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This is the official Max companion podcast to And Just Like That... Each week, executive producer, writer and director Michael Patrick King is joined by the brilliant writers of the show including Elisa Zuritsky, Julie Rottenberg, Susan Fales-Hill, Samantha Irby, Lucas Froehlich, and Rachel Palmer. Together they will unpack each episode of the series and give exclusive behind the scenes details from personal stories that made their way into scripts to what was left on the writing room floor. New episodes are available each week on Max and wherever you get your podcasts. The official And Just Like That… The Writers Room podcast is produced by Max in conjunction with Neon Hum Media.

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  • Laurafins
    Helps add context to the show
    Much like the show, Almost funny how they fall over themselves to keep their pronouns PC and bastardize the English language to keep their woke bona fides.
  • mpsmyth
    It's film school in a podcast
    A podcast for anyone who loves storytelling and the artistic and practical concerns of the writing process. And specifically for fans of the show, it's a comprehensive look behind-the-scenes of how the artistry of all the "guilds" is interwoven to create a successful narrative.
  • 3527362763
    Only one thing stops this from being five stars
    LOVE the podcast. It makes the episodes so much more meaningful and the hosts are great. My only critique is that the guy talks over EVERYONE and cuts all the women off all the time. This makes the show a less enjoyable. If he stopped this would be five stars! The writers are so cool I love this story never stop!!
  • sonia_says
    Smart recaps
    Thank you for teaching me the correct pronunciation of Thierry Mugler’s name.
  • 3wa2wa1979!
    I love the show, and the podcast. I so sincerely enjoy hearing where the writers are coming from. Cannot wait for season 3!
  • KittyBooty
    Back scene info is great!
    I love getting some of the back scene secrets. The podcast is fun and upbeat. The only thing is that I cringe when Michael imitates the actors. Not even good imitations. It’s not needed and it feels off to me. I do like the thoughts behind the whys and the hows.
  • RiskGal
    NOT SITC for sure
    Started listening hoping that I could get the magic of the new show but…🥲 the writers talk so dramatically about how the wrote this show without realizing we just don’t have the same connection to these new characters to really care. They had to add in 6+ ppl just to make up for Sam. It’s not working. 3 Seasons and we just don’t care about Che, Seima heck don’t even know their character names. Please get Sam back! Big mistake killing off Big. Huge!
  • MicheleRBuc
    I attempted…
    Like other reviewers, I am disappointed at the MPK interruptions and hijacking. Still, I persevered…. as I was traveling. I gave up when we were at the point of MKP actually Mansplaining the female-identified writers in the topics of menopause, pregnancy, and mother-of-son issues. - signed, 50-something SATC/AJLT viewer.
  • FriskybartlAtlanta
    Is Samantha Irby just for show???
    We rarely hear her speak. And when they address “African American” themed and characters, I’d love to hear the black woman's voice. Seriously. Do better. You made such an effort to diversify the show…her near silence in most episodes is beyond disappointing.
  • 2Ellie03
    really trying to understand the cringe factor
    Writers::"Intimate" sex scenes in SATC didn't work either. The sex scenes worked because they served COMEDY. Intimacy was much better portrayed in moments not involving sex. And we've been trained to see these characters that way. Big difference IMO why SATC works and AJLT is struggling with the cringe. YOU might like it as writers --but do ask yourselves if what looks good and what the intentions were on paper are what is indeed coming across as intended on screen? I dont think so, after listening to these podcasts, unfortunately. I will say season 2 is improved. You made Che human instead of a god, developed some of the other new characters --trying to make them more relatable instead of just rich, gave Steve some diginity and happy you found a way to free Carrie from the depths by bringing back Aidan and some familiarity. No shame in that, it's great. Speaking for myself,I don't want to watch a drama with these characters, I still want a comedy. I wish you would lead more with comedy first. I also wish you would stop taking the laziness road with the "shock and cringe in lieu of good writing. The shock and cringe in SATC always served the comedy...always. Never shocking just to be shocking or to make a statement. You can still make statements without being lazy --just be more thougthful and clever about it. With this writers' strike, you have time to do that now. I also understand perfectly why MPK chose not to have Carrie narrate. Hoever, I think AJLT needs it. Consider this --We may have disliked SATC too if there was no narration givng the context the writers intended. Now we have to go to a podcast to find out what the writiers inended, Shouldn't be that way. Hearing it from Carrie gives us permission to laugh, ponder, etc. No shame in that either. I think it would help a lot..
  • DListenerFun
    MPK ruins it
    I wish Michael Patrick King would let the other writers talk more and stop interrupting them in the middle of a point or thought.
  • baby.malone
    PLEASE MPK LET THE LADIES SPEAK! LESS OF YOU MORE OF THEM. It’s so annoying how he cuts them off all the time, then why have guests & other hosts geez !
  • MotherofLudcren
    Officially the best
    I cried tears of joy when I found out they’re coming back for season 3. I adore everything about AJLT, and this podcast - from the writers themselves - is the essential companion. I so appreciate hearing about all the thought, creativity, and attention to detail and authenticity that goes into each delicious episode. Thank you! And WELCOME SHOE!!!
  • LaurieWebber79
    Topping Off A Perfect Cosmo…
    Listening to these episodes from the writers view adds so much more to the viewers experience in watching each episode. I cannot thank them enough for doing this in addition to making S2 so much more authentic to the SATC brand we know & love. It brought me through the journey I had hoped for & left me wanting more. Original & new characters journeys were all scripted so well. I look forward to listening to the writers perspectives & feelings each week after watching! Please keep this up for S3! Cheers to you all for another amazing Season!
  • AWL33
    Sorry, if you need to do a whole podcast explaining how great and interesting your writing is, then your writing is probably… not great. This self-congratulatory garbage is embarrassing.
  • ShortSwain
    Porch Reflections
    I’ve loved everything about this podcast! It’s been my summertime breakfast on the porch. The show has spoken to me on many different levels and to hear the thought process behind it has been fascinating. I feel like part of the creative team. Thank you for making us even more apart of the show and for treating the characters with such realness and dignity. It’s made me rethink and reflect my own life situations in ways that I’ve found helpful and useful. Plus it’s full of sass, style, humour, and playfulness. We’ll done all of you! Thank you for your thoughtful work. Keep on writing…and talking! xxx
  • Bobby Hacker
    A triumph
    Brave. Nothing less than a bold and brave gesture for the writers of this show to publicly admit that they actually wrote the show and discuss what they’ve done on a weekly podcast. Good on them. Commendable. Huge fan of both the Pod and the show.
  • shelly poulet
    Love getting insights on characters, storylines and episodes! Very entertaining and and enjoyable companion to the series! Congrats and getting picked up for Aeason 3🥂🫶🏻❣️
  • Rhnna
    Show is improving
    During the first season it was apparent these writers were so busy virtue signaling and checking boxes, they forgot how to write a funny, entertaining show. But since Aiden’s return, admittedly the show & writing has improved and now enjoying the characters.
  • starlingsw
    Why is Susan Fales- Hill So Pretentious?
    I listen every week and I think it’s a great bonus to the show, but at this point it’s comical that she finds herself so cultured and above everyone else on the show . Congrats on marrying a wealthy guy to support your writing career but if Anna Wintour is pronouncing a designers name less pretentious than you are, you’re being a phony. She seems like a nice lady, but she needs to get over herself. I doubt she has written one funny line on this show .
  • Fusion321
    In this week’s podcast you referred to your writers without children as “childless.” After witnessing the spoiled, entitled spawn of the characters you are writing, I would change that to “child free.” PS: cowardly out with the miscarriage in the last episode. American women are shocked that they lost Roe yet they can’t even say the word abortion on television.
  • newmomtoo
    Last supper part 1
  • CCRaces
    Enjoy this podcast
    Last season, this season, hopefully next season… I’ve really enjoyed the insights and humor from all the writers. These podcasts added greatly to my enjoyment of each episode. Thank you.
  • cwebb96
    Women Interrupted
    Love hearing the process of the writers and some behind the scenes details but MPK interrupts the other writers so much it has become difficult to listen. Please stop interrupting the women.
  • Slparso
    MPK so rude
    Love the show and love getting a behind the scenes look in this podcast but I’m seriously about to stop listening as I can’t take anymore of MPK constantly cutting the others off. He probably does this with everyone, but as the lone male on the pod it stinks of a stereotypical male thinking his voice and opinion are more important than everyone else’s in the room. Have some self awareness MPK and leave space for others to talk please!!! And bless all the writers who must have to put up with this obnoxious behaviour in the writing room too!
  • sd_candace
    MPK interrupting is too distracting
    Can he allow anyone else finish a thought / sentence? It makes the podcast hard to listen to. Would love to have an array of POVs but we only get one.
  • ggpittbull
    Such good fun
    I absolutely love listening to the writers explain their process. Yes, it’s true that they ALL talk over one another, and that usually bothers me , but it doesn’t here. I find it’s done respectfully and in good fun. MPK is great at keeping the conversation flowing. Please give us a third , fourth, fifth etc season.
  • TJMAXX67
    Great addition to the show
    I love listening after watching the episode. Thanks for doing this!
  • ntdwwira
    Writers why??
    We are you skipping ever so much?! It feels like several episode are missing between topsides! Why not show oh Carrie meetiNg the boys and ex? It’s already pretty trite she conveniently ends up with her second great love but why skip everything that would be interesting and really flush out the relationship and make it interesting, not just a rehash of an old relationship tgaf was already thoroughly over fine h
  • nowheremamgirl
    I tried to ignore the critics
    However, the podcast put the final nail on the coffin, not the show itself. The pod applauded Drew Barrymore”s approval of “the post-it,” which is sociopathic at best. My opinion of the current show and Drew have shot craps. Nobody should ever condone this type of cold blooded communication towards anyone. It was honestly worse than Big standing Carrie up at their wedding, complex emotions were involved. He was sorry, apologized, talked it out. A man not capable of adult communication should not be glorified, lauded, or held as an example.
  • Ddoggy1
    Love ❤️ Hate
    I totally love the backstories provided in the podcast! Context is everything. I could do without the director. He cuts off his guest and is condescending. Weird dynamic for a person in his position.
  • NuclearWintre
    disappointed by the spoilers
    Obviously I watch the episodes being discussed beforehand, but I’m fed up with the spoilers for the upcoming episodes. For example, I found out a character was gay and a love interest before they came out on screen and it ruined the comedy in that scene for me. I’m also fed up with the host talking over the other writers. I do enjoy learning about the writing process but I’ll probably wait for all of season 2 to be out before listening anymore. (y’all stop misgendering che in the reviews)
  • Kimberly617
    A 5 for the behind the scenes - 1 for the timing 👌🏼
    My one and ONLY complaint is that the show is released at 3am EST and the podcast at 9am EST. That’s what you think of your audience? I appreciate the speed and diligence but for crying out loud, I don’t start my day with AJLT, I end it that way… please release the next day. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Izblah
    Does MPK hate women?
    I sure do after watching this show…
  • NaomiBurton
    They can’t trash their own show
    So it’s kinda boring
  • _.Daniel._
    I listen anyway
    I’m enjoying the show itself and I am interested in hearing from the writers and learning about their creative, but MPK is truly insufferable.
  • iheartbravo
    This podcast offers some great insight into the show. But MPK talks over the other writers so often.
  • mspriss04
    Love love love this show!
    Honestly, I didn’t watch SATC during its original run. I didn’t like the idea of Carrie talking to the camera; and, I stopped watching. My friend told me that she stopped doing that and that I missed a great show; therefore, I decided to give it a second chance. So, as we were preparing for the first movie to drop, I decided to watch the show in syndication. That was not a good idea; and, I ended up ordering the dvds! Needless to say, I fell in love with the characters, the show & the city; so, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that they were doing a new show, AJLT! The first season was incredibly sad; but, it had to be…Carrie couldn’t just move on like her love for/with Big wasn’t the entire basis of the original series. Thus, I had high hopes for season 2. For me, the actors & writers are delivering! I love it! However, if I’m being completely honest, knowing the writers’ thoughts & ideas helps so much. (Sb: I didn’t know about the podcast until the 2nd season and I love it!) Anyway, I’m very hopeful for a Season 3…please keep the podcast because it’s absolutely amazing!
  • regisnyder
    This episode was the funniest so far with the show. It’s just like in SATC every episodes’ jokes didn’t hit the mark but they were witty until the one where Samantha experienced the funky spunk. That was a water cooler moment! (My coworkers and I talked about that episode for days!) I was so thrilled to see Candace reprise her role and Billy Dee Williams. But I hope the show doesn’t present the Wexleys as the new version of Whitley Gilbert and Dewayne Wayne from A Different World. Oh, and with Enid being very blunt with Carrie about having deep pockets because of becoming a widow by a very wealthy man. Why else would Enid even be bothered by Carrie?! LOL! I just loved this episode by far!!!
  • Carolyn617
    I LOVE this podcast
    The good news is I found this because I am tired of all the sister wives podcasts. I clicked and followed and I am hooked. This podcast is my favorite. I love the tv show as well.
  • LllCee
    Love it!
    I love this podcast, love the behind the scenes and hearing the process and the stories drawn from the writers lives! Love you Sam Irby (shout out from Wisconsin)!!!
  • RoxyKW
    Hate listen just like the show
    Can’t stand the revamp of our beloved show but can’t stop watching. Thought it was just ironic but this podcast confirms it’s all serious? How is this possible. Giving two stars because it’s my own fault I listen.
  • HesABrick27
    The latest episode made it feel like we’re suppose to be guilt tripped into liking Che. I think the creatives and actor have a feeling that just because we don’t like Che the character means don’t like Sara Ramirez. If Miranda had a late night video gaming, open relationship, comedian self absorbed partner of any orientation or identity I still wouldn’t like them cause that seems nonsensical.
  • LucyDog29
    awkward, unfunny and out of touch.
    was this show written by ai?
  • kristyrFL
    LOVE this podcast!
    Love listening to this podcast, it’s the perfect behind the scenes writers viewpoint of each show! This podcast ties up any questions and gives you the writers perspective. They discuss each show in depth and go through their thought process in creating and writing each episode. Highly recommend listening to this podcast after you watch each episode of And just like that!!
  • weespesh
    Can’t stop watching and gotta know why
    Y’all just let this show be the wildly watchable wackness it is and be grateful you get to pique your curiosity about how it happened.
  • cynter
    Completely out of touch
    So many side plots with kids and new friends to force cultural diversity lacking in the original show. But…it feels like too too many plates spinning with writing all of these side plots into the show. Is it possible that the writers have just gone on to be so successful that writing the new show after so much time and profit has passed that they are themselves out of touch? Women in their 50’s just do not interact like this. The plots are so forced. Che is a narcissist human - regardless of gender. I do not care about anyone’s kids. I love the new friends but they just get lost in these side plots. Just plug Seema into Samantha’s role and let’s go. Every episode needs them chatting and eating around a table or at an art gallery opening or cocktail party or all 3.
  • saradeezus
    SATC made me aspire to be these characters. AJLT and this podcast scare me about becoming these characters. It’s terrifying me to get older. Everything is so cringe and not of this time. I’m sorry I cant.
  • LlisbethS
    Focus Group, anyone?
    I wish these pompous writers had tried a few focus groups before producing this ludicrous show. I admit to hate watching and laughing with the other podcasters about how creepy it is.
  • Thymestep
    Are you reading social media at all?
    I can’t listen to you all anymore. I listened last year. To hear you talking about how wonderful your writing ideas are and congratulating yourselves is as cringy as AJLT. One podcast said they hoped each episode continued to be terrible so they could make fun of it. Everyone was hoping this season would be better. Charlotte is a parody of herself, Miranda is just gross, Carrie is okay, the others-way too many others! Che is horrible horrible horrible! Loved her on Grey’s Anatomy, so you have ruined her. Social media is absolutely disgusted with your writing and are blaming you for the ruination of the concept of them being in their 50s. Maybe your podcast needs to address the many issues that are being brought up in each episode instead of you all touting your success that is not really happening. I would definitely listen again if you were to do that. Honestly you are so detached from reality writing this show that you remain detached from what the mainstream is saying about it. Your viewers are demanding your heads! Makes me sad. Truly sad.
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