The DIS Unplugged - A Weekly Roundtable Discussion About All Things Disney World


The DIS Unplugged podcast is a weekly roundtable discussion that discuss all aspects of planning a Disney vacation. Our show is unbiased, and presents honest opinions of every aspect of a Disney experience - from dining and theme parks to attractions and hotels. Each week we discuss various topics related to Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, and Disneyland California, including the top Disney news stories, dining and restaurant reviews, upcoming events, Disney vacation planning tips, listener questions, plus much more! Our team of Orlando experts includes Pete Werner, Julie Martin, Corey Martin, Kevin Klose, John Magi, Teresa Echols, Kathy Werling, Ryno Clavin, Deni Sunderly and Craig Williams.

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Recent Reviews
  • KYbirdie
    This show is top drawer!
    This show is a class act, honest, a little spicy and an absolute pleasure to be a part of. I save it it for my weekend drive around town, and I am never truly alone. I highly recommend all the DIS shows (audio & visual).
  • Sky hop gal
    Long live the Dis!!
    Trust that I’m getting the best Disney info out there
  • Dan Heaton
    Still Doing a Great Job!
    I've been listening to the DIS Unplugged since the very early days, and it's still a very good show. Pete Werner is one of the top voices on any theme park podcast, and the roundtable format works well. The DIS has seen a lot of changes over the years, but it's still one of the top spots for news and more about Walt Disney World.
  • Lbinvt
    Best info!
    I love listening to this podcast every week to get the latest news and information about Walt Disney world and what’s going on there.
  • jefftravel
    Escape from the pandemic
    I’m going back and listening to older shows. I randomly started on 2013, and I’m into August now. It’s fun to met personalities who’ve moved on, and hearing people who are important parts of the show today growing into their role. It’s been a great escape from the pandemic and political news.
  • easy to pronounce
    Your Go To Podcast for Honest Disney Discussion
    If you want Disney talk that does not fear to admit when the Pixie dust fails, this is the show for you!
  • Clarita02
    A great bunch of Disney fans
    I have been a listener for 5 years and I watch or listen every week. They feel like my friends 😂Great advice is given weekly regarding trip Planning and the the news keeps me in the loop. I also love there commitment to Give Kids the world, which o wold have never heard of if no for them. Keep up the great work ❤️😄
  • Melissa296
    By far my favorite podcast!! I look forward to this every week!!
  • Suzanne with a Magicband
    Funny, informative
    Awesome Disney podcast. The disunplugged team produces quality content every week. It’s like listening to old friends talking.
  • July31x
    A podcast of extremes
    Really good info on latest Disney news. Kudos. But the cynicism and self indulgence diminishes the show. Still worthwhile but perhaps not what it was. Show can use more John.
  • Scottdean222
    Like the weekly update info from this podcast but could do without the language. Seems to be only Pete that feels the need to use cursive language which makes me not able to play the show when my kids are in the car. I understand that he “owns” the company but his demeanor comes across as arrogant and even a recent episode he lashes out at someone who makes a comment about “too many advertisements”. I’ve only been listening for the last year so not sure if it was always like this.
  • Annie Patota
    My go to ❤️
    Hands down my favorite podcast. It’s my go to while I’m driving for work and sometimes I’ll pop on an older episode to play in my headphones when struggling to fall asleep. Love the DIS family on the podcast, YouTube channel and beyond! Thank you for continuing to create and provide great content for us. Y’all are part of my every day.
  • Professor X
    First time listener
    I got fifteen minutes into an episode as a first time listener when Host started berating individuals who left feedback. He told them if they didn’t like his format to turn off his show, only he didn’t do it as nice. I took his advice. The show is about Disney, there is no reason for that.
  • Brynn St.
    Love it
    I’m not even a big fan of Disney, but the podcast is so professional that I love listening. Pete and John are my favorites. They have voices made for radio!
  • wes 44
    Great Show
    Been listening for years and plan to continue for a long long time. Keep up the good work.
  • Disney Hoarder
    Great show!
    I’ve been listening to this show for years. The folks on this show have become like visiting friends for me. I not only love the great information they provide, but I really enjoy listening to the humor and camaraderie they share with each other. Give it a listen.
  • bigtop peewee
    Great show
    Very fun & informative
  • NancyT12
    Good info
    I enjoy listening to this podcast while I run. Good info. Always up to date. As with any podcast there will be certain people you love and others that annoy you. My only complaint is I could deal without Julie and now Yulady doing a nervous laugh after every comment they make. Not a big deal, I just skip those episodes. But come on, gals. You’re smart, stop with the annoying giggles.
  • jimmy from pa
    Great podcast
    Very informative my go to Disney podcast thank you!!
  • Miraaandaaa
    Thank you for fixing your wrong and addressing BLM and protesting!!
  • 👋👋👋👋app
    This stinks
    There is way too much dirty stuff, and too much negativity. Listen to the WDW Radio Show instead.
  • mysterylover2012
    The b e s t podcasts & people❕❕❕🥰💯
    Love everything about them‼️🏰❤️
  • Erich Kendall
    Simply the best
    The show is one of the highlights of my week. It’s simply the best Disney vacation podcast out there. A big thanks to dreams unlimited travel for sponsoring.
  • Dave H 89
    Awesome Show!
    Great show with up to date Disney information. Always entertaining and helps bring the magic home when you can’t be at the parks.
  • asydisney
    Love !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely love the news I’m getting told. I listen to you when I need I a good uplift to my day.Now keep calm and Disney on!
  • jeffcwa
    Wonderful show
    It definitely works better when Pete hosts. He commands the room and keeps the discussion on track.
  • Willie555
    Just okay
    Pete’s funny. They kind of aren’t your typical fans
  • Mick in Iowa
    Great info, great team
    I found the podcast 6 months ago and really enjoy the format and team who give honest opinions. I’ve since subscribed to the best and worst, dining and tips podcasts. Keep up the good work!
  • Jess1874
    Most of the cast are horrible
    Pete “the most entitled D-bag on the internet” and his merry band of annoying half wits are just the absolute worst. Not to mention the whole thing is just a way to promote Pete’s crappy travel business. The only thing interesting about the show is tuning in to see what young boy Pete has picked up to join his “staff” to replace the one he just got rid of.
  • bluepoint1776
    Great podcast and videos
    Lots of time, effort, and Disney subject matter this group gives to the listeners. Pete, and the rest of the team, seem to really care about the Disney guest getting the best value and experience for their dollar and use of time. The video blog is super. Really appreciate the “walk through” videos on the parks, resorts, restaurants, cruise line, etc. Great content. Thank you!
  • KellyCon1
    Thank you!
    Thank you for still providing content during the COVID-19 social isolation. Hearing your voices, tech glitches and all, make me feel connected to people I think of as friends. Please keep the shows coming. It is the highlight of my podcast week! I love your show in good times and in bad. We can only go to Disney every few years, so thank you for bringing Disney to me. Stay safe and healthy!
  • Spartandude63
    Best of the Disney Podcast
    What makes this the BEST out of many good Disney Podcast is the group is NOT AFRAID to tell the truth or condemn there own product when it does wrong. I started off Disney podcast with one of the most popular podcast in the beginning but this person only kissed Disney’s butt. Dropped him. Then, I came across this crew who tells you like it is. Plus, sometimes they have me laughing so much when they get off tangent. Great job to Pete and TEAM.
  • bgregory
    Love this show!!
    I started off hearing my mom listen to this in the car and now that I’m grown I love listening to this show while I’m driving and getting Disney in my every day 😊
  • the Lost Princess22
    I enjoy the new format
    I love the show. I reference and credit all the time when discussing Disney topics with friends and family. Must listen if you area fan of Disney especially the parks!
  • iceicebritney9
    Go Back to the Old Format
    This podcast has lost its voice. I’m sad because I really enjoy the hosts and their content. However, they went with a new format recently, and it comes off as disjointed and unorganized - which is the exact opposite of what I have come to expect from the folks at The Dis. I really enjoyed the previous format of news and rapid fire which was executed flawlessly by the Team and something I looked forward to each week. Since the new format has been implemented in the last few episodes, I never know what I’m getting in the podcast episode. I understand the creator’s desire to change things up, but I feel this could’ve been done without completely overhauling the format that subscribers have come to expect over the years. With so many Disney podcasts, I’ve moved on to others. I hope they return to the original format soon, and then my Disney friends and I can resubscribe. If The Dis Team is reading this, I beg you to go back to the old format so I can enjoy your episodes once again.
  • liaspears
    A listener since 2006
    I actually think this was the first podcast I’ve ever heard and there have been phases where I don’t listen as much, but I always come back and become re-addicted especially right before my Disney trips. I’ve loved all their personalities since the beginning, cried when they lost Bob, use dreams unlimited travel, and find the podcasts are such a great way to keep up with Disney news. I’m so happy they’re still going & they’ve only gotten better!
  • Jkjacobs
    The best
    This is the Best source of WDW information on the web! Informative, personal, and all about Disney!
  • TyKySmith
    “Hot Dog!”
    I really enjoy this podcast! The information is unbiased and presented in a manner that is easily digestible. Additionally, the shows are well organized and feel well structured compared to some in the market. While the parent company, Dreams Unlimited Travel, is referenced often in the show, it is not overly pushed into your face in any format. I applaud the work of this team.
  • Tsunkailurk
    What happened to last six months of episodes
    I love the info, insight, and fun about Disney but am very distressed by the latest episodes of all dis shows vanishing. Computers are hard for me so this was only way I could figure try and contact you guys so I can have my walking entertainment. Thanks
  • Lto Habs fan
    Disappointed with no Disneyland info
    Sorry to hear that you’ve stopped covering Disneyland. Your podcast was the helping point to plan trips and ideas for things to do. But WDW is not the only theme park for Disney fans. I’ll be looking for other podcasts to listen to now. Faithful follower for years until today
  • Owen Smith - 6 yrs old
    Very helpful - LOVE Deni!
    Deni is my favorite - I really appreciate her approach and insights. Kudos to the whole crew - I appreciate your HONEST reviews and I know your input will never be bought/swayed by Disney. Thank you!
  • sramiscal
    Look forward to each podcast episode
    Love the show. I miss the Disneyland edition. I know it was because of resources and time. Hopefully there will be DISNEYLAND news in the mix.
  • joebob is cool
    Love it many people do to also WDW I’d the best so who dose not like it if you don’t like I’d than you are crazy
  • sddrawings
    Worst podcast
    For the guys saying they are Disney fans they sure are negative about everything Disney I can’t stand the queer guy that always craps on frozen
  • Christinabef
    Best Disney Podcast
    The Disunplugged podcast is by far my favorite Disney podcast. Awesome group of people who really know their stuff when it comes to all things Disney. The team is always very honest about their experiences around Disney World, so I feel like I can trust what they say. If I can’t be at Disney, at least I can listen to the Disunplugged team!
  • sparklesparklebangbang
    Love Deni
    Deni is the best addition. Always has good points and something intelligent to say, even when the person whose story it is wasn’t fully prepared. It is refreshing to have more women on.
  • Juke922
    Not bad
    This is definitely a top 10 Disney podcast. Pretty informative. Some of the personalities are not great. Can someone turn Denny’s mic off when she is not up? That lady’s voice goes through me and lately she is commenting on everything and always adding “yes” and “uh hmmm” to everything the host says.
  • Miney Grab
    The worst Disney podcast. For people that make their living off Disney they are EXTREMELY negative. There are WAY more positives about Disney than negatives. I will no longer be listening to this group of self promoting individuals.
  • HailstormX
    Great Podcast! Wish Deni wasn’t on as much
    Love the Dis! Been listening for years. They do a great job with all things Disney. And Craig’s videos are awesome on YouTube. Idk the only one that drives me crazy is Deni... idk what it is but it feels like she tries to hard to fit in? The rest of the crew is great Just find my self hitting the 30 sec skip button when Deni is talking :/ Morgan was a nice add in Orlando and Ryno as a host is great. Fun people to listen to.
  • Jonnyloveslabs
    Let it go
    Appreciated the review - had already seen the movie. I enjoyed the different opinions, wasn’t sure why it got personal, you may want to have a beer together
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