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The Scriptures Are Real (TSAR) with Kerry Muhlestein is a podcast where we look at elements of the scriptures that have become real to us. We interview both experts (people with language, archaeological, historical backgrounds, etc.), and lay folks, and explore times when the scriptures became real to them. This is done from the viewpoint of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We believe that there is real power in the scriptures and that as they become more real we can better apply them to our lives and draw more power from them.
If you listen to this podcast you will learn all kinds of interesting background information that will help you understand and learn more from the scriptures. We believe it will allow you to add real power to your life.
My gratitude to my co-host Lamar Newmeyer. Also to my friend Rich Nicholls, who composed the introductory music.

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  • CCrackers
    This is my first go to for CFM lessons because of the insights I learn that can help me apply the scriptures to my life. Kerry is very knowledgeable about the scriptures. I look forward to hearing from him and his guests each week. A terrific supplement to each week’s lessons
  • Jenbob2
    One of the best
    I love this podcast. It is a wonderful blend of scholarship and personal experience that is very approachable for everyone.
  • HotTamalés
    Holy week
    Thank you for planning and sharing these inspiring and much needed podcasts for this particular week. The stories and lessons shared from April Cobb and Kerry are probably going to be the highlight of my spiritual Easter feast. The spirit spoke to me in ways I needed thru that podcast. I have been truly blessed. So thank you for your time and effort in planning, preparing and presenting this episode.
  • emkayaregee
    One of the best
    I listen regularly to several scripture podcasts and this is consistently one of my favorites. Thank you for making it. I hope you have some sense of the butterfly effect of your efforts.
  • how.we
    Gold standard
    My favorite podcast for learning. Thank you so much Dr. Muhlstein! Some of your guests have had a radical impact on my thinking. I wouldn’t mind at all if Kim Matheson was a regular guest. Her insights on prayer and also Elijah had a profound impact on me. Your insights and books have given me a clear understanding of covenants and hesed, which helps me understand - and love - Isaiah. Thank you!
    DR. Robert Ritner Doesn’t Agree
    Dr. Robert Ritner Radio Free Mormon interview is a must listen.
  • Rvsheffer
    So much to learn
    Thank you! I know these are not easy to produce but I find great benefits from them. I have learned more about the old testament this year than all of my time in seminary and institute combined. I love the “short-casts.” Thank you, thank you.
  • PuzzlerAmy
    I agree with every word of the review by WenPrest who articulated how I feel about this great podcast perfectly!
  • WenPrest
    Nothing better
    This is absolutely my favorite podcast, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. Kerry is a fantastic teacher and helps me understand the scriptures in ways I never could without him. He has such great guests with powerful insights. I am edified each week as I listen and study. He is really magnifying the gifts God has given him but sharing all of this with the world, so each of us can come closer to God through the scriptures. His deep voice is so pleasant to hear, and he can communicate in a very powerful way. I could never say enough good things about this podcast. Thank you, Kerry!
  • Dandandandanxx
    Very informative
    Thank you for taking time to do these podcasts. They are very helpful. By the way, our ward just sings hymns for the whole sacrament meeting once or twice a year. Members pick the hymns and then explain why they would like this hymn. It actually is a very spiritual meeting.
  • soupercan60
    Thanks Bishop Muhlestein
    It is always wonderful to hear from you and the awesome knowledge about the scriptures. Thank you for sharing.
  • zdl!
    Great insight
    These have been amazing supplemental studies for the Come Follow Me. I really appreciate all your time and work you put into this. Thank you so much!!!
  • cubriverhomestead
    Great informative show!
    Love listening every week! Keep it up 😃
  • Trudeyfruity
    The Scriptures are Real
    Thank you so much for sharing your insights as well as how we can apply the teachings of the Old Testament to our life today. Listening to the podcast helps me ponder how I can be a better disciple of Christ.
  • ckmuray
    Thank you Kerry for taking the time to share your insights. I never miss an episode! I love studying and teaching the Old Testament and your podcast has helped me understand and apply gospel principles to my life. Thank you!!
  • It's MHE
    Great Episode with Julianne!
    Great Episode with Julianne! Please have her as a guest host again. Loved her insights and stories. So down-to~earth and relatable.
  • WlLL$$$
    Such an excellent podcast. I have learned so much. The scriptures have come alive to me. I love his perspectives.
  • elizabethheap
    This podcast makes me crave studying my scriptures!
    I had been listening to some other scripture podcasts, but when a friend told me that Brother Muhlestein had his own podcast, I felt like I had been missing out on pure gold! I literally can’t listen to anything else now; The Scriptures are Real is too good. He is so knowledgeable and combines his knowledge with the Spirit to teach and inspire. My “free time” is now full. Thanks for making such a great resource!
  • Pod Thoughts
    Great Supplement
    This podcast is a great supplement to gospel study. It has helped me internalize gospel lessons taught to ancient people, and has made it easier to identify what to teach to my family. Thank you!
  • Enid71
    Love the Renee Daumal quote
    Great quote & had to look it up. Renee Daumal wasn’t a mountaineer. He was a French poet and philosopher. Thank you for sharing that quote!
  • KDJ18401
    Best Come Follow Me podcast
    Dr. Muhlestein and other presenters provide meaningful insights based on real scholarship and experience while also emphasizing how those insights contribute to real-world application of scriptural teachings. This podcast is a gem.
  • Alveanne
    Thank you!
    I am really enjoying this podcast! It helps me better understand the context and importance of the Old Testament. Thanks for creating this and sharing your knowledge with us!
  • Use the Force 123456789
    Love this podcast!
    Thank you and we love your insights and we love listening. Thank you for sharing with us the things you have learned in your studies and research - they really help us a lot to understand and learn from the Old Testament. We are loving the Old Testament!
  • Cmebake
    Scholarly without missing the point
    I like a little more background into the different scriptures. I understand that I can study all my life and it won’t make a difference if I understand the culture of the Egyptians unless the message sinks in. Dr. Muhlestein brings out the background, context, and then the meaning and relevance so the message can sink deep and cause reflection and hopefully action.
  • Kimgarr285
    Thank you!
    I have added your podcast to my weekly list and I am so grateful for all of the time you spend to create this for your listeners! I have learned so much and have started to think of the scriptures differently— I look constantly for Christ in the Old Testament— and this is a skill I haven’t had before I started listening. Thank you so much!
  • Soaps by B
    Old Testament through new eyes
    I have loved all the insight presented and have come to love these Old Testament stories I have heard for decades and now see them in new ways. Thank you for such faith building episodes.
  • NicholeC13
    New favorite
    I have been obsessed with podcasts these past few years and this is my new favorite. I have never written a review but I want to because this podcast is amazing. I’ve learned so much and have been taught by the Spirit. I cannot wait for future episodes.
  • stampinfraulein
    Could be great, needs work
    Good information shared, but the audio quality is pretty bad. I was just trying to listen to the episode on the renaming of Jacob to Israel and it sounds like Lamar is calling in from Mars and Dr M is all crackly-sounding. Also Dr M has a tendency to interrupt his guests while they are speaking. I know he has a ton of knowledge, but it’s just rude.
  • Roarie
    Knowledge is Power
    I had the opportunity a decade ago to take several classes from Dr. Muhlestein, and his teaching style is both clear and informative. He distills decades of intense study and knowledge about Egyptology and the Old Testament into bite-sized pieces that resonate well with any who lack a similar academic background. This podcast takes on the same characteristics as his classes, but makes them accessible to all - they’re clear, precise, and they leave you wanting more. If you’ve ever struggled feeling God’s love through the archaic lexicon of the Old Testament, then give this show a try. Supplementing your study with additional knowledge will give you the power to understand both details and verses that might otherwise be overlooked in personal study. I can think of no better place to start than here.
  • Mona Grandma
    Mona grandma
    I have been discouraged of late listening to my Come Follow Me podcasts. I loved the Doctrine and Covenants podcasts because of the added insights the Joseph Smith Papers gives to our understanding of that scripture book but now we moved into the Old Testament, I really needed to find someone who could do that for me in the Old Testament. And today I found it. Well done.
  • greencasegirl
    Hands down my favorite “Come Follow Me” podcast. My son is currently at BYU—I told him if he gets to take a class with Professor Muhlestein, I’ll be jealous enough to require repentance! The only consolation for my having paid for classes he gets to take is this podcast, for which I gratefully acknowledge the time it takes to keep things on the up and up in my family relationships! Thanks guys!
  • Scenic Babe
    I love this scriptures are real podcast!
    I have listened to several of Kerry’s podcasts so far. Love his insights knowing that he has expertise with Egyptian and ancient writing and he has a great way of illustrating his points on how God works with His children. I love the music too and Lavar also does a good job as well!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping us love all of the scriptures!
  • Neal arm
    Like talking to a close friend
    Listening to this podcast is like listening to an old friend who has years of experience talk about something he loves and knows about. His humble and cheery personality is evident even in his deep explanation of topics that are so broad and complex. His love for the scriptures and for the people around him is clear throughout this. The hardest part of reading the Old Testament is maintaining a common thread across the different stories and understanding the symbolism. Kerry expounds on the story and explains the reasoning extremely well and is able to keep you engaged in content. I’m looking forward to these stories this year!
  • Shanystu
    Thank you!
  • PJM57
    Explaining the Old Testament “hard stuff”.
    Kerry’s podcasts are full of insightful information about the Old Testament and it’s really motivating me to read and study the OT. I’ve always felt a little like it was a sealed book, only to be understood by hard-core scripture scholars. He lays information out in an organized way and his pacing is perfect. His many years of teaching college kids and as a Education Week presenter inform his content. Great job, Kerry! I’m looking forward to each episode.
  • Jareditish
    So informative!
    This podcast is packed with so much information that is fascinating and has helped me fall in love even more with the scriptures
  • Rdcpa
    So helpful
    I've listened to several episodes now and this podcast is going to be a huge help - not only this year in my Old Testament study but in future years for my study of all scriptures as I learn and gain more understanding of the Abrahamic covenant and how God deals with His people. I no longer think of the Old Testament as something that doesn't necessarily apply to me; rather, it absolutely applies to me.
  • dan in Poky
    Love the scriptures.
    This podcast has been a fantastic find for me. I have long enjoyed the writings of Kerry Muhlestein as well as his lectures at BYU Education Week. In this year that we study the Old Testament I have been enriched both by Kerry and his guests as they discuss learning to love the scriptures and have them come alive in your personal life. I live the historical insight he brings into these scriptures. As shown in his CV Dr Muhlestein has a great knowledge of many ancient languages and so his insights from his readings in the original texts are numerous and have helped me. I would also plug his two new books on Isaiah and Abraham which have come out just in time for our study of the Old Testament. Dan
  • lovethescriptures❣️
    I am absolutely sure this will become my favorite podcast!! Cannot wait!
  • Sydnee Allen
    Love it!
    I’m so excited for what this podcast will bring to my studies this year. I had the privilege of learning from Dr. Muhlestein in the Holy Land and this podcast takes me back to good memories.
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