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Go behind the scenes of Apartment 4D with the crew who called it home for seven incredible seasons. Each week, real-life friends Zooey Deschanel, Hannah Simone, and Lamorne Morris rewatch their Emmy nominated series, New Girl, and reveal the never before told behind-the-scenes escapades. Join them as they go bear hunting for every grizzly hidden in the background. Plus, each week, they play a different version of the True American game. Here, the rules don't make any sense, and you'll leave more confused than when you arrived. But it's always a good time with best friends. Speaking of besties - they're inviting all of the loft's favorite guest stars, writers, and directors to share their adventures on set.

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  • Alliemarie91
    Not a new concept, so how did they mess it up?!?
    There is nothing I love more than New Girl, I have watched every episode at least 12 times; so it hurts me to give this 3 stars but they do so little discussion of the actual episode it’s hard to listen to! I honestly don’t care about how many movies Zooey or how she’s met everyone in Hollywood. I want to hear the show as they rewatch it!!!! There are so many amazing rewatch podcasts that I don’t know how they (or their producers) don’t know how to shape the talking points. I honestly wish Hannah talked more!!! I know she will have a larger part later on in the show, but still! Lamorne is amazing as always. But I really I want to listen to a rewatch podcast not whatever this is.
  • Birdwars94
    New Girl Continues to make us laugh years later.
    Rewatch podcasts can be a difficult thing to master. Zoe, Hannah, and Lamorne continue their electric and genuine chemistry as they reminisce about their time on the show. If you love New Girl, you will love listening to these three friends laugh and giggle as they chat with each other. 5/5 10/10
  • Rvateacher
    Talk about the episodes!
    While I enjoy some of the chit chat and banter between these fun cast-mates, they rarely actually talk about the episodes they are covering at all. Definitely not a rewatch podcast. Outside of their paragraph of synopsis that they read, they just go off on tangents that are barely even tangentially related to anything from the show at all. If this was billed as just a podcast between friends that would be fine, and I would probably still listen, but this podcast just isn’t what they claim to be at all. I hope they talk more about the actual show in the future!
  • RKlaibs
    Not a rewatch, but just fine
    If you’re hoping for an actual breakdown of episodes, getting answers to fan questions, or an in-depth behind the scenes look at New Girl, you’re not going to get it. It’s really quite chaotic, with little structure and frequent audio problems like background noise and echos. But if you’re just looking to hear from these peeps and not really talk about New Girl, it’s not a bad show to listen to. Just know there is a lot of talking over one another and random conversations that have nothing to do with the episode.
  • Amanda J in Tx
    I love NG
    Love it so much!!
  • JaneAshlyn
    Episode 23 has my heart
    I usually listen to this podcast for entertainment but was caught off guard in the most pleasant way by episode 23. You can tell how genuine Rebecca is and I loved the passion and authenticity of the conversation. Wasn’t expecting to almost cry during a new girl recap episode 💛
  • frizbee186
    If you love New Girl, don’t listen to this
    As a massive fan of New Girl, I was so excited for this podcast. It started out very awkward and hard to listen to, but I figured the show was just finding its legs and would improve as it went on. I was wrong in that assumption. It stayed awkward and only got worse. For a cast that had such great chemistry on the show, they have zero chemistry in real life. Lamorne does his best to keep things flowing and on topic, but he’s always overshadowed by Zooey who can only seem to complain about her character Jess, all while Hannah remains mostly silent throughout each episode. Zooey is apparently such a boring prude in her day to day life that she regularly goes on tangents about how hard it was to portray a character who was even mildly sexually active. And 95% of each episode is spent talking about things that aren’t even part of the show. The only decent episodes are ones where they interview guest stars, because they at least stay on topic during them. If I had to listen to Zooey complain about how uncomfortable it was playing such a “sexual” character as Jessica Day (arguably one of the least sexual characters on TV), I was going to start hating New Girl. How am I supposed to enjoy a show when all I can think about is how much the actor hated filming it? Do yourself a favor and DO NOT listen to this podcast if you enjoy New Girl at all.
  • JamisonOnTheRocks
    Not understanding the point of the show?
    Just like the TV show. Everyone is amazing, but Zoeey. Not a rewatch podcast which is what I was expecting. Zoeey is like that kid at the lunch table that always has to one-up someone, or kid that talks everyone down to make themselves feel better. Rebecca Reid episode is GREAT, because well the aforementioned statement.
  • christinadpaul
    A mixed review
    I’ve enjoyed some of this podcast but it is very hard to call it a “rewatch” if you’re used to say, the office ladies. It really isn’t much of a breakdown. The stories bring you back for sure, but not all the content is good. Also, be prepared for a lot of big name commercials throughout (I would say at least 10 min worth)
  • L.Holz
    “A conversation with Rebecca Reid”
    This honestly felt like the best podcast of this whole series. Hannah and Lamorne did an AMAZING job with their interview of Rebecca. It was funny, they talked about the show, we got to know more about Rebecca. It was absolutely incredible. I liked the fact that everyone got a chance to speak and it had a great flow to it. Keep it up!
  • Tink141
    Nadia is great!
  • Cat5/6/99
    Not a rewatch podcast
    I do enjoy some parts of the show, but overall I feel like they’re unprepared and don’t really put much effort into it. They’ve been doing a lot of conversations with other actors and writers from the show, which is fine, but when they make that the whole episode it’s kind of annoying. Also they don’t really talk about the episodes in depth and just kind of ramble on about whatever. It seems like they don’t really care about the podcast too much, because half the time one or more of them aren’t even on it with no explanation. They also often mention that they just watched the episode, so it doesn’t strike as something they prepare for. I think I’m so spoiled with how great the Office Ladies podcast is that this just kind of falls flat. You can tell the amount of effort and care they put into this, and that’s why I’m giving it 3 stars. Also, if you’re going to do true American remember that we can’t see it, so maybe do something without pictures.
  • AE
    Not it
    I had such high hopes for this, but it’s hard to want to keep listening. Lamorne is so fun to listen to, but Zooey seems to just name drop and talk about herself a lot. I wish there was more talking about the plot and actual technical aspects of the show, but instead it has been everyone talking about their random outside experiences at the time of producing the show instead of what actually happened on set or in the script. True American has gotten better-the visual games we’re not very fun to listen to. My biggest complaint is the interview episodes in between recap eps. I’d rather listen to one bigger episode than an extra 1.5 hour interview every other week.
  • ollieo1
    Love Hannah and Lamorne but Zooey has ruined the podcast. She is beyond rude and just like everyone says, interrupts the other two who are actually funny and have something to say, she is condescending and flat out disrespectful to a lot of the other actors, writers, etc. I’ll probably still listen because Hannah and Lamorne are great but let’s get rid of Zooey pls. She seems to be way too arrogant and entitled.
  • jennyl724
    Less Zooey
    I love Hannah Simone and Lamorne Morris on this podcast, but I can’t stand Zooey Deschanel. She’s so full of herself, so arrogant, that it makes this hard to listen to. If I do listen, I try to tune her out and focus on Hannah and Lamorne, who are both delightful!
  • nicolemarie1895
    It’s meh
    I love New Girl! But unfortunately not the biggest fan of the podcast. It almost seems like it’s all about Zooey cause she makes it that way..constantly talking over the others etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing her switch out with Max or Jake, might be better chemistry. I stopped watching because it made me like her less and less.
  • whit121845
    I expected more from Zooey.
    I am an extreme New Girl fan. I’ve probably watched it nine times through and way more just randomly. I had such high expectations for the podcast, and I honestly don’t mind the lack of organization. I really enjoy hearing them in their element. Except Zooey. I get that she was *supposed to be the main character of New Girl, but she’s gotta give everyone more credit. I’m sad to say I’m giving up on the podcast or I’ll never be able to watch the show again due to listening to how she is with everyone. Her talking over everyone and constantly trying to one up everyone is definitely her REAL life pogo. I absolutely hated her discrediting everyone early on by her bragging that she didn’t have to audition and everyone else did and wasn’t even an obvious choice… cringe. AND LET OTHER PEOPLE TALK. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way! Do better, Zooey! And if not- let me know when there’s an episode without her 😩 Lamorne and Hannah do AMAZING! Just wish they could finish a sentence without being interrupted. Like even the guests barely get a word in lol. We get it, girl. You’re famous. This podcast has so much potential. Pls put it in the right hands 🥹
  • Lyss2886
    Been a New Girl fan since it aired but Zooey is Driving me NUTS!!
    New Girl is my all time favorite show! I was so excited when I heard about this podcast but it’s getting to the point where if Zooey doesn’t stop making EVERYTHING about her I’m going to have to stop listening! Also - I wish they’d talk more about the show and share behind the scenes stuff (Lamorne and Hannah do great to keep it on track). But for real, Zooey’s incessant self-centeredness is becoming truly unbearable for us listeners!
  • HoudinionNeptune25
    Too many interruptions.
    It needs more Lamorne and Hannah and less Zooey. I am going to have to stop listening to this podcast because it is making me not like Zooey at all.
  • Goodmusicsupporter
    Zoey’s private jet - higher gas prices?
    I’ve been really concerned, have private jet gas prices skyrocketed as much as the commoners’ vehicle gas prices?? Thoughts and prayers! lolol jk love the show, thank you!
  • Nico6preserves
    My absolutely favorite podcast!!
    I loved New Girl and I am having the best time listening to Zooey, Hannah and Lamorne. There is so much joy in each episode! And I feel like if I ask, Lamorne will give me a shout out in an episode. 🤣
  • Deonmoore123
    It’s just random babbling not about the episodes
    It’s really just random babbling. They never talk about the show really just random issues or random stories that come to the top of their heads.Again not really much insight on the actual episodes. More commercials than them talking.. You might get lucky on one or two episodes were they actually talk about the show and what was happing with it…but really a waste of time as a fan . Just stick to the YouTube videos about the show and the actual show .
  • LesIsMore325
    I want to like the podcast because I loved the show, but it’s just not very good. Somehow, the chemistry is all off. Each of the cast members has moments where their jokes don’t land with each other, and it’s audibly awkward. Zooey seems to react to half the things Lamorne says with an awkward, “ummmm ok.” Zooey talks over Hannah and Lamorne constantly. I don’t know, maybe it’s an editing problem that will work itself out. But, do yourself a favor- if you love the friendship of the TV show, just rewatch that. This podcast will make you question the whole thing (and, frankly, not like Zooey very much.)
  • Because I want to continue
    Talking stick
    New Girl is my favorite show, ever. I was so excited for this podcast to come out. I tend to not finish episodes anymore because it’s annoying how they talk over each other. It’s hard to follow. I love the jokes, just wish I could hear them. I love all three of them so I don’t agree with the hate towards Zooey but a talking stick would be nice 😉
  • Bowiek
    Love the show
    Love the show and I really appreciate the rewatch and discussion. My one critique is that it is quite annoying how Zoey talks over Hannah and Lamorne sometimes. It doesn’t always have to be about the main character.
  • shmeves000000004
    THE BEAR THING IS REAL!! This bear trend slander is a tragedy Otherwise this is so cute and lovely they’re all rocking it, highly recommend
  • werqaholicforlife
    Wanted to love it but disappointed
    I agree with many of the reviews. They don’t talk enough about the episodes or sharing what happened at the time or behind the scenes. It has such little structure and Lamorne is my fav person out of the three in that he makes jokes, but he gets cut off or interrupted. Kind of wish the podcast was hosted Winston, Lamorne, and Schmidtt 🙁
  • Striply user
    i love the show and cast sm
    i have been wanting the cast to do a podcast for so long so i’m really happy. i hope jake and max can come on sometime though. also they said they’re getting guest stars on, and i would die if they get taylor for the episode she was in. edit: it would also be cool if lamorne talked about also writing for the show while still playing his role!
  • jazz-rose
    I want to like this podcast so badly
    I agree with a lot of other listeners I think it’s not structured and when any of the three try to add some structure it doesn’t work for whatever reason. Mostly it’s difficult to hear Hannah or Lamorne trying to make jokes or give insight and be talked over. I love Zoey but is frustrating to hear her shut down there input/jokes, it may not be intentional but I hope she realizes what she does and change it and then they can really learn to work together and make this a great podcast.
  • Markwoh
    Not Focused
    The podcast overall is okay. It’s something to listen to and get a good laugh or an enlightening moment every once and a while. However, there is very little structure and they hardly ever actually go through the episodes that they’re talking about. They get sidetracked very easily and as the listener you get lost if they were actually talking about the episode when they pick back up where they left off. Eight out of ten times the cast is just talking about random things that may relate to an experience of theirs from the show, but it is hardly ever about the show. If you’re looking for a Park and Recollections or Office Ladies experience you are not getting it here.
  • JerryJoeJohn
    Remove Zooey
    New Girl is one of my favorite shows of all time. Hands down. But I agree with other commenters, I need to stop listening to this podcast, because of the “star” of the show. Zooey is perhaps one of the most elitist, hall monitor-type, interrupting, self boasting, drag I have ever listened to. She constantly interrupts others to talk about herself. She constantly shuts down Lamorne’s jokes as if it’s her show. I could go on. I try not to be negative but I was shocked how dislikeable Zooey is. I have watched the show since this podcast and find myself actually enjoying it less due to how I feel about Zooey. If anyone actually reads these comments- someone please tell Zooey to chill out. You don’t need to police the show, it’s not all about you, blessings~
  • AustinGrl
    We need more of this. We need more togetherness for our post COVID mental health. Movie time. Bring it back. I agree- just refill. The wedding episode!!! Just make it longer !!
  • luehmrunner
    Decent but could be better
    I generally find this podcast enjoyable, especially the episodes about specific New Girl episodes. These episodes seem to be a little more planned out like with the “find the bear” segment and “True American”. What I do find difficult about this podcast sometimes is the constant interjections/interruptions by the hosts when one of the other hosts or a guest is talking. This seems to happen more often in the episodes with guests (ie the episode with Jake Johnson). It can be really frustrating to try and follow/listen and seems like it stems from a lack of preparation. Also, it can feel like the listener is often left the outside of an inside joke or story rather than feeling invited in. Zoey sometimes invites the listener in by providing context, but often as a late interjection rather than built into the show. If the hosts did a little more prepping with each other beforehand and created more structure it would probably run a lot smoother and be more enjoyable to listen to. Also, I don’t know how much editing is done, but a little more editing of the rambling on, etc, would be helpful. Anyway, thanks for starting this podcast! It really is cool to hear the behind the scenes stuff.
  • Days of the week
    Pick up the pace
    My plan for this podcast was to actually rewatch the episodes right before listening each week, however there are too many weeks in a row where they aren’t recapping the episodes. For every “A Conversation with” episode they need to have a recap episode and they should consider two episodes a week. They should try following the “I’m All In” Gilmore Girls podcast model and recap one episode a week but also have additional podcasts the same week for conversations with other cast. At the current rate it will take longer to recap all of the episodes than the series was on in the first place.
  • BaconMakesitBetter
    I have seen New Girl countless times. I generally enjoy this podcast but a few things both me. Zooey constantly interrupts Hannah and Lamorne and loves to tell us that she’s worked with whoever over and over and over. Then she goes into some unrelated story about that person. It’s exhausting. The podcast seems a little thrown together and Zooey especially tries to make things politically correct. I understand this sentiment but the episodes are well known at this point. There is no need to preface every slightly inappropriate/ uncomfortable thing with a disclaimer.
  • hc11jcu
    More time on episodes!
    I love this podcast but I’m getting tired of listening to guests talk about their lives! I’ve started skipping the episode unless it’s about an episode of new girl. It’s getting boring and frustrating.
  • sadnewgirlfan
    please stop ruining a good thing with this podcast
    why is zooey so unfunny on this? I am so confused……… lamorne is hilarious and she just shuts him down 95% of the time :( She seems completely unaware how often she is insulting the writers and some of the funniest lines!!! (can’t believe she said “dirty twirls” was cringey…and “how can jess be comfortable with sex now all of a sudden??”— it’s called character development!!!!) I really hope I’m wrong but it seems like she doesn’t like and/or understand the humor of the show as much as all of the fans do which is soooo sad and disappointing. And she brings down the vibe of the podcast. I was really giving them the benefit of the doubt, like maybe she was nervous at first, but I skipped to the most recent episode and it simply hasn’t gotten better. I have to stop listening because this podcast has borderline ruined the show for me :( I’ve seen the show at least 100 times all the way through (lol) and can quote nearly verbatim so it’s annoying when they get plots/quotes wrong during the short period of time they actually talk about the episode. I definitely don’t expect them to actually remember everything from that long ago, I expected them to rewatch the show and be prepared to talk about it. petition for some funny new girl fans to make their own rewatch podcast ;)
  • MeghanMer
    This is not a rewatch podcast
    They’re all terrific actors, but they are not suited to be podcasters. This isn’t a New Girl fan / rewatch podcast, it’s 3 actor friends rambling for over an hour. There’s no structure, no research. Several times they’ve admitted that they barely paid attention in their rewatching. It seems poorly run, poorly coordinated, poorly edited. At most 5 minutes per episode are actually dedicated to discussing the show. The rest is just stream-of-consciousness. And Zooey does seem bored the entire time. Hannah and especially Lamorne are left to do the heavy lifting. The Office Ladies podcast, by contrast, is so much more well done. It’s a shame, a NG podcast had so much potential, but this one falls flat.
  • Lagamerrd
    Fun Fun Fun
    I love it!!!🥰 These 3 are so great together you can feel their friendship all through the podcast. It’s happy & upbeat & sweet & full of fun stories. I am now watching all the episodes once again along with the weekly updates. Makes me wish I had lived in 4d.
  • ajlistening
    Update: I keep trying, and from little things they mention it does seem like they are taking reviews into account. But it’s just still a no-go. Lamorne is the highlight of the show. But, often cut off or ignored. ___ I love new girl so much. I’ve watched the series 5 or 6 times. But, I can’t listen to this or it’s really going to make me dislike Zooey lol. They don’t really talk about the show and her vibe is just not it. Hannah never gets to speak. I tuned back in for the episodes with Jake, but that’s it. Sad bc it feels like such a missed opportunity.
  • Deannayukari
    Needs some help
    For sure want this podcast to last! I love rewatch podcasts and New Girl is such a good show. I wish they would spend more time actually watching the episodes and recapping what happened. The conversation podcasts with guests are pretty dull so when I look forward to a new episode every Monday, I’m bummed when they aren’t talking about an episode. I guess everyone isn’t meant to podcast, right? I still believe they can make it better!
  • graceful1280
    Love this show!
    I have been enjoying this so much! I do wish that you would have guests on with the recaps or as a bonus episode within the week rather than pushing out recaps by a week when a guest ep. is released. I like watching an episode a week rather than every two as it is been recently. Hope you don’t mind the suggestion. Again loving the show and appreciate you all doing it! I’ve missed you guys, this is so fun!
  • Michelle C F
    Super cute but one thing to change
    Super cute podcast. Love hearing them talk and share stories. The true American segment, however, has not been great. Please consider changing that up or getting rid of it. It detracts from the rest of this great podcast!
  • Michelleton
    Love love love it!
    Keep it up I love all of it. Y’all are wonderful.
  • Gizmo pruppet mom
    I love New Girl and have watched the series many times through. I feel like Zoey is ruining the TV show for me because she is so uptight in this podcast. Some of my favorite parts of the TV show are when she is being loose and funny. In this podcasts it’s like she regrets playing Zoey. I think I would love this podcast a lot more if it was just Lamorne and Hannah because they are so funny and don’t take everything so seriously like Zoey does. I want to love this podcast but it’s so hard when I feel like Zoey is bagging on the show the whole time.
  • JennyRobbbb
    I love New Girl, but this podcast is awful. They never stay on topic, Zooey interrupts everyone, and there is no structure. They talk about the episode for maybe 5 minutes, then the rest of the podcast is them rambling. Seriously a huge let down.
  • alexandrastock
    Like the show for the most part
    I love rewatch podcasts so I def listen to this one still and I do enjoy it for the most part but it does frustrate me how “mom” Zooey is. Wish she would just loosen up and stop correcting everyone. It just disappoints me :/ Also way way way too many ads Sometimes Zooey makes it hard to listen because I just want her to be nicer but at the same time, who am I to tell her how to be lol so just my opinion
  • Puppers4Lyfe
    Love the idea
    I’m so glad this podcast exists, it’s so fun to go through the episodes and break them down and I think they’re doing a better job at staying on track and getting into more detail on the episodes! I just wish Zooey could chill out more. We know when Lamorne is playing, doing a bit, being sarcastic etc and Hannah’s always down to play and laugh at herself, but then Zooey can feel like a buzzkill never playing along with any joke/bit or being open, and it makes the camaraderie feel strained. Hoping that she finds more of an ease and they can continue their banter, thanks for making the show guys!
  • sadken123
    More recap, less random chat
    I love New Girl. I have watched it in its entirety at least three times, and was so excited that they were going to do a recap podcast. But it turns out it’s less about recapping and more about random musings on whatever topic comes to mind/is vaguely related to the episode. I guess that’s fun, but I want to hear their takes on the actual content of the show! Lamorne, Hannah and Zooey are interesting people but the show itself was the gold and that’s where the focus should be. It’s a miss.
  • NicoleFalk
    The best podcast for the Best Show!!
    I love New Girl, have rewatched it and am absolutely loving this podcast!! Your connection to each other is so genuine. You are all hilarious and charming. Thank you for feeding my obsession 😛.
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