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The Pivot Podcast is hosted by former NFL Stars Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor & Ryan Clark.

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  • Tenfrkygrls
    The sound
    The last few episodes sound like they’re coming out of a busted speaker
  • i just dont wanna be fired
    Libra nation
    10/10/80 Ryan ! Let’s go , grab podcast all around
  • GetFitBeTrue
    Best Sports Podcast
    Ryan Clark and the guys have awesome guests. Talk about real issues and seem to have a lot of fun too! Usually listen to it in my truck on my daily travels.
  • bigweezy177080
    Fire 🔥
    It’s been a year. I learned a lot from this show and I love keep it going you can only go up from here!💯
  • Bebop7889
    Interviewing Kwame Brown Is Next Level
    Mama’s Cooking! 🔥🔥 Great jobs guys. RC you are special man!
  • Love radio.
    Me. Smith
    This is what a sports podcast should sound like.
  • VA Tech 1995
    Once you listen, you’ll become hooked.
    I gotta say the stories you will hear and interviews these guys do with folks you’ll become hooked. I love this podcast a lot. I look forward to this ever week. Keep it up fellas.
  • Pivotfan
    Best. Podcast. Ever.
    This is an amazing show on so many levels! Ryan, Freddy, and Channing, you have set a high bar. Keep doing what you do guys!
  • Colin Muldoon
    Great Dynamic
    These guys are such a good team. Ryan is like the quarterback keeping the group flowing, Fred is the secret weapon coming in with great questions and Channing is the locker room guy making sure things don’t get to serious. Loved the PK interview because hockey needs more fans from diverse backgrounds. Keep it going boys!
  • ajspears27
  • Ray S22
    I’ve always been inspired to work hard to get to where I need to be and I put a lot of pressure on myself to be great at my profession but listening to these different successful people it shows me I’m already great because I put everything into it. When I get to where I’m going they will be interviewing me 💪🏽
  • Dj1204
    Good listen
    Always caught clip on social media, but. Ever listened to a whole episode. Good listen
  • Sam IRS
    Hands down one of the best
    This pod is so amazing. Guys are authentic and riveting. Best one hands down!!
  • Underdogak
    Great show
    Love to y’all boys. You keep it authentic, Real and great questions. 🔥🔥
  • Redcouv
    Ryan Leaf interview
    Really enjoyed the interview with Ryan Leaf. He spoke candidly of his short time in the NFL and spoke of the self inflicted struggles and how he has a purpose in life. He discovered he was depressed and needed help and didn’t ask feeling he would be considered as “weak”. It took going to prison and having a brain tumor to realize he has worth. Good job guys!!
    pouncey ep
    trump literally incited a riot in the nation’s capitol and we talking about how the media portrayed him?
  • Michaemac863
    Audio Skipping
    Love the podcast and all the guest! But throughout certain points, the audio will skip or cut out. Other times it’s as if the podcast was cut and mixed incorrectly and it playsback the same parts of the interview 2-3 times over. Would love to see this fixed!
  • dustin rothbart
    Brilliant Conversations
    The interview with Martellus Bennet is one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever listened to across any podcast platform. What a remarkable person and a really different episode from the others. This pod is excellent.
  • D@Ha
    Nick Chubb
    Huge Browns fan here. Your interview with Denzel Ward was okay but he does not have a ton of personality. I would love for you to have a conversation with Nick Chubb and see if you can get him to come out of his shell. He is the best back in the league!!!
  • timculley
    I’ve listened to every episode of these 3. Fantastic. But real story, I commented on one of RCs post on Twitter about Jeff Saturday. Mine was a little negative and he comes back with the most informative, cordial smack down. Truly a straight up sincere dude. Best of Luck fellas.
  • philip shuford
    Great podcast!!!
    Love everything y’all do on here but, who edits your podcast man? I be hearing the same clip like 2 times or it loops back 8 seconds. Whoever editing need to get it together man. Again great job though y’all killing it.
  • DoTheDameDashDance
    AUDIO (only gripe)
    LOVE THESE GUYS TOGETHER !!! Please get the audio improved… pod will skip and playback the same thing several times & some eps the audio quality just isn’t great !!! CONTENT AMAZING THOUGH !!!
  • Popular Lo$er Podcast
    Great podcast
    Very interesting dynamic between all three of the host. Ryan is the more serious one and ask journalistic questions. Chan is the nine serious one. Fred is usually quiet but sometimes comes through with hitter questions. Overall I love the content, I love that they try to focus more on the real life side of things.
  • CoachDePa
    The Pivot
    These Guys “GET IT” as a High school Educator and Coach these guys drop Truth in every Facet of what not only adults but the youth NEED to HEAR!!! Thank You fellas for being YOU!!!
  • ATX-Sparky
    Three Kings
    Of comedy, compassion, and caring. Quality men.
  • Rich and missy
    One of the best podcasts
    Hooked from the first listen . Every guest is honest and great storytelling. Once you listen to one you will download everyone of them . Great job
  • BigAb50
    Nice program
    Enjoy listening to their interviews because the guys invite everyone on their show just athletes they cover many different topics on their show I enjoy their program. Big Abdullah from Philadelphia
  • jettyello
    the brett favre comments
    the brett favre comments were so lazy. you guys have to speak for the people that can’t like the people that were stolen from. cant lose that espn contract tho..
  • facts gme
    Best Podcast
    Gotta give it up these gentlemen who provide us with quality Conversation and knowledge beyond our years. Much love to platform they have created.
  • Scrilla660
  • eveRenee2
    #1Podcast out
    I love these guys, keep bringing realness to the world 1💙
  • Javon1974
    One of the best podcasts out. I love their interviewing skills. And as a fellow podcaster I’m learning a lot from you guys. Continue to Pivot 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
  • Inglewood 43
    Great Podcast
    Man, I love you guys show. Keep it going fellas. This IS THE ONLY podcast I listen to!
  • PRighteous
    The Pivot Podcast
    Love it!!! I can listen to their podcast everyday!
  • Ruthies5th
    I don’t write reviews or call in to shows. But, I’ve become a consistent follower. I appreciate what I believe to be the authenticity and sincerity of the podcast. You guys do a great job of representing the culture and allowing your guests to represent themselves. In these times it’s refreshing to listen and get a fair representation.
  • Mamakmfm
    So powerful
    I love Channing Freddie and RC - this is one of my favorite shows of all time
  • PMillerGroove
    This needs to be on television…💯
  • Smitty12340
    If you like football this will become your favorite podcast.
  • Mamgospice😎
    Such a great Pod
    Love everything y’all doing the information about sport and the good and deep conversation about entrepreneurship is most need in our community now days keep up the good work guys👍..
  • DJWitmoe
    Excellent content.
  • Rar3312
    Listened for Ric Flair interview and I have been hooked ever since. Been listening to past and present episodes. Keep up the good work!
  • Lee king snatch
    Better than IAA
    We are we’re upset that they broke up but what we got is even better !
  • BLindside76
    This has quickly became my favorite podcast
    So it took me awhile to listen but when y’all interviewed Jamarcus Russell I have to admit as a raiders fan I had to listen.. every interview is so different and u guys drop real knowledge and care for one another.. but my favorite ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING BOUT THE SHOW IS CHANNING CROWDER that man is absolutely hilarious it’s just great to have a podcast with former nfl players and great players at that…Channing u was good but not on Freddy’s and RCS level still love u though keep it going guys great amazing stuff
  • triple angles
    Amazing content
  • jazzzzb
    Channing Crowder got y’all a new subscriber :)
    Met Channing Crowder at Kevin Hart in Brooklyn, had no idea about this podcast but my husband is a huge fan of it. Such a nice guy who actually took his time to have a conversation and didn’t feel rushed. Thank you for being so kind and down to earth. Because of that, I came home and started listening to the Pivot and you guys have another fan :)
  • Bahston Boy
    Above the competitors!
    “Anybody can podcast, not everybody can Pivot..”
  • BunchetheGreat
    The Truth
  • Alexthegr82012
    Thank you
    This is my favorite podcast. Listen to it while I workout, driving, and chilling at the house. The mix of your personalities just work perfectly. Would luv to listen to an interview with Eric Thomas.
  • ZD3D
    Original and thought provoking conversations formulated by spontaneous good will. I love this show.
  • Motivated Mazo
    I’ve always been a First Take subscriber but after this Mike Tomlin episode… RC You STOLE me from Steven A. this episode had me happy I’m tears laughing upset all types of emotions mixed up in one you guys did that
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