you for bringing my favorite show and characters back! Thank you for bringing attention to trans children. It’s an important representation and my household thanks you!! You’ve always been there for me and you continue to be there for me many decades later. 💕
  • Lil' Buddha Hikes
    MPK Interrupts Often
    Podcast is good, but Michael Patrick King often interrupts the writers and other host. Please allow the writers to express themselves fully before cutting them off.
  • alohagoodthings
    Love love love
    As a hugely obsessed addicted fan of SATC, AJLT came true to life was beyond I can simply express my joy and the excitement and to know that this podcast exist, I became officially a chronic as I can be. It’s so exciting to know all these detailed insight that episodes were partly created. Thank you for sharing those. This show is so real and funny that I laugh so much as a real life moment of silliness. Oh! I loved the bar name “smith” where Miranda was gonna have a glass of Chabris before her first class! You all writers are truly genius by showing being authentically so so passionate to create the show! I can’t wait for ever Thursday now and keep watching the episode over snd over guessing things and imaginating how each scene was shot! Thank you for bringing the laughs & NEW York! BTW What was a brand designer hoodie Carries neighbor Phill was wearing? I could not see the logos .. Just can’t stop wondering…lol
  • Eloisebruno
    I couldn’t help but wonder….
    How such a perfect podcast came to be! From the beginning to the very end credits- this is just a delight for us all ❤️
  • kristen baskin
    Completely delightful
    It’s so fun to hear all the details and have the story continue yay!
  • Gailstacie
    You ruined the show-fans hate it
    What were you writers thinking ??? The show is a trainwreck and every fan hates it !!
  • whatevermarlena
    Mr Big Dies
    Hearing Michael Patrick King explain that he wasn’t creative enough to write a conflict about two people without having to KILL one of them is really sad. What a ridiculous statement that the only thing interesting about a woman at this stage in her life is killing her husband. She can’t have cancer ? She can’t suffer from depression? you couldn’t wait to kill him until mid season ? They couldn’t have explored their sexuality ? Threesomes ? Impotence ? Menopause ? You couldn’t kill Steve ? I wanted to watch a mature relationship happen. I pulled up this podcast hoping for some clarity and instead I got an arrogant “deal with it” attitude from MPK.
  • Loretta borunda
    Loretta borunda
    Sara Ramirez
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