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Join the anonymous creator of the pop culture and entertainment news Instagram account @deuxmoi for a weekly podcast featuring an extensive analysis of the most popular and controversial posts from the account. On every episode “Deux”, along with insiders and expert guests, will take a look behind the post and share exclusive details that haven’t been revealed on Instagram.

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  • shes-the-fastest
    So boring, no new info
    This podcast is REALLY boring, the host sounds as bored as I feel listening to it. Based on the hype I’ve heard from this account I expected a personality (at the very least) and some type of news. This podcast sounds like PR … rumors aren’t confirmed, everything she states isn’t a secret, she’ll drop tidbits of gossip then say she shouldn’t have mentioned it because she isn’t going to talk about it. This podcast is so boring!!
  • Becky1727373883
    Omg her voice is so annoying
  • DylanMierz
    Was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up, it’s amazing
    I have to google literally every name from Deux’s IG so I figured the pod would be way too fast paced for me. NOT the case, if anything I feel like I get a way better feel for the situation and celebrities involved getting to hear her talk about it. Also not to be so weird but I love hearing Deux laugh, it’s the best. And lastly, in this murky world of celebrity gossip I appreciate that Deux is respectful and sex positive
  • higcerro
    💋 Higcerro
    Love the dirt!
  • fhits CB m
    Bare minimal
    This has to be the most underwhelming podcast, the host has barely any real gossip or even knowledge She can’t even recall things you’ve probably read on a cover of a tabloid if at one point in your life you stood at a grocery checkout line And she has zero wit, charisma or a hot take Im convinced people who listen are low IQ or newborns who just don’t know anything and find this informative No thanks far better pop culture pods that actually deliver juicy details in a fun engaging way
    Anon Plz
    Love this GG socialite! I look forward to every Thursday. My only gripe is the ad for bum bum cream. Bum, not boom! Xoxo GG
  • SmockBuzz
    It’s just fun
    Love the pod, Deux is honest and humble and the guests are great, and there’s always a good laugh to be had.
  • Jen000001
    My Favorite Podcast
    I look forward to the episodes every week! I love hearing more detail about the weekly celeb news, duex has great guests and I love getting to know the real duex, even though she’s anon!
  • JJMothers
    Addictive and Witty
    The podcast I can’t quit! A pandemic interest has now grown into a weekly habit hearing the witty voice and opinions of Dexmoi. Do I want to feed the celebrity machine? No, but DM has the right balance and perspective to keep it real - as real as celebrity life could be
  • kenedi l
    Best pod
    Always so entertaining- love
  • ddhydwsguim
    The best
    I look forward to it weekly. Love you Deux!
  • h 0125
    Love the pod!
  • GeorgiaGirl252590
    Enjoy Each Episode!
    I look forward to every new episode each week!
  • Idk what to put soo
    Love the show!
    keep up the good work! always entertained
  • jess from el paso tx
    Jerry O’Connell
    Been a listener since day 1, love the evolution of the podcast. Jerry O’Connell was such a great guest and gave amazing insight to a lot of topics Deux has covered in blinds.
  • gemini1770
    great podcast
    jerry o’connell was hysterical. im reading your book and loving the podcast.
  • Stephanialyn
    The Henry Cavill info definitely didn’t surprise me. Loved todays episode! Bring on 2023!
  • Suchabee
    Love it!
    Love the podcast, love the banter with Jerry. Thanks for the laughs!
  • Baby_Routh
    Anon Pls.
    I was never one to listen to podcasts the day they came out. I would always forget about them and then binge listen on long car rides. Not Deux U…I literally listen on Thursday mornings every single week while I’m in the shower, getting ready, drinking my morning coffee, etc. I never forget because it’s just THAT GOOD! Thanks so much, deux, for bringing this into our lives ❤️
  • FayeJay09
    So fun!
    This podcast is great! Sometimes you just need to disconnect from the craziness of the world and Deux/U is just what the doctor ordered. It’s one of the only podcasts where I actually laugh out loud. Also, her guests are awesome and it seriously feels like you’re just listening to friends chat. Deux is so genuine in her delivery and it’s clear she’s just being her true self. It’s always a pleasure engaging with her and I can’t wait for 2023!
  • gbhorn
    Guilty Pleasure
    Love this podcast. Deux is respectful but entertaining. 10/10 recommend.
  • Bri8675309
    Very enjoyable podcast and the hosts have been very entertaining , especially Jerry OConnell. He’s delightful.
  • Cali G18
    I look forward to it every week!
    I have been following DeuxMoi since the beginning of 2021 and was so excited about the pod. Deux delivers. It’s a pleasure listening every week!
  • NaomiBurton
    Ironically Rebecca and John were swingers. This is before your time, but a good example of pr couples. When Great Gatsby - with. Redford - premier was happening Sam Waterson was fixed up with a model. He landed up marrying her and still is.
  • VeraMeat
    Duex u has such a cute laugh and fun way of speaking, love the energy. I listen first thing in the morning and am setup to have a more productive energetic day. Def. recommend as there are also interesting guests & I'm loving the mystery of the stories. Keep going Duex you rule!!
  • Milenia slovic
    How anyone can listen to this for more than 2 minutes is beyond me. I’ve never heard such an annoying voice.
  • MareSwan
    Please do Taylor Swift only for some episodes
  • imfeelingsublime
    I tried…
    I’ve only recently started listening to a couple of blind items type podcasts, but this one is blah. I’ve listened to maybe 10 episodes and I’m starting to think some of it is just PR for certain celebs. Also, what’s going on with the guests? James Charles, Perez Hilton? Why bring on such awful people? I know this is just gossip and mostly made up from someone or another, but this gal gets a lot wrong & it’s presented as a big insider secret, but wink, wink it’s “alleged.”
  • ricecake33
    I don’t know who’s worse, you or your guests. It all feels like a bad pr stunt, you’re so worried about offending the celebrities what’s the point.
  • euni62
    Love deux
  • Ness0115
    Excellent podcast I’m a huge fan entertaining sharp, smart amazing satisfies all my celebrity. Gossip needs thank you. I just love it. I highly recommend to everyone.
  • MariaTeener
    Time for Media Training
    It's important to know how to interview, organize the content of a show, and create listenable content. That's not happening here, and it hasn't improved over time.
  • stephpipes
    Jared is insufferable.
    See above ^
  • Mermmmm
    People pleaser
    I’ll always listen to this pod cause I like blind items but Deux is so concerned with people pleasing with her followers and celebrities that I feel like it’s just this forced PC style of talking in certain situations and it’s not always productive. She doesn’t even allow her guests to make jokes or talk freely without interrupting and saying “omg my followers will be so mad you can’t say that” “We can’t say that about that celebrity they’ll be so mad” like come on, you’re a gossip podcast. Let your guests speak and get into the topics without shying away. No one has ever said anything blatantly offensive yet you constantly try to censor them. Jared Freid was hilarious but you tried to shut him up multiple times. Also, I’m queer and I found his joke about the bros movie so funny until you got weird about it.
  • lclawb
    Love this podcast
    Keltie is my favorite guest. Love hearing you two talk pop culture and gossip
  • Kubz110890
    The biggest joke.
    About whenever you have Karen Reece on Duex me after dark, that is the biggest pile of bull ever. She hardly reads anyone correctly. She is such a scam.
  • ashybump
    So good
    I love blinds and just hearing all the things coming out. One of the best podcasts and love the guest.
  • MissJ6547
    Her voice
    Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
  • awesome find!
    Best entertainment podcast out there. Deux is so fun and she has great chemistry with her guests
  • 💗💗C💗💗
    Bring the voice distorter back ♥️
    LOVE the intro music. Also, it isn’t ageist to think a 20 year old dating someone twice their age is weird. It’s just weird 🥂
  • SonyaDesai
    bad guests
    was excited about the idea of this podcast, but most of the guests are very random and annoying. also, deux doesn’t drop any new info that isn’t on her instagram. she mainly just reads blind items from her instagram and annoyingly almost never does reveals.
  • Engprofft
    Grammar and pronunciation
    It’s entourage not enthourage. And your grammar, dude, get a coach to learn to speak properly. Also, here’s a story I know to be true, but I can’t tell anyone. So uninteresting and weird. Dax - you’re good.
  • RenPen13
    Good Podcast Usually
    I like this podcast. I don’t love these 2 douchbags (Hollywood Raw Guys). One of them is especially annoying.
  • astyle 10728
    Big fan but PLEASE no more of the pap guys!
    Long time listener and even longer follower of you Deux. Big fan buy your merch and all. Please no more of these 2 pap guys on the podcast! They are soooo cringe and calling themselves journalists 😒it’s baaaad.
  • pediatric MH professional
    Disgusting that Deux has guests on talking about how “awesome” it was to see a leaked explicit video of an actress released by an old ex… that’s revenge **** and it’s gross hearing men in media talking this way still in 2022
  • imnatthomas
    Been enjoying the show. This newest episode where what’s his face talks about how much he loved watching someone’s revenge porn made me sad :(
  • Gemma 1226
    No thx
    Another person that thinks they know how to podcast just bc they have a lot of followers 🤦🏽‍♂️ The audio is horrific and the interviews are bland recycled crap from other podcasts. Pass
  • sttawnnaylime
    Episodes too short
    Make amends with Fluently Forward and have her on your show!
  • krislasagna
    Not usually into Celeb News/Gossip BUT
    I love this podcast. I look forward to it all week and even when I don’t know who or what is being discussed (like Real Housewives) I still enjoy the banter. It’s entertainment and fun and as someone who usually just listens to True Crime and horror type of podcasts, I just really enjoy this for what it is. I could probably listen to 2 hour episodes if you made it! I like the guests, even when I’m not familiar with them and I feel like I’m just a fly on the wall listening to gossip and I am here for it. Thank you for putting episodes out. You are appreciated!
  • hfhnvrthvfhkoijinbgfxfghj
    perez hilton?? a goblin of a human being.
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