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Fat Mike, singer of seminal punk band NOFX, writer of the musical Home Street Home, and winner of 3 AVN awards swaps stories with actors, musicians, and professional sportsball players.

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  • false psychology
    Haven’t actually listened yet
    But you are a cool guy 😎.. so I know it’s going to be tasty waves and crunchy tunes.
  • mhale85
    Love it also needs the links to fat Mike strung out lol
  • Kdean509
    Totally ludicrous.
    In a good way. I’ve loved Fat Mike since I was a young teen. The stories, and guests make this totally bingeable. Fat Mike, if you read this… I love you.
  • cassie.CUNextTuesday
    Thank you!¡!
    Love the podcast! You are all amazingly silly & poignant . Love xo
  • Tim oteo
    Episode 33
    Excellent podcast everyone! The music segment at the end was most enjoyable. Continue being entertaining, informative and most of all human.
  • CHem8726
    Finn and Mike should be a regular thing
    Love Finn on the show And it really balances Mike out and keeps things moving on a entertaining flow.
  • Booby Tuesdayyy
    I don’t hear any similarities between the Utters Windspitting Punk and the bridge of D4’s Last Communion.
  • DKDrumma666
    Viva La Fat Mike!!
    I love just about everything Fat Mike touches, and the fact that he has Stanhope.. this makes this episode GOLDEN! Stanhope is always an open book, and I love how Fat Mike tells his life honestly, but I’ve noticed when he is in a genuine conversation, he has a child like nature about him and the way he tells his stories.
  • The Real Paggy
    Great show!
    This is my new favorite podcast. It’s totally sloppy and scatterbrained like a NOFX show. Plus it’s not all about his kinky stuff. Check it out.
  • Tell us the stupid update
    Danny Sites…amazing artist
    Incredible interview with a punk icon artist…the end of the show punched me in the gut. I’m glad Fat Mike got a chance to have him on to showcase his legacy in the greatest punk scene of all time…
  • KingBlarf
    Arrested Development
    Growing up as a punk/skater in the 90s was a fun life for a teenager. However, looking back as an adult it is embarrassing to re-listen to most “punk” bands; realizing how incredibly vacuous and superficial their lyrics/message was. What’s sadder is to find geezer “punks” that never outgrew this malleable, infantile mindset. When you find yourself falling for EVERY manufactured Hegelian dialectic (bogeyman factories) and in lockstep with the flowery corporate-sloganeering du-jour, you are not “punk” but a useful-idiot. ‘Dinosaurs Will Die’ — not soon enough.
  • mailmanMike41
    I love an a huge NOFX fan and just like them, this podcast is mostly mediocre with some solid punches big comedy. I like hearing new tracks and learning about then writing process. I think if I had to pinpoint the positive aspect of this show, it’s Sam. Thanks and keep it up.
  • Joeypepper77
    Cool but
    I like this podcast. But the producer or whatever’s music and stuff is horrible. I hate Kevin smith . And the producer of this podcast.
  • Bomby802
    Fat mic’s fat mix
    Needs more vocals from Melvin Here is clearly doing everything he can to get as far from Fatty as possible Smellys loose
  • Sasquatch CHUD
    This rules. Hopefully Sam is the cohost forever
  • jasienski
    Mike is fun and this podcast makes me happy.
    More please!
  • highcupcake
    hey its pretty good!
    stoked on your podcast, keep it up Homie
  • pfend1
    Could be fatter
    I’ve also had Mike-ier
  • H2ogo9000
    This is just fantastic
  • GaryO77
    Love Fat Mike!
    Can’t wait to hear more of this show! Fat Mike is the best! 🔥🎸🤯
  • MarkAzul
    About Time Fatty
    So glad to see this. It’s Mark from Brazil. We will always have that wild night in Porto Alegre cerca 2010.
  • keefyjoe
    Awesome podcast
    In instantly hooked after listening to the first episode. I’m a huge nofx and fat Mike fan. Can’t wait to listen to more
  • CuttySnark85
    It’s medio-core
    It’s more “Self-Entitled” than “So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes,” but that wouldn’t stop me from listening again (or buying the next NoFX colored vinyl). You get what you get with Fatty and he’s never been shy about that.
  • HANGTOWN local
    If you love NoFx, punk, and FAT Mike take a listen!
    I love listening to podcasts like two bears one cave, your moms house, Tom talks, bad friends, etc. And I saw on Instagram that fatty started a pod cast! I had to have a listen 🎧 and fell in love! Mike thanks for the second cast on my bday appreciation you. Let me know if you need another guest I’ll come on we can talk about about anything you want.
  • zero.3
    Thank you may I have another?
    What a fun ride of a podcast! Look forward to more episodes
  • Jilli🔥😘
    Take a listen!
    I’ve never listened to podcasts before this, but being a punk rock fan I just had to take a listen. Pretty funny, actually learned a thing or two also. I recommend it to anyone trying to get a laugh or if you just like punk.
  • Jesusman82
    No idea this was going to happen, just saw a link in another app, tried it out. The production value is insane for a first episode— there’s stuff that’s been in the top 100 for years that doesn’t seem this polished. Fat Mike is a hilarious dude, my only complaint is where’s the subscribe button.
  • ChrisGCNY
    More about Eric’s anatomy
    Time to bring Talli on!
  • Goingape
    Finally, his Royal Fatness put the bag of “other word for Pepsi” down and started a podcast.
  • mywreckchords
    Pure gold
    The only podcast I’m going to listen to!
  • Godric Osum
    worst podcast on itunes.
  • hdheidbsksb
    Great podcast but……..
    Where are the new episodes it’s only been a little over a week and the wheels are falling off lol
  • Ultrakenna0430
    I absolutely loved this, NOFX is one of my favorite bands and when I heard Fat Mike was creating a podcast I had to listen!
  • CMonty661
    Expected more then a 30 minute episode making fun of Melvin.
  • BiggWyrm
    So glad he’s doing this, hope it keeps going.
  • Droogy_237
    1 Episode
    Toe far…Toe Good.
  • LoverOf1Podcast
    I hate podcasts……well, I used to 🤔
    Not a fan of podcasts. Never have been. BUT after hearing Fat Mike’s podcast, I have to change my opinion. I ❤️his podcast, but I still hate everybody else’s
  • misfitman38
    This was the worst podcast I have ever heard…. When is episode 2 coming out??!!
  • marydean88
    Heck yes!
    I love this podcast. I’m a huge nofx fan and this felt like I was in the studio hanging out with Fat Mike and his guests! Highly suggest to music fans. Especially punk fans.
  • Spewing Sean
  • Cklvhqxd
    So happy to hear Fat Mike starting up a new podcast. I really enjoyed the Fat Wreck podcasts he did in the past and look forward to seeing where Mike and friends go with this. This was an entertaining start with Eric
  • jimig3
    What a treat!
    I love NOFX! I love podcasts! Fat Mike’s Fat Mic is the plan for me!
  • Nick tHL
    Not sure if this belongs in the Comedy or Music Interview Genre but it’s rad!
  • Justin J -1
    Finding out and thinking that was cool.
    All one episode of this podcast is the greatest out there.
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