The DIS Unplugged - A Weekly Roundtable Discussion About All Things Disney World


The DIS Unplugged podcast is a weekly roundtable discussion that discuss all aspects of planning a Disney vacation. Our show is unbiased, and presents honest opinions of every aspect of a Disney experience - from dining and theme parks to attractions and hotels. Each week we discuss various topics related to Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, and Disneyland California, including the top Disney news stories, dining and restaurant reviews, upcoming events, Disney vacation planning tips, listener questions, plus much more! Our team of Orlando experts includes Pete Werner, Julie Martin, Corey Martin, Kevin Klose, John Magi, Teresa Echols, Kathy Werling, Ryno Clavin, Deni Sunderly and Craig Williams.

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Recent Reviews
  • mailmanmike11
    Hands down best Disney info show period. A wired up Pete is pure gold!
  • WdwRocksMySocks
    Favorite Disney Podcast
    Love listening to this crew, definitely my favorite WDW podcast. I especially love of the detailed resort reviews - especially the 7 in 7 series!
  • Bob O.
    This is my favorite podcast.
    I’ve been listening from the very beginning. I’ve booked trips with Dreams Unlimmited. It’s impossible to expect someone to agree with every single opinion or point of view. But there is nothing phony about any of these people. They are honest, hardworking and passionate. I look forward to the show every week.
  • Jwgrosz
    Love but takes forever to update to iTunes
    I really enjoy the various Dis podcasts. They do a great job of covering a variety of topics with honest feedback vs. over the top fandom. My issue is it takes days for these to upload to Apple Podcast. While the shows are mostly Monday and Tuesday, it’s now Thursday and neither the DVC Show or the weekly DIS podcast have appeared on the Apple platform. I have them set to auto update and even tried a manual update. This is a recurring problem.
  • Southsidewhitesoxfan
    #1 Disney Podcast
    One of the first and still the best Disney World Podcasts. Always a good show, No matter who is hosting. If your looking for a Insightful, Intelligent, Informational, Fun and Creative Disney Podcast this is it.
  • Science 12345
    Not the same without Pete
    It’s just not the same podcast without Pete consistently hosting. Shame.
  • Sar828
    5 stars
    I’ve been following The Dis team for a few years now, they are the best! Shout out to Craig who seems to always hold the show down! But seriously the whole Dis crew is just amazing, thanks for being my favorite go to entertainment these past few years! You all are the best!
  • bdamiano12
    I’ve been listening for the past two years and it’s my go to when doing “mom” things ( cleaning, laundry, chauffeuring my children, etc 🤣). Thank you so much for bringing a-little bit of Disney to my day all the way here in Pennsylvania! This show was really a bright spot during the pandemic as well. While I enjoy everyone on the show, Ryno is my fav! I have spit out my coffee more than once from his hysterical comments and reactions 🥰. He is a gem! Much love! - Heather
  • disneydivadeb
    I love DIS Unplugged 🏰🧚‍♂️🌏⚡️
    This show is awesome 😎 I usually watch on YouTube so I can see the team, and that way when I get to meet them in the parks one day I’ll recognize them! I’ve been listening for years. I feel like I know The Dis team. They have great energy, tips and up to date information. They love what they do and it shows! Just listening makes me feel like I’m at a park. If you’re a theme park fan you’ll find this podcast fun and useful. I definitely recommend it especially if you’re planning a trip, missing the parks or just love all things Disney and Universal. I am a huge fan of pop culture and this podcast covers a wide range of fandom topics. I’ve been visiting WDW since 1972 just months after it opened and I’ve been visiting Universal Orlando for the last 20 years. My hope is visit other parks outside of Florida and outside the US one day! Disneyland, Universal in CA and a Disney cruise are next on my list. I know this podcast is the first place I’ll turn to before I plan those trips. Have an EPIC Magical Day! ✨
  • Missmaryqc
    The Best Kind of Disney Content
    The people who host this and the affiliate shows are exactly what I’m looking for in WDW and the rest of the world for that matter. They’re honest, well spoken, humorous and they care! They cover everything from food, shopping, resorts, breaking news and some fun general Disney conversation. I adore all the programs they host, but especially Off the Rails! Keep it up y’all!!
  • SAD614
    Give me the info
    I love the content of this show. I think y’all bring great information out to the people with some great opinions! But.... when Pete is the host I really think he monopolizes the conversation instead of being more of a facilitator. One of the best parts about this podcast are Denny, Craig, ryno, Cathy and all of the other panelists that bring their personality with their news and I just wish we heard more of it. I don’t even mind when Pete isn’t there and the cast spends their entire time talking about donuts! Thanks for keeping me connected to Disney even when it’s hard to get there right now! 🍩🐭
  • Ryan13003
    A go to Disney news podcast
    This would be a 5 star review if Pete actually hosted every episode but he seems to go missing for weeks on end and the podcast suffers without his personality there. I know a lot of people are turned off by his rants but his personality is the reason why I enjoy this podcast as much as I do. He isn’t scared to actually voice his opinion. I may not always agree with his views but I find it refreshing for someone to say what they feel instead of just saying what they think will go over the best with the woke mob nowadays. I rarely ever listen anymore if he isn’t hosting bc none of the rest of the crew seem to have the guts to have an actual opinion on topics. Too worried about offending someone. It makes for really bland episodes. I will say I don’t really enjoy that Pete feels the need to bring up sex so often. I don’t know what sexual orientation, pornos or “getting laid” has to do with Disney. None of the other hosts ever bring that kind of stuff up, but like I said, none of the other hosts seem to have a pulse either. That’s part of Pete’s personality so you just gotta take the good with the bad. I just don’t listen with my kids in the car anymore. Cheers Pete! Keep up the good work mate 🍻
  • BarcaFan1033
    Leave Deni Alone
    Mmm...backwash laden sugar milk. What a wonderful morning treat. It belongs down the drain.
  • Scgoss2
    This is my weekly escape from all the nonsense of life
  • sullye2008
    Keeps Me Connected to Disney
    Love this podcast and the team at The Dis! Great discussion and debate on Disney World news and events. My husband and I both listen weekly and it helps keep the magic of the parks in our lives between trips.
  • disneymomRN
    Great show!!
    They keep me awake on my drive home from my 12 hour nightshift. One of the few shows that goes over all of the news and shares their thoughts in an organized way. Always sharing pros and cons. I have been listening for years and love it!!
  • JodiToadie
    Love them!
    I still listen here because I do other things while using the podcast app. 😂🤷‍♀️ I absolutely love everyone one on the team for bringing me weekly entertainment! I miss them when they take breaks! 😅 I also do not let their opinions that I may not agree with bother me either. Everyone should do that! Duh! 🙄
  • MyNameIsRyan
    Fantastic for any Disney fan
    Great show week to week. Can’t ask for more than that.
  • Reed_NX01
    1 star...jk
    Pete, Deni, Ryno and favorite hosting panel.
  • WrenchinessExplorer
    A little rambling
    I like the banter and the information, even if most doesn’t apply to me. I’d give four stars but I could listen to Jackie Gailey pronounce European places all day long.
  • Allie712
    Craig looks like a muppet.
    This is our favorite podcast team. Very informative, great banter. Appreciate how honest and candid they are.
  • kikisaurusRex
    In love with this podcast!!!
    I have been listening to this podcast since my first trip to WDW a million years ago and while the team has changed (I super miss Theresa) I have always come to love each person. Of course Pete is just a live firecracker full of love and drama. I may not alway agree but I love his passion and truth. My other faves are Ryno bc he’s simply a stylish ray of golden sunshine. But I think the person I learn the most from is Craig!! Yes, he’s super dry but he just makes me laugh and roll my eyes at the same time lol. The thing I love the most is his sincerity if he likes/dislikes something he stars exactly why so I can discern for myself if I’ll agree or not. Above all the team works so hard to give us their best in every medium. Thanks you!!!
  • jegan25
    My favorite podcast!
    I’m an international college student living in Galway and this show has helped me to get through a lot of hard days in lockdown. I love the large variety of topics and hosts, and its always a fun podcast to listen to. Plus, it helps me to stay connected to Disney while living abroad! Thanks for all that you guys do!
  • dddddddfffffrytdyyr
    Great podcast (and a request)
    Thank you all for a great podcast- my favorite Disney podcast. But I do have a request - can you all do an episode discussing how to visit Disneyworld this year? With all the changes, it’s really confusing, especially for those of us traveling to Orlando. We’re used to booking dining reservations and fast passes but now I’m not sure what to do. What’s the best strategy to avoid lines and crowds? Or do we even need to worry about that?
  • AshDisNerd
    This podcast makes happy all the time.
    I love this podcast. I been listening to it since it started. I have been listening to it a lot more. It got me though these tough times. I am a diehard Disney fan. I will continue listening to it.
  • disneyland dinna
    Oh Pete Craig & all I can't tell you how wonderful all of you are You have the most honest the most informative the best podcast ever… For me personally you have gotten me through some very tough times I had Covid you were there you're always there all of you I appreciate every single one of you for your time effort and all you do for us and thank you all of your Disney information is spot on all of you are impeccable people love you Donna
  • 3dhorrordolls
    Bringing Disney joy to my ears
    Thank you , I enjoy so much ,listen on the mail route until we can get to the magic .Family & I booked a trip for July through Dreams .Here’s to a fun ,safe & vaccinated summer!
  • Bocon5858
    Best pod out there
    Been listening for a few years now. Awesome way to keep a slice of Disney in your daily life!
  • Buzzy Price
    Not what it was
    I’ve been listening for a long time and while I enjoy nearly all the DIS personalities, Pete made the show. Pete is seldom on anymore and we instead get more and more Craig even when Deni is hosting. I’m confident Craig is a great guy. He has a tendency to ramble on and on with his word salad stream of consciousness and delivers constantly bad takes on nearly everything. Dial back the Craig, turn up the Pete...
  • Sing'n Johnny
    Was the Best Disney Podcast, hands down!
    Updated......3/10/21 Alas, all good things eventually end. What made this podcast a “Must Listen to” is gone. The original podcast members that made this podcast special are rarely part of it any longer. Pete, John and Kevin made this podcast special, and just are not part of it much any longer. The rotating members are not bad, but it’s not the same. I previously wouldn’t miss an episode, but now it’s just Meh... not worried if I miss an episode, and that’s just sad. I have tried to listen to several Disney podcasts, and the DIS-Unplugged is by far the best. Pete is very engaging, and the rest of the crew are very entertaining. They will keep you wanting more..... This is truely the only Disney podcast I just can't get enough of. Pure entertainment!
  • jdbuckley12021223
    Great Disney World Podcast
    Craig requested so I’m praying proving feedback lol! I think the show is great, just have some feedback on tiny improvements that can be made: - It does seem like the person who does the news is always told last minute, so if a script could be provided to them in advance, that would be so helpful. The news section is probably the most important part of the show but occasionally the newsreader is ineloquent, sloppy, distracted, or inaccurate. It’s not every time, but it’s enough times that it’s noticeable. Either provide a script or provide them enough time to properly prepare. - there’s no reason for so much talking over each other. Someone should lead the discussion and call on people to comment. When you say, “who has thoughts?”, it becomes a free for all and it seems like poor ryno is the one who always lets the other person talk! Sorry, don’t mean to be mean! I really do LOVE the show, and look forward to it every week. Just providing some feedback that might streamline things a bit. Keep up the great work!!!
  • TheBacklot
    Great podcast.
    Overall really good. Some feedback: When Craig hosts or has more airtime, you can tell when he gets lost or doesn’t have much to contribute because he will become negative and sarcastic about the topic. The 03/02/21 show was cringeworthy, happened multiple times - the Flower and Garden topic at the end had him going on about the merchandise showing up at the character warehouse and being sold for what it’s actually worth, being negative about the entertainment, just overall it’s a tough listen to when you want to hear a good conversation. Pete’s hot takes at least make sense and have substance.
  • B1rd5
    Weekly Listener
    Love the podcast but I listen to escape reality and get my fix of Disney updates and news. I’m so sick of hearing about masks in daily life. You guys aren’t adding anything new to this debate and it’s just raising everyone’s blood pressure hearing about it. Can you guys lay off that discussion please? Thanks!
  • Wicked runnah
    I really like this podcast.
    Updated: I still listen to this podcast years later but thought I would update. I do love some of the new editions to the show, Denny, Jackie, Ryno and Craig. I so wish Craig wouldn’t use 900 words to describe a hamburger when 10 would totally suffice, but in general he is a pretty funny hard working guy. Denny is extraordinary as a host and has a great voice for podcasting. The format seems stale to me, they keep trying to update but essentially it stays the same. I used to listen as soon as they were available now I let them stack up and sometimes just skim through to get what I need most of the time. I have listened to this podcast for many years. When they started going to video it has become more professional and consistent which is great. If you go back and listen to the old shows, 06, 07 and 08 they are funnier for sure. They were more in sync with each other, and honestly it was a better show to listen to. Now they are still great, don't get me wrong. I love the show however with some of the new younger people it seems a bit different. Again the new additions work hard and do a great job however I think you have two different generations discussing things in a round table format and it doesn't jive as well. This show will always be my go to show, I just wish they could somehow use their differences and play off them a bit better. Part of the great thing about a round table is the personalities and how they play off each other. It just seems everyone is a little more uptight and not just enjoying a conversation with each other.
  • Ifrah825
    My Fave content is not on Podcast
    I have been listening to you guys for years. Love the format and all the hosts, but i must say my absolute fave thing is Ryno shopping! Please do more! Thanks!!
  • GingerArroz
    Really enjoyed 2/23/21 episode
    It was so nice to have Corey back! Love the positivity from today’s episode and that Craig can laugh at himself. Really nice episode all around.
  • TinBadge72
    For the 1%'s, Not Fans
    I gave this podcast a try, and have listened for a while. For some time now, but the show has been going down hill though. Their reviews are places too expensive for most. They have a hard time relating to the common fan. Most of the cast is hardly there to do a podcast. I'm starting to feel sorry for the host. I'm getting the feeling that most of his podcast members wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for him flipping the bill on everything. Yes he's their boss too.He schedules a yearly trip around his birthday so people will be forced to attend a party in his honor. Like I said, I liked the podcast when they first started. In the beginning they kept it common. Now everything is below them. They've just lost touch. This podcast is mainly for their travel companys' clients now. Elitest isn't even the word for this group anymore.
  • Beatles-1964
    Definitely worth a listen...
    Tons of tips and tricks about Disney while staying relevant and entertaining.
  • 💖1218Jenny8121
    Pete comes off kinda jerky these days
    I’m a fan of the dis & I really like some of the folks on the show...Craig, Ryno, & Denni specifically, but Pete has gotten hard to listen to. When asking us to use his travel agency to book our next trip he should probably not talk over & over about how annoying all our kids are 🤷‍♀️
  • Goofy Man 33
    Good podcast with exceptions
    Have been listening and mostly enjoying this podcast for years. Really fun and informative show. However, time and time again Kevin and Craig kill the vibe of the show. If Pete is hosting it’s great. When he is gone skip the show because Craig takes over and takes the show to weird places.
  • July31x
    Denny (sp?) is great host.
    She’s doing a great job as host.
  • Mrs. Mimi Q
    My “Don’t Miss” Disney Podcast
    I love this podcast! I have been listening to it for years. Pete and the gang feel like family. I do miss Teresa and Kathy, and I hope they will be back on the podcast soon.
  • Keith K.
    Entertaining, enlightening, enjoyable
    If you are planning a vacation to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or taking a Disney cruise, this podcast is a must! Other reviews posted here detail what you'll find, and while this podcast is informative about all of the above in an unbiased manner, what I enjoy most is the interaction between the podcasters, who also work for Dreams Unlimited Travel. After listening to a few episodes, I felt as if I knew the podcast crew, so much so that the recent death of one beloved member left me feeling as if I'd lost a friend. This podcast should be required listening for anyone who cares to make the most of a Disney vacation, and considering the price, who wouldn't want to make the most of the experience?
  • enuf54893
    One Big Commercial
    Before they are done promoting their own products or those of their sponsors, I have moved on to another podcast. Also can’t seem to get thru one show without dogs barking in the background
  • bearlamare
    Is the original Disney podcast guy and for the most part this is a great show. Only issue is they have basically spread themselves too thin. Better before they had so many shows.
  • Real Squeal
    Best podcast
    I listen to every Disney World podcast there is and this is by far the G.O.A.T. They keep it real and tell the truth about Disney World. Pete is the man and the whole cast is great.
  • DizClown
    Thank you
    To the whole staff- thanks for making 2020 less crappy. Love all the personalities on the show. Happy holidays!
  • GTMar1027
    The best
    Easy my favorite podcast. This free is so unbiased and have so many good takes on Disney news, which I love. Keep up the great work
  • SaraRNfromGA
    5 stars 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
    This podcast is fun, informative and a good way to stay on top of Disney info! And I disagree with those who say they team can be negative. It’s more of a realistic viewpoint and they choose not to sugar coat wdw or see it through rose colored glasses like many disney fans can end up doing. I appreciate their honesty. It’s Pete’s show, so he can say what he wants. Thanks for the content! (ps love Deni! great job hosting this week)
  • 😙qt😙
    Love, love, love
    I listen to this podcast whenever I can, I love Pete and all of the team (even Craig🧡) If you want an honest podcast about everything Disney that doesn’t sugarcoat things this is perfect for you. I will continue to listen
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