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Mike & Angela Bloom recap “The Witcher”, the Netflix epic fantasy series starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

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  • RhodeDawg225
    Holy Spoilers Batman!
    Here I was, excited to find a Witcher podcast as there are very few available, only to run into non stop spoilers. I understand if the hosts binged the show and know what’s coming. However, why would you put out single episode recaps and then proceed to spoil what is going to happen in future episodes. Maybe I’m alone, but I feel like most people watch an episode and then listen to the related podcast episode. Who would watch all five and then go back and listen to the episode 1 podcast. At minimum,I would’ve expected them to say something like this is episode one but we will discuss anything that happens the rest of the season. One and done for me…..
  • TVL12
    You lost me when you said “get vaccinated” in episode 2. This was a place where I wanted to get away from politics and COVID talk but you ruined that. Thanks.
  • Mrs.Tamo
    OMG I listen to TWD and FTWD but I didn’t realize they had one on the witcher until recently. I love this podcast,it’s very entertaining and fun. I love love love 🤎🤎🤎
  • Abbotthr88
    Just started listening and enjoy their recaps so much! They really do complement each other nicely : )
  • Hantah Love
    Go Off Mike Bloom!!!
    I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. I love the background they give and the insight into things not shown on screen. It’s such a joy to relive the episodes through their eyes. It helps make the season feel longer. And Mike Bloom’s newest song “Join” was utterly inspiring. Huzzah to the Blooms!
  • tiff1015
    A Fun, In-depth Conversation of The Witcher
    I love the rapport between Mike & Angela Bloom as they breakdown each episode of The Witcher. Bringing both of their experiences and love of mystical magical and fantasy story lines. In season 2; episode 3…I especially liked the comparison Angela made between Ceri almost finishing the Witcher Ninja Course and her receiving a 99 on those high school Regency Exams…what was the line Garald used…”so close”. You can’t help but love these two podcasters. FYI…Werewolves showed up in the Vampire Diaries for a few seasons but were more prominent in the spin-off series The Originals; and now they are incorporated in the tv series Legacies (yes; I am a total geek for the mystical magical fantasy world too)
  • Naomi A
    A Great Witcher Companion
    I love this podcast! Mike and Angela have a great way of presenting the episodes and the world. I did not read the books and I don’t play the game so I appreciate the knowledge they bring as they bring us up to speed. I love the show so much and while the first season did get confusing, I appreciate the pacing much more after rewatching a few times. Back to the pod…:I like how the first part is a good overview and then the second more spoilery discussion. Keep it up!
  • Joe HTX
    Thank you Mike and Angela !!!
    I am not the biggest fan of Fantasy as a genre of monsters and magic as a “thing”. However, as a Patron supporter of Post Show Recaps (Support the Arts). I listened to the season one review and Season two Preview for The Witcher; and I loved it. I immediately binged the first season and was going to listen to the second season podcast week by week, however, I could not wait to get Mike and Angela’s take on the season, so by episode 2, I screamed through to the remaining six episodes. I love the format of the podcast – where the fist part of the podcast discusses the content of the episode with all the information up through that episode (spoiler free) and the second bit of the podcast discusses the episode in the greater context of the whole series. This way if you wish to savor your Witcher watching – you can listen to great insight, or if you are all in right away, this podcast is still for you. Angela has read the books and supporting content off of which this series is based, so she is able to really provide historical and other context to what we are seeing on the screen – which is one of the primary reasons I listen to podcast in the first place. Five stars, highly recommend, come for the Witcher Podcast, stay for all of Post Show Recaps Shows, and maybe meander over to Rob Has a Podcast while you are in the neighborhood
  • SlugOverLord
    Its good
    Listen to this
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